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Magical Manifestations ~ New Moon in Pisces, March 6th, 2019

This powerful and magical New Moon in Pisces is on March 6th, 2019 at 12:03pm AST.

A reminder to those in Canada and The US we have the time change on March 10th, to daylight savings time, shortly after the New Moon.

Mercury Retrograde is from March 5th to the 28th, 2019 and this will help you to go deeper within, rearrange, reevaluate and renew your life and elevate your transforming consciousness.  Please read the post I have written on this.

The Spring Equinox, is on March 20th, 2019 at 6:58pm ADT, I will be writing a post on this for you.

There are a lot of shifts and miracles taking place on planet Earth now, through many people, situations and events.

The New Moon is a new beginning for you, and as I am writing this, on 333 ~ I am in total awe, of the manifestations, now. Even though Mercury Retrograde will have begun before this New Moon, we still will feel the newness in all experiences. The manifestations will flow through you as you reflect, as you enter deeper into the present moment and your eternal heart awareness, Divine Presence. This New Moon impact will be felt till the next New Moon on April 5th, 2019.

This New Moon is conjunct Neptune, and will add a dreamy, intuitive, magical aspect, to what at times, from Neptune, may be confusing. If you are empathetic this may increase during this New Moon, being aware of your energy deep within will help you to stay focused on your own energy and monitor it, as the observer.

Sun sextile Mars, adds the beneficial boost of energy, confidence and ability, to get through with ease, all situations that may arrive, through you.

Sun sextile Saturn, give you the stamina to stay focused, whether that is on reorganizing your life, or projects, or going deeper within and being more present.

Mars sextile Neptune, increases your awareness for the mystical and magical, worlds, with all the energy to manifest through feeling and focus, your deeper dreams, held within your heart.

Mars trine Saturn, gives strength and a powerful driving force, to get things done, cleared, organized and focused.

Saturn sextile Neptune, is the driving force and energy focus, allowing and opening the way for true dreams to come true, through you.

Soul mate, twin flame, encounters may be up for you. As well as the passionate awareness and drive, to elevate your awareness, bringing things into fruition.

Devotional service, acknowledged, expansion will be inevitable, through you.

Miracles continue.

So much is already taking place. Stay present, ride the waves, open your heart and watch the miracles flow through you.

In love always, I hold you, unfolding throughout eternity, the glory and light of manifestation through form.


Happy Valentines ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness and True Love

Happy Valentines Day ~ February 14th, 2019!

Let us celebrate LOVE.

With over 90 percent of couples still living in what appears as co dependent relationships, the question of self-love and its paramount importance in relating through unconditional love, (first to oneself) steps up to the forefront of consciousness as it continues to shift.

It is safe to say that 3D is the lack of self-love, lack of self-esteem with also experiencing a high level of insecurity. This level of insecurity, creates in the mind, the need for attachment to the “other” to help them to feel better about themselves. 

This leads to jealousy, anger and judgment of others that appear as the threat. Feeling totally secure in loving ourselves and feeling great about ourselves, we have DONE the inside job, of loving ourselves, knowing true love only comes from ourselves, first. 

When boundaries are crossed, and no one knows where they end and the other begins, we witness the blaming of ones condition, on the other. That is, our emotional well-being, becomes reliant on the how the other behaves.

In true self-love, we have focused on ourselves and those deeply held feelings of hurt from the other (potentially in child hood or past lives) as memories, and have healed them, loved them, loved ourselves, and have become confident, secure, within ourselves, as loving beings, capable of true love, Divine Love.

We know, how we feel is our responsibility. It is NOT dependent on any other persons state of being, or how they act or what they do.  We are not insecure, needing the other to prove we are worthy.

We know our worth, and it is in the eternal love that we hold as loving beings, not judging anyone, knowing what is considered the worst of humanity, is not any better than ourselves. We then have found our central place of existing in a world that surrounds our center of being.

