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Full Moon, Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, July 27th, 2018 ~ The PORTAL

A Powerful Portal you have stepped through.

Are you ready for the Full Moon in Aquarius and FULL Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 at 5:20pm ADT to awaken to more?

The very powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse on July 12th and its impact continues.

This Lunar Eclipse is a rare event, where part of the Moon passes through the Earths Shadow. This will be a long initiation as this is the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of this century.

Lasting one hour and 23 minutes, this initiation and Portal, is aptly called a Blood Moon, because of the reddish colour caused by LIGHT being refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere.

This Total Lunar Eclipse is a Portal for the Subconscious to awaken and be initiated INTO its merging with your Original Light.

More powerful than a Full Moon, this FULL Lunar eclipse will unconsciously touch on all deep intimate aspects of your current BEING.

This is the Portal of Awakening to TRANSFORM you now, into the More That You ARE. Releasing limitation, initiating your into your Divine Power.

With this Full Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars, we have a powerful fiery aspect, creating challenges, in those areas where we feel we have limitations. This may surface as strong emotions of anger in the family and work. In those areas that subconsciously are desirous to be brought to the LIGHT, entering your greater Destiny. With Mars retrograde, situations and emotions dealt with before, if not dissolved into the Light of your awareness and Higher Self purpose, may resurface.

With the Moon square Uranus ~ sudden impulses added to the mix of potential powerful emotions, may include emotional outbursts. This is the Portal to bring all ideas of separated aspects to the Light, that is, all that appears hidden within you.

With the Moon semisextile Saturn ~ will bring out your feelings of Loyalty to this the Portal of your Transformation, as you consciously slow down, breathe and APPLY your awareness, through your Heart.

With Mars square Uranus ~ a strong desire to break FREE to be free may be present for you through this Full Moon/Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.

With Saturn trine Uranus ~ we have the fuel to handle the erratic powerful surges of Uranus and to go directly into this PORTAL that  allow ourselves the awakening and conscious choice to choose the Eternal. Your Ascension.

It does not matter where YOU are on Earth ~ this Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon will impact ALL and the Opening of this Powerful transition of consciousness is through this Portal of Light, within.

Enter your Heart. Celebrate the changes and this powerful Portal. This GRAND transition, to ALL that YOU ARE, eternally. Your Ascension consciousness and LIGHT.

As this Portal and Others Open for YOU ~ trust ALL is taking place through you and for YOU. In love and Glory!

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Stepping into A Higher Version of You ~ 11:11 ~ AS Light Frequency

When you SEE the new higher light version of you ~ the part that is witnessing the higher light version OF YOU  is the level and frequency of light that is merging and dissolving into the Higher.
Then when integrated ~ that integrated Light Part observes the next new higher light version of you and is the next level and frequency of self ~ to be dissolved and merged.
So what do you then do?
Become the New You and integrate with each breath the higher frequencies of Light.
WE are transmitting constantly and increasing the absorbable Light Photons into all of consciousness everywhere.
This is a frequency of Light that is Love and consciousness itself, as it is always whole and always in its Original Light form.
Embrace yourself as Light.
Breathe this in.
We are transmitting, now.
It is a constant flow of Divine Original Light.
Feel and receive. We are The Divine Council of Overseers.
We are with YOU as you transition into consciously being Activated as Your Divine Ascended Being.
11:11 Portal….Parallel World Shift…Enter The Light. 

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Massive Shifts and Changes ~ Now

Massive Shifts and Changes ~ Parallel Worlds….The Central Sun.

All Activating NOW.

All Night long and today shifts are taking place with monumental Light Frequencies for your Ascension.

Gaze at the shape of the head (some say it is a Buddha, some say Alien) with the powerful SUN representing the Central Sun and the pineal gland as it ACTIVATES you. Now.

Feel this IN your Heart, throat and Pineal, now as they merge, as you are ANOINTED with the Light of the Central Sun and the Birth of your awareness of the ORIGINAL LIGHT YOU.

Awakening into the New You.

Awakening consciously as the Divine You.

Awakening consciously as the ONE that observes the greater Light and dissolves into it. Knowing that the next observance is the next to be dissolved.

Awakening to the ever-expanding LIMITLESS Eternal Being, Now.

Great Light encompasses you NOW!

Being your Original Light.

All Now, with The Divine Council of Overseers. In LOVE ~ Transformation and GLORY.

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New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 12th, 2018 ~ Ascension Process

The New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018 at 11:47pm ADT. is a transformational PORTAL ~ that you will be entering.

This is a Powerful Transition into the stepping into the awareness of your Divine Ascended Self ~ fully realized. The levels of transformative powers through this New moon, Pluto and Partial Solar Eclipse, will allow any fears hidden, to surface.

