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March 19th/20th 2020, SPRING EQUINOX ~ NOW or NEVER

L'AuraFriday March 20th, 2020 (for some of you Thursday 19th) at 12:49 am ADT is the Spring (some the FALL) Equinox.  This is and will BE a very significant time on Planet Earth. 

IT is paramount for those entering their heart to do so MORE than EVER. WITH attention and focus.

This is not a dress rehearsal THIS IS IT.  The moments NOW are present to enter your heart.

As much as possible STOP all activity and focus inward.

Connect with everything within you. FACE YOUR FEARS through your Heart.

This is the ONLY State of being through the HEART that LOVE EXISTS.



That your mastery for LOVE exists.

All else will fall away in the LIGHT OF THE HEART. In the LOVE of the heart.

I will be minimizing ALL CONTACT and FOCUSING on the radiating deeply of All That I AM to ALL of Humanity, with the Divine Council of Overseers.

This is a sacred and monumental space and frequency, to enter your heart.

This post will be updated and others written as ALL OF THIS UNFOLDS.

In this the LOVE we activate YOU NOW.



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Full Moon/Super Moon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020 ~ Inner Victory

L'AuraMa ch3Here we are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde and we are soon entering the experience of the powerful FULL MOON/Super Moon in Virgo, on Monday March 9th, 2020 at 2:47 pm ADT. That moment although experienced in different so called time zones, IS THE SAME moment everywhere!

That is right daylight savings time starts in CANADA and the United States and the clocks SPRING forward.  Now we know that time doesn’t change, but clocks do and therefore schedules etc. It is always NOW everywhere. This Sunday March 8th at 2 am the CLOCKS move AHEAD and will loose a so called one hours sleep. BUT it will be lighter till later and that is a bonus!

Inner victory over fear is on the table and the releasing of the old patterns that keep you in the mind and in the small self, LEADING to living through your heart. That is the ascension process.

This Full MOON is Opposite Neptune and most often will increase sensitivity yet if emotionally without awareness, then this may lead to the surfacing of confusion. That occurs when the heart and the head are in battle for who is in charge. PAYING ATTENTION TO the emotional body is PART of mastering form. As well as paying attention to the thoughts that flow through you. TOGETHER they work powerfully creating the reality you experience as your world.

The Full Moon is trine Jupiter, which BOOSTS your ability to pay attention and stay focused on the real YOU, that is; the non limited you.

With Jupiter sextile Neptune we have the potential of adhering to the propensity of BEING as the the flow of the DIVINE through us. Bolstering even greater SHIFTS of consciousness as the REALIZED STATE OF BEING, becomes the enlightened and transformed DIVINE GOD SELF.

All Full Moons bring up more of that which is hidden in the subconscious, bringing it to the light of awareness to BE LOVED.

Anything other than self love towards yourself is a grappling through UNAWARE of the tossing back and forth, to which grabs your attention.

FOCUSED attention is the name of the game of victory.

HERE we are again, this new Decade, transversing the waves of NOW into Being the changeless, ever changing eternal DIVINE SELF.

In this we bless you eternally and NOW. LIGHTING the way for the HEART always, to be the UNITY of love, that fulfills YOU. No distance no time. All NOW my forever, BELOVED.



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New Moon February 23rd, 2020 ~ MONUMENTAL Opportunities

jan7th2020On Sunday February 23rd, 2020 at 11:32 am AST we have the New Moon in Pisces. This is AS all New Moons are ~ a POWERFUL NEW BEGINNING. 

These monumental shifts take place within your consciousness and then IMPACT FORM.

That is; the mental, emotional. physical and spiritual bodies respond and interact through the levels of awareness you are experiencing yourself As in the moment. Then your unique and specific changes take place ~ THROUGH You. As the result of the inner interaction and shifts.

The GREATEST shifts take place as you continue to deepen your experience as living through your Heart. This is the ultimate PORTAL to all Portals and the only ONE true PURE way of Being. Being a master of form. Being an Ascended Master. Being the eternal love you are in the here and NOW.

This New Moon is sextile Mars and, potentially boosts your confidence, vitality and initiative for being true to you. For being self -assertive. For Being true to your Soul. Your level of passion may increase through all that you are BEING and this passion when experienced may increase, exponentially.

