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We Breathe Each Other ~ My Beloved


The Bliss of our Sacred Union my Beloved,
is forever ours, in all worlds and timelines, existing now.

In the Purity of our intent,
our Love a tender blossom, exudes its Holy perfume,
throughout time and space.

Dancing the Dream we deeply breathe each other,
as the Light that we are shines as our Eternal Flame.

Anointed in our holy Passion and Love,
we join Heaven with Earth and Earth with Heaven.

Merging, mixing,as the sacred love that we are,
our souls join through our bodies, now and forevermore.

Surrendered and entranced in our eternal ecstasy,
we embrace with joy ~ our Beatific Union and eternal Destiny, now.



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We Live as Angels

july2014jpg 3

Meet me in Paradise, where We do Play,
in pure ecstasy, every moment, of every Day.

Living as children, the once forgotten Path,
our Soul in Union, healed and free, exists, no Aftermath.

In this Freedom, is our True Love,
we live like Angels, from Above.

We touch the stars, yet are feet are on Earth,
we awakened, through our Transformation and Rebirth.

For in this Love, we do Exist,
love that is eternal, never gives up, only Persists.

We are what we are, there are “no” Mistakes,
Divinely Perfect, we live in Grace.

In eternal Joy, my Beloved, and in Bliss,
our paradisal Union, forever sealed, with our everlasting Kiss.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Freedom From Limitation


In the Bliss of Sacred Union and Eternal Love, the Beloved, is held in Grace, in the Sacred Union, within your Sacred Heart.

How many desire this Union~ with another, yet have not experienced any Union, within themselves?

How then is it possible, to live in Separation Consciousness, separated from ones desires and Eternal Self, and Yet experience Union?

This constant futile search, for “things” outside oneself, to fill this VOID,internally, is a search that results in the “endless” search.

For when One experiences Union within, all things that appear outside of oneself, then align themselves, with this Union within. For the reflection, always matches the true consciousness within, which is a constant vibrating frequency, sending out your signal, as a faithful, TRUTH, of what is, within.

So why this? why Now?

Avoiding or attempting to escape, the true nature of How your reality is creating itself, keeps ones awareness in separation consciousness, which is victim consciousness. Everything is this way or that way, THAT is why I am not happy, etc.

When YOU are WILLING to TRULY See, that which you have created, and are creating, you naturally OPEN your Heart wide to the True empowerment, of your Power, which you are always using, and to which, you begin TO USE IN A CONSCIOUS loving Way.

Will you See? Will you Begin? To Be conscious in a way, that consciously uses your Power, and looks deeply into, your own insecurities, which are only areas DESIRING acceptance and Love from YOU.

When you begin to see it was always ONLY you, that has held you back, and that YOU do have the power to change WITHIN yourself, and that this changes how you experience your life and the very experiences themselves, you free yourself from your self-imposed set of limitations, you have developed, to prevent yourself from SEEING.

Within you is an eternal reservoir of Abundance of Everything that you Heart Desires. It’s activation within you, is the opening of your Heart, which lifts you out of the perceived limitations, of your Earth Existence, and opens the Portal, to your Sacred Presence, announcing AS YOUR Vibration, the eternal Divine Plan and Highest Destiny of your life Plan to Begin.

So the question is, do you desire limitation or freedom from any limitation?

It is Only through the Union, within your Heart, that Your True Desires play out, AS the Freedom and Soaring to Great Heights, that was always, simply, awaiting your attention, upon it.

Will you enter your Heart more deeply? Do you know what this means?

Taking your attention away from the problems of the world and your life (limitations) and Placing your attention on the Silence of your Heart. On the Sacredness of your Heart. On the Sacredness of Divine Union. On Your Beloved, that you have never been separated from.

Hard to believe? Good thing, as holding NO BELIEFS is the only way to enter. Simply child like OPENNESS, is the way to enter.