When fears arise the release may feel like a crisis emotionally and mentally. Non resistance is the key to allow change, with the greatest ease.  The old way of functioning through ego in the 3rd and 4th dimensions are becoming extinct.

Entering timelessness, releasing all fears related to time, allows the ease and grace of your eternal Self to be adopted of sorts, by you consciously. When this taking on occurs, the awareness of the self who existed in the 3rd and 4th Dimension, becomes fully absorbed into the awareness of now.

That is, those memories of how you were, dissolve into the Union. This is the seamless transference, I have written about. The New YOU in the now moment, only knows the you now. Then the next you now. There are many levels and portals.

The Initiations are strategically aligned for you, uniquely in your own way through the energies and frequencies, that interact with you, according to your Soul Blueprint and life plan.

New Moons are all-powerful NEW Beginnings, Sun Conjunct Moon. These new frequencies interact with you Soul Signature and vibrations, that you are constantly emitting as a Being of Light, through your Light Body.

Your Light Body is a constant cohesive LIGHT embodying Love as your Divine God Self.

When we have a Solar Eclipse, even partial, this is a very powerful element of transformation added to the frequency, which lasts for 6 months.

The Solar Eclipse is Opposite Pluto, which will add the frequency of urgency of transformation, to your awareness. If levels of fear are still present, what comes up emotionally, mentally in the form of relationships, life and situations, may feel like a crisis. The crisis will feel like the urgency. Again the key to this, is enter your heart, do not get caught up as much as possible in the VERY FEAR that is releasing, through you.

The Eternal Self does not know pain and sorrow, that only exists in the lower dimensions of consciousness, frequency.

That exist as those aspects of consciousness that ARE dissolving as memories (ego) are released and OLD Patterns of consciousness SHIFT.

This is the Ascension Process.

Again, this takes place uniquely within each Being, within.

When TRULY ready, the I here that thinks it is ready yet still has fear (lives in separation consciousness) is not the I ~ God Self that I am referring to.

The Eternal Light Body, God self, KNOWS.
That is the eternal I…..

Recognize always, on the path of Ascension, it is going from one way of being to another. Entering your heart is entering the present moment. Where you recognize your Divinity NOW. Which allows the transfiguration to ALL that you eternally are, to dissolve all appearances, that is was never that way.

Pluto being retrograde, helps you to look deeply into all areas of your life, reflecting on the areas about to be transformed. The ability to attain the awareness of Victory, is on the table now.

An Auspicious Grand Trine takes place during this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which sheds LIGHT on those areas, already transformed and about to be transformed, within your Consciousness.

Venus Trine Saturn. will allow that true love and commitment to the Beloved, to enter your life, (your consciousness within you first) and if already entered, to steadily grow, together in LOVE.

Venus Trine Uranus will allow sudden transformations (within you) IN New RELATIONSHIPS or one you are in, which will OPEN A portal to New beginnings with this Solar Eclipse and New MOON.

Saturn Trine Uranus this frequency acts in harmony with the Pluto Transformation you are going through. The Grand Trine is the Light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, of the Auspicious Stepping into BEING one with consciously, your Ascended God Self.

This is not a one size fits all astrology. I emphasize each BEING is uniquely impacted, as much as the UNIQUENESS of each Being and fingerprint.

So breathe this in.

This is interacting with you now. This will surface as a remembrance as you enter this frequency PORTAL for you NOW.

Enter with great Confidence that you as an Eternal Being in Divine Glory and Ascension, are stepping through the portal of remembrance, to THAT which you already ARE.

With great Love and Glory, the Bestowing of this AWARENESS is Auspiciously UPON YOU.

In Love and Glory and So It is. All Now, in Eternity. Above as Below, within as without. In Eternal Grace, now.


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A Relationship is WHAT IT IS ~ In Love Land

A relationship is EXACTLY as ITS ENERGY is.

There is no such thing as repairing a relationship. Or attempting to FIX IT.

Every single relationship is PLAYING OUT as its UNIQUE Frequency IS.

When we let go of the BELIEFS that we need to fix something, change something, WE ENTER the Now Moment.

Each of us incarnated and we set up Our experiences through our Higher Self, Unique Frequency and Blueprint PLAN. That Plan is what WE ARE.

I walk down the street and I see the cars, the people as Light Frequencies…all interacting. That is the truth of reality ~ without any attachment to the external. It is, JUST IS.

Cars are the frequency of travel. A couch is a frequency of relaxation.


Same with people, same with relationships.

What seems like the perfect ONE ~ may BE then ~ and may NOT be in so-called time.  IS that a mistake? NO, it is what it is. What it always WAS ~ AS IS.

There are NO RANDOM events. Your consciousness is unfolding as it needs to, PLANNED by your Higher Self before incarnating BASED on your God Self Frequency….You cannot be what you are not. Relationships cannot be what they are not. They ARE just as you ARE.

