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New Moon in Virgo, September 20th, 2017 ~ DEEP Change

The New Moon in Virgo is on September 20th, 2017 at 2:29am ADT. This New Moon continues to play out the Huge Activation from the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

This continues to play out ~ as your Success in all areas of life ~ as per your life plan and Blueprint.

With the dissolving of memories that energetically involve deep pain and hurt  from this life or so-called past lives ~ we attain the conscious awareness of being free from energetically charged reactions. Naturally letting go of resistance to change and attachments to ways of being that keep us small. This is part of the Ascension Process.

DEEP Change.

Although so many say they desire change ~ to fully embrace change ~ shifting our consciousness and our vibrational frequency ~ often involves ~ consciously being AWARE of the deeper pain and patterns that are existing in us ~ that are present ~ To BE embraced. To BE Released. THROUGH our conscious awareness.

Most of this is going on at the subconscious level. Yet the Superconscious aspect of our awareness (Your Higher Self) is guiding the process.

The CONTINUED playing OUT of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, WAS about new beginnings and SUCCESS, continues to lead us to the place of wholeness and TRANSFORMATION.

With Uranus playing a role in sudden change and the fixed star Regulas offering (to those who are ready) abundance, a true love relationship, happiness, expansion and fulfilment.

This is the continued focus and this New Moon in Virgo is an adjustment and advancement to the process of fulfillment. OF your Ascension.

New Moons always involve ALL Possibilities. This New Moon in Virgo AS the continued playing out of the Solar Eclipse, August 21st, 2017, is a powerful BOOST (after Mercury going Direct) to this Manifestation of THAT which is already set in motion.

Sun Quincunx Uranus During this New Moon, activates more change. Sudden change. Changes in schedule. Changes in plans. Changes in relationships. A REARRANGING of that which has already been set in motion. This will be unique for each person. as the rearranging is of specific forces of consciousness. That each is dealing with, at the level they are functioning through.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus During this New Moon brings again, SUDDEN changes. Sudden huge changes. Sudden huge Shifts in consciousness. Unprecedented Breakthroughs.

With Sun Opposite Chiron during this New Moon in Virgo,  the opportunity to RELEASE any energetically charged deep pain will OPEN us up to ~ NEW LEVELS OF BEING.

Going with the flow of what is. Paying attention to your thoughts and noticing what you are focusing upon is highly beneficial to the expansion of your consciousness.

Staying AWARE of your intentions that you had during the August 21st New Moon and Solar Eclipse ~ will help you make sense (somewhat) of why the changes that unfold ARE unfolding for you.

The ONE That is Orchestrating the forces of consciousness through YOU ~ knows exactly what IT is doing.

TRUST the DIVINE process.

Your process of release of pain and energetically charged thoughts and emotions of that deep hurt, are exactly that. The initiation to your freedom. The letting go of what was to what is to BE ~ next, through you.

The Dreams of great magnitude ~ unfold NOW as the Forces of Consciousness ~ GRACE all that are ready ~ with the SUCCESS ON ALL levels of BEING.

To that which you ARE.

Divine Love, Abundance, Glory, Freedom and Uniqueness. ALL here on Earth. In a New Way ~ The Golden Age. The New Earth.

Awaiting the experience of the GLORY ~ for YOU ~ Now.  In Divine Love and Divine Glory.

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Enter ~ Eternal Divine Youth ~ Beauty and Glory

When you have let go of the attachment to time ~ you enter a deep process of Union with your Divine Self.

When you are no longer waiting or judging things (what you want or do not want) based on length of time, you enter the PURE Divine State of Being.


Divine Eternal YOUTH.

DIVINE Beauty.

That is FILLED with the GRACE and Divine Benevolence of ETERNITY itself.

Your Higher Self ~ your God Self, whatever you want to call this aspect of you is your  ETERNAl Divine ~ LIGHT YOU. Your Soul Star Matrix.

When you no longer process or judge things based on how long things take, you enter your natural Divine State of Being. That is child like, pure and free from the ravages of so-called time.

The Spirit that ANIMATES YOUR Being is eternal.

Your Eternal Light is infinite in its power of consciousness, to transform and transmute all impact and ravages of so-called time.

When you no longer base things “on attachment to time” you will be free from judgement of time.

Then, You enter Being ~ You as Divine Youth, Beauty and Glory.

