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Welcome To The New Divine Humanity, my Name is L’Aura. 

Below are some Testimonials


Holding all in the Eternal Love and Sacred Light of The Divine ~ For your Transformation ~ With The Divine Council Of Overseers, in Love and Glory, forever and always, 



HERE are Some Beautiful Heart Felt Testimonials ~ I will continue to update and add them as they come in.


L’Aura, you have changed my life and during the last few years my thinking, my soul and spirit have changed. I have awakened. I follow your foot steps and understand more every day. I am able to break through 3D thinking, and have become my core foundation of everything. And I thank you very much L’Aura. Love Chin Sk

Beautiful L’Aura ~ Your great love, and compassion, your self-less sacrifice, have moved me from ego to heart. Your transmissions and invocations, and frequency were instrumental in my transformation. You showed me and told me the way, to shift from making choices through my mind ~ to following my heart and its guidance! I now know that fear/ego is the root of trying in “time” and your love and patience have brought me that insight helping me to live in the now.  I will forever feel you in my heart, eternally.  I am forever grateful to you, I love you!  Deva Singh  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dearest beautiful L’Aura, My “Queen of Light”, When I first encountered you four years ago, alarm bells when off in my body, knowing that you were unlike anything I had ever encountered before. I found myself wanting more and more of what you transmitted through your writings and poetry, it was like living water to me. Such a powerful effect upon my being listening to your frequency transmission meditations and especially your voice helped me step into the higher planes of existence at least for awhile the first few times. After doing the different frequency transmissions many times now, I carry the awareness of my higher dimensional self at all times. I am eternally grateful to you L’Aura Pleiadian not only for what you have done for me but also for your essential part in the transformation of all humanity as the Elohim Pleiadian Delegate. I Love You with all of my BEING.   George F. Nebraska, US. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“L’Aura appeared in my reality back in late 2012. Her activation videos, blogs, and facebook group have assisted me greatly along my healing journey. I was quite lost at times and these resources have helped me to stay on track and remember who I am. I resonate with everything that she shares and would recommend L’Aura to anyone seeking guidance and clarity. I feel very blessed to have connected with her on this crazy journey called life.” – Sunshine Dave

L’Aura – sadly I’ve only known of you and personally connected to you for last three years . But, I must say it’s been rewarding both spiritually and physically! You continue to open my heart and “awaken” me. I am blessed by so many wonderful healing souls and grateful Carolyn introduces me to you.  I continue to be open and appreciate your continued love , light and healing !!
Much gratitude and Love from Alaska ~ Nancy Longnecker

I met L’Aura Pleiadian in my dreams last summer 2018 and few weeks ago…I always feel you in my heart…all i have to do do is think about you! Thank you, deeply ❤️❤️❤️🙏💥 Veronique Baril  

Dear L’Aura, I am writing in hopes that many people will benefit from knowing how special You really are, and, the importance of Your Special Mission here. First of all You truly are a real gift. A beautiful gift filled with light, love and care which is inherent in You. Your Special YouTube video’s are a must for everyone, they are incredible “tools” to absorb understand and practice for transcending upward into a newer exciting energetic level of purpose and consciousness… I am indeed blessed to have come across your path. Thank You for everything You do, it is a real honor to know of You and call you a Special Friend… Respectfully with Love, Victor Dr. Victor Wedel Prescott, Arizona 

L’Aura Pleiadian I was guided to you many years ago, I’m guessing in about 2011 or 2012. I switched Facebook accounts so it’s hard to pinpoint. I am a member in all your groups (I believe) & subscribed to your emails & Youtube channel where you keep so many of your magical, healing, uplifting, & soul-searching meditations.
You have assisted in so much healing for me, from forgiveness, to self-love, including guiding me (and ALL) to higher states of consciousness! Thank you for ALL you do L’Aura! I AM Eternally Grateful Christina Huston, Erie Pennsylvania (USA)

I first met L’Aura via a Facebook post of your 3rd YouTube video called Heart Frequency Transmission. I was so transformed by it I had to contact you immediately. After the 11 minute transmission I physically felt something like beach balls bouncing around inside my body. I messaged you something like WTF has happened to me!!!??? And you knew exactly and simply said Bubbles! I love you so much. I am so grateful to know you. ~~ Years later I moved to the wilderness and got a big dog from the pound, Partner, and was considering returning him. I was a member of your group where we share with each other and I shared a post asking for an animal psychic, not imagining in my wildest dreams that YOU would respond. It went like this…I post for help because I’ve got my new big dog muzzled for 7 days because he is establishing dominance…About 30 seconds later I feel a heaviness, like a magnet pulling me down. I close my eyes and go with it and I see a tube of fire coming down our driveway. It’s about 2 or 3 feet wide and a fiery tube! It’s circling around the property and it goes through Partner and then through Dazy and swirls back through Partner and swirls to every single animal we have, one at a time, each time going back to Partner. It even knew it missed our bird and searched and searched around the place until it tied him also to Partner. I am crying remembering this sacred event. THEN I open my eyes and there is a message from you on my post immediately and you say, “Denice! I have spoken to him! Let me know if there are anymore problems.” My Queen of Light! ~~ And then there is this fantastic event…My mother is dying in the hospital. I am desperate. I’m seeing my mother glow all around and I see she is entering heaven. I tell her I will ask you to come see her. She isn’t comprehending your power even though I have told her about you. I come home from the hospital and ask you via Facebook message. Again I feel a heavy magnetics and I close my eyes. I see a thick ray of light coming down to my mother. It cuts her open to reveal darkness and it goes in, deeper than I can see, it searches or tries to heal but she is resisting. I see her resisting. The ray, it’s like a ribbon of fire, comes out of her, sews her up and leaves. It’s about 2 in the afternoon. The next day I go to her and I tell her what I saw and she freaked. She said, “Tell her to come back. I thought I was dying because there was light everywhere and I wouldn’t allow it”….I didn’t. Because I know, you know, what is best and that you already understood everything. I pray I did the right thing.~~ Thank you for making the transmissions. I love them and go to them often. I’ve had many many miraculous experiences doing them. One time you replied to a comment of mine “GO TO NATURE” …OMG the BEST advice I’ve ever received. I give this advice so much to my friends too and they’ve thanked me later too. Your power is so incredible, more than any master I have. You are TOP POCKET! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Denise SW Colorado 