So we have a relationship with the one we want to be with, but never happens, THAT Was the relationship.

We have a relationship that feels like trusted best friends, yet never together, THAT IS WHAT IT IS.

We are with someone forever, that is WHAT IT IS.

THERE are no WHAT IS BEST ~ I want this scenarios ~ as what is best is taking place ALWAYS.

When we understand the purpose of frequency and our Life plan as a PLAYING out without attachments to outcome (suffering) we realize the purpose is what it is.

WE Trust. WE let go of old beliefs. We recognize our purpose here is OUR transformation so that we ALL will live as the DIVINE Beings that we ARE ~ recognizing WHAT IS. 

WE enter the adventure of TRUST.

And recognize all is ~ what it is.

In the moment, stripped of fear, beliefs and attachments; (after all that is what in the moment is) we live in peace and harmony, welcoming in what is.

OH that relationship and its purpose IS THAT. That which it is. OH that one was/is THAT. It just is.

When we trust what our Soul has set up for us.

WE live unconditionally in the MOMENT in full Acceptance of what is.

That IS what Being in the moment is. What being FREE is.

What living eternally IS.

That is Being Divine ~ Being Divine already (WHAT IS) without resistance. Recognizing what is, we have let go of beliefs of control. We then ride the ride of life, with PASSION and JOY.

Being forever grateful for what is.

And so it is, what is, in Love and Glory, always.


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Be Authentic ~ Disregard Those Who Judge How Spiritual Should BE

I have to Laugh…How I look ~ some say isn’t spiritual. How I dress is not spiritual ~ to some.

Disregard those who judge you through their ego ~ which decides what spiritual Looks like and how BEING Spiritual should behave.

I have seen the most Divine Beings ~ DRESSED in the clothing of Being addicted to drugs.

DO you fit into Society?

Within yourself ~ let go of standards of thought judgment of the external ~ replace this with ~ I AM Being MY Divine Self. 

Each Soul incarnates and then Ascends or crosses over ~ through their own consciousness.

DO not care what people think.

I have had many death threats. Who cares?

When we recognize what LIFE is ~ ALL LIGHT consciousness and that we are on our own UNIQUE  LIGHT journey back to our True Light ~ Selves. We can see clearly, all judgments by others are in fact, their own judgments of themselves. Parts not healed within themselves.

So if someone calls me a slut or a narcissist, they are dealing with those aspects within themselves. NOT yet loved, so they judge others.

What matter what ~ BE what you are and who you are is Unique.

This is called on Earth Being your Authentic Self. Which is closely aligned with your God Self Awareness as Original Light.

No need to fit in ~ KEEP going.

Know you are LOVED.

All those that judge you are themselves projecting their own consciousness of FEAR on you.

Know you are Beloved.

A Sacred SOUL of Light.

And so NOW ~ Be MORE OF WHAT YOU ARE. Be Authentic. Unique.

Be AS Your God Self IS!!

In Love and Glory!

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The Magical Realms ~ Of Divine Light and Play

Mystical Union.

Celebrating the Light of Eternity Now.

Understanding your form is not solid, it is Light.

These are the subconscious back drops, to the Kaleidoscope view of a MAGICAL reality HERE now through the Central Sun.

Each reality is a view through the looking-glass.

Each view from the kaleidoscope ~ is a frequency of Light.

SEE your reality through the eternal truth of LIGHT.

Consciously choose this in ALL moments. Through the Holding of the Magical Life within your awareness, through each Breath.

The Stage is ready for your entrance.

The Glory of it ALL ~ as a Sacred Emanation of LIght, through the Central Sun.

Glory of All Glory ~ Light Upon LIGHT. PLATINUM AND DIAMOND RAYS…

Violet and GOLD…..

Blue and Silver….

Light Upon Light….Playing in this magical weaving of Realities of Light Frequencies.

Here Now the Golden Doorway opens….I walk the path of Light through it. I see from the Central Sun….The SUN within has risen in all its Glory.

Beings of all kinds surround me, now. We dance and PLAY WITH THE MAGICAL Light Rays.

This was ALWAYS so.

This is the transformational Power of Light and Glory.

Receive this NOW ~ through the Divine Council of Overseers.

All Divine Love and Glory….see through your Divine Reality ~ Frequency of Light ~ Looking Glass….Now!

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MU Reactivated ~ You as YOUR Original DIVINE Love ~ Light

The Beginning on MU ~ the First Civilization, existed as a Transcendent embodiment of the multidimensional DNA existence.

While also BEING the space, where form birthed into BEING ~ AS the embodiment of an Earth Incarnation experience.

ALL DNA is to be ACTIVATED as the memory of its original LIGHT while in FORM.

