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The State of The Consciousness on Earth

It feels very fitting, to write today on the state of consciousness here on Earth. On the one hand we have mass consciousness that feeds off itself, as a programmed conditioning of fear.

On the other hand, we have those who have stepped out of the status quo (mass consciousness) way of being, and have chosen to follow their own hearts.

Fear as an energetic conditioned response, does have its benefits, for many years ago, a bear attacking us, it was necessary to respond with that rush of adrenaline, fight or flight.

All too common is the conditioning of response, to all things, resistance, control, dictatorship, the herd mentality, and plain old, stuck in the mess of ones thoughts and reactions.

For those breaking free from mass consciousness, following their hearts, we have a breakthrough in the weakening of the hold mass consciousness, has upon itself, as a once powerful, thought form, conditioning.

This programming; carried over, generation after generation. In the DNA. In the memory.

One thing is clear, DNA has the power to change. Emotions and thoughts, impacting the DNA also impacts the subconscious mind.

The Original way of being through the heart is also inherent as a dormant memory, reawakening, through the letting go of old conditioning. Awakening this advanced way of being DNA memory. Free from fear as a conditioned energetic response.

Although it is clearly obvious, that there still exists some of the old conditioning of 3D mass consciousness, rearing its ugly head, it is also clear, that changes are making their way into main stream.

As it is becoming more natural, to take the way that is the higher way, that lives through true love. Is kind and gentle. Knowns nothing of the way of harm, and does not feed off fear.

We are on the verge, of a Greater Awakening.

Making Consciousness Great, as it has always originally been, in the love principle. Giving way to love, doing no harm. living in peace within ourselves, is the Only way, we evolve.

Transforming one person each within their own consciousness, one person at a time. Is all this takes. And the hundredth monkey effect, is already being revealed.

The consciousness as a whole, transforming, transformed, into what it always was, minus the conditioning.

In love always, L’Aura




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Being Divinely in the Moment ~ Being the Observer

Holding all potential in the NOW moment, is a state of non attachment to outcome.

Not pretending to know what will happen, is part and parcel of being in the state of non attachment.

How can we guess at best what will happen, when all is shifting and changing in all moments? And why would we want to?

Every time we focus on a CURRENT desire allowing it to be at the forefront of our thoughts, we have placed a limitation in our consciousness if we hold on to them, as those thoughts immediately become outmoded, at best.

ALL that you hold now as thoughts and as desires, become obsolete in their power, the next moment. Why is that?

Because everything is in a CONSTANT state of evolution and MOTION and is shifting in and out throughout the dimensions, even as I write this. Things have now shifted.

When we have grasped the magnitude of the power of being in the moment, we have become a powerhouse of magnetic FLOW. And without resistance, increases upon itself, with the greatest momentum.

So what does that mean and why is now so important?

We are only in the now moment when the influences of our thoughts and emotions, are witnessed as the flow….flowing through us. We have stepped out of being caught in a process and have entered into being the observer of our life. This observer is not attached to thoughts, or emotions or desires or fears. It simply is the eternal Divine aspect, that has not even any ideas of what is good and bad. Or of  what it wants or not wants. It simply is flowing through its design.

Although this may appear selfless, and for many the feelings of emptiness becomes overwhelming and too fearful to bare, as if in darkness. But it is the opposite from what one may think it to be.

You might wonder why would we want to let go of our attachments if we lose control of trying to control? Hasn’t this even, our anchor for thousands of years and what we have allowed the compass of our lives to be?

For many yes, and the shift from the head to the heart seems like nonsense to those unaware of their own inner awareness.

The soul-searching of how we react, act, think and emote, are the basics in all school of mastery throughout the ages. Know oneself.

Yes this has not been taught in schools. With all the media sensationalism, and commercialism, it is for most a dog eat dog world or who is the strongest, fights the hardest and has the most amount of money.

All of this is changing my friend.

As all things dissolve and shift, the beings that live in their heart already have and will continue to inherit that which is eternal, and that which is eternal is here and present NOW.

Making this shift, again; we examine OURSELVES, our motives, our thoughts, our wishes, our integrity.

Does everything match the flow? As if an innocent child? Or are we still trying to get ahead the old way?

Now being open we hold all possibilities. What does this feel like or look like to the observer?