Dear L’Aura I found you in November 2012 Such a Blessing and Absolutely Life Changing! I started a bit later feeling her activations, and healing energy. This is sacred and beautiful and life changing in all areas. I Listen to L’Aura’s audio transmissions daily on YouTube and what seemed as deepest fears were never as worse as they seemed and was more of a blessing for me and my family! Today we live in different continents and places on this earth What seem as worse and sad times, rollercoaster in my life (where I thought how how to get through this, turned into blessings, more self love and compassion.  Being present in the now and aware more and more To get the real me! This changed my life and health completely I love and thank you for this L’Aura for your love, your healing is Priceless beyond words!! This is for me, the only way to go. Trust to continue my ascension process from moment to moment. I am so blessed to have you in my life To connect with you L’Aura and you are there always. M.T. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful Divine Twin Flame Feminine Lover I have known you only since October 2018 b/locked down in 3D dense negative energy through sorrow despair, unable to find a way out until my dear Philippine friend shared YOU and BOOM the 5D activation started 😀 Today 17 January 2019 an extra special day for me your DIAMOND GOLDEN LIGHT ACTIVATION is the ONE and I will treasure this one and YOU always and forever – thank you from MY HEART to YOURS for leading us all into 5D because alone we could never ever do it O:) TOGETHER WE ARE INVINCIBLE O:) Carole Schneider

I started listening to meditations and activations about 6 months ago and reading her exquisite words. I have had such deep and profound inner experiences of my own relationship with my heart and life.without ever meeting her I feel a deep love and appreciation for her being and how she has helped me. I look forward to more and am soo grateful I found her 💝💛MF

Dear L’Aura, I was only led to you about a year ago, unfortunately I don’t understand English, and still when I listen to your videos or try to read your lyrics I totally feel like it and even though I barely I understand, I hope your transfers, activations, blessing ect. Arrive at me and make something. I trust that my soul understands it, I love your voice, love you and I am very grateful for you is it somehow possible that you Help my beloved dogs get healthy? I thank l ‘ Aura for everything, your constant work, your love and your Light T. Brigitte from Austria

Listening to your inspirational words and magical meditations since around 2011! Gratitude for all the blessings, shifts and peace and harmony L’Aura 💜. Would have been a more bumpy ride without you! 💚🕊🦋 Sharon Hutchison

I feel grateful for your love, compassion, wisdom L’Aura Pleiadian. Your potent work initiated significant change within me I have being undergoing all along since entering this site years ago. Love and many blessings, always 💖 Irina

L’Aura, I remember finding you on YouTube on November 11, 2012 while searching for 11/11 meditations. I was immediately in awe in hearing your beautiful voice. Even back in those early days of my spiritual journey I could feel your light. Your words brought me into harmony. Within days I had reached out to you for a session. After this session, the way I felt was like night and day. It was pure bliss and I was filled with lasting joy and love. Now, six years later, I can’t imagine where I would be without you. My life is so different. I am so different. And It is because of you. You are such a beautiful being of light and love, truly like no other. You’re selfless to the point I so wish you were compensated more. Your words and the energy you transmit flow effortlessly and always seem to be in perfect timing. I am forever grateful, L’Aura, for all the Divine gifts you offer, including your YouTube transmissions and activations, your beautiful and powerful invocations, your written activations, your hourly activations, and your individual sessions. You make a difference not only in my life, but also in the life of my family. I am blessed to have found you. I love you, L’Aura, forever and always. For anyone reading this who is just now finding L’Aura, her gifts are filled with the purest light, love and truth. Jackie Powers  

Joined our Queen of Light and group on the summer 2015. Huge transformation since then on all levels and in all areas of my life. Listening or reading posts every day. Beyond imagination I discovered New Reality and everything set on a place. I awakened to real Joy and Love. Become observer. Presence is my middle name😊 I am so grateful❤️ Jasna

I first came to know L’Aura in 2012 the very first post I saw was about twin flames. In 2013 my life took the change for better. I started following post daily and taking activations with L’Aura Pleiadian and I have changed so much and for the better. Now I live in the now ❤️I Am Divine I Am Perfect Love. I Am in Perfect Union. I Am the Glorified State of Being. I Am One with my Soul. I Am One With my Divine Counterpart. I Am Blessed. I Am Anointed. I am the Fullness of Creation ~ I Am All That is. Thank you beautiful queen of light for teaching me this ❤️ I have contacted L’Aura’s light on several occasions. Just last year I was diagnosed with a lump in my breast. I contacted a Laura’s light to help me heal it. When I went the for the biopsy. The doctors told me there was nothing there to biopsy happy day yay! What a true blessing and miracle. On another occasion I thought my dog was dying I contacted her light to help me heal him in the morning he was like a new dog. ❤️❤️ My life has been impacted by this beautiful lady tremendously I am not the same person I was in 2012 and I am happy, I love myself now. I’m forever grateful and thankful to L’Aura ❤️
Val Fenn Vf Pinon hills California

