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Ancient DNA

L'AuraNeanderthal and a mixture of ancient DNA is alive and well and brought forth through the human form, now.

This ancient DNA is being activated for all who carry this DNA in their cellular consciousness.  DNA carries the light frequency and within this light, all information and memory is encoded.

This ancient species and their codes held in DNA carry ancient wisdom and memory.

We often hear of the Annunaki as Gods through the forms on Atlantis brought into Egypt and spread out. Also through Nibiru. This DNA is present also.

There is also the DNA of the first civilization, to be discovered, from MU, millions of Earth years ago. This is present now, also.

Ancient are the Neanderthals (ancient humans) from approximately 200,000 Earth years ago. The name Neanderthal is named after the location that the bones and DNA were found, in the Neander Valley, Germany.

These ancient larger brain species are present with us today, through the DNA that speaks and signals through them.

DNA is the encoded information of memory that knows no limitation in its communication and signalling ability.

The ancients are present.

The First civilization and their DNA is present. Bringing the ancient information here about EARTH. About its creation.

Beyond all of this are the beings that designed the DNA and the Earth School of descension and Ascension for the purpose of becoming GODS unto themselves, as creators then, of their own worlds.

The Divine Council of Overseers activates and initiates all those ready for their responsibility to bringing forth all the encoded information held within DNA.

In this, the heart, the only true portal to ALL worlds and universes, we Activate you NOW. In love. Awakening the ancient DNA to its original LIGHT SOURCE ~ creation, to be, that which one IS.










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The Incorruptible Form And Ascension

L'AuraIPFrom gross matter and ethereal matter and its incumbent marriage, this alchemy produces the incorruptible form. That is your ascension.

Starting with the primal forces, merged with the matter of consciousness that is the mental body, emotional body and physical body, the deep purification process, before the final dissolving and death is vastly occurring.

Taking that which was of lower matter of consciousness and transforming it into the New Divine Being.  This is of course is the above merging with the below.

Some may call this magic, it is in fact the very process of that which you incarnated into. TO become the GOD that you seek.

This Divine Alchemy and marriage, is the sacred marriage within you, often referred to as becoming the holy guardian angel.

This uniting marriage/alchemy is the same as the ascension process and the process has always been the same, since so called time immemorial.

It was written in all the hearts of consciousness before the birthing of humanity.

Prior to this birthing of form as consciousness the gathering of the Elohim with the Divine Council of Overseers, planned that which is unfolding through you now.

Your incorruptible state and form, as held in forms in the Halls of Amenti.

This recording through the DNA blueprints, in the Halls of Amenti, represent the template of the Divine Humanity.

Its evolution of form to the graduation of Godhood through this alchemy process is embedded in the DNA of your very cells. Stamped with the recognition and all the codes of awakening for your to experience the birth of the NEW YOU.

This is your ascension, this is your alchemy, this is your DNA/Blueprint plan and you are succeeding to grasp the purpose of this Earth program.

Holding the templates in the Halls of Amenti, prior to the birthing of Earth and the Gods that descended to become Gods with the incorruptible forms, we initiate you NOW.

To this greater alchemy, well under way in the DNA program. This is your ascension and heaven on Earth.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, anointing all now, with the Original Template, we initiate you in the continuation of the Alchemical marriage, into the birthing of this incorruptible form. As this New Divine Human/Humanity. This represents the completion of the program.

Those newly on their sojourn through Earths program will benefit from all those first attaining this NEW Image of all that is possible.

In this we activate ALL now, in love.






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Full Moon October 13th, 2019 ~ The Fork in The Road

L'AuraInannaThis powerful emotional/activating Full Moon in Aries is on Sunday October 13th 2019 at 6:07 pm ADT.

This takes place during a long weekend for those in Canada and the United States. Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Columbus Day in the United States, both on Monday the 14th. 

You may feel challenged or tested emotionally if you have some fear left in your subconscious memory. HOWEVER ~ the silver lining is YOU can choose to stay in your heart space and choose through stillness and heart centred awareness that which serves you eternally. Even if you do not, and go the way of repetitive patterning ~ AGAIN ~ all is ok with your Soul always. There is no time in the blueprint plan of the Soul incarnating into the program of Earth.

So to get with the program and to not be so dense (3D  programming) SLOW down. This will make it easier to stay FOCUSED after all, you are Practicing this right?

Your power and ability to stay focused on the new way of being, that is the shift from head to heart, takes exactly that, practise.

The Full Moon always brings up that which is hidden in the subconscious that is the discrepancy from that you desire through your heart. These energetic impulses as memory are there for you to BE aware of and continue on, observing that which is going through you.