To the non attached observer, we allow everything to flow through us. To the body, that allows this process to be its mainstay, this feels overwhelmingly blissful, and what the form desires to live through at the highest levels.

To the mind, this acquiescing is heaven, as the stress of trying leaves completely.

It is the freedom of once again, living in that child like state of being, which is the highest FLOW of Divinity in Form.

It OPENS all doors, as the little mind thoughts and patterns of thoughts, GIVE way to all potentials.

The miraculous power of truly living as this, is a miracle to be in.

As it is freedom from suffering, it is Heaven upon Earth. It is fun, it is Glory and it is love in its purest form. Unconditional, with no attachments, ONLY Love.

I will not suggest adopt this way in order to get what you want.

However, living in the moment is a truly auspicious way of being. In that you are free from limitation, pain and suffering. And you have become open to all potential, that like a child, in each moment, becomes the glorious magic and wonder, you once dreamt would be possible for you.

Knowing yourself, step one, how authentic you are. How are you doing monitoring yourself? Can you stay present as this monitor of what flows through you?

It is all pure love, and all will evolve into the playing ground of the Divine, as majestic God Like, child like, Beings.










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Full Moon in Taurus, October 24th, 2018 ~ LOVE and Alchemy

This powerful Full Moon is in Taurus on Wednesday October 24th, 2018 at 1:45 pm ADT. 

Be ready for sudden surprises, shifts and MAJOR Changes as Taurus joins with Uranus, during this Full Moon, especially in connection to relationships and love.

The Sun opposite the Moon (The Full Moon) highlights the emotional body as polar opposites come into play, and that which is to be cleared in relationship to the previous New Moon intentions.

The subconscious and memories from past lives, are all playing out within the screen of your perceptions. 

The subconscious, heightened under the Full Moon ~ becomes  spotlighted in the deeply penetrating Light.

Venus opposite Uranus may initiate changes in Love relationships and romance, bringing either a new one, or excitement to what is, already. This may feel challenging and of course impacts each being Uniquely. Excitement, almost electrical….is impacting this overall frequency of this Full Moon in Taurus.

Moon conjunct Uranus brings the frequency of sudden influences and sudden changes, maybe in Love.

With the Moon opposite Venus we have LOVE ~ coming up. Whether you feel lonely, which may be intensified during this and feeling a NEED ~ to not be lonely.  Someone may be in a deep relationship and still feel lonely ~ loneliness is an inside job. Meaning, Love yourself fully. Love may come up this way also, to feel greater love for yourself.

The Full Moon trine Saturn ~ adds a sense of inner strength to all of this, this being ~ whatever comes up for YOU, in love and in life.

Your desire for relating and relationships ~ as in LOVE ~ may also be impacted with a feeling of intensification as Venus is sextile Saturn. True Love may be in the air. May come up for you. OR become in the AIR as in within your own awareness as you love yourself MORE.

As with all frequencies, each being is unique and YOUR Blueprint, Past lives, Life Plan, is playing out uniquely THROUGH your Divine Self. Your perceptions of your experiences are unique also.

Your awareness of LOVE and what it means to you is also Unique. 

Uranus rules uniqueness.

Uranus is playing out always, with the Full Moon and intensifying subconscious coming to the forefront, stay present and see what is unfolding to you.

All things are symbolic and are communicating with you.

Feel the symbolism in all moments playing out THROUGH YOU. 

Be CONSCIOUSLY aware of your Divine Light AND YOUR Divine Love.

Your Divine Love which is always present, even if you are not perceiving it.

Trust more your HEART over the minds ramblings and questioning.

It is just moment to moment. Eternity is always now.

Love is always now.

Embrace now as IT ALL FLOWS through you.

We are just passing through.

Allow the ALCHEMY of LOVE ~ rule your awareness as ONE who has gone from the mind to the Heart, in all moments. It is Harmony, it is Love and it is Pure Original LIGHT. 

There is no death ~ Love is eternal.

Only frequencies of consciousness that dictate the perception level.

In love activating all DNA Now, with the Divine Council of Overseers. All Now in Glory and Love.


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Your Conscious Awareness ~ Radiating Eternal Light

Waking Up to Your Conscious Eternal Divinity.

