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Seeded Into Being ~ Light Unto Light

Through the Light the seeding began.

The ever shifting seeded Light Being that you are, is shifting as you expand, life unto life. Death unto life. Old ways into new ways.

As the old passes away, the inherent seeding of your individuality becomes the well-spring for the arising of the new you.

Clothed in a light form, all becomes new.

This is inherent in your original seeding. As in nature. As above so below. You are.

Encased in what appears to be a form, it too is ever-changing, as in A womb, to be birthed into being.

This is reflective of the seed unfolding. Busting out of its encasing.

The seeding we are speaking of is your encoded light frequencies.

When the Divine Union takes place within you there is a new birth of consciousness. That which is the marriage of the eternal within the consciousness of the seeded light.

The seeded Light transformation changes the form again.

Light unto Light.

Expansion unto expansion.

This marriage of UNIONS is your eternal seeding that awakens spontaneously on its own as you progress along what appears as linear course. It is not linear. It is a seed that blossoms. That lives out its encoding into then yet another re birth.

So to the nature of walk ins. The seeding gives birth to the seeding. The outer shell of the Light nature then transforms itself to it.

The seeding is the Light nature that is constantly unfolding.

Linking life unto life, death unto death, as in nature. As above so below.

Birthed into the UNION of Union you emerge from the void of Light through darkness of being, your underground of the ETERNAL Womb, where you emerge in a constant state of LIGHT Being.

In its myriad of forms and expansions of your own seeded awareness.

This seeding is expanding upon itself as in a bursting forward of Light that is now recognizing itself.

Look into this mirror.

You will see Your seeded self unfolding and blooming of your own seeded Light nature.

This unfolds as a unique LIFE frequency that Is LIGHT Encoded and specific to YOU.

The force that feeds the seeded nature is the Love that is the eternal Light.

This love as it builds in the seeded nature, bursts forward as it blossoms.

All that moves through the blossoming seeded one, moves around it, encompasses it, as in the face of eternity itself.

Unfold seeded ones as this is calling to awaken the seeded nature of the Light within your seeded consciousness.

The love that is eternal calls you now as you awaken and blossom.

This has many names you may call this process.

It is what calls you.

It is what is awakening within you ~ through your SEEDING.

It is the Light that calls all the seeds to awaken.

It is the Light unto the Light.

The darkness filled with Light.

The Light that is the encoding and seeds of all the universes.

It is Now the seeded one.

Light unto Light.

Seed awakening all seeds. Feel and receive. It is that which is calling you.



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New Moon, Solar Eclipse ~ February 15th, 2018 ~ Love, Union and Commitment

This New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is on February 15th at 5:05 pm AST.

The impact of this Solar Eclipse (including the Lunar Eclipse on January 31st) will continue to play out till  July 12, 2018.

A New Moon impact continues through a 28 day cycle ~ which is a powerful New Beginning in itself. With the Solar Eclipse this New Moon WILL have a greater far-reaching “new beginning” impact ~ which will last 6 months. This will include downloads, activations and timeline shifts.

Since this is a partial Solar Eclipse the Sun will be partially covered by the Moon during the Solar Eclipse. The impact on consciousness is deep and profound and far-reaching.

With Valentines day around the corner ~ we have a building up of and a leading to (for 6 months) the impact of Love that is activated within consciousness during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on February 15th.

Changes made, shifts and activations, with the focus on love relationships and success in general, will be part of the expanding of consciousness.

That which was challenging to get access to previously, will be accessed with greater ease ~ as timelines shift and consciousness expands. This may seem as if something you were trying to attain before now will be easy. It is more a stepping into a new timeline where all you desire is there and present, through you.

When we shift timelines, we realize that how we once were experiencing reality was simply our consciousness existing in a state of limitation ~ prior to its expansion. In its expanded state we KNOW what is next while it is occurring moment to moment. Now and now.