Quiet your mind. DECIDE who is in charge? Your Relentless mind chatter that speaks only of limitation, or YOUR HEART that KNOWS NO LIMITATION.

You Desire it All? True Love, Freedom and Abundance? Ascension?

Enter your Heart, enter your Divine Life Plan, consciously.

For when you truly Surrender to your Heart, all you will know will be the Joy and Bliss of your Eternal Soul, your Light, your Divinity.

Let go of seriousness, enter PLAY and JOY through your Heart.

There, in the Bliss of the Moment, you will find me. I am There, waiting for your Entrance.

In the Beloved is the true freedom, in the Union, through the Heart, of All That is, All That You Are, All That you Desire. In this Sacred Garden, I am There, feel me, My Beloved, for I always, have been for you, I am eternally, Yours, your Breath is mine, my breath, is Yours, we are One.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Uranus Direct/Solstice/New Moon December 21st, 2014

july2014jpg 3

As I Sit here with candles lit surrounding me, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, I feel the warmth of the Sacred Light within. In the Stillness within, the Sacredness of Life and Its meaning, Graces my surroundings, as it organizes itself, as Light, around and within me. Filled with overflowing love, I feel all of you that will read this. Holding you in my Eternal Presence.

Light as Divine, as Source, as All, emanates within You,
as multicoloured Flames of Glorious Light, beckon you,
this day and Solstice Night.

Embracing the Darkness in the Light, in Stillness,
and quiet, emerging as new, in the New Moon ~ Light.

As the whispers of Angels, summon you, Now,
remembering your plan, your Divinity, your Vow.

Before Earth was created, you existed as Light,
synchronized, entrained, in timeless, Holy Delight.

For what you are, you will forever Be,
embracing your transformation, your Destiny.

As Uranus steps forward, the rebel of change,
enter your Heart, immersed in your Ecstatic, Soul Flame.

For, as Light you exist, in Heavenly Bliss,
in Love ~ Unite, with your Soul, this Solstice and Christmas.

This Powerful initiatory Phase you will be entering into, Begins with:

Uranus in Aries going Direct at 6:45pm AST. Expect Sudden Shifts and Changes. 

Then the Solstice Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 7:03pm AST. Embrace the Dark as you emerge as Conscious Light. 

Then the New Moon Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 9:36pm AST in the First degree of Capricorn. Look deeply into what your experience is Now and your New Intention, which is always You. 

This Powerful initiatory Phase into the revolutionary changes, experienced within, is a Powerful New Beginning, and involves within you, the releasing of old patterns and ways, that you no longer desire, to hold within you.

As you Prepare for this Powerful time, gather your crystals, cleanse and restore them, reprogram as desired and Program under this powerful energy influence. Creating crystal water, during this time, is a beneficial way, to anoint your awareness, therefore your surroundings, with and through your intention.

To read more on this:

I have included a Solstice Invocation, that you can use as you create the Sacred Space within you, experiencing the Ritual of Your New Beginning.

The Questions you may desire to ask yourself BEFORE this Sacred Powerful Time Are:

Are you ready for a Sudden Life Change?

Do you spend time in Stillness of Being?

Do you Live in your Heart?

Do you Experience Yourself as Light?

Are you still Holding Old Patterns you “thought” you have released?

Those areas within you, that you no longer desire to experience, will be held in the Light of Uranus Direct, The Solstice and The Capricorn New Moon.

This is a NEW BEGINNING for YOU, it is up to you and your Free Will, how you choose to respond to this New Beginning.

Set aside time daily, feeling within you the Stillness of your Eternal Soul. The Stillness of the Solstice.

Staying present with your Presence and Your Light, through the Love of Your Heart and Soul, will enable you to embrace the sudden changes and insights, that you may experience, on December 21st 2014.

Remembering 2 years ago, the Solstice of 2012, and the Galactic and Solar Alignment, was a momentous breathtaking experience. This was the Portal, that you entered through and Aligned with, within you.  Now in 2014, this Solstice, what you experience will be a momentous increase in what is Within you, now. As you Embrace the change within, the New Beginning within you.