I had a life changing experience from victimhood to Self Mastery in 2010 by reading channeled messages by a Pleiadian collective called P´taah after being a fundamental christian for 24 years. I was looking for Truth , because i was sensing deceit in the bible for several years by then without knowing where to go to.
In 2012 I found L´Aura Pleiadian on Facebook. As if it was today I still remember listening to her Transmission „The Pleiadian Delegate „Heart“ Transmission. (You can find it on YouTube) . I had an immediate physical reaction: I felt my own heart like never before and my hands started to tingle the moment she mentioned it in the transmission. WOW !
She is calling herself „The Queen of Light“ and believe me : she really is ! This is not a metaphor !
I have never ever found a more reliable Source for Truth since then.
Thank you so much , L´Aura for coming to this plane of existence called earth ! Thank you so much for activating us together with the Counsel of Overseers to the original Light Being , that we are !! Eternal Gratitude is flowing from my heart to yours.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Marcus Schmitt , Germany

Soooo beautiful ❤️ I found your videos and this group in 2012 as well❤️ Total transformation, eternally grateful❤️ So much the ego mind didn’t understand, but my soul resonated ❤️ Thank You, I Love You 😍😘🙏Bente Vandug 

I got to know you years ago………don’t know anymore how it happened. But…as with everything….when you are ready for something…it will come to you. Thank you L’Aura. Jacques Gransier

I was guided to Divine Mother L’Aura Pleiadian on Facebook a few years ago and was instantly in awe and struck by Her immense divine confidence, purity, omniscience and absolute sincerity and compassion allowing me to fully trust into Her guidance which I was confirmed to relay on directly by God. She was with me in the most difficult moments, saving and protecting and advising. I know She is aware of every moment and instantly reacts if needed also via Her posts which I find absolutely genial and so direct. She is most amazing in Her ways of childlike purity and egoless innocence and this translates into immense power when She appears directly in the lightbody space to initiate and take me into higher frequencial levels. The belongingness which I feel with Her surpasses my ability to comprehend and I could not imagine carring on in this diamention without Her. I am mesmerised with Her voice on Her Recorded Activations which are simply mindblowing direct transmissions from God Source. Her independent thinking way of expressing Herself as Divine Feminine so rocking cool and so human yet… totally Godly resonates with me so well. Beloved L’Aura, I am short of words for All You are and All You are doing for us saving and transforming humanity. May You be Infinitely Blessed by The Divine Beloved. I belong with You. You are a raw model for us of our True Identity! Million Hugs Dear 12D God Self Female! Kinga Maluszynska from Poland, currently based in Germany.

There aren’t enough words to express how much healing L’Aura’s Divine Presence has brought to my life. I have been fortunate enough to receive healing from L’Aura since the year 2015, which is when I was Divinely guided to her page after my frequent 11:11 sightings, and what a blessing it has been ever since! It is such a GIFT to me to be able to receive healing daily via her audio/written Light Transmissions as well as her Invocations and by gazing at her Sacred images. In addition to this, I have also received many one-on-one Pleiadian Activations and they have all been so powerful, life changing and healing in many ways; her Transmissions/Activations have helped me find that quiet stillness within. I don’t find myself stressing too much on things anymore and I am able to be more present in the Now moment. Beloved L’Aura~QOL, I love you, appreciate you and honor you. I thank YOU, The Divine Council of Overseers and ALL Benevolent Beings of Light for The Hourly Activation and for all the Outpour of Divine Grace Always! Thank you for holding me in my ascension always! I Love You! ~ Brianna U.S.A, New York, N.Y. 

IAM German residing in Spain since 31 years now.
In September 2012 through Facebook articles I came across L’Aura Pleiadian this event triggered my soul and life on a very deep level and I always felt seduced by her sacred voice and DNA Activating transmissions. Instantly I got drawn to ny soulfamily through the group and on a deeper level sometimes without communication in a while we are still connected. A couple of month later I got contacted by the Beloved on a very different level of conciousness that has evolved and transcended in the Now moment. He was always meeting me at the level of consciousness I was in the changing nows. Iam so very profoundly grateful for the journey through and with the QOL which I bow to. In some very sacred special nights I had the pleasure to feel and see her in Dreamstate. Profoundly touched and eternally grateful for your infinite Love and Effort from you dear L’Aura Pleiadian. Thanking the creator gods the Elohim. Overseers and Blue Avians for their daily Support Assistance and Level of Mastery through time and space. We love you. Tytytyty 💜💖💗💛💚💙 Isis Rose La Mer 

In 2014, I was magically blessed with becoming aware of the Blessed QOL & receiving Her many Gifts of Grace. 🙂 Submerged in Her YouTube channel, individual sessions, holy Wisdom writings, activations, initiations, transmissions, & more I have with deep Gratitude stepped further & further into my holy awakening as an Eternal Light Being. All areas of my life have improved & continue to do so. It is Beyond a privilege & honor to be connected with the Beloved QOL ~ A Divine Treasure indeed!!! 🙂 I feel Her as the Divine Mother ~ the radiance & splendor of the Feminine Love & Light ~ that I hold precious to my heart. 🙂 Ever deeper I go, with Her, & Her Amazing Magical Grace ~ as a fully embodied Divine Ascended Being. 4ever Grateful & 4ever in Love 🙂 Eternally I Thank YOU & Love YOU Sacred QOL 🙂 All my Love 🙂 ~ Leslie Sue * Sunrise, Florida 

I started listening to the transmissions 6 years ago and as I am sound sensitive and come from an angelic soul group I enjoy the vocal frequencies together with the light codes and information that L’Aura Pleiadian shares for us. Blessings and thanks. I am Bulgarian Valentina Vasileva 