We have then become our own Sun. No matter what swirls around us, the chaos, the madness, we are the same. We have not moved. We are still the center of our universe, through our heart ~ our love.

That love is not dependent on anything.

It is the center of all things.

The center through which we relate. Through which we bond through our love.

Through which we move and have our being.

Through which all aspires to, unaware.

The glorious love of the beloved.

The sacred love state as our embodiment of this Higher Love ~ Being, Ascended. 

It only exists through its pureness of being.

It is always present.

It is the awareness of being that pure love, beyond this world, yet in it.

It is my breath. My very existence. All that I live for and through.

It is my eternal heart. My eternal love. My Beloved.

We aspire to the heights of this love, even if only for one moment, it is worth one hundred lifetimes of sorrow and pain.

This is the very foundation of being.

This love, this union. It is the power of the creation of this Universe.

This world we live in.

This love that is pure beyond pure.

It exists without expecting anything.

It just is, because it is eternal.

It cannot be what it is not.

The shift in consciousness to 5th Dimensional Consciousness is this shift. To this Beloved Love state of being that is eternal. 

It is the love that creates everything.

It loves to just be itself.

Nothing more nothing less.

Forever love, Beloved Love, Union eternally, and always in this moment, Now. In this love…Happy Valentines.


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Jumping Timelines ~ Instead of Jumping to Conclusions

We all desire to be in the moment. To jump timelines.

Our consciousness and the space we are emanating through, creates the reality we experience. It is a frequency.

When One has reactive states, based on attachment to results, one is not experiencing the fullness and gift of the present moment. It is on consciously being free within, the present moment, one jumps timelines, so to speak. There is no time, through which this occurs.

One is experiencing, the viewing, of ones own consciousness, always. Even if one is not aware of this.

Even in attachment ~ ego desires, experienced as time based, only exist through that vibration.

Attachments then, BECOME THE VERY opportunity, to fine tune our awareness, to witness the mind not understanding, to living fully in the Heart Present moment ~ PRESENCE awareness.

Understanding we have only now, we do not know if we will be in a form, tomorrow, today, or even in the next hour, helps us, to let go of “how things should be” “how we want things to be” and enter the magic of what is, now. This is all we have.

The opportunity to recognize attachments (as patterns and habits) that still lay hold of us, we let go, of anything and everything, that WE Want results from. What we want to shift. What WE think should be. What we assume is. What we think is real.

This opens US to the awareness, first, of what we are attached to. Then secondly, shows us how to let go, consciously. To the wondrous magic and child like being of what is. We then enter the world of OUR NEW frequency. That is eternal.

Wow that looks like that, most likely it is not. It just is, wow. I lay no hold or stake in a future, that will never be like I think.

Rather I now live not knowing anything. Not judging anything. Not assuming anything. Simply ~ WOW ~ this is wow, this is now, this is magic, this is……..not understandable to my mind, as it is beyond that.

This is the space of my heart THAT is and always has been pure, in its nature.

The Journey was not fixing 3D, only living through the emanation, that has no hold on anything. That does not exist in time. That Is eternal. And lives here, this space, through me.

The new timelines, new worlds, I enter are parallel worlds to this, I now shift my frequency into, through non attachment to time and circumstances.

My heart understands my mind does not understand, yet it too, is now in harmony with MY CHOICE to let go of all attachments and live through now, in non attachment to time.

My heart space FULLY is and always has lived in the eternal now.

Follow your heart, literally is living in that magic that is not based on time. Not based on this should be this way or that. It lives in the flow, of the Heart knows best, its CHILD LIKE wisdom, is that wisdom. That lives and doesn’t know. That is where the MAGIC only lives.

It is the Purity of your Original Soul Light, your GOD Self. To enter all attachments are consciously released.

Now we Live ~ through the child like wonder and magic of now, we trust our Higher Self, we are the loving parent to the mind, that will never know or understand our Heart, yet will harmoniously merge. This is your Ascension.

