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Full Moon in Taurus, October 24th, 2018 ~ LOVE and Alchemy

This powerful Full Moon is in Taurus on Wednesday October 24th, 2018 at 1:45 pm ADT. 

Be ready for sudden surprises, shifts and MAJOR Changes as Taurus joins with Uranus, during this Full Moon, especially in connection to relationships and love.

The Sun opposite the Moon (The Full Moon) highlights the emotional body as polar opposites come into play, and that which is to be cleared in relationship to the previous New Moon intentions.

The subconscious and memories from past lives, are all playing out within the screen of your perceptions. 

The subconscious, heightened under the Full Moon ~ becomes  spotlighted in the deeply penetrating Light.

Venus opposite Uranus may initiate changes in Love relationships and romance, bringing either a new one, or excitement to what is, already. This may feel challenging and of course impacts each being Uniquely. Excitement, almost electrical….is impacting this overall frequency of this Full Moon in Taurus.

Moon conjunct Uranus brings the frequency of sudden influences and sudden changes, maybe in Love.

With the Moon opposite Venus we have LOVE ~ coming up. Whether you feel lonely, which may be intensified during this and feeling a NEED ~ to not be lonely.  Someone may be in a deep relationship and still feel lonely ~ loneliness is an inside job. Meaning, Love yourself fully. Love may come up this way also, to feel greater love for yourself.

The Full Moon trine Saturn ~ adds a sense of inner strength to all of this, this being ~ whatever comes up for YOU, in love and in life.

Your desire for relating and relationships ~ as in LOVE ~ may also be impacted with a feeling of intensification as Venus is sextile Saturn. True Love may be in the air. May come up for you. OR become in the AIR as in within your own awareness as you love yourself MORE.

As with all frequencies, each being is unique and YOUR Blueprint, Past lives, Life Plan, is playing out uniquely THROUGH your Divine Self. Your perceptions of your experiences are unique also.

Your awareness of LOVE and what it means to you is also Unique. 

Uranus rules uniqueness.

Uranus is playing out always, with the Full Moon and intensifying subconscious coming to the forefront, stay present and see what is unfolding to you.

All things are symbolic and are communicating with you.

Feel the symbolism in all moments playing out THROUGH YOU. 

Be CONSCIOUSLY aware of your Divine Light AND YOUR Divine Love.

Your Divine Love which is always present, even if you are not perceiving it.

Trust more your HEART over the minds ramblings and questioning.

It is just moment to moment. Eternity is always now.

Love is always now.

Embrace now as IT ALL FLOWS through you.

We are just passing through.

Allow the ALCHEMY of LOVE ~ rule your awareness as ONE who has gone from the mind to the Heart, in all moments. It is Harmony, it is Love and it is Pure Original LIGHT. 

There is no death ~ Love is eternal.

Only frequencies of consciousness that dictate the perception level.

In love activating all DNA Now, with the Divine Council of Overseers. All Now in Glory and Love.


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Consciously Creating Your Reality


As you view the changes that take place in your outer world, know that what you see through your eyes, is the direct result, of what you are experiencing within yourself. You might say, I would  never have imagined that taking place or this taking place, yet within you, you are creating the this or that. In all moments.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions form your moment to moment frequency vibration, which results in the PERCEPTION you experience “as” your Reality.

You can carry with you a take it or leave it attitude about what is going on within you, or you may desire to INVEST all of your Being, in paying attention, in observing and Living as a “conscious” Participant, in your own world. The World within.

If there is NO thing outside of Yourself and You Are Creating your Experience, why would you not desire, to fully discover within you, all that is going on?

Are your thoughts, emotions, and imaginings, congruent with what you desire to experience?

Let’s go deeper into this.

As an “example” you say you desire to experience a Loving Close Relationship.

You have day dreamed about this for several days, attempting again, to be conscious of your desires. You started some affirmations, and invocations about this. You go shopping at a local mall, and you see many couples holding hands and kissing. Thoughts start running through your head, oh why is everyone else always getting what they want, why not me? Life isn’t fair, I deserve to have that love relationship I have always desired to have. Then you change your thoughts to your shopping, and you look at those clothes you arrived at the mall to look at. You try on some clothes and Nothing seems to fit, and right away your thoughts begin to take on another form, when will I ever look as good as I can? Why has life sent me a raw deal? Why is it other women or men, have it easier than me and look better than me? You give up shopping for the day, upset at your body, other people’s happiness and the mall itself, and even attempting to get out of bed and do something for yourself. You stop by a drive through, and order double the food you would usually order, which you have managed to curtail the last few weeks, and were feeling really good about yourself about, you eat the food quickly, arrive home and start crying. You lay on your couch, and become angry with the world, ask yourself, why you, if only you would do better, if only you would be like others, like those rare few who seem to mystify the ease of flow in their life, and manifest all they desire. You cry some more, and do not know why you felt so great this morning, and now you feel lonely, isolated, and further away from what you desire. You had believed your were doing great based on how you were managing your external world, or so you thought you were, and now, it feels worse than before.