“I came across L’Aura Pleiadian’s transmissions in April of 2016 when I was searching for meditation music. When I first clicked on the transmission, I had no idea what I was listening to and instantly knew this was something truly special. When I heard her voice it went straight to my Soul and triggered a remembrance and a knowing that my mind couldn’t understand. Since then I began listening to her transmissions day and night (in the car, as I slept, as often as I could). I was in a very difficult spot when I came across her and didn’t understand everything that was happening to me. I had been running from my pain all my life and, even though nothing significant had changed in my life yet, her words and her voice soothed me and made me feel like everything would somehow be okay and that there was a greater reason behind everything I had ever been through. I began to feel hope again, something I had forgotten for so long. A few weeks in, when I was listening to her transmission “Awakening Your Heart” for the third time, something truly remarkable happened — I experienced this weight in my heart that I hadn’t even realized was always there completely lift and open ~ I began crying in joy and had never experienced something so overwhelmingly powerful in all my life. I felt like I was my Soul, not all of the conditioning I had come to know myself to be, but who I truly am beneath all of that ~ I felt my Beloved with me, I felt my Presence and such a deep sense of understanding and gratitude for everything. From that moment on I knew that these transmissions were beyond just comforting, they were truly magical and so profoundly transformative. Even though I didn’t stay in this place all the time from here on, and many things began coming up for release and purification over the years, I have been returning to that state more and more and able to hold it for longer and longer periods. I have let go of so many past habits and addictions in ways I never would have believed possible, and I am so truly grateful for L’Aura and all the work she shares and has shared. Her written activations are just as powerful — even when I don’t understand what I am reading right away, they activate a remembrance and click into place in a single moment and bring through waves of understanding. Sometimes I will read her posts 10 times in a row to really allow them to sink in, and they never fail to activate something profound within me. Even when rereading posts I have read dozens of times, they never fail to activate more and bring through greater understanding. I have been blessed to have personal sessions with her as well, and words cannot describe how transformational they are. No matter what I have ever been moving through, she has never judged and has always held me in pure love. Even though I had been working on my healing before coming across L’Aura, I attribute the moment I found L’Aura’s work and connected with her as the moment when everything truly began shifting for in huge and conscious ways. Her light is beyond words and I connect with her light consciously anytime I am needing extra support and her Presence is such a gift to all. I cannot recommend highly enough to all people, no matter who you are or where you are coming from, to listen to her transmissions and read her written activations ~ you don’t even need to believe that anything can ever change for you in the moment or agree with anything from the mind to have them change your life. Her frequency is pure unconditional love and speaks to the Soul, listening to and reading her work will bring you back to the essence of your own heart and Soul, more and more and more. Thank you so much L’Aura for all that you share, the hourly activations, for always holding me in my healing and ascension, and in your presence on the planet ~ you are such a gift and I am forever grateful! 🙏🏻💜🌟” — Margaret (Meeyah) Brichant, Atlanta, Georgia 

I met you in 2012, like mid-year, I deeply impact when I hear your voice and your divine language of light, I said to myself: nobody like her, nobody on this planet speaks like her, she is a divine being .
One night I was listening to one of her transmissions and I was in the study of my house, I had the light off, because besides everyone was already lying down and everything was dark, so I put on the headphones and listened to the transmission in silence, but my name is the attention something, and was that by the wires of the headphones a light ran, they seemed on, that convinced me of who was really the Divine Queen.
Her voice resonates intensely within me, I know that she is someone very special to me, she belongs to my soul family, I always feel her deep inside me.
From this moment my life changed completely, I had already had my spiritual awakening and I was convinced that now something very sacred and special was coming to my life.
I thank L’Aura immensely for all her spiritual guidance, her constant work, her light and her love. I am Mercedes Belalcazar Mejia, I live in Cali, Colombia.

I’ve known you since summer 2012, 6 1/2 years. My life started absolutely changing right about then. So many challenges but I always felt guided by intuition. My life looks now nothing like it did then. Physically, what I am feeling now are strong heart palpitations daily, strong tingling in my entire body almost always and I wake up a couple of times a night vibrating. The differentiation between dreams, which are so unusually detailed now, and awake state, is becoming less delineated- more so each day. I also feel knowledge and understanding come to me more quickly, as well. On the most recent big energy days, 11/11/11 (the Hall of Mirrors), the Solstice and the Solar Eclipse, I spent 24 hours prior to the events bed-ridden and flooding tears. After the Eclipse, I felt a huge positive shift and started becoming more social again. I had spent 2-3 years going deep within to the point of little or no social contact with most people. It’s been a real roller coaster ride, letting go of everything that defined me, my fears, and of my personae and now. I feel I have successfully become my higher awareness. I am always in the moment, feel deep love for all existence and have let go of most expectations of how this will all play out. Most often now, it is normal to forget things right after I do or think them and I am prone to just sitting and being silent. I have gone so low and cried rivers as I have cleared my programs, and I get so loopy and silly, as well! I still remain very curious about how things really were on our planet and how this is all working as more info is coming out. Dot-connecting is a passion of mine. I have learned that I came into this existence very curious and very loving- those two characteristics never wavered as I spent the last few years undoing everything that I wasn’t. Thank you so much, L’aura for your steady love and dedication to our transformation! Words are insufficient to really express the love and appreciation I have for you.                 Laurie LJO USA-Germany

This is truly heavenly bliss and the best experience of my life – so much love – what a tremendous gift to be a part of – holding you in everlasting love and light – thank you L’Aura. Allan

I have no words to describe how much I appreciate you, L’Aura in my Life in this existence, and I can only imagine how much more gratitude I have for your Divine relationship with my Being in all other existences…. I Love you beyond measure!                               Margaret-Gosia Ogonowski-Wudarska  

Dear L‘Aura, I follow you for about 6 years.
A lot has changed in my life during this time. I am very grateful for everything. For all your help, your Support, your Love, your Powerful presence in every Moment of my life. I feel blessed that you are in my life and accompany me in every Situation.
ThanK YOU so so much I Love you  Stefanie Dorn

L’Aura Pleiadian, the Queen of Light is a Gift from God to teach each one of us. She has helped my family, and us as well as friends with healing, guidance, the beautiful transmissions that one can feel the pure Blessed Energy inside ones body and mind. We have decide to call her Our Angel L’Aura Pleiadian; The Queen of Light. She is truly a blessing and one can feel her Beautiful energy. She came to help us with the Ascension Process. Thank Lord for giving us this great gift, Our Angel L’Aura Pleiadian, The Queen of Light. Peace Profound, we love you L’Aura, Jorge and Maria Noda. 