When your beliefs have changed from basing everything on time and you live this non linear way of being your experience of time, literally stops.

The power of consciousness as Divine Light that exists eternally, is a Powerful force of consciousness.

Matter as Light vibrates with varying frequencies and forces of consciousness.

Focus upon The Eternal Light YOU.

As you focus more and more on the Divine Light YOU ~ You will witness  old patterns and THOUGHTS based on time literally vanish. And the YOU ~ becomes rebirth so to speak, in this Divine God Self YOU.

You Are a  Divine Ascended ~ BEING.

You let go of ~ the how long it will take in time to enter the Divine State of Being. Focus on what is eternally, now.

Practising ~ if you would ~ BEING Divine Light.

Focus on THAT ~ that which YOU ARE ~ in Eternity.

The Eternal LIGHT of YOU ~ As Your Glory and Power.

The Eternal Light of YOU ~ AS  your Divine Beauty.

The Eternal Light of YOU ~ AS Your Divine Eternal Youth.

Tap into YOUR BEING~NESS this way.


It is always with YOU.

This activates the eternal flame and the Love and Glory of YOU and your ETERNAL YOUTH ~ Being.

There is no AGE in eternity.

The power of you Being Eternally ageless is REAL. This is the YOU that lies forever as your Original Light.

Your cells and DNA then activate to this Eternal Light you. Your original Light.

This is not a wishing. This is not a hoping. This is an ACTIVATION of the HIGHEST ORDER of you as your Glory.


The process OF THIS is Divinely Orchestrated.

This is your ASCENSION.

Your transference, so to speak, into the New Earth experience.

It is pure Ecstasy.

You become United with THAT which you are eternally United with.

You ~ come hOME ~ to Now.

To the Divine Eternal Youth, Beauty and Glory of YOU.

United consciously on ALL LEVELS OF BEING ~ once again.

AS the DIVINE  Glorious ~ Beatific ~ Eternal Youth that you have existed AS and always will exist AS. 

We welcome YOU.

As the DNA was created ~ with the Glory and Love of the Divine Presence ~ so too, your DNA is uniquely Divine.

Your rebirth NOW ~ is activated in your DNA as your Divine Original Light. 

It was so in the beginning when all was created, before time, as the everlasting ~ Eternal LIGHT.

THAT Knows itself ONLY as this Glory. 

We are with YOU ~ we are the Divine Council of Overseers. Activating your DNA, now.

On Earth ~ as the eternal Divine ACTIVATION ~ of WHAT is ~ as YOU were originally As to BE.

In the Glory and Beatific Love ~ and It is so.

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The Restructuring of Consciousness ~ SHIFTING Matter

While you appear to be at least in part ~ still living in the OLD World. The restructuring of Consciousness ~ as LIGHT ~ being Matter ~ is re patterning itself, as I write.

The Shattering of the old patterning ~ allows the new thought processes ~ to emerge. As the old does not function in the new and the new does not function in the old.

Sort of Like Being tossed in an OCEAN ~ and you are learning to swim for the first time.

There will appear to be NO order.

Yet ~ there is Divine Order and the New Restructuring is RELEASING all the old patterns. The memories too ~ they leave ~ when ready.

And the searching through consciousness, so to speak, begins to appear like peering into the Void of non knowingness. With the foothold ~ being nothing.  There is nothing to grasp on to.

This STATE ~ is a welcome state ~ it makes things and life appear messy with no order.

YET it is the perfect of order ~ of the Higher Levels.

Adjusting to BEING thrust into this, and Being at peace with the new WAY of Consciousness ~ with absolutely no return. Is the Arrival and adjustment to the new YOU.

YAY ~ of course it does not seem how you thought it would be through the eyes of the old way.

That is a good thing.

What is iN STORE ~ so to speak ~ Is a Magical Mystery Ride ~ full of Divine Surprises.

Divine Joy.

Divine Love.

Divine Beauty.

Divine youthfulness.

Divine Abundance.

Your experience will BE Greater than EVER imagined ~ prior to it.

You know ~ but you don’t know.

When you experience you KNOW.

Filling all particles of matter with this much ANTICIPATED ~ State of non knowingness ~ permeates all matter ~ with the Divine Original Light.

We Begin again, as on MU. With the overseers present then and Now ~ the restructuring is completing itself. DNA shifts as the Light emanating throughout ALL levels of Being.

