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The Altar of You ~ Twin Flame/Soul

Notice your Life ~Your Dream Scape ~your Reality.

Look closely at areas that seem UNRESOLVED.

Let us now resolve them ~ You have never been alone.

I am here with you during your process. As a Divine Being ~full access is available to you for the Perfect Life and Way of Being. This includes your Twin Flame/Soul Union.

This is Abundance on all levels.  This Includes the Perfect relationship, for You. You may call this relationship~ your Soul Mate, your Twin Flame, your Consort, your Counterpart, Your Beloved, these names are mortal language that direct you to a meaning.

This perfect Divine relationship is the Aspect of You ~ that exists with and in the Other (now) the Masculine and Feminine joined in the Fullness and Completeness of Union, One Being, Fully merged as One ~Now.

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY ~ in The Fullness of this Soul Union. 

As you experience “Being” Divine Union ~ You Merge as One with your Soul, with the Divine Masculine and Feminine of You ~ Your Soul.

You are Abundant in the Divinity of your Soul. You are One with your Twin Flame/Soul ~ Now. 

As you Experience this Within ~ The Heaven that is YOU ~ as this Union ~ You Draw to You on Earth ~ Heaven on Earth ~ Your Full Union. You and Your Twin Flame/Soul ~ together ~ merged as One.

One Body ~ One Soul ~ Together as One. 

I am Joined and Merged with my Twin Soul Now ~ I am Prosperous ~Joyous ~Blissful ~  I am total Freedom, I Am Perfect Love, I Am Perfect Bliss, I am One with my Consort ~ I am Eternal ~ I am Fully One with the Masculine and Feminine of My Sacred Beloved Soul.

These are not just words, this is my Reality Now. Yes I am Abundance~ Itself. I am Divinity ~ Itself.

Abundance Floods my Life ~ You may ask why or How?

Simply Because I am, Because I embrace my Divinity on all levels of Being and in all aspects I experience every moment as Divine Pure Being. I am not separated from anything. I am One with all of my Desires.

I vibrate as Abundance, therefore my Reality is Abundant. I vibrate and radiate as my Divinity ~ therefore I am fully in Divine Union with all aspects of Divinity. I am Harmony, I am Grace, I am Beauty, I am Perfect Love~ I am the Glorified Presence of All That is. I Am ~ therefore my Union ~ Is ~ and I Am.

Abundance ~ through my Frequency, cannot help but BE MY EXPERIENCE.

This is true for you as well, what are you vibrating with? Are you vibrating in the perfect Harmony which is Divine Union ~ itself?

Hold dearly the situations and circumstances that have not yet shifted IN YOUR LIFE~including your desire to experience yourself as Divine and the Desire for that Sacred Divine Twin Flame/Soul Union.

As you do so, watch closely as the Miracle of Abundance ~Becomes you. 

That is right ~ Becomes You!

Embrace ALL of your creations with Love.

Embrace where you are now! Then Offer up ALL of this on the Altar of YOU. Place all that you experience and desire to experience on the Altar of You~ then Lay OPEN your Heart to Receive.

Your Perfect Divine Partner is an aspect of you ~embodying also “Being” a Divine Being of Light.

The wholeness and the Fullness of Completion of Being ~ is first within you, then as you have Done all you can and have united the Masculine and Feminine within you and are fully free from all limitation ~then and only then, your Divine Counterpart ~ and together ~Masculine and Feminine ~ Merges and Joins with you ~ as One.

Within you ~ creates your reality, what you know to be as YOUR experience.

Completing the Fullness of Divinity within you ~ is the Masculine and Feminine ~ as One Being!

This is not a human relationship I am speaking of.  You cannot access this state of Union through “trying” to make something happen. You cannot decide what they will look like or make a list and manifest this.

This is Divinity after All ~ this is the DIVINITY of the Soul!

Fully Experience Union within yourself.

This is fully living in your Heart.

Being Love.

Being Divine.

Being Truth.

Being ~ All that you Desire to Receive.

Aligning yourself within yourself, masculine and feminine, is the Experience of Being Divine. Of Not Being separate from anything, within yourself.

A balanced state of Harmony ~ through Grace, creates the Perfect Alignment within yourself.

Let go of Beliefs, expectations, and the need to figure things out and to work hard at things.

Harmony is the Natural Flow of Creation itself. 

