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ENERGY UPDATE ~ Worlds Upon Worlds

LInannaThe flow of cosmic consciousness, throughout eternity, exists and is activated as the accessible worlds, through the heart of love.

Worlds upon worlds coexisting now, are elevated to the higher realms, as dimensional shifts now naturally occur throughout the universe.

This expansion and elevation, is the natural evolution for all consciousness, as there are no limitations to the original light and creation.

This eternal flow, is the Divine Being ~ that has let go of what once was and has taken on the higher realm frequencies of eternity, as the clothing of what one is.

This new being is the embodied Cosmic God Self, human BEING, filled with the presence of the Divine Creator, its original light, and its pure way of being, through love.

All fears are being washed away in the minds of those once fully programmed in a 3D world, that existed as if non aware of its eternal being.

This awakening and rebirth, is the initiations of all initiations, that all souls participating in the Earth incarnation program, were taught about prior to arriving.

You are existing eternally fully aware now and are watching over all the programming that is being washed away, through this process of purification.

All karma is released into the whole, as the regenerative force of creation, takes over and resets all the hearts, once again, as in the beginning of the Earth school. To begin anew.

You are being reborn, through your heart, as the eternal being that you are, makes its presence known, as the Divine Ascended Being, The Cosmic God self. Dreamt about through the Glory and Light, that knows itself as it is.

Eternal and pure, as the Creation God Light, Cosmic God Self, arrives and presents itself, as the only One Being ~ eternally present.

IN love we do activate all, in the Presence since the beginning of Earth and eternally, aware, of all Beings throughout the Universe.

We are here, we are present, we activate you now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers. We activate the hearts of all those on Earth, to the awakening to the true creation awareness, of eternally, all that you are. Your HOLY Presence, your Divine Glory and Light, in the pure love, that only knows itself as that. In love, now.




Entering The Portal of Transfiguration

LInannaAs you enter the portal of transfiguration you receive the anointing that shifts your consciousness and matter to being a Radiant Being of Glory. This is upon you.

Radiating Light Frequencies from The Central Sun, we transmit now to you, the walking on through this portal and into  every cell of your consciousness Being ~ your transfiguration. 

The Glory and Light through this portal, signifies your unification on all levels of being, with that which is the eternal you, which has no beginning or ending.

This is the deepest desire of the mental body and emotional body, as it gives way to what it is not capable of imagining. It then exists in AWE of this glorification, as a bystander to observance.

In this the beyond and unknowable, becomes known, only through this experience, to which your bodies, take notice and witness to.

The beyond is beyond, that which has had its fair ground of limitation, to which you once believed in was normal.

The levels of Light are revealed, through those Masters of Light, transfigured, leading the way of Light through the love, that knows nothing other than its purity.

As the Heavens rest upon your heart now, we are present.

We were here before the First civilization of Earth and present during the construction and configuration of the Earth program.

We are here now. In this love we are present in the Portal of Transfiguration, to which we beckon and call all those prepared through the eons of Light, to step on through this initiation.

In this, we bless you now.




New Moon, June 3rd, 2019 ~ Rising in Glory

LInannaThis New Beginning ~ New YOU ~ New Moon in Gemini, is on June 3rd, 2019 at 7:01 am ADT. 

Love and money, dreams coming true, abundance of joy, happiness, these are all potential aspects, activated through the energies of this New Moon THROUGH you.

As you continue to transform, releasing memories of the old ways of being and as you step more into Being the TRUE you. All the subconscious blocks as energetic karmic memories that play out in the background of your awareness, completely dissolve. This is your evolution after all.

These moments were always available to you. The frequencies and the alignments with the stars, interact with your consciousness in ways you would not even be able to dream of. This is the power of the DIVINE.

The celestial bodies of Light, interacting throughout the Universe, in majestic glory, activating ALL ~ throughout the Cosmos, as the Universal Cosmic Light, penetrates deeply all matter. Transforming everything, as all evolves.

This powerful new beginning, New Moon joins the fixed star Aldebaran in The Eye of The Bull. In the Taurus Constellation. This is an auspicious alignment with this New Moon, for fortune, love, happiness, as the energies interact and activate, all that are in alignment with these frequencies on all levels of being.

Tremendous Burts of energy, for this new beginning, Sun Conjunct Moon, will be available and the courage to start anew, to begin again. The impact of this New Moon, lasts till the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019.