Sun sextile Uranus may potentially bring surprises. ALL of this and your unique frequency and Blueprint are designed to be impacted uniquely. For some this may cause a huge impact, for others, not so much. Flashes of awareness, finally seeing things through new eyes, may potentially be what is in store for all those that are ready.

Mars trine Uranus potentially may increase your ability to take those steps to make changes within. To finally get what it is that is taking place as you step into new levels. And for some this energetically charged energy, may impact the desire for greater fun, love and passion.

There is a minor Grand Trine, which increases the positive potentials as listed above. As well as increased potentials on all levels of being. Success, love, partnership and in those areas that seemed closed off ~ to open for you, once again. Flood gates of potential OPPORTUNITIES.

Of course all of this is subject to YOU the frequency that you transmit and radiate as you.

Are you very aware? Have you mastered your thoughts and emotions?

Are you ready to advance as YOU the ONE that is free from fear and self limiting beliefs and restrictions? Or is the fear to great to yet face all that turmoil, held buried deep within?

Fortune, love, joy and bliss are always on the table to be accessed now.

The KEY is the heart, the accessing of now, the freedom from all fear. And the miracles of miracles, becomes the YOU that has risen to this state of GLORY. Being ALL THAT and More.

Blessing you NOW in no time, for this the unfolding and experience of time.

In love and the embodiment of ALL THAT IS ~ transmitting now, with The Divine Council of Overseers. In love.




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meEverything in YOUR REALITY is responding to your FREQUENCY.

You RADIATE your frequency as if you are your own cell phone, to your own cell tower, which is your blueprint, back and forth, IN ALL MOMENTS. 

Not through your commands and desires, MORE SO YOUR real vibrating NOW FREQUENCY.

SO THERE IS no bypassing reality.

Reality; that is your frequency, is the sum of your conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions.

The chair is the chair for you and your reality. Your body is part of your frequency reality.

Your Perceptions are your reality and they shift too ~ when the INNER you ( sum total of all that is consciously and subconsciously GOING ON WITHIN YOU)  SHIFTS and changes.

When the inner you REALLY changes your mindset and thoughts change also. Which comes first?

The deeper levels clear old patterns that are blocking you from your true awareness of all that is POSSIBLE for you. Which seems as though are worlds away from your current reality.

They are worlds away, the great news is there is NO DISTANCE or time to their access as aligning to your NEW REALITY is a shift that takes place in a moment. IN A NOW moment.

Everything around you is as much a part of the plan as the body that you see. Your arms, your legs. YOUR shoes, your eyes. All part of the reality that you are creating now.

Always love everything that you have created.
Even if you do not LIKE IT.

Love is acceptance and gentle and is the present PRESENCE that always is present within your heart.

IT is that glowing LIGHT, that warm feeling. That part of you that is limitless, which does not make sense to the mind.

Live through this STATE OF NOW ~ so as to know and align with your DIVINE SELF.

IT is ALL the love that you ever desired! IT is more than you can imagine.

IN this the ETERNAL glowing LIGHT and Sacred holy LOVE, we anoint you and bless you now! We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present NOW ~ NOW in the GLORY and PRESENCE of ALL THAT is ~ NOW!

Your Reality is The Response To YOUR DNA

meYou look in the mirror what you SEE is based on what is inside you.

This includes that which remains hidden to your consciousness, that is, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. And yes this too, will be experienced in one moment AS becoming CONSCIOUS. That is your Ascension.

The subconscious becomes conscious as you live 100 percent through your HEART.

Your BELIEFS, your emotions, your subconscious memories  and your thoughts are the OUPUT in the creation of your reality,

This output is the CAUSE of your reality.

You change inside you change what you see in the mirror, LITERALLY

It is that fluid and responsive moment to moment in the flow of frequency and cause of creation.

Reality is fluid. Cause is fluid.

When you are filled with harmony within you and you are present within your heart, NOTHING moves that or shifts that.

When you are filled with disharmony ALSO nothing externally shifts that. The cause SHIFTS when one sees the mirror and faces the truth of its creation.

This is the beginning step of awareness.

With awareness of cause, on begins to consciously take part in owning the creation through the cause.

It is that simple.