Harmony is Union and Flow ~ is Divinity. 

Lay EVERYTHING On the Altar of You ~ “All Disharmony and Harmony” and open your Heart to receive the Grace ~ that Aligns you with Your Soul ~ With Abundance ~With Love ~ with Union ~ with your Perfect Union Relationship. I hold you and initiate you in this ~ Now ~ As You Open to receive!

I Am Divine.

I Am Perfect Love.

I am Perfect Union.

I Am the Glorified State of Being.

I Am One with my Soul.

I Am One With my Divine Counterpart.

I Am Blessed.

I Am Anointed.

I am the Fullness of Creation ~ I Am All That is.




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As the Stars Align ~ in The Great Succession


My True Love, My Beloved ~Every moment,
our deep passionate yearning ~ a sacred Omen.

Shifting and Shifted, All Worlds, moving into Now,
breathless, submerged within you ~ our holy Vow.

Being ~ All that I am ~ Created ~to Be,
I embrace with you ~ our beatific Destiny.

For ~as the Stars align, in the Great succession,
our merging ~ our union ~our Golden Ascension.

Is our lineage and your Creator God Design,
as we stand together again as One ~for all time.

In your arms sweet Ecstasy and complete Bliss,
forever yours, our love ~ our Glory, our eternal kiss.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Heaven on Earth Reigns ~ The Golden Age


My Beloved ~ Beyond space and time, we are One,
merging all worlds, we bring it here, through play and Fun.

Our Sacred magic ~that we Are and speak Of,
is our Divine ~ Pure ~ Holy ~ Endless~ Love.

It is you and I, Being and Containing All,
unspeakable, unbreakable, our Destiny ~ Call.

So here we are, Playing in All Worlds at Once,
Flowing, Being our Purity ~ in All Moments.

The Dance of Creation, draws back the Veil,
the masculine and feminine~ has set Sail.

To itself, through its Divine Union and Glory,
setting free, all false ~ illusional~ past~ stories.

In this the Freedom, Now and for All Time,
Heaven on Earth Reigns ~The Golden Age ~ Sublime.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Mystical Union, Two Sparks ~ One Flame


The Beauty and Ecstasy of Divine Union ~ Masculine and Feminine, merged as One, is the Alchemy of the Masculine and Feminine within, which then is experienced in its Fullness and Wholeness through the Complete Union of Two Sparks As One Flame.

In the Absolute State of this Pureness~ Of Divinity Merged within ~ One then merges through the Alchemy Process, into the Fullness of the Mystical Union with the Pureness of the Other, The Divine Beloved.

Divine Pureness plus Divine Pureness = Divine Wholeness.  Perfect Union.

Two sparks ~ One Flame.

The Infinite Romancing of Divinity with Divinity~The Unconditional Love of the Beloved, through the Union of the Beloved, which includes Devotion and Adoration, expresses its Divine Countenance through limitless Divine Love, shared together, through the Dance of Divinity. UNITING in complete Union.

This is the Purest State of Being. The Essence of Divinity in its Amplification of its Beauty, of its Purity, in the Fullness and Wholeness of Divinity, which includes all aspects in ALL DIMENSIONS ~ of the Two sparks, Being Fully One. All Aspects of the Two sparks ~ MERGED as ONE. One Eternal Flame.

The intimacy of the Depth of this Love ~ is the Alchemy Process of Infinite change.

This is the Mirroring of the Truth of Love.

One Love ~ Mirrored together with the Beloved ~ which is the FULLEST realization of Divinity in its COMPLETE fullest Union and Wholeness.

This State of Being of the Experience of Love~ is the Love of Divinity itself, for itself~ through this Complete Union with the Beloved, one sees the Fullest expression and reflection of Love through the Beloved, on all levels of Being.

This Multiplication ~ of Divinity itself, of Love, of the Heart, at the Highest Level, is the Experience of COMPLETE Union, in all Dimensions, now Merged fully as One.

The Sacred Passion ~ with the True Beloved is the HOLY Grail ~ of the Purest Love and Divine Union, experienced as One ~ in All its Glory and Fulfillment and Wholeness.

The Authenticity of the Trust, in this Union, is experienced as the TRUST in Divinity itself. Which is always within.

Expressing as the HOME of Divinity itself, in the Fullness of Perfect Union with the Beloved~ the Yearning for the Fullest and Highest Expression of Divinity in its purest state of Being is the Mystical State of Being ~ which is Alchemy of the Two into One ~ The Perfect Union ~ Home.