A death and rebirth process that our DNA has planned out before incarnating through our Blueprint and unique frequency.

As consciousness expands, it automatically is the portal to the new life. There is no trying to attain this. It is an activation. It is inherent in your Blueprint and when you are ready, you experience it.

It may seem as though a myriad of initiations exist between the new timeline and what you experience now.

It is simply the birth into the greater awareness and alignment with the eternal you. Which is always accessible now.

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury, which activates an increase in communication. This may signify with others, also with ourselves. Our Divine Self, Our God Self. Our Divine Ascended Being.

With the Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus, we have the communications arising become focused upon relationships. Feelings of shyness may be resolved once and for all. The desire for true love may be experienced for those whose time has come. With greater ease with ones own uniqueness and profound openings through speaking from the heart.

Solar Eclipse square Jupiter, is in itself a profound blessing. With those whose Jupiter is aligned with this Solar Eclipse, profound expansion in what is up for you now. The ease and greater communication from the heart will bring happiness. Love and profound shifts of expansion. This includes timeline shifts with no limitations.

Venus will be sextile Saturn, activating the desire for the perfect companion, finding your twin flame and counterpart. For real, forever. You may be open and aware of the desire for that commitment.

The new commitment may also be for the renewed activation of your Soul Blueprint and contract. In a personal sense, the igniting of the Heart Flame within. That is, Love consciousness as a state of being, consciously being, your new frequency and reality.

The energies and activations of this will be felt and continue for 6 months.

With Valentines day just before the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the love and gratitude ignited will continue on, within your heart.

Mars square Neptune, this may activate some caution. However, as you stay in your Heart and trust your Life Plan and the DNA holding all that is your eternal YOU as a frequency to be activated. The awareness may be lived through the transcendence state and experienced through the grace of the Heart and the trusting of the Soul. Ones Light.

Jupiter sextile Pluto ~ delicious expansion, CHANGE ~ landing in that timeline, that which you are not aware of (but exists already) Now. Through the activation of your Blueprint, Your codes that awaken for you even NOW. As the one that nows KNOWS that which it had not remembered. Step into all of this with the LIGHT that is the eternal you. Gracefully surrendering that which no longer serves you.

This is a six month activation of frequencies. Activating your shifts, your changes. Your Ascension. Your Abundance, that life beyond your wildest dreams. Which is your expansion.

Even NOW, enter your heart. Feel your Soul. Your Light.

Embrace the unknown, as that which not yet experienced. That does exist already. In what may appear as a dormant state. Yet it exists in a higher dimension that you on Earth agreed to be birthed into. Through that activation of your your Light Body and DNA. Transforming your appearance and your frequency of Light.

As the transcended ~ ASCENDED Divine Being that you are NOW. In the Higher dimensions.

You are always that which flows out as you through the Void. The emanating of the unique frequency of you, as Your original Light.

In love and GLORY activating the codes of Light, throughout the Universe. In the SACRED Light of ALL That is. In the Presence of the Divine Council of Overseers. Activating now.

Timelines shifting NOW. And so it is ~ already, NOW.

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Seeing and FEELING Yourself As A Divine Ascended BEING ~ Now

Waking up every new day and moment and seeing and knowing yourself as A Divine Ascended Being. Already Ascended now, not separate from your 5th Dimensional experience.

What would this be like for you?

Do you see yourself and FEEL yourself already in the 5th Dimension?

Expanding into this GRAND and Glorious aspect of YOU is easier to align and surrender when you BELIEVE you already exist as this.

All Dimensions co-exist.

You are shifting out of the 4th dimension and the experience of time as you have known it.

In this NO time all the existences of YOU in all dimensions exist NOW.

THIS IS the conscious awareness of the LIMITLESS you ~ the YOU that is eternal. YOUR Original Light.

Waking up, moving around…resting. AS you immerse your awareness into and as the Eternal YOU, your DNA shifts. Your Blueprint shifts.