Disharmony always creates more Disharmony. It is victim consciousness and always leads you to MORE of what you do Not desire, yet it is your experience.

Harmony fills you with  Grace and Love, of Harmony and Beauty, and creates more of itself, within you.

If you are NOT in Harmony please listen to my Transmissions, Activations and Initiations, access them here:

As you Embrace this Momentous time of Change, and this PROFOUND NEW BEGINNING know that  everything you experience is already within you. As you Embrace the Change within, the New Beginning Within, the Silence within, and the Stillness within, you will open the floodgates of your Consciousness to the everlasting Flow of your Eternal Body of Light, your Immortal Body of Light, as You Welcome in, the Return of Light.

Feel yourself as Light.

Experience yourself as Light.

Embrace what is Eternally Real within you, through your Heart, Your Light, Your Love, your Eternal Soul. Move deeply into the Stillness of the Solstice, which lives deeply, within you, through your Heart, eternally.

I love you Dear Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Sagittarius ~ November 22, 2014

july2014jpg 3

The New Moon is in Sagittarius on November 22, 2014 8:33am AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

A New Beginning! Once again, here we Are!

My New Moon Poem:

Enveloping your Heart, this Sagittarius New Moon,
awakening your Destiny, as your Vision Blooms.

In Pure Delight, in Love and Friendship,
immerse your awareness, in the pleasures, that are Endless.

And as you are blessed, by the Archer, remember to Focus,
Live as your Soul, through your Heart, it is the Sacred Lotus.

For you are the Creator, of All your Experiences,
remember to surrender, as you let go of Appearances.

For the Truth of Your Soul, and Your Desired Expansion,
is Cosmic Consciousness, immersed in the freedom, of Passion.

Embracing the Now, this Sacred New Moon,
play as a child, anointed, and eternally Attuned.

Here is the Link with the information on Programming Crystals and Making Sacred Crystal Water:

And Now after emerging from the Depths of the intense waters of Scorpio, we Have the Fiery, Visionary, expansive Playfulness of Sagittarius the Archer!

With the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus also in Sagittarius, the Powers that Be, are Filled with Love!

The Potential of Soaring to New Heights of Conscious Awareness ~ Fills the Air ~ And fills You, as you Embrace the Eternal Bliss and Joy of Your Soul!

Embrace the Pureness of Being through your Heart, this New Moon, and KNOW that is supports you, as You Immerse your Awareness in Eternal Expansion of Consciousness.  Uranus in Aries supports this New Beginning also! And with Jupiter in Leo in a wide Trine, completing the Fire sign constellation, know your expansion through Creative Alignment with your Soul, through your Heart, is the Magic, is the Bliss, is the VISION of your Soul. Let the Fire that you are, be the Very awareness of the Spark of Your Soul, of the Light, that is you, Your Immortal Body of Light.

Below is the¬†“New Moon” Invocation! Set Aside some Quiet time, at the exact Moment of the New Moon (if possible) and Embrace the Sacredness of Being, that comes to you, as you immerse yourself within Your Heart Space.

If you are new to Entering your Heart, Listen to my “Sea of Light” Breathing and the “Sacred Chamber of the Heart” Frequency Transmission, as well as ALL of the other Activations, Transmission and Initiations. They are All timeless and Move you deep within the Sacredness of You, Deep within your Heart, connecting you consciously with the Eternal Light, Love and Bliss of Your Soul. ¬†Your Immortal Body of Light.

Remember to Live as though, YOU ALREADY are the Expanded Blissful Awareness (because you actually are) of All that you Desire, as You enter the Light, and the Magic, of this New Beginning, This Sagittarius New Moon!

I Am Forever Holding you in Your Eternal Greatness, in the Sacred Light of Your Soul, in the Infinite Light of Grace and Unconditional Love, that forever is, All That is.