This is your freedom, this is your Original Light, this is your Ascension, This is NOW.

This is the natural rulership through love that is eternal of the heart.

That is the freedom from fear, of not knowing, of that very fear of living through the heart.

The end of the mind battle once and for all.

That thinks it is too scared to let go.

To then living in Harmony of the Heart.

Which is the GLORY OF THE Divine Self.

In THIS your DNA responds, Now.

Shifting and moving your conscious awareness, in a parallel world, all NOW.

In Love.

Your eternal Life, your NOW. Enter as a child. And so it is, Beloved Light, in all its Eternal GLORY, now.


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The Dissolving of the 3D Paradigm~5th Dimensional Consciousness



All of those identities that you have held on to, are dissolving Now. You Being a great person, a mother, a father, a hard worker, a this and a that, is disintegrating. How you have defined yourself, to yourself, is shifting. Have you noticed?

What seems as “painful” in this dissolving, is only in the resistance, to this process of transformation.  In the dissolving itself, is FREEDOM. Freedom from a consciousness, that defined itself by how well the external WORLD played along, and gave you what you wanted. How well you played the game.

Not only defining ourselves by the roles we play, and if we are doing well we are happy and if we are not doing well  in the eyes of others, and receive the Approval we desire, then life isn’t working for us, is also shifting.  The level of Surrender, within ourselves, is experiencing a Radical Overhaul. Letting go of Everything.

No more holding on to, what we believed was our secure reference point of existing on Earth. Rather, now, we are Being THRUST into an existence, a Way of BEING ~ that no longer has Definitions.

Like Being thrust into a Sea of Nothingness ~ with NO Thing to hang on to, no thing to want,while  being Stripped of all of our identities, and existing as no definition ITSELF, with no knowing, where no thing appears secure and entering into FLOWING in ALL Moments, as only “Being” itself.

The New reference points along the way, are those AHA moments. Where the comfort becomes the recognition, this is freedom. This feels better within me. This feels like PEACE. This feels like HARMONY. This feels like unconditional Love.

The Arrival, becomes the letting Go.

And this is in all Moments.

What you have let go of, are only those things you clung on to for dear life “as if” those things were your life itself.  When they are Gone, as the reference point of Existing here on Earth. You live in Freedom to Be. And what a relief it is, from a life of suffering, and trying to figure it out. And endless battles and struggles, not knowing How to find your way Home within yourself.

As something within you shifts as you read these words, which are an activation for You, take a few slow deep breaths, and feel the difference within You now. Just Feel. Feel the truth within you, ignite your immersion, into the Cauldron of Being, that allows you Greater awakening and greater Harmony, as you continue to BE ~ All that you are Here to Be, NOW.

Let everything else go, feel yourself as the NOTHINGNESS of which everything arises.

You aren’t the one, having these experiences, you are SIMPLY the Experience.

Breathe it in.

Feel the Freedom ~ Now.

Let all else go.

Enter ~ Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness, which is the Consciousness of the Eternal You that always, eternally, JUST IS.

All That is. And in this am I with you, and Know YOU and Hold you ~ Eternally, all NOW. In the Nothingness ~ we ARE. The Eternal Light ~ the Eternal Presence, of Pure Being. And Now we ARE ~ Being. The Sacredness and Glory ~ of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Nameless Eternal Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The Words you Believe you are reading here, ARE NOT what is here.
You have created your own world of Beliefs and meanings that are unique to your Frequency.
What you believe you see and read, is ONLY what you are experiencing.
There is only LIGHT. This Light in its pure state is Love.
Light of varying frequencies, creating a holographic experience of Being here on earth, being present and joining at this meeting place. Called Planet Earth.
Each person Being, is having their own unique experience. 
Experiencing their own unique vibrational dimension and frequency. Fulfilling their unique Soul Plan.  
The name dimensions and the numbers and levels attributed to them, are just constructs and a way to refer to something. The title Higher Self, is also a label and title, of an experience. The only way to know something is to exist consciously, in that state. There are no names for pure experience. We title them to communicate with others.
I Have no name in the Higher Frequencies of Being and Divine Light. On Planet Earth names are used to be able to refer to someone or something.