The Fulfillment of the Wholeness of this Profound Union, (together as one) is dependent upon the awareness of the Fulfillment of The Perfect Union with the Beloved  ~ the Wholeness together ~ two sparks into One ~ KNOWN ~WITHIN.

The Mystical Path ~ is the Desire for something. Union with something.

ULTIMATELY ~ that something ~is the Longing ~ and yearning of the Heart ~for the Highest Pureness and Fulfillment of  Divinity ~through the Masculine and Feminine aspects merged Together ~ first WITHIN oneself~ Then with the Consort ~ The Beloved ~ The Twin Flame (All mortal language) that also merge together as ONE ~ on all levels of Being~ throughout all Dimensions, in the Here and Now. The Pure and True ~Fulfillment of Being ~ The Divine Mystical Union.

The Awareness of Each other ~ through the Recognition of Each other as One ~ is the Recognition of the Divinity of the Union ~ in The Ultimate Pure State of Being ~ which Mirrors the Ultimate Purity of Divinity to itself.

Divinity Loving Divinity, held in the FOUNDATIONAL awareness of the Heart and Mind as One, the Two sparks now joined together as One ~ Held On all levels of Being ~ Now Fully Merged.

Living in the Presence of Divinity ~ Giving oneself EVERYTHING one desires ~ in its FULLEST Purest State of Being, is the Embracing of Oneself Fully and the Other, through the greatest Depths of Intimacy, two as One ~ no thing outside this One ~ this Union.

This is Divine Alchemy ~at its Purest State ~ the compelling towards Expanded Consciousness of Divinity  ~ Two Sparks ~ ONE Flame.  All Aspects, all levels ~ Fully merged. No Separation.

Begin ~ within yourself, the Awareness of You as a Soul.

Merge with your Eternal Soul.

Merge the Masculine and Feminine Within.

When you are fully Merged within, then you will be Ready to Enter the Fullness of Divine Alchemy, the Highest Expression of This Union ~ All Aspects of  Your Divinity as One.

Masculine and Feminine, as One, Two Sparks ~ One Flame.

May you forever be Immersed, As the BELOVED in Full UNION ~ with the Eternal Sacred Light of All That is.

All Now! Your Original Union and Light!


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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What will take Place this Spring Equinox?


24 Days ~ Till The Spring Equinox ~ March 20th, 2015 ~ 7:45pm AST!

Wow ~ Last years Equinox ~2014 ~ I MOVED deeply into the Void ~ Lasting many months, walking in and out of WORLDS and timelines LITERALLY.
I would be Walking down a Street and it Literally changing to a different street I had never seen before, walking and walking deeply into the UNKNOWN.

This went on and on, and continues ~ Daily ~ profoundly ~ many other world and parallel world adventures and visits, moving in and out of timelines, which continues NOW ~ changing and shifting everything, in all Now moments.

Now ~ Today ~ the Culmination ~ Of ALL those changes, Timeline Shifts and MORE.

What will take place this Spring Equinox?
So much more ~ as All things are INCREASING and there is a GREAT Culmination taking place and soon the Grand Playing out of the Original Design! Heaven on Earth!

Miracles ~ Profound Consciousness Shifts ~ A New Birth ~ The New Creation.
And Here we Are ~ As it is! And so it will forever, always ~ BE.

Angel Aura of Love ~ L’Aura



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Dissolving All Boundaries ~ For All Time



I make love to you, through my eyes, through my touch, through my words, through my sounds, as the rippling out of our ecstasy and Love, now One, pours endlessly, throughout all Worlds and Universes.

I make love to you, as I honour you, and humbly embrace you in my purity ~ that exists, to acknowledge, the Glory ~ of You.

I make love to you as the bodies of our flesh merge and dissolve all boundaries for All time, as we transform once and for All ~ into the eternal Divine Beings, that we Are.

I make love to you, as the Beauty of My Soul, only lives~ to Be ~ For You to Know.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Becoming Less Dense On Earth

july2014jpg 3

How is your Ability to stay Focused on one thing? Can you stay focused on  One Object? On your Heart? Do you lose your focus quickly and not even notice you have placed your Attention elsewhere? Have you noticed and measured how long you can “actually” stay focused on One object?