Breathing this in and breathing in every eternal moment, consciously, as an awake Divine Being of Light.

Being conscious of your Radiation of Light, that is constantly emitting.

Being present in your heart as gentleness, in every breath.

Recognizing when the mental body attempts to take over and what the mental body is.

Continuously ~ consciously recognizing What you ARE as Light.

Every breath you take ~ breathes this in.

Never losing awareness of your Awareness.

Always consciously staying connected to the ETERNAL.

Feeling your Divine Presence with each breath.

Basking in true inner stillness.

Embodying awareness of God Self.

Recognizing being aware of what your old patterns are.

Recognizing how you can instantly shift from old patterns to your Divine Self.

Recognizing that you are awake and aware.

Radiating harmony as an eternal Being of Divine LIGHT.

Being at peace.

Feeling your Eternal Glory.

Breathing in your Divine Awareness.

LOVING each breath.

Immersing yourself in gentleness.

Allowing your Heart to be your conscious place of refuge when old patterns emerge.

Loving the imperfections you think you see everywhere, so much so, they begin to reveal their perfection as part of the plan.

Awakening and observing any judgment you had, dissolving.

Being always true to your SOUL.

Recognizing you only answer to your God Self, which is the eternal YOU.

Being in Love with life. With now, with each breath.

Radiating Eternal Divine Light consciously, when you know not what to do.

With The Divine Council of Overseers, breathing it in, awakening to eternal love.




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Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28th, 2018 ~ Auspicious Changes

Continuing to impact frequency, is the Auspicious June 13th, 2018 New Moon. This Full Moon, June 28th, 2018 at 1:58 am ADT~  although with some potential challenges, works in your favour, YOUR Transformation.

Each person responds to these frequencies, uniquely, based on their own current frequency, Blueprint and Life Plan.

During the Full Moon the Sun is Opposite the Moon, which helps bring to Light, any opposing energies within us (not yet in harmony as memories)  to HELP us create the balance and harmony within, to manifest, that which we started on the previous New Moon.

YOUR transformation shows UP through your continued conscious awareness ~ of the eternal aspect of YOU ~ that which is Light.

With the Moon Conjunct Saturn ~ with Saturn Retrograde ~ we have the potential for memories to surface from past lives as energetic charges, to do with drama related to relationships. All relationships, including and most importantly, YOU TO YOU.

As you stay PRESENT with the eternal aspect of YOU ~ Your Divine self, you become ELEVATED to that which you are. Any challenges and reactive states DISSOLVE as one comes through as the ONE observing this eternally.

With the Moon Trine Uranus, is a doorway to the EXCITEMENT of change and the awareness that ALL is exciting ALWAYS…that is the PURE MOMENT of the ETERNAL.

Accessing this door which is forever present as your child like nature, is through the awareness of your Heart ~ in the Stillness of the everlasting eternal PRESENCE.

Stay present AS THAT.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the auspicious New MOON energies from June 13, 2017 continue to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018.

Auspicious Abundance, Miracles, as YOU become the ONE THAT IS the eternal LIGHT ~ Consciously. In all moments ~ as YOU Already are.

The Frequency ~ the ALIGNMENT.

In GLORY and LOVE with the transmitting Energies of The Divine Council of Overseers, here NOW. In love.



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The Divine Ascended Being Activation ~ Every 11 to 33 minutes After each Hour

L'AuraThe Blue Avians and The Divine Council of Overseers are with us during the HOURLY Divine Ascended Being Activation.

This post is about the Hourly Activation and the Changes on Planet Earth and Humanity, as it returns to its original Pure Being, its Ascended UNIFIED Self through the heart.

Since 2012 the Changes and Transformations have been Profound. The Increased Frequencies have awakened many on Planet Earth to the Ascension State of Being.

Since 2012 I offered to Humanity, a Daily Activation for Transformation. Many have joined a group, Frequency 5th Dimension, and received this Daily Activation of Light. The Momentum and Increase in Frequencies  are now constantly changing and shifting (upgrading to Higher Frequencies) and this Changeover (to the Hourly Divine Ascended Being Activation) is reflective of this. This continues to increase in frequency.

At the Higher state of Pure Being, Already everyone is Ascended.  Every Being is already Divine Ascended Beings. This transformation, is the union with the Divine Inner Child You, to the state of your Original Pure Light ~ Fully Here, fully Now. Embodied in Form.