What has really happened here?

Are any thoughts, emotions, repetitious behaviours the “result” of what you “see” through your eyes as outside of you?

Is your loneliness and lack of self-love because of anything you “see” through your eyes?

Is your sadness because of The food you eat? Or do not eat? The clothes you have or do not have?

Do you not have that perfect love because of Your body? Your size, how you look externally?

Add anything that you feel is going on in your life, Is anything the result of your Your money or your lack of money?

Is ANYTHING outside of you the result of the way you feel or think within yourself?

Are you attempting to CONTROL your outer world to make changes within YOU?

Or is how you thought YOUR REALITY to be, to be caused by, the COMPLETE Opposite of How you think and believe it is taking place?

Are you believing in an external system and keeping it alive within you, through the beliefs you have? The beliefs that tell you, this is how reality runs, DESPITE acknowledging, it never works, it never arrives, it never is as you desire it to be.

Have you noticed all of your attempts to control how you feel about yourself, through the control of your outer world, never works, it always comes back to the same results, and you cannot figure out, why these things keep happening, why everything you think you desire, never comes into being?

Are you looking out there? and BELIEVING that is creating your reality?


Have you invested all of your energy into a belief system based on an illusion (non truth) of what reality is?

Instead of Knowing “I am  Creating This thing Called Reality” and I am DOING SO, THROUGH my every thought, every emotion AND every imaging I have, in Every MOMENT.

LOOK deeply at this thing you BELIEVE as YOUR REALITY and ITS Creation, MOMENT to MOMENT.

OBSERVE YOURSELF and YOUR responses, reactions, thoughts, emotions, imaginings and perceptions EVERY single MOMENT.

Is this possible to do? Yes it is, This is called, Being Present.

Begin to be the observer, of you EVERY thought. Your every imagining. Your Every Emotion.

Do not wait, till days after, as an example, that mall experience, when you are suddenly depressed, and do not know why.

Follow your Life, follow your Heart, be present Now. Observe, awaken, be Living truly with all that you are, within this experience you call Living. That is not to be grasped or understood out there. But instead, embrace all of yourself, within you, exposing and examining, all thoughts, all imaginings, all feelings and emotions.

You are in for some amazing surprises, How your thoughts ARE actually creating your experience. How your Emotions ARE creating what you perceive as your outer reality. When you notice these things, Then what happens?

You take responsibility for all that is going on within you.

You take responsibility for all that you Create.

You know that it is you, doing this.

And you Wake up, inside this living dream scape called Reality on Earth, and You change all that is going on within yourself. You change your limiting beliefs that were not based on anything real, you notice what you are imagining into existence, you notice your emotions, and gently and lovingly move your FOCUS to a gentle approach of loving yourself, through compassion, and things begin to change.

You have changed your perception of reality on earth, and how it functions, and you have changed how you feel about yourself. You now feel good about yourself. You notice your thoughts and emotions begin to stabilize themselves in a congruent harmony with what you truly do Desire. And now let’s see what happens when you go visit that mall again.

You enter that mall, you see couples together, and you notice, now instead of it bothering you, it makes you happy, you notice how your thoughts have changed. You think isn’t that just so beautiful, Love is just so beautiful. You go shopping for those clothes, and everything fits perfectly, and you notice you look so much better and feel so much better about how you look. Your notice your thoughts turn to your happiness, they are in harmony with a beautiful life and you just feel so joyful to be alive. You even feel bliss.

What will continue happen in this life, if your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and imaginings, are IN HARMONY with what you Desire? If you really change the “belief” you have functioned within, from  the belief “life is happening to me” to “Life is happening THROUGH me” and is the DIRECT result, moment to moment, of what is going on within me.

What would happen?

Life would become more and more Joyous, Happy, Fun, Blissful, Ecstatic, and would increase, in Every Moment.

So all of this begins, as to where you are? Where are you? Are you here? Now?

When I taught publicly years ago, I would observe no one was present. Their thought would be turned to the past, or the dinner later on, and on what they want to get, based on what they do not have, all based on an illusion that an external world exists, through the eyes.