These Higher Frequencies of Light may be GIVEN Attributes or Virtues, associated with this pure Being. Words  simply point to the experience of “Being” the Pureness of Light in its original State.

Even the name and words I AM is a construct that used to refer to the experience of the Divine Presence of All That is ~ that has NO name. 

Someone asked me recently about names. Asking if a name was a frequency.

Everything is a frequency. Each name, each utterance, each thought is a frequency.

Yet, the frequency vibration of something that appears outside of oneself, is experienced through each UNIQUE frequency filter and dimension (consciousness of the one experiencing it) that the consciousness is functioning through.

You cannot know a unique frequency, unless you are it. Being it. It is all reference. Until one is PURELY Being that. And in the pure state awareness of being all that you Are, there are no names. It is just simply Being.

I AM Being, I AM everything, yet those words are just leading you to the experience of this. YOU cannot know something unless you experience it. And it is the EXPERIENCE that is the KNOWING.

Names are used on Earth and other realms of Being.  Names are used in addressing people (Beings) that in truth are only Light at the higher frequencies. But here on Earth represent a unique frequency with is their  individualized Being frequency, that appears to be Embodied in a Form. (simply words)

NO One can know a Being (person on Earth or any other Being) through a name, which includes a name given on Atlantis and Mu and the Pleiades etc. Names and titles are JUST THAT.  Names and titles are simply Place Holders pointing to the experience of that Being.  Knowing a name, does not mean you KNOW the BEING that the name is referring to.

NO ONE can KNOW a PRESENCE ~ Unless they Are That PRESENCE.

Names on Earth as used as though, if you know the name you KNOW the person. NAMES just point to the energy of BEING represented in a FORM.

At the Heart of it all, is the experience of the HIGHEST Purest Frequencies of Love. This is the pure Original Light. 

You can call this Source Light, God, etc. (a name of reference)  it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is a State of pure original light and Being.

As you become more PRESENT and AWARE in the PURENESS of your Being, where all you know yourself to BE is the pure child like nature. Then, you will Know the experience of  Being the Heaven within that you have sought.

It is a Sacred Eternal Space of BEING, being the Love that is your Pure Nature, then you live in your arrival. In the pureness of each moment.

No agenda. Simply the being that which pours through in all moments as the spontaneous flow of love and adventure. Which is unique for everyone. 

Everything then aligns to match the pureness of your unique play (whatever that is) specifically designed for you.

Your Soul Blueprint. Your Unique design.

And in this do I hold you. In the Divine Love, Glory and Light, of my Eternal Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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Scorpio New Moon November 11th, 2015~The Cauldron and the Holy Grail


Wow ~ The New Moon is in Scorpio 20 degrees in decan 2, November 11th, 2015 at 1:47 pm. The Sun is also in Scorpio. The Grand Benefactor Jupiter, is having a Stellar effect on this Moon, I thank you Beloved Jupiter.

Scorpio ~ Water Energy~ Passions, emotional, will power and determination.

Sun ~ Inner identity, expression.

The Moon ~ intuition, nurturing, unconscious emotions and feelings.

Jupiter ~ Fire ~ Expansion, Abundance.

The New Moon up to the Full Moon gradually builds in  intensity and strength, till the Full Moon. And with the Moon conjunct the Sun, everything new is possible. New Moons are New Beginnings and the Power of the New Moon (and its manifestations) lasts Four Weeks, till the next New Moon, which is December 11th.

The Mystery and the Magic, the Cauldron and the Holy Grail. Here we have it all ~ within.