I Am with You, Always ~ In Sacred Endless Love and in the Eternal Victory of Light ~ That is for You! I Am!



I am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Consciousness As Experience Itself

july2014jpg 3

What if it was ALL Perfect Now?

What if, inherently held within every experience you had, the wisdom of your Soul, was functioning in such a way, that there was a profound message for you, even if you didn’t see it?

And what if these messages from your Soul, were conveying the eternal Meaning of ALL of your experiences to you, in a language you didn’t fully understand with your Mind, but was inherently held within¬†all experiences, Themselves?

As if all experience was the VERY Fabric of your Soul, Your Consciousness.

And That YOU (the you in a body on Earth) were not experiencing events AS ACTUAL SEPARATE Things (that they seem to be) but that these experiences, WERE YOU. That is, Your Consciousness itself, VIEWED through your image screen as Experience, is You, experiencing yourself.

Ponder this for a few moments.  Ponder what Reality actually is.

That All of your experiences, were actually YOU and because they are You, they are Perfect. After all who is creating it?

Experience are messages, you to you. They are the feedback of your Focus. They are the answers to the questions you were asking. They are You. You are NOT separate from the experience.

So this thing you call Reality, that you exist in, is the Perfect experience in ALL experiences, as the experiences are the Messages, are the Answers of your Soul, and ARE the CONSCIOUSNESS that YOU ARE.

YOUR Consciousness and YOU, your Experiences and YOUR Soul are ONE thing.

You are moving in and Out of many images, (through your image screen) which Are the messages of Your Soul to you, showing YOU, you are One with All experience, with your Consciousness. Even though viewed as if outside of You, is NOT outside of you.

When  you let go in Child Like Wonder, and SEE and HEAR, in the recognition, THAT What you See and Hear is YOU, in ALL Experience, you then begin to PLAY in ALL experiences.

The VERY nature of YOU, is then, Full aware of itself, fully awake, and ALIVE, in child like Wonder.

This is You loving You, You loving experience, You loving yourself. You seeing the perfection in All experiences. You seeing yourself, as NOT separate from it.

The CONSCIOUS awareness of this, is the UNION of your Consciousness with the Creative Fabric of Your Soul, With your Image Screen with ALL Experience.

It isn’t Outside of You. You mental image screen ONLY makes it seem like events ARE out there.

When you live in the Truth, that it is YOU, you Live in Union. You live in Love. You live in Child Like wonder. In and Though All Experience, as the very nature of You, Yourself.

Allow yourself, to ponder these things, the Actual NATURE of Consciousness itself. OF your Experiences themselves. See through new eyes the REALITY of CONSCIOUSNESS and EXPERIENCE itself.

And Then, you will see the Beauty in the Simplicity of Living, of Being. And You will live in the Perfection of All Experience, held within the Love, that you ALWAYS, Eternally Are.

I love you Dear Souls!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Photo courtesy of Endre Balogh

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Portal of Love ~ November 11, 2014

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November 11th, 2014 = 11 In Numerology.

Everything is energy, and the master number 11  represents an Opening, a Portal of Divine Consciousness.

This Portal of Love is the Opening of Consciousness through your HEART. 

Where does this opening in Consciousness take Place? Everything is within you, and this Opening in Consciousness is through your Heart.

As the Template of Humanity is CHANGING, even as I write this, Begin to relax, Breathe slowly and deeply, and Focus on your Heart space, the area of your Physical Heart. BEGIN to feel your Heart Beating.

Slow down your Breath. Pause, and focus on the sensations you feel, within You, within your Heart.

Place your attention on the Vibrations you feel in your Heart. Feel Warmth radiate from your Heart, notice how your mind quiets.  FEEL the warmth spread throughout your body.

Stay present with this for several minutes….Breathe, Relax, and ¬†FEEL DEEPLY.

Do you feel a shift within you as you Place your Attention, even for a few minutes on Your Heart Space?  Can you consciously stay present within your Heart? Throughout your day?