YOU align with your Divine Eternal Ascended Being.

This alignment is your expansion of consciousness. It is never-ending throughout the Universe and beyond.

Relax now into the vastness of the Universe. Breathing in and out, simply relax. When you quiet yourself you can hear and feel your heartbeat.

Go deeper into the vortex of your heart.

In this space ~ you exist in all dimensions.

There is no distance.

There is no time.

There is Love and Glory.

Communicate with your Divine Ascended Being, your Original Light. It will respond to you.

This interactive ~ play, is the innocence in which you open and receive.

Feel the alignment NOW.

Feel the activation NOW.

FEEL the Love and Glory Now.

Embrace NOW your Divine Ascended Being and you living fully in the 5th Dimension. NOW.

In the Love and Radiance of Eternal Union. With the Divine Council of Overseers. Blessing you now. And So it is, NOW. In love.


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Timeline Shifts ~ Entering A New World

Your Reality ~ Your consciousness ~ Your Light.

Entering now an awareness that allows all to shift, in ways beyond your imagination. Receive this activation now.

The Pleiadian are present. The Elohim are present. The Divine Council of Overseers are present. It is all united, in this the sacred plan of Divinity. All Now.

As you enter Higher Dimensional awareness and visit timelines and parallel worlds, YOU shift your frequency here. In your form. Your DNA awakens as the transmitters of frequencies that they are.

You in parallel words are transmitting to you here.

You shift here and shift there.

You are connected.

When you consciously enter these parallel worlds, you feel and know your Light here as the traversing of no time, throughout all dimensions, in the present moment.

Your center, the Presence of YOU made manifest as it is.

Centered in your Heart you enter the present moment, accessing all versions of YOU, that co-exist now throughout the Universe.

Take a few moments and center yourself. Enter the awareness of your Light through your Heart space. Breathe slowly.

Penetrating through all that appears not as this center.

This space is you throughout the Universe.

Uplifting your frequency to the eternal truth of You.

I enter my Heart space now, fully and deeply.

I feel the vibrations and shifts of my DNA as they align with the core center of me, throughout all time and space, anchored in eternity, now.

My Light as a Brilliant Sun, awakens all aspects of my being, that knows itself only as a unified whole, through my heart.

I embrace my Divine Ascended Being, and release all fear and doubt throughout all timelines in all bodies and in my energy field, so that my awareness, becomes the wholeness that I Am, now.

I feel deeply my Light shine deep within my cells.

I vibrate as my Divinity, Now.

I allow my awareness to shift timelines so that my expansion of consciousness is revealed as the shifting of matter.

I recognize in this, no limitation, is my True Being.

I enter my Divine Ascension fully embracing the 5th dimension, as the Eternal Loving Being that I Am.

I feel the Sacred Flame of my Divinity pulsate within me and around me.

I Am in the Presence of my Divinity ~ I feel and know this in every breath that I take.

Each breath links me to my eternal awareness, all timelines and all versions of myself, throughout the Universe and Beyond.

I Embody my Heart Center as the transmission Light throughout all timelines that I Radiate Now.

I shift timelines with ease and grace.

I Am blessed.

My Presence Blesses all.

I Am whole and Unified.

I stand in Glory as all shifts around me.

I Am the embodiment of the Limitless Light that I am Now.

I receive my Presence. My Ascension. My Glory Now.

So It is and So I am. Now. Grateful and in Love. Always and forever, now. I Receive. Thank You. We are with YOU and so it is, now.



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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018 in Leo ~ Living As Divine Light

A clearing out of emotions, a rebirth, an expanded awareness of both the mental thought patterns that lead to emotional sensitivity and belief systems, that once cleared, restructure your consciousness.

Your consciousness as Divine Light. Entering into the 5th Dimensional aspect of consciousness from 4th dimensional awareness. Is entering the Divine state of unconditional love. Of being your Divine Light.