The Cauldron of Transformation that you have experienced, and ARE experiencing, has led you to this Now moment, which is the result of the Quest, (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) to the GREATER experience within, of BEING the Holy Grail that you have sought. This is the greatest Quest of Scorpio, the Quest for the Holy Grail. Through the deep transformational waters of Pluto, deep in the Womb of Being (the cauldron) into the New Birth of You, so to speak, the Holy Grail of YOU.

The Power of Pluto ~ the end justifying the means. Which really means, HOWEVER you have travelled on your Quest, to be here NOW, is the WAY your Soul is doing this through YOU.  The MOMENT to MOMENT acceptance of this, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the Arrival of Being ~ The Holy Grail of You, that you have sought, and have Now found, Within. 

With the Sun and New Moon both sextile Jupiter during this New Moon ~ Beginning, it’s as if we are ANOINTED with the Blessings of Jupiter, that is, with the Abundance, Expansion, and Beneficence ~ of ~ everything That is ~ within.

So we have the Powerful Quest that was the Cauldron of Transformation that led us HERE right NOW. And as you continue to BE that which you sought, and ARE, the Holy Grail of You (your Divinity) Now, that Great Benefactor in all its Blessings, Now Crowns you with its Glory.

This New Moon ~ with the Power of the Cauldron, The Holy Grail, and the Great Benefactor, immerse your Awareness Deep Within, to the space of the CAUSE ~ within You. And Be Open to Receive, the Great Blessings, and anointing, of All That is.

Your Divinity, Your Being, Your Path that you ARE, BEING all that you Desire, as the Gift of YOU, through All That is. NOW is the Moment of Complete Embracing, all that you are WITHIN.

And it is in This ~ That I Hold YOU. 

scorpio new moon

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Knowing Nothing ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Sitting here in Bliss, I am feeling how great it is to Literally know Nothing.  How joyous it is, to be free from the endless stories, free from the need to know anything, free from fears, free from anything, that is not the Glorious Presence of my Divine Being, now.

You too, can live consciously as your Divine Self.

Living in the Present Moment is the Freedom, that Lives as Joy and Bliss. EVERYTHING is magical, in the moment, when you live as your Divine self (consciously) when you live, as the Eternal You, in form.

Being Childlike, is Being present in the moment.

Life is Very Exciting, relaxed and PEACEFUL when experienced as the openness of the joyful Presence of the Moment. It is Rich, it is fulfilling. Breathe this deeply, now.  Feel this deeply, now.

In the Present Moment, there is freedom from the expectations of anything, which includes any expectations, of any other being.

When Awareness is taken out of the Present Moment, fixed ideas, stories and fears,  connected to a past or future, is the mind, the awareness, lost in attachment, to what is not presently here, in the moment. The conscious missing out, of what is not here now, and living for the wants of what is not present, is the cause of all suffering.

In the Present Moment the Heart leads the Way. This is your conscious connection to your Presence. Your conscious connection to Freedom, to Love, to a LIFE Greater than imagined. To the life of your Dreams. That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Life UNFOLDS miraculously, in conscious Presence.

OPEN up to the Eternal Now, the Eternal You. Your Divinity,  your Freedom, your Presence.

Let go of anything, that is not now. All burdens, all stress, all worry, all fears. All Stories.

Let go of the need to Know, anything. When you do so, you enter the Present Moment.

This is the Surrender of control of outcome.

This is your freedom.

There is nothing more Supreme than living consciously as the Glory of your own Divine Being. You Loving You. You immersed in the Glory of You. You being the Master that you Are. You Living, moving, breathing, as the Divine Being that you are, in Form.

Breathe deeply, and receive this transmission of Love as you enter deeply your Heart, your magical, Divine Heart Space.

Breathe deeply within, all of your cells. Feel the Glory of consciousness, in your cells.

Feel your Divinity now, that pulses through the eternal now, as the awareness of You.