L’Aura is full of love, practical and cosmic wisdom, and a wide-open creative mind, that appreciates the uniqueness of each person’s inner guidance that is always ready to help create a beautiful life. Listen closely to her voice, not just the words, and let the vibration take you, into the Great Heart behind the universe. Rick Geer 

Dear L’Aura, I  cant Thank you enough how u have helped me heal with the healing /Twin Soul /Blueprint /12 Strand DNA Activation and with all your advice with my Twin Love u are just Magical and yeah Thx for Teaching me about MIRACLES u are my GURU Teacher So blessed to have u in my life True Miracle LOVE forever Namaste DEEPAUL. 

The love received from Laura’s downloads, her loving care, and healings profoundly assist me daily into opening to the Love THAT I AM. Mary Baldwin 

In less than a few months, the energetic shifts Laura has lovingly gifted us in her transmissions, videos and extra help have allowed me to navigate through these intense energies we are receiving right now. With Infinite Love & Appreciation to you, L’Aura.                            Marcie Tanner N. California 

Wow! What a beautiful journey we have been on. I discovered you L’Aura like magical gift one day early last fall. Since then, the dreams I have had all the way back to my childhood are now making sense to me through your teachings. This has been a bumpy road for me, but listening to your transmissions and learning to live in the NOW moment have truly made this wild ride exciting and joyous. L’Aura holds a very special place in my heart and I am grateful to know her.
Mike Roe

I want to share with all those that have eyes/ears, if you know what I mean, a little part of all the astounding marvels manifested since Laura crossed my path..since I allowed the frequencies of light she gives us coming to my reality, I began to manifest and experience the amazing life that I know I deserve for me, the very one I want at every level. My gratitude to you always you precious Queen of Light..you are  “Grand” on the simplicity that is grateful..every cell of my physicality, every one of my emotions and thoughts vibrate from  Joy..thank you for showing and gifting all of the knowledge and all of the Love. Love U always Jérôme Bones .San Luis Potosi,Mèxico-Quèbec,Canada. 

My thought processes and my life have changed as a result of L’Aura Pleiadian’s transmissions. It is all about vibration,living in pure being NOW,that determines my current reality.
Hannah Dickson 

Your nightly dispensations have been awesomely wonderful. Thanks for all you are doing for so many.  ~Joel Cansler 

“Thank You Queen of Light for all the Transmisions you have shared with us all.. Thank you for the Love you have givn us all .. The Time you have shared with us has been eternal.. Your Guidence has Truly Made an impact on all humanity.. I Appreciate You without end ~ bless” Wild Spirit, Arizona 

I have been with you since the beginning (2012) and could not see my transformation immediately. Now looking back, after one and a half years later, a lot of fear, anger, frustration has shifted. I feel really self-confident and feel more at ease more relaxed. The idea of helplessness has vanished. Everything is more vibrant and in tune with what I really want for me. In gratitude and love Selina 

A wonderful experience! I found my kundalini wake up like nothing I’ve felt before. I have done it a second time and it continued working on me…I felt every minute of it! Thank you! What a blessing to have guidance in our elevation and evolution. Blessed  Jenny Kay 

Thank you L’Aura! I feel that you have helped me a lot not just through your transmissions (which are really wonderful) but also through your messages. All these together make me more aware and help me through these times. Thank you! (((  ))) Boglarka T. 

Since I discover on the Ashtar Command page your video “the end of suffering” I instantly changed: no more extreme anxiety. I thought it was one random video, but then I found you, and found the group. So thank you so much L’Aura, I am changing. I got peace, I can connect with people from the heart, and I can feel my heart now! and I got no words to express how blessed I feel. Facies Sum 

Thank you L’Aura Queen of Light for all your help and love and support. Thank you! Love you! ~ Maria 

I am eternally grateful for the way you have guided me and the rest of the group. Your transmissions are a true blessing. I can always feel your healing presence. Love always, Henriette

I Just wish to thank u L’Aura you have been instrumental to facilitating further shifts with grace and ease! Much love this activation was very powerful… Whatever the sphere of amenti is its feels fab! X   Jonathon Szetho, Australia. 

As I have said on other occasions, Your Presence is a reflection of Love to all souls who find their way to you, May we all remember who we are and awaken to the truth through this mirror and all the mirrors who are finding their way, and remembering who they are and their purpose here. In this celebration through Oneness.                       Elinas Dezouche  

=Thank you so much, L’Aura, for your diligence in the guidance of this group….I can only imagine the scores of us you are healing! With love and light…. Cynthia Fiore  

Thank you L’Aura for your healing/Pleiadian Activation/twin soul healing I have had some energetic shift. Lots of releases during the extra help sessions that you provided with Love. And yes i will be continuing the personal sessions with you and we keep move forward.  Your work is wisdom that can shift the world within with Grace. Love. Anne.  