Venus trine Pluto, during this New Moon phase, will add intensity with all things that bring you joy, romance, love and relationships.

So begin NOW ~ the conscious releasing of the old ways that do not represent the authentic you. Embrace your fears, OPEN your Heart, to that which is in alignment with the true you.

Your heart represents all that Is eternal and all that is NOW.

It does not speak as wavering dramatic, emotional releases. Your heart is quiet, it is still, it speaks softly of the eternal Divine love that you are.

Entering your heart then, you enter the solace of eternal love, that through the eternal Presence of You, sanctifies all experiences, into the ONE BEING OF YOU, rising in the eternal Glory ~ of its pure being.

We activate you now, in this the purity of your eternal Soul.

Through the Light of the Eternal Divine Presence of beauty, harmony. joy and love, we preside. As the united one Being, livings as its pure being, activating all now.

Higher dimensional portals through which we activate, open doorways in consciousness to the parallel worlds you desire to consciously know.

Shifting into new worlds of being, aligns the cusp of awareness, to expand into the conscious knowing of this glory that awaits this full initiation and activation, through these portals of awakening and glory.  We activate now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, ever present, ever with you. In love we eternally know our Being and activate all through this, even now.

In love, Always and forever, NOW. 

gemini newmoon



Happy Mothers Day ~ The Embodiment of Divine Love and Union

L'AuraJEternal Beloved Union, eternal sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine, as the perfect embodiment of Love and balance here on Earth, we honour you now.

We celebrate the perfect balance, the perfect love, the perfect nurturing of the Divine Feminine.  Who with the Divine Masculine, eternally and in form, unite in wholeness as the Divine Ascended Master Being ~ holding the balance of the Universe itself, throughout eternity and now.

We live and breathe this unconditional love, through its wholeness of Divine Union, as it now awakens us to the remembrance of our eternal union, and the embodiment of it, forevermore.

Light to Light, Glory to Glory, we call to you and initiate all who are ready to receive the awakening of  Union and Glory ~ as the eternal embodiment, while in form, now.

Pausing and receiving through your heart, we are with you in love, always.

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As The Intensity INCREASES

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoWhat flows through me now, is WAY beyond anything EVER before! 

This is about COMPLETE Transformation. 

The intensity of the frequencies that are modifying consciousness as light matter, have reached a momentum and level of intensity, that is unparalleled. 

In order to integrate the electrical bursts of intensified light into your conscious system of awareness, continuously enter your heart space. Stay focused on your breath and in the present moment.

The intensity of the opposing (opposite) frequencies may feel like a stronger pull away from your heart and into those of fear and mental ideas of separation. Know that AS part of the switch over, (from head to heart) the seeming draw towards fear, is part of the unravelling of its energetic memory impact on light frequency as consciousness. Specifically, your DNA.

This may feel like you are being tested, it is not a test.  This is the dissolving of the old ways of being and may feel uncomfortable during your switchover; as the last remnants of fear, even those at the trace level, seem to scream wildly with its energetic memory system, ending.

We are with you and have been present for you before the first civilization on Mu. We are present now as the beings that orchestrate the configuration of light frequency as consciousness, playing out through matter ~  throughout this Universe.

Many of you are now entering the final Portal, to which; all fear, all old ways, will be completely abolished, and you will know yourself as a newly birthed  BEING of LIGHT ~ a risen ~ Divine Master of Form.

We are with you every breath of the way, in all moments, and now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers. Through the highest levels of Light frequencies and in eternal love, we anoint you now and we welcome you as you enter your final portal, in this ~ your complete transformation. 




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Programmed Consciousness

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoThere are many people who act as if they are robots.

Although this may sound like the twilight zone. There are beings that are void of emotion and void of the ability to connect consciously with others and with themselves.

Repetitive modes; part of the programming of mass consciousness, is prevalent on Earth, even to this day, through people.

Void of heart consciousness; the seemingly heartless ways live through the vibration of beings, not aware of their Divine God Self.

The move from the head to the heart, is a natural one, although very difficult for most, because of the previous 3D  programming and attachments.

Human beings; designed and created to ASCEND into the higher levels AS being conscious Divine Beings ~ Are the LOVE that is desired, at the highest levels.

As our PRESENCE, we are our literally our center and Heart; which flows as the love, the Glory and the Light, which is available to ALL NOW.

Entering your heart, we bless you and fill you with the DIVINE KNOWING, that you ARE a Divine Cosmic Being. Here to ascend, here to love and simply BE, the eternal light that you are.