I helped People, first, to become aware that they Are existing, and to observe this thing called existing, through the thoughts that pass through ones awareness, emotions, feelings and imaginings.

So begin today, where you are. Perhaps you are aware of most that goes on within yourself. And you are ready to go deeper into the consciousness of you as an active participant in your creations.

Or maybe this is foreign to you and you have not seemed to figure out a way out of the hell, you seem to always find yourself living in, over and over. Your suffering.

If you are present you know what to do. Go deeper, spend more time reflecting, observing, and changing those limiting beliefs.

If you are living in disharmony, if all that you desire to experience seems to feel always out of your grasp and life is happening to you. SPEND time daily, quietly. Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions, Activations, Initiations, Invocations, they will allow all of your Bodies, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual to Harmonize with your True Desires. With Your Eternal Soul. Your Frequency will change, your thoughts will change, your Life will change. And you will Know the truth of your existence, that you Are, and that no thing was ever outside of you. You only were needing to vibrate to it now, not in the future, through external attempts to change things. But that it always was you, within you, that you were desirous to experience. To ultimately know, that you exist and you are creating your reality and your perceptions of it, moment to moment.

I am holding you in Eternal Love ~ Sacred Souls of Light! I am with You Always, Call upon me, and I am There!



I am Forever Yours, my Beloved!



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Mercury Retrograde~January 21st ~February 11th 2015


And here we are AGAIN ~ Dear Souls! Soon Mercury Retrograde once again. And instead of Fearing and dreading this time period, prepare and allow your focus to be within you, through your Heart, in love!

This happens three times a year, rarely 4 times. There are a few things you need to be aware of before it begins!! The Next Mercury Retrograde Begins January 21st and Ends February 11th, 2015!

Mercury Rules Communication, Electronics, Travel and Contracts. During Mercury Retrograde is not the time to Start a “New” relationship, move, sign contracts, have things repaired, buy new Electronics or repair them. It is not the best time to start anything New.

Now with all the things “not to do” during Mercury Retrograde ~ being aware of certain things “will help” make your experience of  Mercury Retrograde a beautiful time of flow in your Life. And yes, that “is” possible.

MERCURY RETROGRADE will soon Begin on January 21st 2015 and Ends February 11th, 2015 ~ so Prepare! Decide what needs preparing, what you need to buy, etc. and get those things completed before January 21st, if possible.

PRIOR to January 21st (if Possible) HAVE all repairs completed!!!
Do Not start anything NEW During the Mercury Retrograde!!

During this Passing through of this GREAT Integration (Now and during Mercury Retrograde) remember, it is ALL within you, it is ALL Within Your Heart!! Surrender your Logical Tendencies, and MOVE deeper within YOUR HEART, now and during MERCURY RETROGRADE.

The reason Mercury Retrograde APPEARS challenging is the FLOW related to communications (what Mercury Governs) is NOT outer DIRECTED. LET go of SEEKING something OUT THERE and Recognize ALL truly is WITHIN YOU.

YOUR Harmony, Your Ascension, YOUR completion, IS ALL ABOUT the HARMONY within YOU through your HEART FOCUSED AWARENESS OF YOURSELF, your consciousness.

Most people who live on Planet Earth, live by outer appearances. And it is that “Outward” approach that makes Mercury Retrograde, for many, a hectic time, that feels unbearable to get through. Now if you approach LIFE in a Rushed way, and live by outward appearances, and you desire to reduce the impact you may experience during Mercury Retrograde, that may be perceived as “stress” have Daily Quiet time and slow down. SLOW down all of your communication, or it will be deeply influenced, and may result in miscommunication.

If you Need to sign contracts and start new things, MOVE slowly, move from and through Your Heart.

If you can avoid buying new electronics, having your car repaired, Please do that!! Obviously an emergency is VERY different, ALWAYS do what needs to be done.

This information is to help you MOVE through more fluidly, through a time, where moving slowly and Fluidly, is the vibrational Match to the flow of energy! Follow only the suggestions that are Suitable for you and your lifestyle.

To gain the greatest Benefit from Mercury Retrograde, move your conscious awareness deep within your Heart. The Energy of Mercury Retrograde is to help you to move more deeply within. Always going WITH the Flow (of the energy flow) is of great Benefit, and is the Path of Least Resistance. Simply Allow, complete what you started before Mercury Retrograde. Organize, Clean, Sort through, Slow down and Rest.