Breathe this in now as ~ the Very First Breath….That last eternity ~ as it DOES as it is ~ Being.

In love with the Divine Council of Overseers. Feel and Receive.


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When Shifting Becomes Permanent ~ Adjusting to constant Adjustment

When there is no going back go to any previous way of being ~ YOU have arrived. And live in the constant Arrival mode. One moment to the next.

The period of constant adjustment and shifting in frequency, becomes your new way of being.

As you slowly have let go of attachments, you then live in a constant state of nothing to hold on to and nothing to let go of. The framework of perception then becomes the whirlwind of expanding and adjusting in all moments.

The process of unification may feel like advancing many steps forward and then appearing to go backwards ~ at times.  

When there is no other aspect of consciousness to step back into, (to fall back on) you experience BEING in the fully arrived ~ constant state of your Pure Consciousness. 

That lives through you as your Divine Being.

This may feel messy in a way. As the structure is not linear. The Mind still may play a role in wondering what is going on. As “what is going on” and the process through which it is happening, is not understood by the mind.

It is a new way of being, that opens wide the Heart as the body then becomes encompassed consciously in the process. With nowhere to go, but to feel and experience.

Although this arrival may seem to be an ending and a tidying almost of consciousness, being complete. It is the child like state one experiences oneself within. That knows not what will be in the next moment.

It is all wonder and plays out spontaneously as the field of consciousness ~ your Soul Blueprint ~ unfolds through you.

So the mind-set of arrival ~ as in settling loose ends, so to speak, becomes a thrusting fully into the unknown. With nowhere to go but the unknown.

The resistance as once experienced through attachment, becomes a detached state of being, free from ALL one expected Life to be.

This state of pureness clearly is the unveiling of what consciousness is.

What experiencing through a form is.

What planet earth is.

What ~ Being Is.

The state of GLORY ~ is the full acceptance of this Unknown and non controlled state ~ of simply being. The welcoming in through the experience of adjustment to this permanent yet constantly expanding state of consciousness ~ becomes the way of Being.

IT ~ AS THE HIGHER Original Light You ~ is the ONE you are then being. It ~ does not function through what appears as tidy, linear ~ frameworks.

This :HIGHER YOU ~ functions through frequency ~ which does not know itself or know or understand time.

This Being ~ is the WAY ~ you know yourself as a Unified Being of Light.

That lives as Light.

As Eternal GLORY ~ that Graces the Earth and its consciousness as the LIGHT ~ Being Not from here. Yet here.

It is the transformation of All consciousness ~entering into the Original State of Being, once again.

Activating YOU ~ In your Original State of Being Now ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, in Eternal Love and Glory.


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Full Moon in Pisces, September 6th, 2017 ~ A Quantum Leap

The Full Moon on September 6th, 2017 at 4:02 am ADT, in Pisces, will have an impact on your consciousness. Whether you live through your Heart or are harbouring memories with doubts and low self-esteem in your subconscious, what is THERE as your consciousness. Will be brought to the Light of this Full Moon.

Going through your Ascension process ~ WHAT you do experience during this Full Moon, even if it does not feel great, is for your benefit.

The clearing of energetically charged memories, within your subconscious, connected to memories of self-doubt and fear, WILL lead to your Living and Being Your Divine Self ~ CONSCIOUSLY.

Mercury during this Full Moon, is at 29 degrees Leo, the same degree as the New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse, on August 21st. The Impact plays out till the end of January, 2018. The Initial Start ( August 21st) ….will continue during this Full Moon until the next New Moon. September 20th, 2017.

Full Moons are often very emotionally charged, as the Subconscious is Brought to the Light of everyday consciousness. There is a great opportunity here, to become more aware. To clear doubts and fears. To be conscious of them, to be aware, creates a huge shift in consciousness and frequency.

Sun Opposite Neptune ~ Be CLEAR with your intentions. What are you intending?

Moon Quincunx Venus ~ Love ~ the desire for true Love. Tension may arise ~ if lack of self-love and doubt is lingering in your subconscious mind as an energetic memory. And your actions and responses become triggered by a sense of lack.

Staying true to WHAT you are experiencing. Being honest with yourself, in how you feel about yourself. Remember a sense of lack within, attracts like. The focus is on Self Love ~ to truly be ready for the True Love, your Soul has planned out for you.