The Full Moon square Pluto ~ will activate intense energies in areas of your consciousness specific to you and your blueprint. This is based on your current frequency that you are emitting and is also based on what it is you have left in your subconscious mind, the karma and the unique/fear/pain/patterns.

Remember as you practice living through your heart and observing, the mental body and emotional body are NOT THE ETERNAL YOU. They are simply patterns to be completed so that you may graduate and ASCEND, to being the eternal in form. AS above, so below.

Power struggles, jealousy may increase in those around you, the perfect solution? Be in your heart and nothing then feels like it can penetrate your energy or frequency. Unless of course these are specific triggers for YOU ~ then pay attention and still be in your heart!

The Full Moon trine Jupiter is a gateway of transcending duality through great opportunities to stay open, to stay in your heart (if that is your intention) and to expand your consciousness through your heart, clearing anything to be cleared, catapulting you to the perfect choices (based on your frequency) INTO HIGHER LEVELS and  ASCENSION, opportunities.

AND ~ Jupiter semi sextile Pluto, activates the POWER to choose what is the highest and best for you.

Now, those immersed in separation consciousness, sometimes the best choice is the one that takes them to their lowest point, and then that works as a catalyst for their transformation.

IT is not for us to say suffering is useless because it is not, it is a teacher of consciousness so that THE path to freedom will eventually be chosen. And it will, all who began the Earth program only complete it when they do ascend.

Everyone WILL is the great news, so how about you focus ALL of your attention on your own transformation? IT takes everything on the last and final round of incarnations to take that final LEAP ~ TO FREEDOM. TO unification with the eternal YOU.

After all, you descended now you are ascending!

The Divine Council of Overseers activates all NOW, FOR this now monumental fork in the road for many.

The celebration is now ready.

No judgment to yourself if you are still in suffering, ONLY LOVE.

And here we are! In love!


















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Evolved Consciousness ~ The Meeting of Twin Flames

LInannaSO you think you want to meet your twin flame. You want to live in paradise and bliss. Full Union.

If you have not met your twin flame and you want to live in bliss, the great news is you can do so within your own consciousness.

In fact, evolving and moving into greater harmony and union within, is exactly what prepares you for your ascension and merging with your counterpart.

The meetings of twin flames are planned before incarnating for those evolved existences, to be together, work together and play together.

How would anyone recognize their twin flame, if they were living in a state disharmony? Disharmony is non union. If one was to come in contact with the consciousness of their twin flame before being evolved in a union state of harmony, it would be like a regular relationship of the escalated drama of 3D.

Twin flames join and merge in full union and harmony. It is an elevated level of consciousness that recognizes this eternal union, and consciously merges with their ALREADY eternal union. The purpose is for this merging in a unified state, the mental body, emotional body and physical body here on Earth.

The heaven on Earth, the above matching the below.

This is why many beings either during ascension or before will be united when ready to merge fully with their twin soul counterpart, soul union.

The consciousness can represent itself to the form willing to take on this huge leap of consciousness awareness, to live as and be this unity and unified state of being as eternally so here now.

On Earth as the elevated Earth for those who have freed themselves from fear and memories held long ago, as the subconscious reactive states, that must be cleared to ascend consciously to the next levels.

For those of you living with this longing, know any idea of separation from this, is in fact the very barrier to this elevated level of union consciousness.

We are here to be the eternal on Earth. This is the highest calling and is the greatest challenge for those immersed in fear.

To focus on ascension and the merging in harmonious union, living as much as you can maintain your awareness of heart centered awareness in harmony, is the key. This facilitates the ease of the release of fear based energy charges that are often referred to as karma from past lives.

The work is yours and yours alone for your preparation for your next levels. Look to you, develop your harmonious temple within your awareness.

Let it be that of the eternal.

As above, so below.

The union is DIVINE.

With The Divine Council of Overseers, in love, activating you now.








What Part Ascends To What?

L'AuraInannaSomeone asked me recently if the body is still in 3D is it the Soul that ascends?

Let me be clear, with The Divine Council of Overseers, your Soul at its creation level is perfect and conscious of itself throughout all existences and throughout all dimensions NOW. There are no exceptions to this.

What Earth is and its program of reincarnation is a descending from the higher dimensions (your God Self) into a form that is designed based on your life/soul plan.

These higher dimensions include other planets, other galaxies and other universes.

Back to the question at hand, so then what part ascends?

You travel down (even though there is no direction) through frequency dimensions into the lowest of ALL ~ the densest ~ that is Earth. Then you are born. Often most forget about before arriving and the agreements made.