This is the Portal of Love, which you have access to in every moment! Your Form although it seems solid, is not, it is composed of Light. Your Vibration is slow enough that you SENSE yourself as Solid. You are Light, you Are Eternal Light, you are Your Immortal Body of Light.

When you increase your Vibrational Awareness, through your Focus on the Higher Frequencies of your Heart, the Portal of Love, you  Begin to experience yourself, as the timeless, eternal Being that you are.

You are Light, everything is Light. Even in the Darkness there is Light. You are NOT SEPARATED from this Light. You have only taken your attention of YOURSELF as Light. You can NOW stay focused on your Heart, on yourself as Light, on YOU Eternal Sacred Divinity.

Many of you on Earth today existed and exist as Angels, Beings of Light, from the Angelic Realms. And you are here on Earth, now, bringing your Light consciously, into your embodiment on Earth.

Breathe into your Heart space, daily.

Take time out daily, to feel the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Love, that align you with your Soul, with your Divinity, With All That is. 

This Living Light is always present for you, through your Heart!

This is your Portal, your Opening, to All That is.

To All That you Are.

Practise Daily, slowing down, feeling your Heart, Being present, and FEELING through your Heart the Feeling Nature of Consciousness. This is the feminine receptive Principle.

When you Open you RECEIVE.

When you Open your Heart (truly open your heart) you Surrender ( you let go of the habitual thought patterns) and you Let go of the need to be in charge, the need to be right, the need for security. And you enter, the Eternal Space of Sacred Pureness and Innocence, which is the Sacred Divine Light of your Eternal Soul.

Can you Feel your Presence? Can you feel your Soul? Can you feel your Angelic Self?  Your Eternal Presence is NOT SEPARATE from YOU.

Stay present within Your Heart Space, within your Portal of Love, through FEELING within you, the Vibrations and Higher Frequencies that are the Warmth, the Love, the Illuminating Light of Your Eternal Soul. 

When you DO THIS, Love fills you in Such a way, that you Awaken to the Limitless Being that you TRULY ARE, Eternally!

Live in Harmony, with All That is, with All That arises within you!

If you Are in Disharmony PLEASE Listen to my Frequency Transmissions Daily, they will increase your Vibratory Frequency and Open your Heart and awaken your conscious awareness, to the PORTAL of LOVE. To your Eternal Soul. To the limitless Being that you Are. To All That is!

Celebrate this day, this NOW, this Portal, this OPENING ~ within YOU!!! Through your Heart!

I Hold you Eternally in the Sacredness of Eternal Love, in Victory! In the Ecstasy and Bliss and Pure Joy, of All That is! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!




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Which World are You Consciously Focusing Upon?

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Many Worlds are merging in the Now, in the conscious awareness, of All That is.

With great awe, within your Heart, embrace the Beauty in the unfolding of the EMERGENCE of the merging Parallel Worlds, that are taking place, with great Ease and Flow.

There are many worlds which you may inhabit within your conscious awareness. To which world, do you find your consciousness awareness and FOCUS?

Do you live consciously in a world that is always wrong and needs fixing?
That world is duality, dear Souls.

Do you exist consciously in a World where everything is neutral? Where nothing needs fixing, and all is Neutral?

Or do you exist in a World in which Ecstasy and Bliss, Fun and Play, is all That is? The Magical Realm, of Pure Divine Being and complete Union?

The world of Duality exists within the mental state of Union with Disharmony, to which the emotional Body, and physical body, also exist within. This state of Being has within it conscious awareness of Suffering.

The Neutral World exists within the emerging state of being, that is free from Disharmony as the dominant state of conscious awareness.  Suffering is not present, neither is Joy and Bliss.

The World of Pure Being, the New Creation, exists in the Emerging and unfolding of All That is within the conscious Heart Centred awareness.  This Bliss filled New World, includes within it the Harmonization within all bodies, which is the full completion of duality, which exists in consciousness as a disharmonious state of being.