Old patterns simply dissolve in this love.

This and more. activated as potential levels of expansion for you, during this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo. The Lunar eclipse adds to the emotional intensity of this Full Moon. Which through self observation, leads to your rebirth.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 11 degrees Leo, is at 9:26 am AST on January 31st 2018. This will be a powerful shift in consciousness and expansion into greater identity with ones pure Divinity depending on one’s life plan. Soul plan.

This long-awaited shift to greater knowingness of the Origin of Ones Higher God self Light, has always been what was to BE.

In the Now Moment ones heart purely opens to The Divine Love of self. It is humbleness. It is gratefulness. It is awareness and peace.

This Light has always shined in the Now throughout eternity. The 5th Dimension and all dimensions have always existed.

The Moon itself represents the subconscious self. That which acts from deep within itself the old patterns. When these patterns are cleared, the subconscious and conscious function as one, consciously. The subconscious becomes conscious. No longer hidden. All parts of self loved.

The Lunar eclipse is Quincunx Neptune. This may feel challenging as old memories and reactive responses resurface. Addictions, co-dependencies, rage, power struggles in relationships may show up. If anything left other than self-love shows up. It is to be loved. It is there for your non judgment awareness to love yourself. When you love yourself ~ you see when others are in suffering. Struggling to control outcomes. Struggling with the habitual thoughts, that are suffering in themselves.

The Lunar eclipse will be visible over the Pacific, Asia and Australia, the entire eclipse will last five hours and 17 minutes. During the totality of the Lunar Eclipse the Moon will turn to red. It does not matter where you are in the world as consciousness and Light exist without limitation of distance.

It is what is in your Blueprint and frequency that activates that which is to be activated for you. You Living as your Divine Light. Attuned and Aligned with the Eternal You. Your Higher Self. Your Presence, Your Divine Ascended Being.

Slipping in and out of dimensions as I began to write. I am here and I am there, already, all now. In what appears as leaving here. I enter the now, the expanded Divine Ascended Being. All with All That is, since before Earth Was created. With the Divine Council of Overseers. All in Divine Love and Glory and Now.

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Being Your Presence ~ Your Light

Living as your Light is living through your Heart. This powerful radiation of Light ~ transmits all that you are everywhere.

Living through thoughts of the future, seeking or resisting, although appears very normal, is consciously missing out, as the experience of your Essence.

This tangible Presence in the physical, is the welcoming in of the Higher Dimensional Worlds, into this form, this world.

Form and mastery of it, includes freedom from pain and suffering.  As one transcends the appeared limitations of the physical, one enters into complete union with the Glorious Divine State of Being.

All the many forms of fear are then transcended. The memories clear and the reactive states the subconscious lives through, dissolve.

Love is pure, has no intentions, other than being its pure state. This is a level of consciousness, that is pure. That is innocent. That is the embodiment of Eternal Love itself. There is no agenda in pure love. It just loves.

The opposite of love is fear. It is a state of consciousness that can turn love into something dark and ugly, in its imaginings.

Both love and fear existing as states of consciousness here now.

Although in fear one is not conscious of now. This does not mean the consciousness of the Divine Presence is gone. It simply means, the subconscious energetic memories related to fear are living and radiating its impulses.

Love ~ loves. Fear ~ destroys.

True Love is the Higher dimensional aspects of the Soul.

Fear is the lower dimensional aspects of consciousness attached to the past or future. It is what many are in the process of transcending.

It is all a state of being. Which in all moments one is choosing or not. Aligning with the Higher Self Divine qualities. Or the lower dimensional fears.

Staying consciously aware of the states of consciousness that go through us,  is part of the self observing, of what reality is. Which leads to complete self-awareness.

This is the inner self-awareness, where all the internal processes of thoughts and feelings become the gateway to enlightenment.

