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Original Light ~ Cosmic Divine Light Transmission Now

We are with you NOW.

Travelling throughout the dimensions in no time, we access all pasts and future worlds. All Was created and is unfolding instantaneously. That is; unfolding faster than the speed of Light. As it is all now taking place at the zero point field.

The accessing point, your Heart centered focus, is the seed force, through which your higher self and cosmic self, surrounds and communicates through.

This is a frequency device of Light, the eternal spark of your infinite flame of awareness, connected to all the dimensions of YOU through your Original Light.

This Portal of Light emits through the Void stationing its awareness, connecting and expanding its frequency, through your unique Soul Star Matrix.

The Photons of Light emitted through your Sun ~ Sun….through the Central Sun of the Pleiades, acts as the One Heart emission of Light, through which the ALL surrounds and communicates through ALL.

These nodal points of Light, through the Central Sun, Soul Star Matrix, of YOU ~ are always connected, and these contain the records of You.

The awareness through the DNA in your form, is being activated to consciously hold this awareness, as all the consciousness of the Beings on Earth, receive this grand shift in consciousness, catapulting awareness into the 5th dimension.

We are activating this Now as a transmission of Light.

The Creator Gods activate the Blueprints of Mass Consciousness through the Light of the Central Sun. The Divine Council of Overseers, with the Blue Avians, Surround this Universe, in its Blueprint of Light expansion.

All is Orchestrated in no time.

Being present to what is, with full acceptance and gratitude, helps you to free yourself from judgement and past repetitive patterning, with greater ease.

Harmony is alignment with ease. Disharmony is resistance to what is.

Trusting the process through gratitude, increases the conscious LINK through your Heart flame, with the ever-present constant transmission of the Light YOU surrounding and being Present throughout all nodal Points and dimensions, emanating through the Void.

This beginning point of conscious uniqueness, is the Glory and Celebration of the Source ~ ALL ~ YOU, knowing itself as it is.

We activate this Now. Through your Divine Activated Light Seed ~ Flame, your Soul Star Matrix WILL be rebirthed anew, as each moment DOES, contain the new awareness of its own expansion.

This rebirth of the Soul Star Matrix ~ Flame ~ through the Void, is the Ascension Awareness through which the Dimensions and Suns, live as newly birthed Worlds, awaiting your conscious arrival.

We activate this now.

The Light that you are as the Divine You FLAME ~ receives the anointing of this Christed Light, The Sophia Light, as One. Pistis Sophia, transmitting as One with the Divine Masculine, activates now, the nodal points of the Light you. All levels of Light as One, Now.

Feel NOW  in your Heart centered awareness, the Glory that already exists. Living as the Gratitude of Divinity. We shed Light upon all not consciously receiving itself.

As consciousness knows itself in the PURITY of its ORIGINAL eternal Light. And so it is, In Divine LOVE and GLORY ~ Now.






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Your Holographic Matrix~5th Dimensional Consciousness



You as Light~ You as the Pureness of your Emanating Light~ as Your Soul. As Your Blueprint. As Your Matrix. As you Immortal Body of Light. Your Holographic Matrix is You as your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. This Immortal Body of Light is the Matrix of your Blueprint Vibrating Your Soul Frequency, as Light. Everything is Light, and in the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light, you SEE everything as the LIGHT that it is. The Dense Vibration on Earth only makes things seem like they are Dense through 3D Eyes, so to speak.

When YOU Consciously live in the Present Moment, you SEE more and more, the FABRIC of CREATION which is the Holographic Matrix of Everything, which includes, you as LIGHT.

As I Consciously Fill these words with Light (because that is what they are~ Light) they are Holographically Sent out through their frequency Signal throughout the Universe and downloaded, so to speak, into the Morphogenic Field; the Vibrating Matrix of Light, that responds to this Frequency Signal. Like a huge database of Light, that is morphing in and out with its Light and Frequency.

Each of Your Holographic Matrix Blueprints, are connected to this Huge Database of Light (Light as Frequency and Information) where you are constantly sending your signal too, and it sends back to you More of Your Vibrational Signals. These Light Vibrational Signals Make up your own unique Reality, as what you ARE being (signalling Out) you Are Receiving. And since what you are Being is what you are Receiving, why not consciously, recognize, what you say you WANT can only be RECEIVED when you ARE BEING IT. Being what you Desire.