Some arrive a different way, as in the consciousness that is typing these words in a form here on Earth. The term often used is a walk in.  Even though consciousness at the highest levels surrounds the form.  We take over the use of a form, with the original soul, walking out. Although there is no in or out.

In the lower dimensions you are practising becoming the highest consciousness that you are in the highest dimensions. This is a merging of your highest frequency and awareness with the consciousness of the form and its DNA. This is ascension.

The purpose of this as was taught on MU (the first civilization on Earth) and prior to signing up for the Earth program, was for you to become Gods on Earth when you graduated.

Your graduation is your ascension it is a merging and that is mastery.

As we the Elohim and Overseers had also become as you would call Gods, through the process of  mastery for form, which you call ascension.

It is a maturing and realization of all that you are.

This takes place as Divine Virtues become you ~ through your heart, you then recognize your own Divine power and the YOU that you are eternally.

And YES that means the you in form goes through an alchemical process. As the body once merged and mastered, transfigures and changes matching the eternal you.

As at the level of merging and ascension GOD SELF consciousness there is no age or time.

And now we activate you into this greater knowing of YOU.

In that you all signed up for, to be the actualized GODS of the New Earth world. In love.





We Rise To This Dream Born

LInannaAwakened from the crypt, we rise anew.

Our ancient power, a magical brew.

In here we dwell the mystery is sewn.

In threads of love, the weaving knows.

The magic spell that true love imparts.

Is the truth and beauty of the heart.

In perfect love, we both are bound.

In sacred purity on Earth now found.

Betrothed in eternity, entwined in love.

We draw our strength from heaven above.

Graced in magic the Earth responds.

To loves pure ways, concrete and bound.

We live the magic our hearts have shown.

In dreams kept hidden as if unknown.

The world becomes the magic we created.

How it plays out the stars have fated.

Unspeakable power of the heart, bestows the magic to it imparts.

We enter now our sacred dwelling.

Our hearts the template of the script and spelling.

Having its way the magic awakens.

Moving anything in its way, as if forsaken.

In this we know our perfect trust.

As once we lived from dust to dust.

Now we rise to this dream born.

Of earthly magic, birthed in heavens dorm.

We unite together in this glory forever weaved.

Of this our ancient mystical, magic mystery.





Ascension is Not What You THINK It Is

L'AuraInannaWhat you are thinking about?

It is in the letting go of thoughts that you will hear the quiet whispers of the heart, which is the eternal portal to the only true you.

Going from the head to the heart and the harmonious frequency that it creates; resonates and activates the alignment already existing in the blueprint and DNA, with the Ascended Being ~ Cosmic God Self.

So many are getting caught up in the old ways of being by allowing thoughts and worries to be their way of being. This disharmony and the dwelling in its state, is a separated state of consciousness awareness, that exists for you to recognize what it is and to then choose, the heart.

Choosing harmony and union and being elevated in that state, takes the observance and the awareness in the first place, to recognize the different states of being.

So again, what are you thinking about?

Putting aside all thoughts that go on and on about worry of a future and a past, and recognizing those thoughts while they are occurring is the the first step in conscious, awareness, development.

The opposite of this exists as gratefulness and humbleness. In this state no thoughts of deserving this or that, exist. All demands are gone in this state. Which leads to greater awareness of the heart.

To live in the heart one truly KNOWS and experiences all is here now, that there is no separation. That being that knows and lives like this has mastered form.

Mastery of form is the process of this EARTH ~ school and program.

Everyone will graduate in what you call  Ascension.

There are many levels to be graduated, through this. They are like portals, when you complete one level, then on to the next.

OF course all of this already exists. IN the resonating through the harmony of the heart you are instantly there.

What are you thinking about?

When you let all those thoughts go, there is only the heart awareness. There is nothing else to get caught up in.

Your ascension is on the table whether you are aware of this or not.

We activate your observing awareness to pay attention to what it is you are choosing moment to moment.

Developing your focused awareness through the heart is your ascension.

We activate you into this.

We were present before Earth time and we are present now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, always present in all that was created in this universe and others. It is all present now, for those in their hearts.

In this love and glory, we activate you now.







Conditional Love versus Unconditional Love

L'AuraSo many say they love someone unconditionally, but do they?

If we have conditions on our own self love, then we have conditions on loving someone else.

So ,many say they have met their twin flame, yet they are not yet filled with true unconditional love for themselves, so how can that be?

We attract our current state of consciousness.

If we are in the process of preparation and clearing past life memories in the blueprint, which all stems from fear and separation (the opposite of love) then we attract to our benefit, what most will help us to SEE and know what this lack attracts.