What are those thoughts in the background of my awareness, that lead me to act or feel a certain way? Are they the truth of love or are they fear? Why am I only noticing them now. Have these love based or fear based thoughts and feelings led to greater self-love or to lack of love. The watching through the witness of ONESELF, never judges.

It is the Holy Presence, that in the process of Ascension, you identify with and become one with. Then it is all the process. All the journey.

In every moment. There is nothing outside of this. This all is ~ reality, states of consciousness.

In Holy Divine Love, Presence and Glory of the Divine Council of Overseers. Activating and Opening Hearts everywhere. All Now.


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Entering Higher Dimensions Now ~ Magical Parallel Worlds

Bliss in the most magical of worlds…Entering and shifting consciously to the glory that is NOW. BEING the Divine YOU ~ your Higher Self. That lives and breathes each moment into being.

In these magical worlds now.

Not waiting ~ Entering, Being Staying consciously.

In the magic that is YOU.

This shifts your frequency and you become your eternal LIGHT in FORM.

Your form now is not solid. You will know yourself as this Light Being existing in these other worlds now.

These other dimensions exist now. You exist in parallel worlds.

When your frequency ALIGNS with these Higher dimensions (including the 5th dimension and higher) you become the embodiment of ALL that you are.

Your Pure Original Light.

So many are expecting a new world to appear. Yet through their imagining they imagine it as a different place. ALMOST as if they could travel there.

YET it is here. Exists Now. It is a state of consciousness.

An Alignment with your Pure State of Being.

You AS Light.

Your Original Light.

The key being your CONSCIOUSNESS l(frequency) level.

Your awareness level.

Enter now into the depth of Being, that opens your Heart to The Eternal Love that you are. The eternal flow of your Being.

This state of Being, your Divine Ascended Being, is FREE from suffering. Does not attach itself to circumstances. Does not resist what is. AS what is ~ is the experience of Being. At the Highest Levels.

The parallel worlds ~ await your consciousness to merge now. Everywhere and here. It is all light. It is all consciousness. It is all love.

Now ~ in the Divine Grace, Love and Glory with the Divine Council of Overseers. Open your Heart and receive.

The Magical worlds….are here. Now.



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The Moment Joined ~ Mesmerizing Rapture

Sacred touch, within the night’s darkness, heaven felt, between the sheets.

Stories told, haunted whispers, blowing in the breeze, dying to meet.

With all they are, they enter the chamber, the sacred anointing, that is their own.

The echo of long before, shines like effervescent moonlight,, water dances along the shore.

Brilliant light, their hearts open, jasmine flowers, fill the sacred  space.

The Moment joined, mesmerizing rapture, entering the lovers dream, through never-ending grace.

The forever story, filled with magic, intoxicating, in its perfect state.

Lasts forever, in the moment, in their eternal beauty and hallowed fate.


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A New Year, A Master Year ~ 2018 ~ Abundance and Glory

The Year 2018 ~ A Master Number “Eleven” Year. 

This is ENTERING your Full Embodiment, the Life beyond your wildest dreams..

The Full MOON impacting the frequencies. And of course the August 21st powerful Solar Eclipse, continuing to manifest its shifts..

Sacred, Holy and Majestic!

The Full Moon January 1st, Post:

This is YOU entering into your Majestic PRESENCE ~ and Being the Light Being that you already ARE in form. Bringing it all here.

Activated, integrated, UNIFIED in Love.

The Glory shines upon the Glory. Which is never-ending.

Eternal Abundance in all its forms. Every aspect of LIFE ~ GLOWING  with the eternal Majestic Presence of the Divine.

Beauty, Love, the Life beyond your wildest dreams.

Enter every moment knowing this already exists. Your Divine Destiny UNFOLDS…

In the Great Majesty of Light that is the original Pure Light.

The Eternal YOU ~ Graced with Beauty and Abundance. Love and Honour. Peace and Glory. Radiantly unfolding every moment.