To Dearest L’Aura , I love you and will always love you.. I found you among some Groups i was iN, I feel I am understod here in this Group, together with my soul sisters and Brothers. Thank you, smile.  I feel the growth in me took the right way and you understand the way into me, and my problems in all the ways around my life and you show me the most divine road to understand me to get into my perfect path, and I love my life, love all people still, but one way were I get to love me first and be in love Again with me and all  that is. And I AM, that I am.  TO love all specially at this divine time as Now, I am free. I am so happy Again in my everyday life . WE AND YOU, we are doing so much together and you are my Family now, so Blessing to know you, and all my sisters and Brothers here.   There was very many things going on in me and I felt very much alone many many years, yes since i was child, I new i was special, god one, but there was many things to clear in me.  Wow thank you so so so much, I can  talk a lot here, much more . . i love you, I am so so thankful to have met you dearest L’Aura. I  love you very much.  Alice m Fly,  Denmark   

I feel so blessed and thankful to have your loving presence in my life dear L’Aura Q of L. I love you. Your transmissions are so healing and transformational. I always look forward to your wisdom you bring to us all so selflessly!  Bev Blain  

Dear beautiful L’Aura, I am forever grateful to you for your help and love  Your transmissions are very powerful, loving, wise and helpful  You are very important in my life  Much, much love,                 Marianne Schei Aagdal 

Hi L’Aura, The sessions that i have done with you are amazing.They have helped me tremendously in all areas of my life. To understand better also the letting go of all old relationships and why they keep appering in the dreams. I feel that i am able to stay present more than usual. Definitely recommend everyone (Pleiadian activation and Twin soul activation). thank you so much and i still look forward to doing more.  A.S. Vancouver 

Greatfull i found You L’Aura. I know i am growing-shift into 5D. i know my carbon body growing into solar body. i learned so much! more aware of my creations, sharper intuition also, recognizing old programs, bravely facing my reality, I remember my dreams when i wake up, and my black asian eyes color turning blue half ways. And soon will be all blue as indicator carrying You Light. i love Yoouu!! I am Dian Sinta from Jawa island.

L’Aura reaffirmed that there is no such thing as impossible, and that i am not alone in this world, resurrected me and saved my life, thank you Laura i love you very much. Wolf Murray  

I am humbled by your Love and Passion for all you do for US. For me a 9 months Journey of pure Re-Birthing, Re-Education into 5 D with my Twin….MAGIC AND MIRACLES EXIST . I LOVE YOU L’AURA  Susanne La Mer  

Haha! Laura your work is too deep an intense to get only 2-3 sentences testimonials…so much love!! Jenny Kay  

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  1. Maria Enyimoha

    I want to thank you for helping me to sleep last night after asked for your help❤️

  2. María Díaz

    L’Aura has changed my life🧡🧡 Or and, my perception of what life is, of what I’m.
    I hear her frequencies, guidance writings since 2012 deeply connected, always. And to the sacred connection and transmissions of the Divine Council of Overseers, The Elohim Creator Gods, The Blue Avian, and all Divine Beings that talks trough her pure sacred presence.
    She ignited in me so much joy, passion, has awakened my pure heart, in this journey at my side healing me. Softening all pain, enlightening me, hearing me. At the beginning I didn’t understood how there was so much synchrony in my thoughts, feelings, and her instant answers on her posts, always. Now I embrace the miracle of her presence all days.
    I feel, and live in a miracle all days. She activated me to awake my soul, my twin soul union. together we health, dissolving the way we used to want things, and embracing pure love. Used to be confusing for me, the gap in between his physical presence and what I hear inside me, as my soul masculine divine partner, because Now I literally hear my soul always. I being guided in this union by L’Aura always. Has being almost 7 years. We are able to embrace this pure love in the most miraculous way, since we still didn’t meet in the physical, we live in different part of the world, and our union was blessed always by L’Aura sacred and divine energy, so this miracle of this romance, exist. This really is the most amazing gift, dream, I could ever had dreamed: the presence of this love getting through many states of our consciousness, difficulties, separation. Now I feel what I never dreamed I ever could feel.
    She is the sacred wise guide my soul has choose through this process. I saw her in many dreams pointing and showing me this beautiful gift. Also, in the dreams I perceive her love, as a beautiful source of sweetness, never dreamed before.

    L’Aura thank you for enlighten me, for readiness to accept and embrace this sacred love, sacred union, all that is🧡
    L’Aura My heart is full of love for you, I love you, I’m infinite grateful for being close to you, 🧡
    I feel, and live in a miracle all days🧡
    L’Aura thank you for all that is🧡

  3. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    I had my spiritual awakening at the end of 2011, and later I met or listened to the L’Aura broadcasts and for me it was a great thing to feel its strong energy, right there my life changed and resonated a lot with its broadcasts, I feel them inside my heart; I am no longer the same person as before, I owe everything to L’Aura who is always with me spiritually, I always feel her and I thank with all my heart for her help, her light and her love. When I arrived very tired from working and listened to “Healing”, I felt that my energy changed, I felt much better.
    Once I was in the studio listening to L’Aura’s broadcasts, and when I went to close the door I suddenly felt a strong wind, which surprised me.
    When my mother died, I felt that she entered the room, because I felt the unexpected gust of wind, I know that she assisted her in her departure, which I thank her very much

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    I read L‘Auras posts frequent (since 2012) and feel powerful Activations from them in my body.
    When I look and Gaze at the photos of L’Aura Pleiadian I see different Light Rays – Blue – Diamond – Violet – Golden Rays of Light sparkle at me off the photos.