September 2015 profound changes took place, and in January, 2016, New Levels, came through, as Frequency Downloads, from Higher Frequency Dimensions.

Reflective of this Change and OF NEW PROFOUND CHANGES coming through, of the New Humanity, the previously named Queen of Light Activation, has Changed in format, name and in Frequency.

The New Transmission/Activation for the New Humanity, will be the New stepped up Frequencies (Higher Dimensional Frequencies) anywhere from 4th Dimensional Frequencies to 10th Dimensional Frequencies (depending on your antenna, the frequencies you are ready to receive) and titled:

“Divine Ascended Being Activation”  ( This is a reference to the YOU that you are transforming into, and what this Activation is FOR.)

This New FORMAT will is HOURLY. EVERY HOUR  at 11 minutes after the hour, the Activation for Humanity will begin.

Every 33 minutes after the Hour the Transmission/Activation for Humanity ~ Divine Ascended Being ~ will be completed for that hour. The impact continues.

This will take place every hour, 24 hours a day.

Every 11 after the Hour 
Till 33 after the hour, You Receive the Activation/Transmission. 

You ~ As the Divine Ascended Being.
YOU are The New Humanity.

Focus on your intention, at the beginning and end of each day, and/or focus Hourly ~ Tuning in to your Heart Space to consciously Receive.

This is Your Transformation.
Your Original Light.
Your Heart Opened.
Your Healing.
Your Abundance.


The Frequencies of Light Transmitted ( which are NAMELESS) received through your Etheric Body (subtle body ~ Antenna feed) into all levels of your Aura, connecting you to your Higher Ascended Being body, which is then downloaded into all of your energy bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The process of integrating the Activation being received is then consciously experienced as Higher Light Frequencies, Higher Dimensional Frequencies, Greater HARMONY, Greater HEART Opening, and Greater PRESENCE of the PURE YOU. The Eternal You.

In eternal love, with The Divine Council of Overseers.





Cosmic Downloads of Upgrades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Breathe and receive…

Receive Your downloads now. You do not need to be aware of this process, for this to take place.

Your awareness is not dependant on your receiving.

Your energetic bodies, are evolving, through frequency downloads, as the Frequency, that you are embodying and transforming into.

You are interacting cosmically, with all energy everywhere.

The fine tuning of your frequency, is not in your control.

This is cosmically done through your Soul, and through your cosmic antenna, your energy bodies.

Each antenna has its own frequency.

You receive your downloads, even if you are not aware of the process.

Everything is perfect and you always have what you need. Even if you do not YET realize this.

The Universe unfolds through you.

You are Cosmic Consciousness, already.

You are being and doing, what you need to do and be.

When you need something, or when your situation is ready for outward changes, they occur.

Anything that is not needed, does not occur.

As an example, a relationship that does not vibrate any longer to your frequency, will move out of your vibrational field of being, the moment that relationship is no longer matching your frequency. It simply goes away.

Everything goes away, when it no longer matches your frequency.

What matches is always present.

Changes occur in perfect timing, always.

Any changes always match your vibrational frequency.

There is nothing you can do to try to ascend.

There is only receiving, what you already are at higher frequency dimensions.

All is unfolding perfectly.

This is happening for You, there is nothing to do.

No amount of trying, can change what is needed or not needed.

This does not occur at the same level of consciousness, that created 3D consciousness.

Your Body and the Holographic Light that it is, is constantly being fed, and keeps your physical body alive.

The Moment the feed stops, the form functioning through the holographic Light, dissolves as it is no longer needed. The You that is the Holographic Light, Source you, Consciousness, then enters a different frequency dimension, which does not need the form on planet earth, in order to experience itself.

All of this is done through the Genius of your Blueprint. Your original Light.

As you move into the Harmony, that is flow, your expansion becomes the new frequencies you receive, and therefore become, and vibrate to.

This is an effortless process.

Your Heart awakens, and Love is then experienced at the pure levels, through Harmony.

Many are in varying degrees of dimensions now, that inhabit forms on Planet Earth.

Everything is perfect.

All Designs are perfect.

Love is perfect.

And that is the Glory of Being.

In the Garden of Love, there you will find Me. And so it is, even now.