The power contained within the awareness that continuously expands is as the universe which too expands.

The ultimate power is the one who stands so firmly within the knowing of what all of this is. While standing firmly in the foundation of LOVE/HEART awareness of its own power of awareness, creates Universes in an instant.

This is the heart awareness of no time and space. No distance.

This is the true awareness. TRUE frequency. There is no faking the mirror.

In this the love we initiate you now. This is the foreground to the profound doorways to this~  the ALL of powerful awareness ~ pure Being.





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The Twenty Twenties ~ Beginning with 2020 January 1st or MJD

cropped-LAuraA new decade. A new Beginning just following the beloved December 26th new solar eclipse cycle! Lasting 6 months.

For many the 2020’s  will begin on January 1st, 2020, following the current Gregorian Calendar first in use in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII as a modification of the Julian calendar.

However some astronomers and even historians, will celebrate the twenty twenties following the modified Julian date; which was introduced in 1957 by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.  According to the MJD the twenty twenties will begin on  January 21, 2021.

Either way in no time, as it is all NOW, just as the moment of a new moon is always in the same moment throughout the world, we celebrate now.

The experience as you flow through things, is always with the flow of the natural seasons. The natural rhythms of the Sun and Moon.

Just as the scare of Y2K was unfounded, so too are all the fears held based on a time framed calendar. The does not look to NOW.

So here we are, what will happen you say? I am not big into predictions, as things that play out are from playing out based on time. They are frequencies, that activate the levels of consciousness viewing themselves. As in a mirror.

A small shift in frequency changes everything you see in that mirror. And that mirror is the world. Your reality. Your level. YOU!!

Huge shifts in frequencies on all levels will no doubt have an enormous impact on world at large as to ~ WHAT appears to be taking place, through it.

For NOW, AS that is all there is ~ NOW; focus on you. You and the mirror. You and the cause of what you see in the mirror. Turn that finger and point it to YOU.

That is your barometer and gauge of what is to come as EXPERIENCED THROUGH YOU.

Great leaps in consciousness will take place. Huge events, yes indeed may take place.

Still the bottom line through all of it is? YOU ~ how you are BEING. Not so much what you are doing.

So in this we activate you and there will be many more signposts and posts coming your way. For Now, be thankful now.

You are alive, you are here, you are reading this and all is perfect now. AS it ALWAYS IS!! IN LOVE!




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Do You Have The Answers?

L'AuraMany people have many questions about the so called future.  What is this energy invested in wanting to know answers and outcomes?

If there is an actual trick of consciousness playing out through testing experiences, then it would be in this; to focus on the distraction that is external instead of focusing on the actual  cause.

Also, there is any sleight of hand towards life and evolving, it would be this, believing that the external is where to focus to create change.

Of course this CAUSE is the you creating this. Through your UNIQUE vibration, thoughts, questions, emotions, responses, memory/karma and through HOW you are being moment to moment.

Since everything is only now, there are no answers concerning a future as outcome. The peace, the content, the happiness, the bliss, all exists in the now as states of consciousness that is present in the now through your heart.

Any questions are the result of anticipation of something that has not yet occurred. Or a verification of one what is not aware of now.

Everything is perfectly unfolding and in the NOW ~ all that is needed is present.

The heart knows this.

The mind if not yet submitted to the heart, resists in fear of losing its sense of false power. Who wins through this? Certainly not the old programming, as it is a duped system, destined to be obsolete. The resistance it experiences, is the pain and suffering of its belief in separation.

Uniting oneself with the Eternal self, is the road less travelled and the one that takes you on the journey to the heart, to the true self. To the freedom from the old patterns and beliefs. To the freedom that is limitless in its presence and Divine Power.

That knows it has never died, never born.

That knows to exist, is enough.

This heart connection is why we are here and activating you now.

Without the heart the awareness that exists as if separate from it and in control, is endless pain and loneliness. Not the loneliness of the external, the loneliness that exists, even if you are not alone. That feeling of not yet being united with the destiny, the heart, the love, the ONE.

In this we do activate you. To know is to know. To love is to love. To be is to be. All else is stuff that takes up energy space that leads to the distraction of WHAT YOU ARE.