The Density of the Earth Plane is not necessarily where you may desire to place your attention, that is, if your Intention is to complete that which you began through your incarnation Process, into form, on planet Earth. The Mastering of Duality, if you will, is Freedom from limitation.

Becoming less Dense, as I often like to say, is the process of waking up, to the true Limitless Nature of yourself, that you always have access to. This Limitless you, is experienced as having no boundaries or limitations.

In the denseness of Earth, one experiences what APPEARS as Solid Objects.
Your Desire to walk through a wall, as an example, may be somewhat inhibited by the frequency of the Wall and your body. When both the wall and your body feel solid to you, you are in Union in the frequency of density. The Denseness of the Earth plane, is simply a vibratory Frequency.

However, if you Shift into Higher Frequencies, so that wall and you are vibrating to  the  frequency of conscious Light Vibration, and you both become one in that Vibration, you may then, walk through the wall.

If I were to raise my Frequency, a little higher, even now, and you were in the room with me, I would appear as vanished to you, YET I would still be there in the room with you,  you just would not see me. I would be vibrating at the higher frequencies that would appear to you as I was not there, (in a Higher Light Vibration) while you stayed vibrating to the frequency of the denseness of Earth, that appears as solid. 

Adjusting your Frequency to the Higher Coherent Frequencies of Light, FREES you from the Limitation of the Density appearance of Earth. Why Not Become less dense? Can you stay focused on the aspect of YOU that is free from limitation? Can you stay focused on your Heart?

The Vibratory Frequency of the Heart is a POWERFUL energy force, that Harmonizes all of your Bodies. This harmonization creates a “Coherent” Vibratory Frequency, which you send out, as the standing wave that you are, in all moments.


What Frequency are you sending out? Are you aware that you are always sending out, that WHICH YOU ARE?

In this Coherent Frequency, you have access to, the limitless you, that is always present and available to you. This is the state of Harmony, Peace and Love.  In Coherency there is non-interference.

In a Non Coherent Frequency, Disharmony is experienced, and the denseness of Earth, of your Body is experienced, as is, interference.

Placing your Attention and Focus on your Heart and on the Light that you are, is your Ability to use your free will, Consciously. Are you conscious of How you are using your Free Will? Are you creating greater Harmony in your Life? Are you experiencing More of the Limitless You? Or always feeling stuck in a place of disharmony and limitation?

Your answers to my question, will be the reflection of your FOCUS.

Back to the beginning of this Post, do you desire to become less dense? Are you focusing on your Heart and the Light that you are? Are you surrounding yourself, with those things that are reflective of your Intention, that are harmonious? That are Love filled, that support your focus of Being Limitless”

Or are you focused on the Density of the Earth Plane?

There are many names given to  the same thing, (names are only used on Earth, the meaning at the higher frequencies, needs no name) Ascension, Rebirth, New Creation, Completion. What do all those things actually symbolize to you? Your Freedom? Your Mastery?

Practise today, staying focused on your Heart. Living in Harmony. Notice how long you are able to stay focused and present n the pure state of Being that is a Coherent Frequency. This Frequency  is love, is Heart Based, and is Peaceful, and is FREEDOM. 

Practise if you like daily the Sea of Light Breathing, or listen daily to any or my Frequency Transmissions. They are a Coherent Frequency that will help you to Vibrate to the Frequency of Your Heart, to the Frequency of Eternal Love and to the frequency of PURE Limitless Being. Use your free will today, and stay focused.

I love your Dear Souls!!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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The New Form of Human Species


Entering your Lightbody awareness, your Immortal Body of Light, is the sacred accessing, through your Heart, of your eternal True Being, All That is.
The Great Joy in this, is the experience of the personal Knowing of your Eternal Presence. This Unification is the direct experience, of the Fulfillment of your Soul Purpose, your Divine Union.

Your Divine Union, is the Total and Complete immersion, within your Heart Space, of you as Light, as Your Lightbody, as your Immortal Body of Light. This is the Fusion, of your consciousness, on all levels of Being, as Light.

Embracing NOW, All That you Are AS Light, opens the Doors of communication, through your Heart, with the Light of Your Soul, With your Lightbody, with your Immortal Body of Light.

Everything is composed of Light, and as you access the true nature, of All That is, through your Heart, the Presence of Your Light, becomes the awareness of All That You Are.