All programming, releasing itself, now, as you move to your heart and open to your Eternal Cosmic God Self, now.

With love, forevermore and now, L’Aura


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Everything Has Changed ~ Your Consciousness Has Shifted

Experiencing dramatic changes ~ is the result of Consciousness Shifts.

Frequency Shifts. DNA Shifts.

Literally living in a world where everything is shifting before your eyes.

You are different. The world is different.

You see it everywhere.

You have changed and merged with the Eternal You.

Your Original Light.

Maneuvering through the states of consciousness that are shifting, as you observe this ~ everything SHIFTS more.

You have let go of all attachments.

You have mastered the elements within.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire. You live through the truth of you, your Eternal Spirit.

The Mastery of thoughts. The Mastery of Emotions.

The Mastery of FORM.

It now all flows through YOU ~ consciously.

Your Consciousness has shifted.

It is changing before your eyes, your reality.

You have merged with your Original Light.

You are Stepping into the Being of your Merged consciousness and adjusting to this Newness of Being.

YOU observe and watch this unfold, Now.

You Live and breathe this new reality into Being.

As the Consciousness of Eternal Light.

We are with You. In the Glory of the Light ~ that sets all free ~ as its Original Pure State of Being. In the Unconditional Love that is Heaven on Earth, The Divine Council of Overseers.

See in the Eternal Mirror…The Shift in Consciousness. Now.


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Divine States of Consciousness ~ Your Ascension


The upward flow of Divine Light is the expansive state of consciousness, that you are expanding into as part of your Ascension.

The downward flow of Divine Light is the receptive principle where you RECEIVE the Divine Attributes and Gifts, as you are ready.

Abundance is a state of consciousness. Beauty is a state of consciousness. Love is a state of consciousness. Prosperity is a state of consciousness.

You might at first think, oh I can attain any of those.

Going deeper into consciousness, the embodiment of these qualities as states of consciousness (that I am referring to) is the positive experience of the Divine attributes experienced Within.

Awakened and united within you, as part of your Original Divine Light. Your Higher Self, God Self.

Immersed in experiences, (which are experimentations) there are positive and negative attributes associated with the experiences of different states of consciousness. Let me explain, and then we will experience a powerful Activation, of Divine Qualities, Virtues and Gifts.

A person may have lots of money, yet be unhappy. They may appear outwardly as prosperous (the attribute appears to be present) yet within, may experience a negative experience.

Seeking through the external, strictly for a purpose of gain, brings about the negative aspects (opposite end of the frequency pole) of experience. Of  states of consciousness. This may be greed, sadness, loneliness, etc.

Developing and RECEIVING through Divine Grace, Divine Prosperity, we receive positive experiences of this state of consciousness. Bliss, happiness, humbleness, contentment and gratitude.

These Divine States of Consciousness are Divine Virtues and Gifts. When you receive them they also are a responsibility.

Beauty as a DIVINE Inner Quality and Virtue, is the Divine Beauty of your Higher Self, felt and experienced within. Beauty attained only through external means, again, is the negative end of the state of consciousness.

When received as your Original Divine Light (in wholeness) all Divine Attributes, are experienced as positive.

The Divine Feminine principle, is experienced through your INNER feelings and states of consciousness (Abundance, Prosperity, Beauty, Love) WITHIN.

The Divine Masculine, then materializes externally, in Divine Harmony and in Union, with the inner Divine Feminine.

This is how you experience this Union, that manifests itself, as YOUR states of Consciousness (Divine Attributes) that you experience. When experienced through this Divine Harmony, the experience is Love, Joy, Bliss and Harmony.

When attempts are through the masculine principle, alone, through the external only, then the experiences are more of the opposite end of the pole, of frequency. The enjoyment becomes empty, as it is NOT experienced through the WHOLENESS of the Original DIVINE LIGHT.

The Upper Flow and expansion of Divine Light (Divine Masculine) and the downward flow of Divine Light (the receptive Feminine principle) was created to flow in harmony with each other, within.

This is the flow of original Divine Light. In Harmony and in Union.

This perfectly balanced, Divine Light, is your Original Light.

Activating your Inner feeling of this Light, is a magical process of receiving your Divine States of Consciousness. Your Virtues, your Divine Qualities as states of consciousness.

