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Consciousness As Experience Itself

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What if it was ALL Perfect Now?

What if, inherently held within every experience you had, the wisdom of your Soul, was functioning in such a way, that there was a profound message for you, even if you didn’t see it?

And what if these messages from your Soul, were conveying the eternal Meaning of ALL of your experiences to you, in a language you didn’t fully understand with your Mind, but was inherently held within all experiences, Themselves?

As if all experience was the VERY Fabric of your Soul, Your Consciousness.

And That YOU (the you in a body on Earth) were not experiencing events AS ACTUAL SEPARATE Things (that they seem to be) but that these experiences, WERE YOU. That is, Your Consciousness itself, VIEWED through your image screen as Experience, is You, experiencing yourself.

Ponder this for a few moments.  Ponder what Reality actually is.

That All of your experiences, were actually YOU and because they are You, they are Perfect. After all who is creating it?

Experience are messages, you to you. They are the feedback of your Focus. They are the answers to the questions you were asking. They are You. You are NOT separate from the experience.

So this thing you call Reality, that you exist in, is the Perfect experience in ALL experiences, as the experiences are the Messages, are the Answers of your Soul, and ARE the CONSCIOUSNESS that YOU ARE.

YOUR Consciousness and YOU, your Experiences and YOUR Soul are ONE thing.

You are moving in and Out of many images, (through your image screen) which Are the messages of Your Soul to you, showing YOU, you are One with All experience, with your Consciousness. Even though viewed as if outside of You, is NOT outside of you.

When  you let go in Child Like Wonder, and SEE and HEAR, in the recognition, THAT What you See and Hear is YOU, in ALL Experience, you then begin to PLAY in ALL experiences.

The VERY nature of YOU, is then, Full aware of itself, fully awake, and ALIVE, in child like Wonder.

This is You loving You, You loving experience, You loving yourself. You seeing the perfection in All experiences. You seeing yourself, as NOT separate from it.

The CONSCIOUS awareness of this, is the UNION of your Consciousness with the Creative Fabric of Your Soul, With your Image Screen with ALL Experience.

It isn’t Outside of You. You mental image screen ONLY makes it seem like events ARE out there.

When you live in the Truth, that it is YOU, you Live in Union. You live in Love. You live in Child Like wonder. In and Though All Experience, as the very nature of You, Yourself.

Allow yourself, to ponder these things, the Actual NATURE of Consciousness itself. OF your Experiences themselves. See through new eyes the REALITY of CONSCIOUSNESS and EXPERIENCE itself.

And Then, you will see the Beauty in the Simplicity of Living, of Being. And You will live in the Perfection of All Experience, held within the Love, that you ALWAYS, Eternally Are.

I love you Dear Souls!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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