The substance of heaven here and now. The Presence so powerful, it cannot be named. The Love so absolute, it knows nothing outside of itself. The beauty beyond everything, that never ends.

In this was activate all hearts. In the true knowing of ALL That is, eternal and now.

To the full uniting that is your Ascension experience.

To the Beloved awareness of you Divine Presence Now. And in this you may ask why? Because it is the destiny of all, that all hearts be consciously aware in a form on Earth, to all those signed up for this the ascension/evolution program.

Be ye, Gods unaware, through the heart, only knows.

In this we present to you, your anointing, the beloved beginning as you entered Earth to now and your full circle, blessings, of this the revealing and knowing, of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

In love we initiate you now. Forever, we are and so are YOU.





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Sitting here typing as storm RAGES outside, many without power, while I still have power, in a world so reliant on it.

What are you going to do without electricity and internet? Without a phone? Without your car? Without banks?

How will you BE with whatever becomes your reality?

Has the world you live in become so far removed from the intuitive awareness of the heart?

While you do have what everyone has become accustomed to, coming up is the energy/astrological  occurrence of Many miraculous frequency experiences/events.

Before you start panicking, remember, this too, is on your side. To your benefit. For your evolution.

Organize, restructure, complete, prepare, do your sacred rituals of self love, as all things are attended to, in the depths of that which is unforeseen. Your consciousness and subconscious mind/blueprint/DNA.

Like a cosmic computer, all is playing out in the frequency domain of consciousness.

Awakening you now to the evolution of your Soul. To the cosmic grand stage of your ascension.

The upgrades are being activated now. Your awareness is shifting.

The whole picture is all now.

The whole you.

Being present is what this is all about. Not worrying about tomorrow. Being conscious and awake and aware, in a world gone astray of the heart.

Do not wait to focus on that which is eternal, we do not know how many breaths and footsteps anyone has before their allotted so called sojourn is up on Earth.

We only have now.

The energy flow is perfect and transitioning as it was planned to be.

All blueprints are aligned with this original encoding as what is to be, when ready.

So what are you going to do? Let us BE and let go of all else.

In love we activate you, with The Divine Council of Overseers, now.


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Manifesting is NOT about a FUTURE

L'AuraI recently wrote two posts about manifesting. Manifesting through your heart and your state of being while manifesting.

Manifesting with the idea of TIME, is a state of separation consciousness.

STEPPING out of time COMPLETELY is only where the magic begins and that is ALWAYS in the present moment. 

Divine power and love, is only through the eternal Cosmic God Self. Which exists NOW, and is present now, to those that have allowed their smaller self, to step out of its way, and get over itself and ideas of control, attachment and power.

Getting out of your way ~ and allowing only the DIVINE to be what you ARE in all moments, is Ascension, is Enlightenment and is being the Cosmic God Self ~ child like being, which is your ORIGINAL LIGHT.

One day if only…I hope for…… CREATES just that one day a far away, never to arrive manifestation.

IT IS your STATE of consciousness that CREATES YOUR REALITY. Underline that one million times, in your awareness, please.

Now I am sending this off, to those who can hear and see, in love, L’Aura


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Spring Equinox~March 20th, 2015~ Being Cosmic Light!


Being Cosmic Light ~As you read these words that appear to be before you, Open your Heart to receive, the Cosmic Grace and Light of Eternity Now. The Profound Opening of the experience of this Vernal Equinox is an eternal Doorway to your Divinity, in its Fullness. You Being Cosmic Light.

The Name Equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night are equal in length during the Equinox. The Union of Opposites ~ The Union ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ The Union Day and Night. Inner and outer, Above and Below.

As you Receive this Grace, know that this New Beginning, is the experience of You ~ experiencing yourself, as the reflection of Light, that you eternally Are.

Now this Powerful Doorway, through your Heart is always accessible Now. The Vibrational Energy Experience of this Spring Newness upon you, Begins Gracefully as the experience of the New Moon on the 20th, at 6:36am ADT. The Grand Opening and Beginning of the experience of what you would call on Earth your Vernal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere)~ the Doorway Opening ~begins at 7:45pm ADT on the 20th of March.

Opening yourself to the Grandness of the Glory of All that is, is the allowing through the Receptive Principle, within your consciousness, to receive the already available ~ Grace. Now.