Now, please relax and FEEL, this is the receiving principle of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine (receptive) and the Divine Masculine, expansive and materializing aspect, is your Original Divine Wholeness. 

I open and Receive Divine Prosperity now, I FEEL this Prosperity flood my consciousness, as the Original Whole Light of the Divine, Now. (feel this in your body)

I open and Receive Divine Love now. I feel my Heart Open and I feel the Union with my Twin Flame, within me now. I feel Loved, Cherished, Acknowledged, as DIVINE, within me NOW. (pause, breathe and fully FEEL this)  

I open and Receive through Grace now, Eternal Abundance, that floods my consciousness as my Original Divine Light. My Divine Higher Self. Now. (breathe and feel)

I open and Receive my Ascension NOW. I receive all the Light Codes now as fully activated in my Original Divine Blueprint and Light, in wholeness and in Union, that I already AM, NOW. (feel) 

Beloved Divine Souls of Original God Light, breathe in this Activation, opening and receiving. This wholeness then, is the Divine You. Where you exist already NOW. Fully activated within you as your Consciousness. And So it is! All Now. The Highest of Highest Divine Love and Miracles!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Seeing clearly the True Purpose of Your Ascension


As the Light of the new day emerges from the darkness of night ( as I am writing this) so too, the smaller self and the Higher Self, may appear as two distinct Beings (night and day) residing in your awareness. This may be a conscious or unconscious experience. Let yourself feel this writing, allowing a shift in your energy as you read.

Being attentive to what is going on within you. Helps you to be conscious of what is the predominant you in your existence now. Is it your Divine Self that is having the right of way. Or are you living with the smaller self you, having its way.

Living as your Divine Self in form, experiencing the arriving of your Awareness as a Divine Being is a completely different way of existing on Earth, compared to what you are consciously used to.

Living as the one that still feels sadness, doubt, wants to know and figure things out and have its way, is what may feel more comfortable to you. As you have predominantly lived that way, for many lifetimes.

The deep question is, do you feel the difference within you, consciously, when the shifting back and forth occurs, within your consciousness.

As the smaller self you, dissolves into the Divine You, there is less and less, of the old ways and patterns.

Less of the you, that wants to choose. That is trying to figure all of this out.

As when that you, dissolves into the Divine Ascended You, there is a calmness, a clear knowingness, of your one true Purpose.

That is, living free from the struggle, the attempts to understand. Recognizing those very attempts, are the ways through which the smaller self, creates confusion, and draws you back into the old patterns.

I am not referring to, using control to make this happen. Quite the opposite. We do not use the smaller self ways as the means to live as Divine. That is more of the endless struggle. Attempts at control, which only leads to more confusion and trying to figure it out. That route is endless. It is the never-ending seeking, that keeps you seeking.

I am referring to, your full awakening.

When you see clearly, the smaller you attempts, to still hold on to the old ways.

When you consciously VIEW this, within yourself, through the eyes of the Heart of your Higher Self, your Higher self you, loves the old patterns, into itself.

This is the way.

These words that have appeared before you as words, please do not struggle to understand them. There is no need, that would be only more of the smaller self attempts to control outcome.

Instead, breathe and feel energetically what is going on within you now.

Are you feeling on some deeper level within you, a shift is taking place?

Are you conscious of your breath? Of your Heart, more now?

Are you feeling the presence and relief that comes with that ( a deep sense of relaxation) as your Higher Self Presence, your Divine Presence, is more deeply and consciously awakened, within your cellular consciousness.

Your DNA respond to your Higher Self stimulus through relaxation and your breath.

Yes your DNA also respond to the old patterns, set in motion, for many lifetimes.

Overriding that, is the One True Purpose, which is your Ascension. The overriding I am referring to, is the dissolving through the love of your Higher Self, the old struggling ways. That only lead to more struggling and need to control. It was not going to get you to your Higher Self. Your Ascension.

So you let go more and more. You relax more and more. You feel your breath more and more. You experience longer periods of time, free from habitual patterns of thought. Free from having to figure anything out.

Then you see, clearly, the vision your Ascended Self had for you all along. The vision is your Destiny. Your one true Purpose is living as your Divine Ascended Being. Living as your Higher Self. The letting go of a way of being that survived as struggle itself.

Your Divine Self way (Higher Self) is the way through which you Ascend. We do not use 3D ways to ascend.