Embrace where you truly have your freedom of choice Dear Souls. SEE where you are constantly choosing and focusing your Awareness.

Are you entertaining the world of Duality through your mental focus?

Are you entertaining an Neutral world, that is neutral in your observance  of it?

Are you entertaining the New Creation of Bliss and Ecstasy, through the allowing of your Heart Focus within you upon it? 

BE CONSCIOUS and AWAKEN, to that which you are using the POWER of your FREE WILL and FOCUS!!


Know that I hold you in the Eternal Bliss and Love that is always the awareness of your Eternal Soul, Dear Souls! Your Immortal Body of Light exists within this state of Completion, of Divine Union with the Bliss and Ecstasy of Your Eternal Soul. You as Light, as Pure Love, as Divinity and All That is.

Do you desire to place your Attention there? Then do so. It is as simple as That.  You do not need to complicate things. Complication and striving EXIST ONLY IN DUALITY.

Flow with the natural Rhythms that live within your Heart. Be consciously AWARE of all that you do, and think, as that is where YOU ARE FOCUSING your attention and free will!!

If you find yourself inside a constant state of disharmonious awareness in a world that is conscious only of Duality consciousness,  begin to love yourself enough to listen, Dear Souls, to the Frequency Transmissions and Activations, that are available to YOU. They are the frequency of Ecstasy and Bliss, of the New Creation, and contain within them the Harmonization of Unconditional Love, for you, within you.

Listen Daily, and you will awaken to your Hearts Longing, your Soul Desires and your Destiny that is the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and KNOWING  of All That is,  within your Heart.

And in that AWARENESS lives the LIMITLESS awareness of ALL THAT IS.  That you Are, when you are consciously AWARE of It!

Embrace yourself as your Immortal Body of Light, live within your awareness, as the Being that is Eternal, that You Are! I hold you three, and there we will Meet in the New Creation!!

I Am Victoria Elohim! The Flow of the Divine Feminine, the Pistis Sophia, Embracing you and holding you in Eternal Love and Bliss, as All That is, in the Now.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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We Play and Dream The Now and Here

july2014jpg 3

In the world of dreams, my love,
there we meet, in tender embrace.

The magical realms, untouched by fear,
we play and dream, the now and here.

Worlds colliding, in unseen ways,
tears of joy, I hear your voice say.

We belong together, we know its true,
our love’s passion, is heavenly imbued.

Before creation, we planned it all,
I hear you my lover, Destiny will rise, not fall.

For in the worlds, where, we exist,
our love, overflows, in unending Bliss.

We will play here too, the new creation,
our endless story, glorious, exaltation.

As sure as the stars, do live within,
the Angels sing of our Story, to Begin.

I love you my Beloved, feel me with you now,
we are one together, I hold dearly, our sacred Vow.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Everything is Energy and Everything is Light

july2014jpg 3

Your thoughts, your emotions, your words, your actions are signalling Light photons into this Sea of Light, and back to you. You are it, you are it. This is a constant stream of Liquid Light.

All of Your existences are doing the same. They are all connected.

Your Immortal Body of Light has within it, your Mastery in Duality, which is consciously accessed through a coherent frequency, within your Heart space.

Breathing in and Out of your Heart space, and consciously connecting to the Center of You, the Sea of Light, aligns your conscious awareness, with your eternal self, which is your Mastery.

As you Align your thoughts, emotions, words and your actions, through your Heart. with your Immortal Body of Light, you become your Immortal Body of Light, CONSCIOUSLY, here, Now.

This is the LIMITLESS You!!
The You you know that existed, yes felt out of Your reach, consciously.

When you rise in the Morning and throughout your day, breathe deeply the Sea of Light Breathing, and recognize yourself, as Light. Connected to Light in this constant stream, in all things that you do!

I love you Dear Souls! More soon…


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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