Being Cosmic Light ~ this is You receiving the experience and Knowing, that all is Light, that you exist Cosmically and Eternally, that all is Now ~ and this the Light that always Exist, You have never been separated From.

Open Your Heart right Now ~ this Doorway Opening, of the Equinox, of Eternity, of  You Being Cosmic Light, Begins Now, Feel it Now as these words awaken within you ~ Your Cosmic Codes, held within your Blueprint, of All That you Are.

Breathe into this, feel deeply into this, it is through your feeling awareness, that opens you to receive,  through the receptive principle.

Now I could go on about the Stars and the Sacred Alignments, what is really Sacred to know is, The Stars and the Alignments ~ Reflect what already is. The stars to not configure and tell you what is coming, the Stars are Aligned, matching All That is. Matching Creation, the Design, the Blueprint OF the Creation, Now. No thing out there is separate from Cosmic Light, it is all the Reflection, of All That is, Now. The Stars match what is.

This Sacred New Beginning and Experience of Being Cosmic Light, awakening and awakening within you Now, within All of Creation. It was always, so. It was always, now. It is Created Perfectly and Unfolding perfectly.

Take a few moments, to Know within yourself, that all is unfolding perfectly.

Breathe now deeply, into Cosmic Light itself. I surround you Now, and hold you Now, in the Grand Cosmic Light of Knowing, that awakens all Codes Everywhere, to the Full Knowing of Itself, NOW.

Breathe into this NOW. The Golden Light of Ascension and Fully ~ Being ~ Cosmic Light, is the Gift of Being ~ that is Present Now ~ everywhere! Feel this Now. Awakening and Awakened, all that read this now.

The Grandness of the Fullness of the Glory ~ is Unspeakable, there are no words to convey, the Glory of the Cosmic Light of Being. Your existence as your Immortal Body of Light, responds as these codes, awaken, deeply within you, Your Cosmic Light ~ Knowing, Now and everywhere.

Feel this Now, Celebrate Now, your awakening into the Fullness of the Grand Cosmic Light and the Plan your Soul, has designed you to Be and experience yourself AS, now.

Blessing All Souls ~ Announcing in the Greatest Grandness, the New Beginning, the Experience of the Awakening as the Cosmic Light of Eternity and Grace, Floods all Levels of Being Now.

Receive as You open your Heart. Feel the Unconditional Love, that floods all levels of your awareness, Now.

Cosmic Light ~ Being Cosmic Light, Being your Immortal Body of Light Now. Opening and Awakening, Being ~ All that you Are Created to Be ~ through the Eternal Love and Grace of All That is.

Awakening Fully, You are Not Alone. I am with you.

For those of you That Live in disharmony ~ feel this Truth within your Heart:

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~that seem as Not Divine and Cosmic Light to you~ are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY. 

Breathe Deeply into the Codes of Cosmic Light as you receive the fullness of the Awakening, within Your Awareness ~ Now ~ read slowly and breathe deeply.

All you need to do is Open to Receive the Truth. Open to the Everlasting Love, to Beauty, to Grace, to this Grand Opening and Portal, to BEING Cosmic Light, to Being your Divinity ~ Your Soul, Now.

I Am Cosmic Light ~ I Am Divinity in its Fullness ~ I Am Eternal Youth ~ I Am the Glorious Beauty and Love of All That Is. I Am Divine Union ~ I Am Eternal Grace ~ I Am Everlasting Purity of Being.

I Am the Fullness of  Love Awakening within YOU ~ the Light Codes in your Blueprint (Now) for Your Experience of Being all that you Are Created to Be ~Being Cosmic Light ~ Being Eternal ~ Being in UNION with All That is. Being your Soul ~ Being Divinity Now.

I Am Eternity everywhere Now~ I am With you in your Heart Now~ I am The Opening and the Doorway of the Experience of the New Beginning, the New Creation, the Fullness of Divinity Everywhere Now.

I have no Beginning or End, I Am nameless, I Am All, I Am with You and Hold All ~ in the Fullness and Glory of All Sacred Eternal ~Divinity Now. I Am.


Holding you Forever ~ In the Pureness of Divine Glorious ~ Eternal Being!

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