Now, As you connect more and more the Holographic YOU consciously, you become more and more aware, of what you are Signalling Out. This is Being More present. Likewise when you are Present you know how you are Being, and that this is Consciously Your Reality. As YOU Vibrate more and more as Consciously Aware Holographic Light, in every Present Moment, YOU Become aware of ~ You ARE what you Desire. You have come to Earth to Recognize YOU ~ Your PURE Being, your Eternal You. Your Immortal Body of Light.

YOU AS Your Conscious Aware, Awake, Light~ Being what it Desires. To experience More and More of the Real You, the Pure You, the Eternal You, the DIVINE YOU. Be present, Be Awake, Be Light. Connect through Your Breath in the Eternal Now Moment.

Be CONSCIOUS of What you are signalling OUT in ALL Moments. For this is YOU, this is your Intention, This is YOUR Reality. Being Conscious in all moments, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness (using words~ which only point to the experience) which is the Maturing of YOU Consciously. Being the Responsible Holographic Matrix of Light, in all Dimensions, throughout All Realities and Parallel Worlds, all “consciously” Joined as ONE. This is your Mastery, you as Your Immortal Body of Light. I hold you in this, in your Sacred Immortal Body of Light, throughout All Eternity, in the Light of All That is, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Your Soul Star Creation Matrix ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.



So HERE you are, this MOMENT, here. I am Happy you are HERE. You have arrived. Your Journey has included many ups and downs, and NOW it is the Moment, you enter more deeply into the awareness of YOU. It is kind of funny in some ways, because you have never been apart from yourself. YET with all due respect, it has seemed that way. And in a realm that includes a wide spectrum of frequencies in a dual world you call Planet Earth, each reality is as valid to the consciousness that is experiencing it, as any other.

Entering as BEING your Original Star Creation Matrix (as in the title of this light frequency transmission) is a conscious choice, and a preference, if you would, to return to the Original You before you ever experienced a reality that included you experiencing a separation from that you have never been separated from.

Embodying this consciousness may be considered Avant-Gard, to some~ the New way.  Yet it is the Original Way. The Way you were Created to BE. When your Soul was first created, there was no masculine and feminine. You existed as Light (as you still do) in the form of your own Original Star Creation Matrix. From this your own unique Soul and Blueprint were formed. This Original Star Creation Matrix, was created through your Eternal Light, and even though there was an Origin POINT of this Matrix, your Source Light~existed always as Source Light(All That is) before your Star Creation Matrix “Emanated” as Your Soul.

This Light of your Original Soul, is the 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Miracles of Being that I am referring to, when I say, a return to your Original State. And yet, since all Realities are respected as such, this may sound new to you, before you remember.  This Creation Light merging of your Original Soul Matrix, WITH the consciousness in your cells of light now, is the Alchemy of your Return to your Original Consciousness.  That is your Ascension that you speak of. This is your God~Like Being, that is You as the Original Emanation of You. Your Soul Presence.

When you enter BEING PRESENT in the Now moment, you enter the realm of all possibilities. This realm is the frequency of Unconditional Love (which is 5th Dimensional Consciousness) and instantaneous Manifestation. Because it is the realm of your Original Light. Your Original Star Creation Matrix, YOUR POINT OF ORIGIN, which you BEGAN creating through. This is your ‘Whole” State and the Union, that exists, that you have longed for.

As you read these words, you receive the Activations for your remembering. And as you continue to Transition in your AWARENESS to your Original Light as Consciousness, you embody more and more of your ORIGINAL LIGHT. And you enter into, the most Glorious experience of YOU~ far beyond anything you can even imagine in this Moment. This is your Destiny. This has been your Journey over countless incarnations.   And Now the curtain opens, and this is your Arrival. The Great Revealing of YOU. And in this I Hold you, In the Eternal Light, Grace and Unconditional Love, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Dear Souls of Light!

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Spring Equinox~March 20th, 2015~ Being Cosmic Light!


Being Cosmic Light ~As you read these words that appear to be before you, Open your Heart to receive, the Cosmic Grace and Light of Eternity Now. The Profound Opening of the experience of this Vernal Equinox is an eternal Doorway to your Divinity, in its Fullness. You Being Cosmic Light.