Steps up into cosmos

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Let me worship at your feet, My Beloved

L'AuraLet me worship at your feet, my Beloved One.

Let me adorn you with my love, and anoint you with my ecstasy and feed you with my passion.

Let us play in the Ancient Garden of our dreams, where the chalice of our love is laid bare on the altars of long ago, that whisper in the winds of our love that always was and always will be.

Let us drink of our Union, till our intoxication spills out forevermore, into the Ocean depths of our awareness becomes our ancient rituals of old, never to be forgotten.

Holy is the breath of our One Breath, that breathes our immortal bodies, into now.

Dissolved ecstatically into the depths of you my Beloved, I kneel and Honour all that you are.

My God, my Beloved One, my All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Anunnaki and Nibiru ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Anunnaki and Nibiru. Is Nibiru the New Planet found, Larger than Pluto. This depends on which level of consciousness you are functioning through, and which world or parallel world, or Universe, you exist as consciousness, through.

Let us take a tour of consciousness and reality, not from the 3D limited view, perspective, but rather, through the 5th Dimensional View. The way things are, at the Grander more expanded view.

When we view reality from a 3D perspective, we look at things from a very limited mind-set.  Words are expressions of perceived meanings, that when viewed through 3D consciousness, give at best, a partial view, of a potential, that appears hidden, yet which is held deep within the subconscious mind. This hidden aspect of consciousness, is accessing the wholeness, none the less.

This Universe (and other Universes) contain a multitude of parallel worlds and parallel Universes, contained within its Holographic Matrix.

Consciousness, is not as limited as it seemed to be in 3D.

Consciousness consists of this Holographic Matrix, which is the fabric of the Universe, and all Parallel Universes, and worlds, contained within it. You are the fabric of this Holographic Matrix. Consciousness.

The matrix of consciousness on Planet Earth is shifting and MORPHING into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and this is experienced, as a momentum, that is accelerating, upon itself.

When you know your consciousness, as this fabric, it all makes sense. Who you are, and your role in this Holographic experience.

The Sumerian Gods, the Anunnaki (of Royal Blood) and the Ancient History of them, is of but One, history of Planet Earth. There are many Parallel Planet Earth experiences.

When you recognize, that you are existing within a holographic experience of Consciousness, one of many co existing all at once, you then enter deeply, into the Creativity of the Creator. Of this Fabric, of this Divinity, of This Light, that you Are.

All that can exist, DOES. Anything imagined, EXISTS Now.

All the Beings in this Universe (And all its parallel worlds and Universes) through the planet Earth view, are given names and divided into different species, Aliens, Humans, Cats of Dogs, etc. Then there is the sub set categories, of the species different names Male and female, etc. Annunaki, Pleiadian. A multitude of divisions, of names, that depending on How you are viewing these categories of expressions, carry YOUR meaning, about what you are able to comprehend of them.

YET, are all made up of this same Fabric of Consciousness. The same holographic consciousness of the Fabric of the Universe, of Earth, of Everything, includes everything. The different aspects, appearing as different, are simply the characteristics of a uniqueness of frequency and its consciousness, thereof.

This Holographic experience is made up of Light.

Communication at all levels of this Holographic experience, is through Light Frequency.

Light is Light, Darkness is Light.

The Soul is Light.

Everything is Light.

Holographic Light, that is your conscious entrance to the field of experience you call Reality.

Nibiru exists in many realms of Quantum Consciousness. It exists as an evolved Consciousness aspect, held within the Holographic Matrix, when viewed through 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Its Orbit is ever-expanding and shifting, as it too, is simply the fabric of the Divine. Of Light. Of Consciousness.

Anunnaki are originating consciousness, Alien (not originating on Earth as Human Species) when viewed through the consciousness of 3D. 

Non Earth Star Creation Matrix, Annunaki, Beings, of Light. God Source, Light Beings.

All are Light Beings, All emanate from the Source Light (the Void) and then originate from the Star Creation Matrix, the Soul. Filtering down to so speak, through the realms of Being, you term, dimensions. These are reality states, where the rules of the consciousness levels, that they function within, exist as its place holder, of function. 

Yet who originates from Earth? When all are the Light ~ Holographic Matrix of Consciousness.