Feel the you, that lives eternally, in the present moment.

In the Glory of All That is, deep within your Heart, receive this Now. Receive this Transmission of Unconditional Love.




Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Liquid Crystal DNA Activation ~ Queen Priest of Mu

On The Ancient Island Of Mu (not to be confused with Lemuria) The Crystalline Temple of Light  where the Priest King and Priest Queen Lived,  the First Crystal Skull also existed on Planet Earth. This was about 550 Million Years Ago~ Earth Time.

The Creators of the First Forms on Planet Earth,  known as the Creator Gods, The Elohim, played with the DNA as creative Play, playing with Consciousness that existed As Soul and Pure Crystalline Light in One Aspect of Frequency Reality Domain, to Another, through the creation Star Matrix of existence on the Star Planet Earth.

The DNA that was Active was Crystalline in Nature, Just like the Bodies of Water, and what appears as the Solid Crystal Structures. The Elohim before entering forms on Planet Earth, lived in a Sacred Crystal City of Light, the city itself, was consciousness in Form. As is All Form.

The Crystalline Water that Surrounded the DNA of the First Forms on Earth the Elohim Inhabited as Priest Kings and Queens, were Programmed and Activated through all Crystalline Structured Water. The Instructions were clear, and the DNA responded to the Programming.

The First Crystal Skull exists Etherically and has Awakened fully in its Programmed Timing of Reactivation to Activated ALL DNA and ALL Crystalline Structures, including the water and ALL Liquid Crystal on Planet Earth.

This Liquid Crystal surrounds your DNA, Exists as Bodies of Water, and exists as Structures that are programmable known as Quartz Crystal, and Liquid Crystal Technology.

All of Your Communication systems follow the original liquid Crystal Technology as the original creation aspect, of programming information with directives, through consciousness.

As the Queen Priest of Mu, I now Hold and oversee the Crystal Programmer Skull on Mu, the Reactivation of the original Design is fully activated as the Program of Light and Re Birth on Planet Earth, that the Mother, the Priest Queen of Mu,  was originally here on Earth to Be and  to do.  And is Now here again in Form, holding the DNA and the Liquid Crystal Activation, that RE-Births Consciousness into the Programmed Crystalline Activations of Light and information that ALL in form which have DNA NOW, through their Star Creation Matrix, agreed to Be Part of and Exist through.

The Body of Water within your Form, holds 99 percent Liquid Crystal. This Liquid Crystal informs your DNA and programs it.

When the Liquid Consciousness of Cells are in Harmony, they All unite clearly and RESPOND and send out their Frequency Like a Laser Beam of Light, streaming Light as a cohesive Conscious Unit, towards ONE way of Accelerated Being.

As this Queen Priest of Mu~ Elohim~ Holding the Crystal Skull of the Elohim, Now sends out the Laser Beam Programming ALL LIQUID CRYSTAL, your Form Responds as it is made up of Liquid Crystal, and the Ease of Transformation is the resulting level of Harmony within your Consciousness.

Going with the Flow~ is Really Going with the Crystalline Flow as a UNIT of Harmony, or Not. As the Restructuring of your DNA through the Liquid Crystalline Response of the Etheric Crystal Skull, Now Filling the Morphogenic Field, with the Activation of All Activations.

So here we Are, the embracing of the Crystalline Nature of Being, which is the Original Formatting of All DNA and Form everywhere, as the Structure of Liquid Crystal, forms its Laser Focus upon ALL Liquid Crystal, Transforming Earth and its Inhabitants.

I hold you in the Memory of This~ Of the Ancient Skull on Mu used as the Laser Beam Activating All Crystalline Liquid and Structures, as the Encoded Light, Now is Awakened, Full Circle, on the Star Planet Earth, Once Again.

I Am The Queen Priest of Mu, I Am the Eternal Mother, I Am Elohim, I Am Love, I Am Light, I am Liquid Crystal, I Am the awakened Activator, of ALL THAT IS.