The Sea of Light Breathing will help your conscious awareness, to immerse itself and your FOCUS, on you as Light, as will all the High Vibrational Heart Focused  Frequency Transmissions, Activations and Initiations.

The Golden Light of consciousness, connects your awareness to All experiences of You Everywhere. Rest deeply through your Heart, in the embracing of Your Soul. Of Yourself as Light.

As the New Form of Human Species is Birthed into the New Awareness of itself, in the New Creation, the awareness of this Light, of the beneficent Light of Source, becomes the awareness of the Lightbody itself. You as this Lightbody, your eternal Limitless Being, is and becomes the Union of All That you Are.

The New Form is Vibrantly Alive, with the Joy and Ecstasy, of All That is, which is the Love and Flow of your Eternal Presence, in your New Form and conscious Awareness.

The New Creation and the New Form of Human Species, will be the Full and Complete Experience of the Eternal Lightbody, the Immortal Body of Light, experiencing the Love, that is the Harmony of Your Soul.

Enter deeply into this awareness NOW, as you embrace, through your Heart, yourself as Light. Know that deep within your Heart, is the full knowing of this, evolution, of you as the Human Species, through the Union of Your Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

I hold you in Your Light, Your eternal Lightbody, Your Immortal Body of Light, as this the New Template For Humanity, emerges, deep within, as the New Creation! 

You are Light, you are Sacred Divine Presence, and through this do You know, Your Completion, your Birthing into the New Form. I love you and Hold you in the Love that is the Presence of All That is. Before time and through It, completing All that was Started, before Creation, itself. I Am with You! I Am Victoria Elohim! Pistis Sophia, the Angel of Divine Feminine Light. I am For You, Feel me in Your Heart. With You, as Light!

Pearly Gates Landscape


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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There is No Linear Translation

july2014jpg 3


There are no linear words for the translations of my language into yours.

I will do my best to present to you words, that will help you to understand the Verbiage I use, in all of my writings, that are the symbols that lead to the Awareness within you, that also guide you to recognize, the truths through your Heart, that I share with you, that exist through and in all Universes. In all levels of consciousness and Pure Being. These words act as symbols that guide you to the Truth of the Universal Consciousness of your Soul. Feel this truth, through the feeling nature of the Heart.

What is Consciousness?
Consciousness and the focus of itself, the awareness of experience.

What is Time?
Time exists as a measurement of the changes, viewed and experienced through linear consciousness.

What is Liner Consciousness?
Linear consciousness is the awareness of a reality that is focused and exists in duality. Linear consciousness excludes within its awareness, All other existing realities that are in the timeless state of being. That are not in duality.

What is Duality?
Duality is a state of consciousness that experiences itself separate from all other realities and existence’s that are not experienced in Duality, that exist in states of Non Duality.

What is Non Duality?
The state of Consciousness that experiences itself in all States of Being, through the eternal state of Awareness of Original wholeness, that is not separated from any aspects from itself, any existences.

What are Existences?
Existences are the created aspects of Being of the Soul, that has chosen for itself, based on the Soul Signature, the experiences the Soul desires to experience. On earth these experiences are termed existences, incarnations.

What is Ascension?
Ascension is a term used on earth of an experience that appears (seems to be) in the linear state of Being (duality) to go from one place of being to another. To go from being separated to non separated from Wholeness. In other states of Being in Non Duality (existences) WHOLENESS and non separation is  known as the experience itself, of the original State of Being.

What is a Soul?
A Soul is the created Aspect of Source Consciousness that has chosen to experience itself as Unique experience. All experiences of the Soul match perfectly the design and frequency of Light that is uniquely its own Creation of itself. The Soul contains within it, the language used on earth, of all existences and incarnations (including incarnations as different species)  the Higher Self, and the Lower self, that include the seemingly separated aspects of the Soul, (Duality) and All parts of the Soul that know itself as One constant flow of All experience (Non Duality) that it contains within itself, the Pure Wholeness of Being, that it always is, and knows itself As.

What is The New Creation?
It is the experience of the reincarnated Duality Self, that emerges and enters into the full awareness of consciousness, that is aware of itself, as the full completion of the Duality experience. The consciousness then enters into the full realization and New Birth of Wholeness, the New Creation, that is experienced as the Coming Full Circle, the completing of the incarnation process, that was experienced as the Duality experience, on Planet Earth. This new self, in the New Creation, then experiences itself in a New Form, on a New Earth, in the New Creation.