The Name Equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night are equal in length during the Equinox. The Union of Opposites ~ The Union ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ The Union Day and Night. Inner and outer, Above and Below.

As you Receive this Grace, know that this New Beginning, is the experience of You ~ experiencing yourself, as the reflection of Light, that you eternally Are.

Now this Powerful Doorway, through your Heart is always accessible Now. The Vibrational Energy Experience of this Spring Newness upon you, Begins Gracefully as the experience of the New Moon on the 20th, at 6:36am ADT. The Grand Opening and Beginning of the experience of what you would call on Earth your Vernal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere)~ the Doorway Opening ~begins at 7:45pm ADT on the 20th of March.

Opening yourself to the Grandness of the Glory of All that is, is the allowing through the Receptive Principle, within your consciousness, to receive the already available ~ Grace. Now.

Being Cosmic Light ~ this is You receiving the experience and Knowing, that all is Light, that you exist Cosmically and Eternally, that all is Now ~ and this the Light that always Exist, You have never been separated From.

Open Your Heart right Now ~ this Doorway Opening, of the Equinox, of Eternity, of  You Being Cosmic Light, Begins Now, Feel it Now as these words awaken within you ~ Your Cosmic Codes, held within your Blueprint, of All That you Are.

Breathe into this, feel deeply into this, it is through your feeling awareness, that opens you to receive,  through the receptive principle.

Now I could go on about the Stars and the Sacred Alignments, what is really Sacred to know is, The Stars and the Alignments ~ Reflect what already is. The stars to not configure and tell you what is coming, the Stars are Aligned, matching All That is. Matching Creation, the Design, the Blueprint OF the Creation, Now. No thing out there is separate from Cosmic Light, it is all the Reflection, of All That is, Now. The Stars match what is.

This Sacred New Beginning and Experience of Being Cosmic Light, awakening and awakening within you Now, within All of Creation. It was always, so. It was always, now. It is Created Perfectly and Unfolding perfectly.

Take a few moments, to Know within yourself, that all is unfolding perfectly.

Breathe now deeply, into Cosmic Light itself. I surround you Now, and hold you Now, in the Grand Cosmic Light of Knowing, that awakens all Codes Everywhere, to the Full Knowing of Itself, NOW.

Breathe into this NOW. The Golden Light of Ascension and Fully ~ Being ~ Cosmic Light, is the Gift of Being ~ that is Present Now ~ everywhere! Feel this Now. Awakening and Awakened, all that read this now.

The Grandness of the Fullness of the Glory ~ is Unspeakable, there are no words to convey, the Glory of the Cosmic Light of Being. Your existence as your Immortal Body of Light, responds as these codes, awaken, deeply within you, Your Cosmic Light ~ Knowing, Now and everywhere.

Feel this Now, Celebrate Now, your awakening into the Fullness of the Grand Cosmic Light and the Plan your Soul, has designed you to Be and experience yourself AS, now.

Blessing All Souls ~ Announcing in the Greatest Grandness, the New Beginning, the Experience of the Awakening as the Cosmic Light of Eternity and Grace, Floods all Levels of Being Now.

Receive as You open your Heart. Feel the Unconditional Love, that floods all levels of your awareness, Now.

Cosmic Light ~ Being Cosmic Light, Being your Immortal Body of Light Now. Opening and Awakening, Being ~ All that you Are Created to Be ~ through the Eternal Love and Grace of All That is.

Awakening Fully, You are Not Alone. I am with you.

For those of you That Live in disharmony ~ feel this Truth within your Heart:

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~that seem as Not Divine and Cosmic Light to you~ are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY. 

Breathe Deeply into the Codes of Cosmic Light as you receive the fullness of the Awakening, within Your Awareness ~ Now ~ read slowly and breathe deeply.

All you need to do is Open to Receive the Truth. Open to the Everlasting Love, to Beauty, to Grace, to this Grand Opening and Portal, to BEING Cosmic Light, to Being your Divinity ~ Your Soul, Now.

I Am Cosmic Light ~ I Am Divinity in its Fullness ~ I Am Eternal Youth ~ I Am the Glorious Beauty and Love of All That Is. I Am Divine Union ~ I Am Eternal Grace ~ I Am Everlasting Purity of Being.