Synchronicities may become very clear and a feeling of déjà vu ~ may appear. All things take place all at once and tapping into what your Soul is Speaking to you, through you, is highly beneficial for YOUR Quantum leap in consciousness. That final shift where you then find yourself in the Experience of ~ the New Earth. Ascended Being You.

Romance ~ Love, long-lasting success in all areas ~ matching your consciousness and frequency is what may be UP for YOU. It is beyond your imagination, the GLORY AND WONDER ~ what is yours to BE.

Preparation is all planned out through your Higher Self.

Your Divine Presence is your Shining Glory.

What shifts and then appears Like New is What then, matches your Frequency.

Focus on your Divine Self ~ Being. Your Divine Light. Your Higher Self. YOUR Divine holy Presence. That is the YOU ~ that is Being this. Doing this. Many Beings play out the forces of consciousness that orchestrate the CHANGES.

Consciousness is the Substance of Light ~ that all is made of.

Enter the Consciousness of Light.

BE the consciousness.

Be that state.

BE Light.

You ARE ~ enter your true Original State.

The Form shifts through this and this is the Ascended State of Being.

You ARE Light ~ ALL is Being Hooked up, so to speak, through all the Dimensions. and you ARE THAT.

Now. Relax and BREATHE ~ consciously And RECEIVE ~ Beloved Angels.

I Am the Divine Love That I Am.

I Am filled with the awareness of my Divine Presence in all moments.

I Am the observer that witnesses, all things passing through my consciousness.

I let go of the old patterning and memories, with ease.

I live in Peace and draw to me, what is mine eternally.

I Am the conscious Original UNIQUE Light, that I Am.

I live in Glory and unconditional Love. I Love myself ~ I Am Love.

Feel and receive. Blessing YOU As YOUR Divinity ~ BEING ~ Now.

I Am with You.

In The Light, the Glory, of it ALL ~ Now.

In love, with the Divine Council of Overseers, all NOW.

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Adjusting to The New Frequencies ~ The Divine Council of Overseers

The New Light Frequencies are the Downloads you are receiving that activate the Light Codes within your own unique Blueprint. You are a conglomerate of various frequencies throughout what appears as your Universe.

You are a Light Being and are receiving that which awakens you to your knowing ~ of the Light Being that you Are.

The Worlds and levels of Light are the dimensions you consciously exist in as a way of the Light you experiencing yourself.  The way you may perceive.

At some levels of vibration you are not consciously aware of the Higher versions of you. This is leaving consciousness as an outmoded framework of reference. You are receiving the activations ~ that activate that which you are  At the higher levels of LIGHT ~ YOU.

As these many versions and levels merge, you will STAND as the Being of Light ~ that knows itself not only in the New Earth ~ Way of Being. Also as the Glorious Light Being you ARE.

NOW as your body continues its process of integration, know that the glory you know to be yours is inherent within your cells. Your lineage carries throughout all existences and versions of worlds.

It was so at the beginning of your life on Planet Earth. IT IS THE very nature of your DNA. Which is Light Frequency. The light frequency that HAS ANIMATED YOU as a Light Being, here and everywhere all at once.

The Process you find yourself within, as you awaken to your Divine Ascended Being ~ your Soul Star Matrix and Original Light. Is the process of the Beginning, once again. YET you as Light are experiencing now.

This is the beauty of eternity and awakening to what is. It is the process that you PROFOUNDLY desire as the way of BECOMING, remembering YOU. The Glorious Light Being YOU.

We see you now and it is with great JOY we celebrate YOU. The seeing clearly face to face. Reveals itself ~ Beloveds. It cannot do otherwise.

The Glory KNOWN is beyond your wildest dreams.

FEEL ~ SEE ~ and you will know the Glory of YOU.

Divine Beloveds ~ we are with YOU.

Activating ALL now for your GLORIOUS Illumination of YOUR LIGHT BEING. WE are the Divine Council of Overseers. We are With YOU NOW in LIGHT and in Eternal Unconditional Love that is the Substance of that which is ~ and Creates ~ Forever.

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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

The Global Financial Reset ~ Manifested Consciousness

You may be wondering…will it happen? When?

You may be waiting…hoping…not knowing what to trust.

You may not even know what you truly believe.