We allow all to be dissolved, into the Pure Love of our Higher Self Love. We let go. WE see clearly, yes that is Divine and Higher. Oh that struggle over there and here, yes that is the smaller self attempts to figure it out. We see, we love, we allow the Love to be the predominant force, through which we change. Through which we surrender. Through which we fulfill our one true purpose.

Living as Divinity. As we already are. To live completely as the love that dissolves and transforms everything. We live as the breath of God that breathes in and out, the miracle of Divinity. In form. As Heaven on Earth. And so it is. Now. Breathe and feel.

Heaven within

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

The Shining Glory of Your Divinity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You are ACCEPTING ALL of your Experiences and placing them on the Crucible of Acceptance to be Transformed through Unconditional Love, that is, through the application of  5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Beginning to arise within your Awareness, is the increasing Subtle awareness of your 5th Dimensional Consciousness AS The Glory and Presence of YOUR Divinity. You are lifted, so to speak, out of denseness and into the Conscious Awareness, of you no longer being a dense being that you ONCE thought yourself to be. And you begin to experience yourself as The Glory of Your Divinity.  The Continued Conscious Application of Acceptance,  shifts your Frequency to 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now, Applying Your Presence and Your Divine Light (with continued acceptance) also 5th Dimensional Consciousness, to the perceived denseness of your experiences, limitations and form, also TRANSFORMS your Consciousness and your Form, into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and into the Awareness of YOU BEING~ The Shining Glory of Your Divinity. This is Ascension. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

These are Subtle Frequencies of Consciousness, yet when applied TO all circumstances and experiences (with acceptance) transforms the denser frequencies of consciousness into the Awareness of Being Divine Light. Being 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Let’s Start to apply this right Now.

Take a few breaths, breathing Divine Light into your body, The Light of the Glorious Sun, and exhaling Divine Light, the Light of the Glorious Sun out.  Slowly AS you continue to do this, your Body and your surroundings become the Light of Divinity.  ALL of your Cells become Divine miniature Suns, in your inner awareness. This is your inner world of Light. The become the Consciousness of YOU that Exists ALREADY as this LIGHT.  As you SHIFT and Transform the Consciousness of Your Inner World (applying the frequencies of Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness) everything within you shifts and changes.

APPLY  in all of YOUR Experiences, as you continue to Accept all that you experience, the INNER experience of the Divine LIGHT of the SUN to all Circumstances, through your inner world.  In this Divine Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, everything is Transformed easily, because it is not dense, because the frequency Vibration is experienced as it is, as the PURE Light of Consciousness that is the PURE LIGHT OF DIVINITY. Everything is Created as Light in its original State, and exists this way as Light in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now, Applying your Presence is even more Subtle. Your PRESENCE is the SUBTLE Feeling of YOUR Inner Light, experienced through your Heart.  As you apply your INNER WORLD the LIGHT, FEEL through YOUR Heart, the Warm Presence of Your Divine Light. This is your Divinity. Your Presence is your Hearts ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of your Divinity. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. 

Together, Your Light, Your Presence and Your Unconditional Love (Acceptance) applied to all of your Experiences, Shifts Your consciousness from that of denseness and Limitation, to THAT of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, YOU Being DIVINE Glory. This is Ascension, the Transformation of your Frequency to 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

You Accept and Unconditionally Love as Divine. You Shine as the Light of Divinity in your Inner World. And You are Holding Your Divine Presence through your Heart, as the Acknowledgement of Your Divinity, Your Divine Glory. 

Apply this, in all moments. The Love and acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Love of your Higher Self.

Apply the Inner World of Light.

Apply the Heart Feeling of Your Divine Light, that is the Acknowledgement of your Divine Presence.

I now apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Acceptance, of Divine Light and of Divine Presence to all of My circumstances, and to everything I experience.

I have shifted out of Waiting, and Have Arrived.

I live in the Present Moment.

I accept and Love myself, with unconditional Love.

I apply the Inner world of Light within me, to everything I experience.

I Am the Divine Light.

I Am unconditional Love.

I Am Divine Presence.

I Feel deep within my Heart, the acknowledgement of my Divine LIGHT as MY PRESENCE, My Divine Glory, and apply my Divine Presence to All of my experiences.

I Am the Divine Love, the Divine Light and the Divine Presence of Divine Glory Now.

I have Shifted into 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I Hold you in This, the Divine Glory of YOUR Being, in the Eternal Sacredness, Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Presence and Glory of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Photo courtesy of Daniel Holeman


copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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