I Am the Fullness of  Love Awakening within YOU ~ the Light Codes in your Blueprint (Now) for Your Experience of Being all that you Are Created to Be ~Being Cosmic Light ~ Being Eternal ~ Being in UNION with All That is. Being your Soul ~ Being Divinity Now.

I Am Eternity everywhere Now~ I am With you in your Heart Now~ I am The Opening and the Doorway of the Experience of the New Beginning, the New Creation, the Fullness of Divinity Everywhere Now.

I have no Beginning or End, I Am nameless, I Am All, I Am with You and Hold All ~ in the Fullness and Glory of All Sacred Eternal ~Divinity Now. I Am.


Holding you Forever ~ In the Pureness of Divine Glorious ~ Eternal Being!

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As the Stars Align ~ in The Great Succession


My True Love, My Beloved ~Every moment,
our deep passionate yearning ~ a sacred Omen.

Shifting and Shifted, All Worlds, moving into Now,
breathless, submerged within you ~ our holy Vow.

Being ~ All that I am ~ Created ~to Be,
I embrace with you ~ our beatific Destiny.

For ~as the Stars align, in the Great succession,
our merging ~ our union ~our Golden Ascension.

Is our lineage and your Creator God Design,
as we stand together again as One ~for all time.

In your arms sweet Ecstasy and complete Bliss,
forever yours, our love ~ our Glory, our eternal kiss.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Unprecedented ~ Glory of Divinity


All is LIGHT ~ And You are NOT separate from it!
When you SEE everything through the eyes of your Divinity, you see and  you know, that the chair you are sitting upon is light, your body is light, your thoughts are light, your emotions are light,  you ARE Light ~ and Nothing is Separate from YOU!!!

Revolutionizing your Life, Your Awareness, to the degree that you choose, intend and decide, to LIVE only in the GLORY that you Are ~ Awakens within you, your DNA ~ Activating your New Template of Light~ As Your Light, Your New Heaven on Earth Blueprint ~Your Divinity, the experience of your Glory ~NOW.

As this Revolutionary Process Flows through You ~ As the Glory of your LIGHT, your Eternal Self, your Soul, your Immortal Body of Light, the changes that you now seek, become WHO and what you ARE and know yourself to BE.

You are not Separate from this! The Glory that is YOU, The Love that is You, All That you Desire is YOU, and it is ALL present Now, waiting for you to place your Attention, upon it.

The Unprecedented Bliss, Beauty, Ecstasy, Love and Glory, is the Heaven on Earth, within you, that you so Desire.

Releasing yourself from your limitations, is the awakening, to ALL that you truly ARE, all that you have always Been, and all that you forever will BE.

There is No Beginning and No End. 

As you read these words, ignited within your awareness, your DNA, are the codes of Light Activating themselves, even as I write this.

These codes of Light, Hold within them, your eternal Knowing, that you are not separate from all that you desire. That you are not separate from your Divinity. That within you, is your Heaven on Earth, your Glory, All That you Desire.

Breathe in this Love, this Newness, Breathe in right Now, all that you ARE.

Breathe in and out Eternity Itself as you are Bathed in the Light of Eternal Glory. Feel this right Now, Being awakened, activated within you. Feel the Love, Feel the Beauty, Feel yourself as Light!

I Hold you eternally in this Sacred Light of Divinity, in The Glory that you Are, in the Sacred Beauty of All that Is, in the Ecstasy, that lives forever!

Feel this Now, as you awaken, the Feeling Nature of Consciousness, as you ever-present awareness of Being. KNOW that you Exist Now, Feel this! Feel the warmth and Glow of Light shine within you, all around you, as the Eternal Nature of You.

I hold you in This Light, as the Angel of Light ~ Pistis Sophia, Holding you forever, in the Eternal Glory, of All That is!

You ARE ~ Love is ~ Glory is Now! Bathe all of your Being in this Presence! In All that you Are, in All that you Desire!

I Hold you in Love! Feel me with You! The Light of Glory ~ Forevermore ~ Revolutionizing, All That You Are!! All That is ~ in the Forever Expanding Glory of All That is! All That I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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In The Temple of The Beloved


In The Temple of the Beloved,
one enters the doorway, to the Unknown.

The Mysteries of the Breath, flow in endless rhythm,
through the passionate surrender, of this World.

As the Heart Stirs, it pours itself, into the depths of the Ocean,
where the Love and wisdom held, forever lives.