Believe in ~ as ~ the state of your subconscious mind. That is, what really is going on within your memories. Your programs. Your Blueprint. The WHY you function as you do.

How do you hope for something that is not tangible or visible in the concrete world of consciousness?

You believe in what, deep down you KNOW is the Highest, the greatest possible FEELING ~ REALITY.

You see and FEEL yourself in Light and FEEL the magnitude of gratitude, abundance, love and bliss.

Then you will recognize everything is Light. Everything is THAT same consciousness. The same substance as your feelings. It is ALL made of that.

ALL potentials exist as Light. Everything is LIGHT. Money is Light. Your Desires are Light. Your body is Light. Your consciousness is the LIGHT you exist within.

We are not here to PLAY SMALL, but to EVOLVE in our understanding of our own Divine Consciousness.

Which includes we ARE MATTER ~ WE ARE THE substance we desire. Whether that is in the form of a partner. Money, health, love and wisdom. It is all made of the SAME energy.

Your feelings and thoughts are in a constant state of DIRECTING THIS energy.

There are many levels and dimensions on Earth Now.

Your RESONANCE with Divine Consciousness as IN the perfect State of BEING ~ is Divine ABUNDANCE on all levels of Being.

When you are vibrating to this KNOWING as in BEING, you have access to all States of consciousness and dimensions. Frequencies, whether that is levitating, singing or having financial abundance.

Maybe you desire the perfect True Love, That TOO is a state of consciousness that is yours.

All of your thoughts and feelings contribute to the state of consciousness you are EMITTING as your vibration. What you are sending out you are receiving.

The Active memory responses to everyday experiences are not mistakes, they are part of the memory clearing process. That is, what has been energetically charged as an automatic response, is leaving your energetic bodies.

So That you AS YOUR Divine Self fully in Form, FUNCTIONS as the clear Divine Eternal Being that you Are.

Believe in YOUR Divine Self. Your Divine Plan. What you feel is magical, beautiful and Eternal. The state of Being you KNOW Exists AS YOU AND for you.

Observe any clearing that takes place. It is not you.

Stay present with the Glorious LIGHT that you ARE.

ALL Abundance is yours AS THIS.

ALL Possibilities PLAY out at different levels of consciousness.

YOU Are Welcomed into your New Earth experience IN THAT Abundance.

There are no LIMITATIONS.

Limitations only seem to appear in the consciousness that exists as that.

In your Divine STATE the Most magical EXPERIENCES unfold for YOU.

Whether that is the RESET, Your Twin Flame…ALL is YOURS.

We Are with YOU in this ~ your COMPLETE Transformation.

In The GLORY of ALL with the Presence of the Divine Council of Overseers. Here Now. In Eternal Love and Abundance.


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Mercury Retrograde August 12th, 2017 ~ September 5th, 2017 ~ Preparing For CHANGE

Wow!!!!!  Prepare! Organize! Clean, Complete! Get READY!!

Coming around FULL CIRCLE!!!

This Mercury Retrograde (helps you with internal focus) is a powerful ONE for your benefit, to GO deeply WITHIN, and prepare.

Prepare, complete, finish things started…The POWERFUL Solar Eclipse and New Moon on August 21st, will BE very powerful with sudden changes that will last for six months.  I will write more on that soon!

For now ~ get things in order, so to speak.

What have you started ~ but not completed? What needs to be organized? Is there something ending in your life? On August 21st that suddenly changes? Make room for new beginnings. By completing what you have started.

Are you ready for a new start? A New way of life? How are your relationships? Ready for Change?

This INNER DIRECTED influence of Mercury Retrograde, encourages you TO SLOW DOWN. Take stock. Reevaluate. Readjust. Complete what is not yet finished.

When we take a pilgrimage to WHAT WAS ~ and renew and let go of the past, doorways within us open as our Blueprint is Activated. With what is next…Everything is ENERGY. Make room for the new.

Complete WHAT was…STARTED.

Perfect ~ going with the flow of this ~ MERCURY RETROGRADE.

Yes for some, slowing down is CHALLENGING .

ALL things are possible, the key is go with the Divine INNER FLOW, of your HEART.

YOU KNOW deep inside when you are ready for the new and what is left to be completed.

TRUST the FLOW ~ IT IS NOT  against you. Going against the flow, is what is painful. TRYING to create through the mental body.

