Which World are You Consciously Focusing Upon?

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Many Worlds are merging in the Now, in the conscious awareness, of All That is.

With great awe, within your Heart, embrace the Beauty in the unfolding of the EMERGENCE of the merging Parallel Worlds, that are taking place, with great Ease and Flow.

There are many worlds which you may inhabit within your conscious awareness. To which world, do you find your consciousness awareness and FOCUS?

Do you live consciously in a world that is always wrong and needs fixing?
That world is duality, dear Souls.

Do you exist consciously in a World where everything is neutral? Where nothing needs fixing, and all is Neutral?

Or do you exist in a World in which Ecstasy and Bliss, Fun and Play, is all That is? The Magical Realm, of Pure Divine Being and complete Union?

The world of Duality exists within the mental state of Union with Disharmony, to which the emotional Body, and physical body, also exist within. This state of Being has within it conscious awareness of Suffering.

The Neutral World exists within the emerging state of being, that is free from Disharmony as the dominant state of conscious awareness.  Suffering is not present, neither is Joy and Bliss.

The World of Pure Being, the New Creation, exists in the Emerging and unfolding of All That is within the conscious Heart Centred awareness.  This Bliss filled New World, includes within it the Harmonization within all bodies, which is the full completion of duality, which exists in consciousness as a disharmonious state of being.

Embrace where you truly have your freedom of choice Dear Souls. SEE where you are constantly choosing and focusing your Awareness.

Are you entertaining the world of Duality through your mental focus?

Are you entertaining an Neutral world, that is neutral in your observance  of it?

Are you entertaining the New Creation of Bliss and Ecstasy, through the allowing of your Heart Focus within you upon it? 

BE CONSCIOUS and AWAKEN, to that which you are using the POWER of your FREE WILL and FOCUS!!


Know that I hold you in the Eternal Bliss and Love that is always the awareness of your Eternal Soul, Dear Souls! Your Immortal Body of Light exists within this state of Completion, of Divine Union with the Bliss and Ecstasy of Your Eternal Soul. You as Light, as Pure Love, as Divinity and All That is.

Do you desire to place your Attention there? Then do so. It is as simple as That.  You do not need to complicate things. Complication and striving EXIST ONLY IN DUALITY.

Flow with the natural Rhythms that live within your Heart. Be consciously AWARE of all that you do, and think, as that is where YOU ARE FOCUSING your attention and free will!!

If you find yourself inside a constant state of disharmonious awareness in a world that is conscious only of Duality consciousness,  begin to love yourself enough to listen, Dear Souls, to the Frequency Transmissions and Activations, that are available to YOU. They are the frequency of Ecstasy and Bliss, of the New Creation, and contain within them the Harmonization of Unconditional Love, for you, within you.

Listen Daily, and you will awaken to your Hearts Longing, your Soul Desires and your Destiny that is the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and KNOWING  of All That is,  within your Heart.

And in that AWARENESS lives the LIMITLESS awareness of ALL THAT IS.  That you Are, when you are consciously AWARE of It!

Embrace yourself as your Immortal Body of Light, live within your awareness, as the Being that is Eternal, that You Are! I hold you three, and there we will Meet in the New Creation!!

I Am Victoria Elohim! The Flow of the Divine Feminine, the Pistis Sophia, Embracing you and holding you in Eternal Love and Bliss, as All That is, in the Now.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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  1. Just try it…or more…do it. You will see it works. Thanks Laura.<3

  2. Magical, heavenly, angelical, divine and lovely message, ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ dear Pistis Sophia Angel ❤ ❤ ❤
    I Am focused in a world of ecstasy and joy, fun and play, the Magic Kingdom Being Pure and Complete Divine Union with you forever and certainly with a "new dress"

  3. The world pure being and new creation, I want it, ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ dear Pistis Sophia Angel ❤ ❤ ❤

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