Prior to THIS  Mercury Retrograde ~ January 21st, 2015 ~ Prepare. 

And MOST importantly, to get the most of Mercury Retrograde, make a conscious commitment to yourself, to slow down during it, mark it on your calendar. And Remember to Take that extra time during Mercury Retrograde to communicate clearly with others and yourself! Have Compassion and Self Love, for yourself, which creates your experience of Love. Let go of all Resistance to what is, in your life, instead embrace, love and allow.

Allow, Surrender and Flow.

As you Move into greater Surrender, Self Love, Compassion and Allowing, The Joy and Bliss of the Moment, is always your experience.

If you are not in a state of Harmony and desire to do so, Please listen to my Audio Transmissions, Activations and Initiations. They will allow your energy Vibration to begin to Vibrate in a state of Pure Love, Bliss, Joy, Harmony, in the True Glory of your Eternal Soul!

I love you Dear Souls! I Am with You!


Holding you in the Sacredness of Your Eternal Light!

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What Relationships in Duality Are

july2014jpg 3

UNLESS you are living FULLY in your Heart and in Full Mastery of Duality, ALL relationships that you experience are the playing out of karmic Traces (memories) which trigger at a deep level the automatic reactions and responses within you, which creates more of the SAME


The conscious choosing of non-reaction, and completion, of those memories (karmic traces at the cellular level) to Be healed, to be completed.

This is part of the Soul Plan for each incarnation, for the eventual completion of Duality.
All the Karmic traces and memories are carried over, into each incarnation.

Love is Flow. Love is Being. Love is Love.
Love is not dependent on ANY response from anyone!
It just simply is and gives itself, fully, or else it is not True Unconditional Love.

I love you Dear Souls!!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Everything is Energy and Everything is Light

july2014jpg 3

Your thoughts, your emotions, your words, your actions are signalling Light photons into this Sea of Light, and back to you. You are it, you are it. This is a constant stream of Liquid Light.

All of Your existences are doing the same. They are all connected.

Your Immortal Body of Light has within it, your Mastery in Duality, which is consciously accessed through a coherent frequency, within your Heart space.

Breathing in and Out of your Heart space, and consciously connecting to the Center of You, the Sea of Light, aligns your conscious awareness, with your eternal self, which is your Mastery.

As you Align your thoughts, emotions, words and your actions, through your Heart. with your Immortal Body of Light, you become your Immortal Body of Light, CONSCIOUSLY, here, Now.

This is the LIMITLESS You!!
The You you know that existed, yes felt out of Your reach, consciously.

When you rise in the Morning and throughout your day, breathe deeply the Sea of Light Breathing, and recognize yourself, as Light. Connected to Light in this constant stream, in all things that you do!

I love you Dear Souls! More soon…


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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The Outer World is a Reflection of Within You

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When you are battling things out with the mind, hearing thoughts such as:
it needs to be like this, I want things to be that way, it should be like this, not like that, this isn’t how it should be, RECOGNIZE that is the Old way of being and that is the mind.

When the MIND has full Reign as the dictator of your experiences BASED on APPEARANCES, although there may APPEAR to be a temporary relief with each new thing, it ALWAYS leads to suffering.

When you live in your HEART, you flow, you surrender, you let go of the need for outer appearances to appear a certain way.
You RECOGNIZE the outer is simply the reflection of what is within you, WHAT IS TRULY going on WITHIN YOU.
You keep your awareness within your Heart, and you stay focused on what is REALLY GOING on within you,.

Harmony within is Harmony without.

Disharmony within, (which the mind loves to exist in) is Disharmony without.

When will YOU LET GO of functioning BASED on OUTER appearances?

All this change you DESIRE is the CHANGE within you, moving from functioning from your Head to your Heart!

Remember, The Outer World is a Reflection of the Experience WITHIN YOU!!

I love you Great Souls of Eternal Light!!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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This New Moon in Libra

july2014jpg 3

This New Moon In Libra, as you balance the Scales,
live in your Heart, surrender and allow eternal Love to Prevail.

For all that is Within, is truly All that exists,
Victory is here, let go of appearances, and Persist.

The World as you know it, is about to Change,
the parallel worlds, have been Rearranged.

So stay ever Present, this New Moon as you pass through time,
a new beginning, feel deeply, this magical, Rhyme.



I Love you Dear Souls!!


The New Moon in Libra, September 24th, 3:14am ADT

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Deep in The Void

july2014jpg 3

Deep in the Void, All Arises,
the Creation Plan, the New Earth, the Horizon.