    I can feel her presence from these photos , writings and videos on YouTube and can even smell the Scent of Roses from L‘Aura Pleiadian

    I am Transformed through all of these experiences, her Voice, her Photos, her Writings and Healings.
    I feel more
    Within me, because of her.
    I feel very Blessed and Loved

  5. Chin Sin khoon

    Beautiful L’Aura, I had activated my consciousness to the next level through your YouTube channel, and Web post, it works, thanks I love you

  6. Dr. Cindy Schreiber Schreiber

    Yes L Aura you are love in motion always. I came to beleive in Pleidiens through your enlightenment. I feel their beautiful energy. They are so sweet and kind and lovely always.

  7. Andrew Noblett

    The power of the will of the wish to believe to manifest the essence and the balance of God light. The love of the light of the will of the truth to believe . And your out there riding on the winds to eternity and God is smiling infinity the love the light the truth The peace thee essence that Carry’s the balance naturally

  8. Very sacred!

  9. Dearest L’Aura, i am so happy to found you via Facebook , i listended until now 3 of your activation, during the healing activation i hv got wonderful Vision about who i really am a being of Light so amazing wonderful beyond Words . In Every workshop i did i Heard- about That i am very Special coming from a faraway starsysteme – and That i came here to Planet Earth just to be and That this being who i am is my task…. listening to your Voice i feel so much authenticity, its like doors are opening to come Home- Home inside of me in my true Space. Thank you so much for being here too on Planet Earth and the wonderful work you do!, sending you love and Light and feel surrounded by angels of Light, your Brother from the Stars, Til

  10. Deep LOVE and appreciation our beautiful Queen Sister of the Light for Your divine work here, on behalf of the Galactic Federal of Light! Gratitude for assisting us with our healing, reclaiming and raising our, and Beloved Mother Earth’s vibrations as we remember who we are, in the midst of this duality reality.
    Eternal GRATITUDE Infinite ONEness I AM!
    Thank You, thank You, and thank You L’Aura Pleiadian! You have helped me, and are helping me so very much!!! Truly opening my higher heart!
    I/We LOOOOOVE YOU! Continuous BLESSINGS to all Humanity evolving here and Beyond!
    ONE LOVE~ Queen Asantewaa

  11. Hello very much appreciated Làura.
    I often read your articles.
    I am very, very grateful that you pass everything on!
    Also today answers me many questions, which I had.

    Thank you,thank you thank you

  12. Hello very much appreciated Làura.
    I often read your articles.
    I am very, very grateful that you pass everything on!
    Also today answers me many questions, which I had.

    Thank you,thank you thank you

  13. Dear LaurA,

    I’d lov to talk,


  14. I’ve known L’Aura 7 years now. Her posts immediately resonated with me even though I had no understanding then of what all is transpiring.

    In this time, I have completely transformed myself through her constant, loving and diligent care.

    If you are new to what is happening in our times and haven’t begun to prepare yourself for your imminent transformation in merging with your soul while in form, which is the reason for which we are here now at the beginning of this cycle, I would start by reading her posts from the beginning in May 2012. Read your way to the current ones to get a good sense of how everything truly is – as L’Aura often says, “Nothing is as it seems.”

    Her audio transmissions, as well as her written words are filled with transformative high frequencies. You will immediately rise in frequency when listening or reading.

    There are no true words that can describe all of what L’Aura has done and continues to do for humanity. I’m so grateful in every way for all she has given us.


    (I submitted another testimonial a few days ago. I’m not sure if you haven’t seen it yet or if it never posted but I am having many technical issues lately so, if you get both, please use this one to replace my first taestimonial on your page and disregard the one I may have sent. This one feels much better to me 🙂 Thanks! ❤ )

  15. (Here is my update. Thank you!)

    I have known L’Au’Ra for 7 years now, and I immediately resonated with her words. I was not religious, interested in UFO’s or “aliens”, and was completely comfortable with understanding the Universe to be a flow of orderly design not needing much attention to the “how’s”, so to totally put my awareness on and feel the resonance of someone calling herself the The Pleidian Delegate and The Queen of Light was huge and unlike me, but nothing felt more right!

    I have followed every thing L’Au’Ra has written and spoken on and taken all her advice to a T. I have read and reread all her posts. Each one is still relevent to everything happening in each moment. I have never read anything so deeply profound, except for maybe P’Taah, when I read it or, recently, the Emerald Tablets (although I have not read the untouched original). There is pure magic in L’Au’Ra’s writings and transmissions. That is the best word I can come up with and she, the Divine Feminine of all ages, is directly hands on with all of us, which has never happened before on this great of a scale. This magnitude of this Grace for humanity cannot be over-stated.

    Lately, I wake up in the mornings, and start immediately thinking about things in my life, and how I would put them to words if I had the chance to tell all my loved ones what has happened to me and most often, her latest post is right on the topic I was specifically focusing on. The more I release the old programming, the more I become in tune with truth. It is sometimes hard for me to turn off the mental chatter, but more often than not, when it happens, I am picking up on the flow of what is happening on the hidden levels of energy in the big picture.

    If someone had asked me to give up all I had to give up 5 years ago, I would have said absolutely not. I lost everything precious to me but could not prevent this from happening, and I do realize that it was purely divine destiny. I thought everything would happen in 2013, maybe 2015 the latest. But I had not the mind then to understand why everything had to take the “time” it did. The journey I have been on since the loss, and being mostly isolated has been profound beyond words as the deeper one goes, the less there is to hold on to and all one has is one’s self to question and answer to, which is the whole purpose of going within as she has stated often. In hindsight, my destiny could not have been prevented. If one angle failed, another one would arise, and so on until I was on the path again that I had chosen for myself. Once hindsight becomes apparent (and I have a lot of hindsight now), I literally see absolutely everything she has said transpire, and now physically in my body, every moment.