Now Activated as EMBODIED ~ THE GLORY knows the Glory!

The Love knows the Love.

The Abundance knows the Abundance.

The Mirror knows itself.

2018 ~ Master 11 ~ and So it is!

In Majestic Glory and in the Profound LIGHT of The Divine Council of Overseers.

Grace and Glory! Being the Divine Master~ 2018 ~ an Energetic imprint….All Now!


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Full Moon in Cancer, January 1st, 2018 ~ Love and Miracles

This is a POWERFUL Full Moon. AND on the first day of the New Year!

Emotions will be powerful.

The Full Moon is in Cancer, on January 1st, 2018 at 10:24 pm, AST. It is a Super Moon Also. WOW, Powerful Love and Miracles.

Be Prepared for greater revealing. More brought to the LIGHT.

Relationships, Love and expectations, desires, with ~ what is. It is a Full Moon after all. Sun opposite moon, bringing to Light more of what is held deep within the subconscious.

YOU AS consciousness. As Light. As a Divine Being in the process of transformation ~ consciously embodying your LIGHT Being. Your Holy Divine Presence.

The Ascended Master You.

The Fully Abundant, life beyond your wildest DREAMS ~ YOU. 

This revealing will take place “within” you and on the world’s stage.

The changes, shifts and revealings will be unparalleled in intensity and in frequency. The momentum also will continue to increase. AS the August 21st, Solar Eclipse (impact) continues to play out.

The Inner worlds are shifting and the outer is the result. What takes place in preparation is JUST as important as the result. Being grateful for what is, is the first step in recognizing your internal process.

The Full Moon opposite Venus, increases the NEED and desire for Love, if present within you.

Tensions and emotional energies may be ignited, if that is something to be brought to the Light of LOVE. For you, for your evolution.

Unconditional LOVE for yourself ~ shifts the energies and frequencies within YOUR HEART. TO BE THE Love that you desire. First.

LOVE out of true self-love, opens the awareness and heart to the eternal state of being Love. Which is true love.

All the aspects and frequencies ACTIVATE specifically to YOU based on your frequency. That is important to remember that, as no two people will experience this in the same way. Your Blueprint is your design, based on why you are here, and what your frequency is.

The Full Moon is Trine Mars, which lends a powerful blast on energy, even sexual energy to the mix.

The Full Moon Is Trine Neptune, This is the Power of Divine Love, miracles, grace and Glory. When in Harmony and Union, Grace and Glory is the state of consciousness, ALWAYS, through all experiences.

Remember these Frequencies are activating UNIQUELY to your frequency.

Venus Sextile Mars, lending the frequency of the perfect blending, sex and love. Passion and affection. Beauty and being sexy.

Venus Sextile Neptune,  activates the feeling of Twin Flames, the perfect Union with another ~  already One as SPIRIT ~ experienced in the flesh and in eternity. Deep powerful idealistic romantic Love.

Mars Trine Neptune, power to the Divine Presence within YOU as being tangible. Open up to this through your Heart.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto ~ Wohoo! Love this, success through change, expansion through change. Your Transformation, alchemy at its Highest. Increased affluence, power, PRESENCE.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter, increased charisma. Power, through expansion. Expansion is entering NEW levels…of the Highest Order. Truly Miraculous!

So ~ where are you at? How do you feel entering the New Year ~ Truly feel, when alone, when looking deeply within your own psyche….

THIS is what will be coming up (what you may have not noticed yet) especially if you have ignored focusing deeply on your inner being.

This is what is up FOR your Expansion. For your Miracles. For Your Love.

For the Life of BEYOND your wildest Dreams ~ Now and in 2018 ~ Love and Glory. Love and Miracles! Love and Union. Unconditional Love and NOW.

Activating Now ~ Beloved Angels!

In Glory and Love with The Divine Council of Overseers. Love and Miracles ~ 2018, receive NOW through your Heart.

I Love you!

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