Ready to be Birthed, this new Day,
Live in your Heart, that is the Only Way.

To change from one way, to the Other,
the Head to Heart, birthed through the Mother.

Live in the present, now, with every Breath,
as all will arise, there will be no Death.

All will be new, and will Begin,
be ready, prepare, it is all Within.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Filled with Endless Light

july2014jpg 3

The Mystic Dream, filled with endless Light,
no difference, in wholeness, the star filled Night.

Holy Glimpses, of long-lost worlds, Forgotten,
merged in Union, on Mu, the only Begotten.

As All, Birthed, in the eternal Creation Story,
the Light of the Soul, Lives forever, in Full Glory.

And Raised and Walks, here on Planet Earth,
the New, forever ready, to Be Birthed.

For time exists, only as you pass through It, All is One,
and was Created, and Held, the Golden Central Sun.

So live in your Heart, the key to accessing The All,
being awake, and ready, to Hear the Call.

Mastering Duality, and finishing your Completion,
is the sacred Soul Plan, then you enter the New Creation.

Being the Immortal Body of Light, as you eternally Are,
is the Mystic Vision, held in the Heart, of the Grace filled Star.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Full Moon/SuperMoon ~ September 8th, 2014 in Pisces

july2014jpg 3

Full Moon/Supermoon ~ Harvest Moon,  September 8th, 2014 in Pisces 16 Degrees, at 10:38pm ADT!

This Full Moon in Pisces, Conjunct Chiron,
remember, consciousness lives, like a night Heron.

Every moment can be Play, and, why, Not?
better than living in, emotional, Distraught.

So take yourself Lightly, and see what Arises,
be prepared too, so that, there are no, Surprises.

For this Full Moon in Pisces, pulls out all Stops,
immersed in the Water, your emotions, Nonstop.

Embrace your Heart Deeply, and you will See,
that Destiny arrives, and you will be Free.

Your Bodies can live, In Harmony, and Congruence,
as you Live through your Heart, which is your Soul’s Influence.

As you listen to this message, and Live as Divinity,
The New World Approaches, through your Heart Affinity.

All things are Eternal, even if it does not appear so,
let go of appearances, the Above within you then, merges with the Below.


Well here we go, a powerful “Howling” at the Moon time again! This Full Moon in Pisces one will be emotional!

Remember, every Full Moon is about CULMINATION and COMPLETION! What did you Start last New Moon? Are you keeping notes? are you Organized? Are you Focusing? What are you focusing on?

Now when you focus within your Heart and You have been Living Coherently, then you will be able to observe All that comes up with great ease. And simply anything that needs completing, completes, itself.   If you live in Disharmony this too will be a time of Great clearing and completing, just be aware the Power of your Focus, to BE Present in your Heart, is the Use of your own Free Will.

Here is the Link to my post on Crystals for those of you who would like to Program your Crystals, clear them or Make Crystal Water, using the powerful Influence of the Moon.

Here is the Link to Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions, that will Help you Move your Awareness and Focus to Being Centered within your Heart, and living a Harmonious  Coherent, Life, way of Being.

Now this Full Moon in Pisces will be conjunct Chiron.

ANYTHING left to be Felt and Experienced to be Healed may arise during this Full Moon. Being in your HEART and in HARMONY allows all to arise and be Completed, within you, through your Heart!

Be prepared, be FOCUSED, have your Focusing tools and Toys around you. Make everything, PLAY. That may include, your Journal, Candles, Crystals, Audio Frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Incense, etc.

Keep Moving, flowing, don’t get BOGGED down by this powerful Watery Influence, let it flow. FLOW with the CURRENT of Harmony!!!

When your Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Mental Bodies are CONGRUENT, you FLOW WITH the Rhythms and Cycles of Life, of the MOMENT, of the MOON and Your SOUL Plan.

There is No thing that is insurmountable. You Arrived here through your incarnation, to complete some things. To Master Duality. DO everything you can to stay focused and live in Harmony through your Heart which allows the natural process of Completion, to be one of EASE for You!

Here is the Full Moon Invocation.


Here is the Written Version for you to Use.



Take care of yourself this Pisces Full Moon, your Body, your Emotions and stay Aware through Your Heart, of ALL that Arises. Then it will flow through you, and You through it, and All Will be, in the Beauty of that Flow!

Your Soul Flows in Harmony and is All That is. As you Master Duality, you flow as Your Soul, Your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. And as You embody your Mastery, All will be New for You! And You will fully Know yourself, As All That is!

I love you Dear Souls!!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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