You Originate through your Soul Star Matrix. This is not a solid base, this consciousness, it is Holographic Light. YOU the You that is You, that is having many experiences of consciousness in many parallel worlds, is this fabric, emanating through your Star Matrix, Soul, Source Light, and Not emanating through what appears as your Solid Form. Yet you are, what gives Life to the Form.

What you imagine Earth to be, is not an Earth Based Solid Station. Your Soul Star Matrix is HOLOGRAPHIC. Your experience on EARTH is Holographic. This is the meeting place of Consciousness.

YOU emanate through your Origin Point of Consciousness, that of your Soul.

You are Uniqueness, the way you experience all of your experiences.

Creator is Creative. Consciousness.

This Holographic experience of Earth, was created Holographically, as a meeting place of consciousness. I remember clearly, existing in consciousness on the consciousness of Pleiades (Alcyone) and Dreaming of a Planet Earth (a frequency) and How one day, when it was created, as the holographic experience and meeting place that it is., I would arrive, consciously.

Here we Are, are we stationed on Earth as a Home Base of Consciousness?

WE are experiencing a Multidimensional Portal of Holographic Experience, through are emanation, which is our uniqueness, and our Origin Point. Star Creation Matrix.

Your expansion and acceleration, to the Evolved you in your awareness through this Portal and meeting place, called Earth, includes within it, your awareness of what, at the higher levels of consciousness, this means to You. What you actually, are. What everything, actually is. What this playing ground, and meeting place called Earth, is actually All About.

Through your Heart the portal of No time, exists the Matrix of Your Fabric, the very Light of YOU, which is the Eternal You, which is the Love and its expression of the Divine Creator, that you Are. I Am there in the Playing field, of this interactive Matrix, guiding you Home, to the Origin, of Your Fabric of Your Soul. Your Matrix, Your Origin, The Original Light Source, God YOU.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The New Alchemy, Feminine Principle ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Crystalline MU Waters are Now Activated HERE as the feminine Principle, reawakening your Blueprint, your Consciousness, through your Heart and the MERGING and REUNITING with the Eternal You, the Original YOU. Source Light ~ God.

The Daily Activation/Transmission is for Your Transformation, which activates your  Light Codes which are Held in your Original Blueprint. You As Individuated Source, Light Frequency.

This shifts your DNA and subconscious mind 3D programming, To 5th Dimensional

This is Your Ascension, process.

What worked in 3D doesn’t apply in 5D.

This is your Quantum Transformation.  

You already ARE you as your Light ~ Source God ~ Self, Being. That is, The Original “Light You” as you began your Uniqueness as a Soul. 

Faith is not needed at this level, this is not 3D.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is not BASED On Belief system. 

3D was a structure of consciousness, held as a program functioning through your subconscious mind, held in your blueprint, which was the frequency  communication system, held in your DNA. And in the liquid surrounding your DNA. 

3D is now an outdated program. It is as simple as THAT.

This dissolves the old Program, through your HEART, and downloads through your Higher Heart, the New Codes. All changes in the Blueprint, ARE DOWNLOADED through your HEART. Your Heart is the HOLDING place of your Blueprint (Frequency Codes) at the level of 5th Dimensional Level of Consciousness, the Original Source Light, You.

Consciousness as the Transformative Light Codes (frequency as Light, information and communication as Light) held AS  your communication System, you with the Eternal you, the YOU that is Heart and Soul Based. Consciousness.

The downloads ( frequency Activation of the New Light Codes, updated 5th Dimensional Consciousness) function in your physical form, through your DNA and the water surrounding your DNA. Masculine and Feminine, through YOUR HEART.

There is nothing to do. The Old Program and the rules it functioned in are now OBSOLETE, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now you simply RECEIVE (the Feminine principle) which Merges with EASE with the Masculine, DNA Consciousness Program, of Form, through YOUR Heart. Through and in ALL Hearts.

This is ALL LIGHT.

It always WAS and Always will BE.

You as YOUR Original LIGHT God ~ Source, Self Being. YOU.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is Unconditional Love through your Heart.

You are Unique.

Present and Here ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Love Way ~ Through Your Heart.

Mu ( feminine) and Atlantis (masculine)  Joined. Masculine and Feminine, as One.

And So It is. Already, Here NOW.

Quantum changes

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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