The Altar of Union, in the Temple of the Beloved,
anoints, and sanctifies, in holy bliss, the lovers and the eternal dream.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Photo courtesy of Daniel B. Holeman


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Enter The No Mind


The Mind is constantly searching for answers, needing to control, needing to figure it out. Yet the State of Pure Being, is FLOW.

The Question to ask yourself is HOW much do you truly desire to STAY focused on Pure Being in the FLOW?

Or How much do you choose to stay entrenched in THE NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT?

Mortal Language once again, falls short of MEANING.

The Ego, the Mind, the Lower Self, are ONLY words used in Mortal Language that fall short of the actual meaning of those words. Beliefs and all things attached to those names and words, trigger within you, your response, which is not necessarily the Meaning attempting to convey itself, through my writing.

How Long will you stay blind to your Patterns and Beliefs that hold you in Limitation? To you constant mind Chatter, that PREVENTS you from hearing the Voice of your Soul?

Is it time now to SURRENDER? Have you suffered ENOUGH YET?

Only you can choose, if enough is enough. Observe yourself, watch yourself, stay present with Yourself. Listen to your thoughts, write them down, what is going on within YOU?

Let go of any victim attitude that says to YOU, this has happened to me, that has, this is, that has and RECOGNIZE that NOTHING Happens to YOU ~ Rather ~ All Things GO THROUGH YOU!!!

When you recognize this, and quiet your mind, and choose to finally let go of limiting beliefs and endless MIND CHATTER (that plays like a broken record) you come to the place and space, where there is No one to blame, no event or experience to blame, that this is YOU and YOU are responsible for YOUR responses and the Awareness yourself BRING to those responses that ARE always ~ always SHOWING YOU what is to be SEEN.

This what is to be seen, is You informing you, WHAT truly is going on within you. Not what you hope is going on, or hope will go on, but WHAT IS ~ in the Present Moment.

What happens when you stop the endless mind chatter? When you stop allowing your NEED to figure things out, to rule your life?

When You enter the present Moment, and let go of the need to Maintain CONTROL, and YOU Surrender to the Present Moment, your Heart and Soul, and SEE WHAT IS. What is true for YOU. What you Are, not what you hope to be, through the mind.

This is FREEDOM. This is BLISS. Letting go of the need to KNOW.

And Entering the NO MIND of the Buddha (again mortal language that falls short of the meaning)

In this NO MIND ~ you enter Stillness, you enter your Heart, your Enter the Flow of the Now moment, you Enter Eternity, your Enter Freedom.

Then and ONLY then, can you hear the voice of your Heart, the Voice of Your Soul, and receive THE TRUE Guidance that does not come from the repetitive mind Chatter, that lives in the fear based, mass consciousness program, that you CHOOSE, that keeps you enslaved, to the Suffering, you live in.

Will you Quiet your Mind?

Will You enter your Heart?

Will You write what you are constantly thinking so that you will RECOGNIZE your ego patterns, that keep you in limitation?

Ponder these things, spend time in stillness, let go of the victim attitude, and LOVE YOURSELF through these actions. They are a choice, they are actions, even if there is inaction.

Spend time in Silence, Live in Joy, live in Bliss, live in FLOW, live in the Present Moment.

Live in Love, in Love with Life, in Ecstasy and In Harmony.

Live in Peace, live through your HEART which will allow you to hear the Quiet Whispers of your Soul.

If you are in Disharmony, Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions, Activations, Invocations, Initiations and Light Language. These will align you with the Frequency of Love, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Stillness, and Move you deeply into your Heart, into the Present Moment, into the Full Alignment with your Immortal Body of Light, your Eternal Soul!

I love you Dear Souls, SURRENDER the NEED to KNOW, to FIGURE IT OUT, to CONTROL, and enter the everlasting Eternal Moment, of All That is!

I hold you In this space, in my Heart, through your Heart. Be Still and Know, I Am Present With You! In All Moments, I am There. You are Sacred Eternal Light, that is Fluid, and Flows constantly, in the everlasting Ecstasy of Your Soul!

I Am Pistis Sophia, Holding you, In All That is!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Portal of Love ~ November 11, 2014

july2014jpg 3

November 11th, 2014 = 11 In Numerology.