ALL Souls as Light are Eternal Light.

When an existence appears laden with dormant memories held in the Blueprint as IF in a state of separation from its Original Light, the PROCESS of return to the ORIGINAL Love ~ LIGHT State…consciously,  is why those memories are held in the first place.

IT is the Earth experience and the return TO MU ~ to the ORIGINAL state ~ CONSCIOUSLY.

All that appears to BE separate is simply that which is not conscious YET of its OWN self-love ~ eternal state.

These memories serve as PORTALS to the awakened self, as ONE embodies non-resistance to WHAT IS.

Pain is to be LOVED into SELF Love.

Then as all PROJECTIONS of consciousness as THE OTHER is creating this, is dissolved into PURE AWARENESS. WE SEE AND Know our origins as DIVINE LIGHT.

IT is then that the Divinity of ONES own eternal Being, is fully HERE NOW in the form. Transforming it into ~ the LIFE beyond ones wildest imagination.

The LOVE is the Bridge and the reunion to this state which is natural and original.

We are HERE activating YOUR own awareness as the PURENESS of this KNOWINGNESS ~ Fully consciously Embodied NOW.



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Happy Mothers Day ~ Divine Feminine in Union With The Divine Masculine

Mothers Day ~ is celebrated on Sunday May 13th, 2018 in Canada and The United States. It is celebrated on other days in other parts of the world.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in UNION is the natural way to Hold the energy of the Divine Feminine.

We are Eternal Light Beings. Eternal Divine Beings.

We emanate from the VOID as Pure Source Light into unique Source Beings.

Then through incarnating, we take on existences that appear male and female.

Our Origin is wholeness and Pure Original Light.

IN Celebrating The Divine Feminine, whether as your Mother, your sister, your friend, your wife or as yourself, we enter gratitude for the DIVINE.

For the wholeness.

FOR one part does NOT exist without the other.

Even though it may appear so when we look at things externally.

It is the wholeness in one leaf that be embrace the tree.

It is the energy of the Ocean we can feel in a single drop of its water.

It is in the first Civilization that we can feel ALL of existence UNFOLD in the eternal moment.

It is all held in its wholeness NOW.

IN The Divine Feminine we feel all UNIONS. ALL existences and our ORIGINAL Light, before masculine and feminine through incarnating began to emerge.

In your Heart NOW, embrace this wholeness, LOVE and Gratitude.

To Divinity.

To Now.

To the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine.

And the ETERNAL Wholeness that has always existed and exists NOW.

In LOVE and Glory. Always.

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New Moon in Taurus, May 15th, 2018 ~ Rising From The Ashes

This Powerful New Beginning and New Moon in Taurus is on May 15th, 2018 at 8:47am ADT.

What are your life experiences that you have overcome?

That you are currently struggling with?

What attachments do you have to things, people and outcomes that cause you pain as you resist what is now?

These are some of the experiences THAT MAY become the ashes and fertilizer for YOU to RISE and Be free and victorious.

This Becoming FREE is based on your Soul Plan, your Life Plan and your current frequency.

It is NOT based on the external. When this leaves, when that changes.

The CHANGES are the result of your consciousness.

Your Frequency.

YOU as a fully alive frequency transmitting device, that is, your CONSCIOUSNESS.

Your Light Frequency, emanating through the VOID through your Heart and DNA, that which you ARE.

With this New Beginning, as you Make a Fresh START and RISE from your inner turmoil of attachment to anything that is not NOW. Open your Heart and receive the EXPANSION.

The LIGHT Frequency Activation, that you ARE.

AS ALL Beings change and shift their frequency, as this momentum continues to increase. Embrace the NOW moment as what is present for you NOW.

Not tomorrow, not when…..NOW.

This New Moon is Trine Pluto ~ the energy impetus, if you are ready, for YOUR Transformation ~ within. Your thoughts, your emotions, your BECOMING consciously FREE.

This New Moon in Taurus is Semi-Sextile Venus ~ Living through your Heart. Being Gentle, kind, loving. Letting go of the past and living in the NOW.

Mars Square Uranus ~ sudden changes, Sudden Opportunities to let go of any reactive states that are not loving, and LIVE through Your Heart.

Jupiter Trine Neptune ~ a POWERFUL Frequency activation, activating your DIVINITY. States of Divine Virtue. Divine Abundance ~ which is abundance in ALL areas through TRUE LOVE ~ that is, through your Heart Space.

Entering your Heart moment to moment is the Beatific GLORY of Being Your Divine Presence.

Of BEING Your Divine Higher Self.

OF Being Your Divine Soul Star Matrix.

OF Being Your Original Divine Light.

Of BEING Your Divine Ascended BEING ~ ALL NOW.

Fully accessible FOR YOU.



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