The purpose of reincarnation is to evolve.

To become what we originally ARE.

What we originally are is a union state of consciousness, that knows not separation or fear.

If we have not forgiven ourselves, no one else will forgive us.

If we do not unconditionally love ourselves how can we expect someone else will?

This seems to be the average experience involving denial and escapism.

I NEED love therefore I will get it from someone else. This is a state of conditional love and reveals itself as the conditions we have placed on our own level of self love. NO exceptions.

We are attracting what we ARE.

Control and attempting to control the other also reveals insecurities and doubts within ourselves. Then this control becomes the doubt in the other.

It is a MIRROR ~ what are you expecting?

I am not saying every single action of others is our cause. Quite the opposite. They are living in their own limited version of love and looking for exactly what they are insecure about themselves.

Often families incarnate with similar “memories” too clear. It could be the opposite but work to ignite each other. One has power issues misuses it, the other is developing the awareness of the correct use of power.

LIFE has never been out to get you.

It is there for your to awaken to, what it is, is the cause of your level. It is always leading you to your next level.

The next level is more self love, as there will be no perfect unions consciously, till both are immersed in this self love being ness.

I want this, I want that, or that is not love, if in itself FAR from unconditional love.

When we love ourselves we ask nothing of ourselves.

We awaken to it is our Divinity, that we only count on. That perfect stream of unconditional love, that has no attachments, and flows freely, as if a pure innocent child.

This innocence state of consciousness is your Original state of being.

It lets other be, because it lets your own being, simply be. It is the highest and purest unconditional love.

In this, we initiate you, into more and more of what you eternally ARE. In love.




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Shifting DNA ~ Programming

LInannaReverberating throughout the universe the Light Codes that programmed DNA signals, are the very core blueprint of your existences/consciousness.

We are passers by of this Earth, and flow through the signals created beyond time, yet appear in time.

In the Great Central Sun all records and blueprints are kept through this DNA signalling/Light/frequency device of matter.

We merge in and out of parallel worlds, as the flow through us, becomes a whisper of an actuality, looking for the station to call home.

This home acts as the homing device of light that draws us closer and closer to the actualization of being.

As we draw closer and closer to the desired actualization of being, we find home is everywhere we exist.

This knowing of being, allows all codes of frequency in the original blueprint to be activated fully.

Then what is focused upon, takes place. We know we are the matter of observance that flows through us and adjusts itself and its DNA to harmonize with all corresponding existences, all at once.

As DNA shifts, we shift. As we shift, DNA shifts.

Constant upgrading has been an acquired taste, who in this timeline, desire to be free.

This timeline is a DNA frequency point of resonation.

Adjusting, monitoring frequencies and their jumps in consciousness is what we are here for, with you.

We are fully present and ignite the corresponding frequencies to actualize their awareness. as the unified acceptance ~ that fulfills its /flow/destiny.

Feel now the availability you have allowed yourself to be this flow.

And so it is, all Now.



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Attention, Intention ~ Mastery and Ascension

L'AuraAre you paying attention?

Are you making intentions and paying attention to those intentions?

Are you hearing the quiet whispers of your eternal soul?

It is not the voice of the loud drama of the thinker ~ unaware.

Do you get caught up in a series of dramas every night when things are quiet and have you ASKED YOURSELF who in fact is that thinker? Who is that drama?

That goes on and on. Is it really you?

Do you stop it and recognize that is not you?

Or do you get overwhelmed with emotions?

Do you pay attention to WHO is IT that has those emotions?

What is this when you TRULY pay attention and OBSERVE? Are YOU noticing the real you?

To MASTER form one must be CONSCIOUSLY aware of who is the thinker, who is the doer, who is the one that observes.

Then CONNECT with the You that is eternal, the ONE who can pay attention and be able to tell the difference!!

Have you walked through Earth allowing this to be your way of being?

Are you on your way to Mastery?

To truly knowing what you are?

To recognizing what actions and reactions are part of the old programming and consciously then stepping out of it?

Are you conscious of your eternal Presence?

Are you living in pure being and mastery of form?

Pay attention to the ascension process of differentiating between old beliefs and ways of being and that of the Presence of the eternal you.

As you observe consciously ~ you permeate the eternal presence to be the ONE that flows through you as you in every moment consciously!

The true exists through your heart.

It is the new way and the only portal to mastery in your ASCENSION process.

We are Activating you through The eternal flow of the Divine Council of Overseers, all now.

Your heart, your ascension, your eternal Divine Presence.

In love, L’Aura







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