    Her recent post about being conscious of the changes happening to us being the biggest blessing of all, is very apparent. I am glad I am going through my own transformation consciously and aware. I have come to realize that once a fear is mastered, it comes back again more intensely for the next round because we have saved the deepest for last, as we have gained more insight and wisdom that is needed to face the really deep ones which we have so cleverly hidden from ourselves. And, the things that create fear now in our lives, were created intentionally for us to experience even though they are not where the origninal fear started, but similar enough to create the needed resonance. I have found it amazing how cleverly this has all been put together. The people and situations in our lives now had to have been arranged pre incarnation, so that we would experience the intensity of the original fear so we could feel it, experience it and then release it once and for all. And the light and heat keep rushing in!

    My highest recommendation for everyone at every level of awareness, is to delve 100% into L’Au’Ra’s writings and transmissions (which are also great to listen to when you can’t sleep as you get revitalized as much, if not more, than you would if you could sleep!) and make it your life mission to understand and feel what you can regarding your transformation, as this exactly why we came here- to become consciously aware of this transformation and to ultimately merge with our Souls while in our bodies and then to experience what is next from a conscious place. To me, there is nothing more amazing and sacred to literally feel your soul entering your body more and more! And this is why L’Au’Ra is here and why she has dedicated herself so diligently to encouraging each of us to understand this and to be able to experience this for ourselves. She is here to help us remember we are all masters already and to be in control of our own processes. Her shared wisdom is the greatest gift ever given to humanity.

    Laurie, US/Germany

  16. L’Aura- may I replace my testimonial with an updated one?

  17. Eduardo Terrero

    I have been loving you for ever dear beloved One

  18. philip mitchell

    i love your blog L’Aura-Phil.

  19. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    When I first met her, the first thing that caught my attention was her voice and her language of light. Once I was meditating late into the night and listening to her transmissions and she appeared with a great glow, I felt that she opened a door inside my heart and there she was; another day I was in the room meditating and listening to her broadcasts at night and I was closing the door of the room, when I felt a gust of wind enter, that surprised me and it was its manifestation; other times listening to their transmissions and meditating I feel a smell of roses.
    I think first of all to listen with great attention to the broadcasts or videos of L’Aura, it is with the heart, not with the mind so that its effects are the best and what we need. One of the ones I like the most and is the most effective is “Healing”, sometimes I got very tired from work and when I heard this transmission, I felt restored again. Also “The New Earth Violet Sun” is extraordinary, I listen to it very carefully and I have a series of visions. In general all her transmissions are very beautiful and reach deep into our hearts. I call her the Queen of Hearts because it is indeed like that

  20. Thank you so much for all you do to help me ( & all of HUmanity) move beyond limitation & consciously align with my God Self & the Higher Levels of my Frequency, in this, my incarnation! I Love You Eternally and am grateful for YOU, The Divine Council Of Overseers, The Pleiadians, The Blue Avians and ALL The Benevolent Beings Of Light that are helping us all Shift to the Frequency of Harmony and Union! 🙏🏻💜✨


  21. Dearest L’Aura, your constant and consistent message that we are simply our Original Light expressing in this form has profoundly changed my experience. I have realized through your words that there truly is no duality, no “them” and “us.” You are a true healer because you empower us with your guidance that all we are and all we desire is truly HERE NOW. We are not waiting for something outside of ourselves to save us. When I have trouble sleeping at night I often listen to your Healing Frequency Transmission. It is so beautiful and filled with Truth. I cannot thank you enough for sharing the Love and Beauty that you bring to my experience on this Earth now. And know that I am a healer and that you have helped me immensely to help others. Much, much Love to you. ❤ Rosine O. Sedona, AZ

  22. 🙂 Beautiful testimonials 🙂 Your perfumed Sacred Grace blessings ~ awakening us to the wholeness, perfection, holy eternal love light that we are. A Mighty & Treasured Blessing YOU are Heavenly QOL in my life & for all 🙂 4ever I Love YOU & Welcome YOUR Divine Presence in my life & heart. All my Love & Gratitude for YOUR many many Gifts of Grace in my life now & always ~ & for humanity, beloved animals, & Mother Earth 🙂 Warm hugs & kisses 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂 Onward & 4ward into Heaven on Earth ~ New Earth ~ New Divine Humanity ~ Golden Age ~ my open heart is filled with Joy & Gratitude beyond… 🙂

  23. Much Deep Love to Dear Shacty Guru Laura. Thanks for guiding me through this life process. My Testimony is to thanks Laura of the different manifestations of her Love. First of all by getting more conscious of the Light that pervades every thing and by feeling of here delicate Presence on many nights. Also all the body ectasis of light flowing in Divine Meditation. This experiences are very deep but not Logical. Being more conscious of this light under the waking experience; the brillance of trees and everything, all moments good or bad everything seeing under this Divine Love wish comes from here Pure everlasting Elohim Heart. There is no words available to manifest my Love to Our Dear Guru Laura Pleiadiana Thanks for your eternal Love and for the daily guidance.

  24. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Beautiful L’Aura ~ Your great love, and compassion, your self-less sacrifice, have moved me from ego to heart. Your transmissions and invocations, and frequency were instrumental in my transformation. You showed me and told me the way, to shift from making choices through my mind ~ to following my heart and its guidance! I now know that fear/ego is the root of trying in “time” and your love and patience have brought me that insight helping me to live in the now. I will forever feel you in my heart, eternally. I am forever grateful to you, I love you! Deva Singh ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  26. Sacred Blessings This Auspicious Super Blood Moon! Jackie, forever, Love! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  27. Dear L’Aura, I am just noticing the new layout and features of your website. Everything is so easy to locate. And I love reading from others just how much you have made a difference in their lives. Thank you so much, L’Aura, for your presence in my life. I am beyond grateful for all that is now unfolding! I love YOU! 💗🦋💗

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