Everything is energy, and the master number 11  represents an Opening, a Portal of Divine Consciousness.

This Portal of Love is the Opening of Consciousness through your HEART. 

Where does this opening in Consciousness take Place? Everything is within you, and this Opening in Consciousness is through your Heart.

As the Template of Humanity is CHANGING, even as I write this, Begin to relax, Breathe slowly and deeply, and Focus on your Heart space, the area of your Physical Heart. BEGIN to feel your Heart Beating.

Slow down your Breath. Pause, and focus on the sensations you feel, within You, within your Heart.

Place your attention on the Vibrations you feel in your Heart. Feel Warmth radiate from your Heart, notice how your mind quiets.  FEEL the warmth spread throughout your body.

Stay present with this for several minutes….Breathe, Relax, and  FEEL DEEPLY.

Do you feel a shift within you as you Place your Attention, even for a few minutes on Your Heart Space?  Can you consciously stay present within your Heart? Throughout your day?

This is the Portal of Love, which you have access to in every moment! Your Form although it seems solid, is not, it is composed of Light. Your Vibration is slow enough that you SENSE yourself as Solid. You are Light, you Are Eternal Light, you are Your Immortal Body of Light.

When you increase your Vibrational Awareness, through your Focus on the Higher Frequencies of your Heart, the Portal of Love, you  Begin to experience yourself, as the timeless, eternal Being that you are.

You are Light, everything is Light. Even in the Darkness there is Light. You are NOT SEPARATED from this Light. You have only taken your attention of YOURSELF as Light. You can NOW stay focused on your Heart, on yourself as Light, on YOU Eternal Sacred Divinity.

Many of you on Earth today existed and exist as Angels, Beings of Light, from the Angelic Realms. And you are here on Earth, now, bringing your Light consciously, into your embodiment on Earth.

Breathe into your Heart space, daily.

Take time out daily, to feel the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Love, that align you with your Soul, with your Divinity, With All That is. 

This Living Light is always present for you, through your Heart!

This is your Portal, your Opening, to All That is.

To All That you Are.

Practise Daily, slowing down, feeling your Heart, Being present, and FEELING through your Heart the Feeling Nature of Consciousness. This is the feminine receptive Principle.

When you Open you RECEIVE.

When you Open your Heart (truly open your heart) you Surrender ( you let go of the habitual thought patterns) and you Let go of the need to be in charge, the need to be right, the need for security. And you enter, the Eternal Space of Sacred Pureness and Innocence, which is the Sacred Divine Light of your Eternal Soul.

Can you Feel your Presence? Can you feel your Soul? Can you feel your Angelic Self?  Your Eternal Presence is NOT SEPARATE from YOU.

Stay present within Your Heart Space, within your Portal of Love, through FEELING within you, the Vibrations and Higher Frequencies that are the Warmth, the Love, the Illuminating Light of Your Eternal Soul. 

When you DO THIS, Love fills you in Such a way, that you Awaken to the Limitless Being that you TRULY ARE, Eternally!

Live in Harmony, with All That is, with All That arises within you!

If you Are in Disharmony PLEASE Listen to my Frequency Transmissions Daily, they will increase your Vibratory Frequency and Open your Heart and awaken your conscious awareness, to the PORTAL of LOVE. To your Eternal Soul. To the limitless Being that you Are. To All That is!

Celebrate this day, this NOW, this Portal, this OPENING ~ within YOU!!! Through your Heart!

I Hold you Eternally in the Sacredness of Eternal Love, in Victory! In the Ecstasy and Bliss and Pure Joy, of All That is! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!




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Photo courtesy of Endre Balogh

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Holy Golden Chalice

july2014jpg 3

My Beloved, you hold me in your Holy Golden Chalice,
of Blissful Love, in all Moments.

Overflowing as a Fountain of Liquid Light,
you live within me, and flow, endlessly,
throughout the Universe.

In every Breath I feel your constant touch,
caress, and Love, as the Beauty that envelops,
All of me.

Your Ways are Divine, you speak the refreshing language,
of The Depths of the Soul, a Beatific waterfall.

Hidden beneath the surface of all appearances,
you live, as the eternal Heart, of the Living Sun.

You Warm, nourish, and fulfill me, with your passionate,
everlasting Presence, that is the sacred treasure,
the ecstasy, My Beloved, that I Am.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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