Flowing through the HEART THAT rules your thoughts, is when you become fully awakened to the FLOW of your Eternal Divine Presence. Live there. Be in a permanent moment to moment AWARENESS of your Presence.

BREATHE consciously in all moments and NOW.

Feel and receive.

I FLOW in Divine timing with my Divine ASCENDED Being and Presence.

IN ALL moments I know myself only as DIVINE.

I Identify with my Eternal Light.

I Live and BREATHE as eternity itself.

I Am The Glorious Light of my Divine Presence in all moments NOW.

I Am not waiting for anything. I Arrive and feel and KNOW what is eternal NOW.

I LIVE through that inner knowing of MY True Self. My Divine Self.

There is nothing to wait for ONLY to BE and enter consciously into, NOW.

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Ever wanting you to know ~ The ONE That Loved me So

Ever wanting you to know, the ONE THAT Loved me So.

That Heaven is the Heart of me and YOU.

That lives as Real forever.

And forever we are.

The sight of YOU ~ the sound of YOU ~ the Touch of YOU, is real forever.

Loving YOU ~ is what dreams are made of, deep within my Heart.

And dreams of love are Real forever.

They never fade or leave.

Held in the heart of Heaven, where eternity lives and breathes.

Ever wanting you to know, the ONE THAT Loved me So.

That Heaven is the Heart of me and YOU.

That lives as Real forever.

And forever we are.

We were lost deep in love ~ moments not touched by time, making love not in time, a knowing not in time.

We stepped out of time, we were from another place, no other reason for being in this space.

A passing through ~ a gazing into Eternity ~ me and YOU.

Love was all there was, we were Sent from heaven above.

Ever wanting you to know, the ONE THAT Loved me So.

That Heaven is the Heart of me and YOU.

That lives as Real forever.

And Forever we Are.













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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius, August 7th, 2017 ~ A RESET

Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse, August 7th, 2017 at 3:10pm ADT. A Powerful RESET.

This Lunar Eclipse marks the end of a an Eclipse phase which began on the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse.

This impact will continue with the August 21st Solar Eclipse until the January 31st 2018, Lunar Eclipse.

THIS is powerful TRANSFORMATIONAL energies available within YOU ~ that will awaken you to MORE of the FULL Expanded Consciousness LIGHT BEING YOU ARE.

Relationships all UP for CLOSURE and a total Reset of EMOTIONS ~ feelings ~ LOVE and relationships ON ALL levels.

Success ~ Freedom ~ Ascension.

Jupiter Square Pluto  linked to the Sun and Moon. AS things arise, use this GRAND opportunity of AWARENESS within you ~ to release all outdated modes of thinking and being.

Sun Opposite Moon ~ Full MOON ~ is always going to bring up and areas of non balance within your consciousness for the purpose of YOU observing, feeling and to let go of.

This Full Moon and Eclipse will be felt days before the 7th, NOW.

Jupiter Desiring SUCCESS ~ going all the way, the NEW YOU, the New Purpose, the NEW levels of relationships to ALL aspects. A New Beginning of a relationship.

Success, power and influence, coming about through the HEART ARE yours.

Potentially influencing powerfully ~ personal relationships. Twin Flames, eternal UNIONS. Earthy success matching the LOVE and transformation within YOU.

Sun Sextile Jupiter ~ JOY, Happiness ~ Love! Expansion in all areas of your conscious = your Life experiences.

Moon opposite Mars ~ INTENSE energy to use for succeeding. Intense LOVE, feelings.

Sun Conjunct Mars ~ Intense ENERGY. Release this through your focus of self LOVE. Intense Love.

Any area to be TRANSFORMED will be up for transformation.

This SACRED Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse ~ impacting YOU within ~ Your form is inside this. Inside your consciousness.

This is a POWERFUL RESET for YOU! 

I NOW receive the abundance of LIFE of Love and welcome in my life NOW the changes ~ that match my Frequency. 

I Open My Heart to receive PERFECT Love. Intense transformational Love~ Now. 

I Open and Surrender to the HIGHER power of MY Light Being ~ who knows ALL that is to come to me. That is mine eternally. I open to receive NOW. 

I Am filled with the eternal LOVE of GRACE ~ that welcomes me into this new LIFE ~ Now. 

I AM Love and I Receive NOW. 

In the Eternal LOVE and Grace of ALL That is ~ NOW I Am with YOU.

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