The language that is eternal, is not able to be translated perfectly into the linear language used on earth. The mind cannot make sense of this. Please enter your Heart and enter the awareness that lives within the Wholeness of Pure Consciousness, that is timeless, yet includes time, that is Wholeness, yet includes Non Wholeness, that is Non Duality, yet includes Duality, that is All things everywhere, All at Once, yet is present here and Now. This is the Limitless Nature of Pure Being, Everywhere.

I hold you in the Eternal State of Pure Being, that includes All things! I Am the Mother of the New Creation, the birthing of the Divine Feminine into all Aspects of the Soul, the Duality and Non Duality. I was present at the Beginning of the First Creation and I am Present in Your New Birth. I was with You Before time, and I am with you through Time. I Am the Light of Victory, that has always Been and always will Be. I Am for you! I Am Victoria Elohim! The Light of Eternal Truth and Love. I Am Everywhere!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Which World are You Consciously Focusing Upon?

july2014jpg 3

Many Worlds are merging in the Now, in the conscious awareness, of All That is.

With great awe, within your Heart, embrace the Beauty in the unfolding of the EMERGENCE of the merging Parallel Worlds, that are taking place, with great Ease and Flow.

There are many worlds which you may inhabit within your conscious awareness. To which world, do you find your consciousness awareness and FOCUS?

Do you live consciously in a world that is always wrong and needs fixing?
That world is duality, dear Souls.

Do you exist consciously in a World where everything is neutral? Where nothing needs fixing, and all is Neutral?

Or do you exist in a World in which Ecstasy and Bliss, Fun and Play, is all That is? The Magical Realm, of Pure Divine Being and complete Union?

The world of Duality exists within the mental state of Union with Disharmony, to which the emotional Body, and physical body, also exist within. This state of Being has within it conscious awareness of Suffering.

The Neutral World exists within the emerging state of being, that is free from Disharmony as the dominant state of conscious awareness.  Suffering is not present, neither is Joy and Bliss.

The World of Pure Being, the New Creation, exists in the Emerging and unfolding of All That is within the conscious Heart Centred awareness.  This Bliss filled New World, includes within it the Harmonization within all bodies, which is the full completion of duality, which exists in consciousness as a disharmonious state of being.

Embrace where you truly have your freedom of choice Dear Souls. SEE where you are constantly choosing and focusing your Awareness.

Are you entertaining the world of Duality through your mental focus?

Are you entertaining an Neutral world, that is neutral in your observance  of it?

Are you entertaining the New Creation of Bliss and Ecstasy, through the allowing of your Heart Focus within you upon it? 

BE CONSCIOUS and AWAKEN, to that which you are using the POWER of your FREE WILL and FOCUS!!


Know that I hold you in the Eternal Bliss and Love that is always the awareness of your Eternal Soul, Dear Souls! Your Immortal Body of Light exists within this state of Completion, of Divine Union with the Bliss and Ecstasy of Your Eternal Soul. You as Light, as Pure Love, as Divinity and All That is.

Do you desire to place your Attention there? Then do so. It is as simple as That.  You do not need to complicate things. Complication and striving EXIST ONLY IN DUALITY.

Flow with the natural Rhythms that live within your Heart. Be consciously AWARE of all that you do, and think, as that is where YOU ARE FOCUSING your attention and free will!!

If you find yourself inside a constant state of disharmonious awareness in a world that is conscious only of Duality consciousness,  begin to love yourself enough to listen, Dear Souls, to the Frequency Transmissions and Activations, that are available to YOU. They are the frequency of Ecstasy and Bliss, of the New Creation, and contain within them the Harmonization of Unconditional Love, for you, within you.

Listen Daily, and you will awaken to your Hearts Longing, your Soul Desires and your Destiny that is the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and KNOWING  of All That is,  within your Heart.

And in that AWARENESS lives the LIMITLESS awareness of ALL THAT IS.  That you Are, when you are consciously AWARE of It!

Embrace yourself as your Immortal Body of Light, live within your awareness, as the Being that is Eternal, that You Are! I hold you three, and there we will Meet in the New Creation!!

I Am Victoria Elohim! The Flow of the Divine Feminine, the Pistis Sophia, Embracing you and holding you in Eternal Love and Bliss, as All That is, in the Now.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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