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The Ascension Momentum Increases~As Gamma Rays intensify Consciousness


The Gamma Rays from the Central Sun continue to Intensify. The Mystical Experience of Transformation is in the Mix.  What WAS once important, no longer holds its claws in the consciousness of those in tune with the First Wave of Ascension, and its related experience of Freedom of Being, within~ through the Heart.

As Consciousness itself SHIFTS as the Intensity of the Momentum Increases ~ the return to Purity and Divine Union, settles its conscious awareness Upon the Pure of Heart.

The Blood Moon Tetrads, the 4th One on September 27/28th, has many wondering, is there actually something going to take place. Everything is living energy, and energy communicates with energy, everywhere, and is not dependent on One being consciously aware of this communication. Yet it exists, all Now.

The Stars and the Firmament, are the Mirror of the Unfoldment of All That is.

The Beginning of Form, ALL was Created, and this includes NOW~ in the reality of No Time. Through the experience of  time on planet Earth events feel and appear to be Sequential, linear based. YET the manifestation of All Matter has always Been Now, in No Time.

All Was Created, All is Created, including the myriad forms of Parallel Worlds, which include Parallel Pasts and Parallel Futures, all created and BEING NOW.

The Mystical Experience of the First Wave of Ascension, is the Momentum of Consciousness meeting up with itself, AS the State of Being experienced as Original Creation Consciousness, Unified and Whole.

All That has Been, All That Is, All That Will Be, NOW~ fully awake as itself, consciously ~Being, WHOLE and UNIFIED.

You may call this Self-Realization, Samadhi, Completion, Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, Rapture, or Ascension.

Words only point to an experience, they do not Express the Experience of the Freedom that ONE KNOWS as Ones Being, when One is swept up in and Consciously Absorbed in the Endless Ecstasy and Bliss of Loves Infinite Power and Beauty.

Be Swept up into Loves Endless Grace.

Rest in your Heart, Breathe through your Heart.

Slow down and Feel, Breathe consciously and Relax.

Feel your Heartbeat~ Connect Deeply with your Heart.

Let go of everything~Now.

Feel the Ecstasy of Divine Being set itself Ablaze within You~ as the Flame of Your Heart ignites as the Passion of Your Soul.

Stay Present Here.

Now and throughout All Moments, Stay PRESENT.

As you Become Absorbed into the Eternal Love of All That is.

I hold You Here, Always and Forever, I Am Here as the Eternal Divine Love and Sacred Light, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Gamma Rays From The Central Sun


Increasing at an Accelerated Pace since the beginning of August with great MOMENTUM ARE the Gamma Rays of Light from the Central Sun~ impacting all on Planet Earth. 

THIS will intensify DAILY up to the end of September, 2015.

The intensity will be Unparalleled as this Momentum continues to increase in its intensity. 

For those of you in Your Heart~ you will be Aware of this Intensity as GREATER Awareness. Greater Awakening. And you will Feel your Presence more Profoundly. This will increase.

For those not in their Heart, there will be an increase in Drama, helping those to choose Harmony over Disharmony.

On August 3rd I Visited Alcyone and  received a reactivation of the Sphinx Codes of Light that are now Vibrating in my DNA as the Illuminated Codes of Light specifically FOR the First Wave of Ascension.

Please stay Present in your Heart during this Momentous time of Accelerated Consciousness, infused with the Eternal and Everlasting Unconditional Love, Grace and Codes of Light, during your Alchemical Transformation.

I Am with You, as the Sacred Light of Eternity, Pours itself, Upon All those Present in their Hearts that are ready to Receive. Open Your Heart and Receive Now.

I Am Eternal Love, I Am Bliss, I am the Undivided Union of Souls, existing as the Everlasting Illuminated Light of All That Is.

More soon on the Central Sun and Gamma Light and the Illuminated Codes.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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