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Living in 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW

There is nowhere to go to live in 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

It is present here now for you.

There is the shift from the mind being dominant to the Heart leading the way, to full access to all that you are eternally.

The only thing that appears in the way, through memories, are your attachments and resistances that exists only in 3D. That is; your thoughts, emotions and habitual patterns, that lock you into an outdated program of consciousness.

The need to try, to analyze, to resist, to fight, to endlessly wonder why not me, why me, why not now, is the battle of a 3D consciousness where ego wants to reign supreme as ruler and does not want to end its power struggle with WHAT IS NOW.

What is NOW is all there is and to the mind not ruled by the heart, it resists. As it thinks of all the ways it has to be or better be.

Will you wake up?

And realize that those very thoughts are the cause of your pain and anguish in a dimension that feeds itself of off pain.

You ~ now, not someone else.

Will you wake up?

And be present now, to this the Glory, once you had rid yourself of your repetitive mind battles.

It is quite ironic, that the very thing that you desire so badly and try so hard to hold on to, is the cause of not getting it.

3D Consciousness is an outmoded and outdated level of consciousness, that FEEDS OFF of it’s every destruction and self suffering experience. 

Whereas; 5th Dimensional Consciousness has gotten out of its old WAYS ~ and FLOWS as A Divine Being in the MOMENT THROUGH THE Heart. 

CLEARING the way to the actual beauty that exists, is stepping out of those patterns, those deeply entrenched ideas that YOU have to have this and why not me, why not now.

Give it up. Surrender to your Heart.

The mind cannot understand the Heart or the Eternal Divine and its plan.

If you ask so often, why can’t I have this or that; TRY instead for a change, ~ ask, why can’t I let go, why haven’t I allowed my Heart to rule my experience on this Earth.

Well it is the easy route to follow the herd consciousness submerged in its ever so deserving attitude, yet not ever receiving what it desires, LOCKING in the attitude of TIME and ignoring the Eternal Presence so CLEARLY HERE ALREADY to those who live through their heart.

The Mystics, the heart-felt authentic beings, rising to their Glory as the eternal Beings of Light they are.

The irony is, everyone is already present, but tightly holding on to the old ways. As if justification of ownership is a good enough idea to believe in, leading to further suffering. Haven’t you had enough already?

They just wont let go of suffering and continue to follow a God that thrives on, better be me, better have, or else.

Listen to your heart, search What it is you are actually functioning through.

Wake UP And live through your heart. It is all here, although may appear to meek and humble for ego.

Which road are you on?

The path to Glory or the path of greater suffering.

You are always choosing In all moments, wake up!

In love and eternal Glory. All NOW and forevermore.




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Super Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, January 20/21st, 2019 ~ Unfathomable Change

Unfathomable and Far reaching, this Super Blood Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse garnishes us with bewildering Shifts in consciousness. January 21st, 2019 at 1:16am AST. For some of you this will be on January 20th.

Opulent Light Frequencies ~ Activate that which many have felt dormant within your subconscious mind.

Therein is the beauty, as treasure boxes of infinite Glory, open anew.

So much to take in and integrate. As  life plans, unfold, in their majestic timing.

This Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse is in the first degree of Leo. This impact is like a Full Moon, on Steroids. Your personal life, your emotions, your relationships, your home and family, are all likely areas where this impact will be felt. This is a cosmic RESET and the opportunity to release, from your subconscious all memories connected to a 3D past, that are no longer desired.

This then, opens the floodgates of awareness in ALL areas impacted within you. The Light rushes in ~ you AWAKEN more. There are no limits to the possibilities, that once were dormant within you.

Do not under-estimate the powers that be. And the magical monumental Lunar Eclipse, this is.

With the Moon square Uranus and Mercury square Uranus.  Our eyes, suddenly opened WIDE ~ to all possibilities ~ as we experience this RESET and are cleared for new potentials and miracles.

This blotting out of the Moon, in this Full Lunar Eclipse, we live through an unfathomable Deep Reset. Playing out in consciousness till July 2019.

We change, we are Reset. 

We are Initiated. 

We experience death and rebirth of our consciousness. 

We are Reborn. 

We are in the 5th Dimension. 

We are the embodiment of The Conscious 5th Dimensional Being. 

We are Love. 

In love, forevermore, L’Aura


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And SO it is ~ Before Earth Began ~ The Divine Council of Overseers…

Cosmic Shifts into GREAT Majestic Bliss, Glory and BEING Ascended ~ In LOVE.

Platinum Diamond Rays ~ manifesting in MATTER, as the New Earth ~ REALIZED in consciousness as DIVINE Eternal LIGHT ~ Manifested.

Portals of Initiations ~ exist within the consciousness of the embodiment of the Blueprint Design.

The Great Elohim ~ The Creator Gods ~ Hold the consciousness of FORM in the The Halls of Amenti ~ Now RENEWED and activated in their Eternal power.

And SO it is ~ Before Earth began, The Divine Council of Overseers, working with the Blue Avians and The Elohim, designed, Implemented and activated the masculine and feminine Blueprints ~ AS The God ~ Source ~ Beings ~ incarnating in form on Earth.

Now ALL DNA ~ Blueprint patterns, codes, activations ~ of awakening in the 5th Dimension ~ now EMERGE as their Source LIGHT ~ as Being One with it. As it is.

Welcoming in now through this embodiment the activation codes, as DESIGNED ~ And So it is, all Now. Emerging….as the The Holy Light Presence, throughout all levels, throughout the Universe ~ and all Universes, now.

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When the Lights Go Out and The Internet Stops

L'AuraWhat will you do if the Lights go out?
The internet stops?
Will you stay in?
Will you focus on your Breath?

Are you ready?

The EARTH MACHINE will shut down completely! 

The Earth machine is going down completely.

What will you do when everything is in Chaos?

The Magnetic poles are shifting, are you ready?

Electricity, Internet and consciousness grids for 3D end….when the magnetic poles dissolve and shift.

Are you ready?

Can you relax through intense experiences not knowing what is taking place?

Many will go crazy. You will be in darkness.

Breathe and relax, This has taken place before.

if You are here, you are a part of it.

For some this will be believed to be Armageddon. The last days…MASS chaos…everywhere! People screaming and running everywhere. No phones.

Objects will dissolve, new objects will appear. 

ALL conditioning is being WIPED out to be re set! 

Breathe and feel the changes EVEN NOW!

It is a DEATH and REBIRTH Experience. 

Then you Wake UP ~ The New Earth, that has always been.

In Love and Glory with The Divine Council of Overseers.



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Supernatural Metamorphosis ~ The Dimensions and Parallel World Shifts

Changing one’s reality ~ shifting timelines and entering Higher Dimensions of consciousness is the Metamorphosis of being ~ from one way to another.

Beyond the minds current level of awareness of consciousness is the Divine power and the force of creation ~ that changes all matter, all levels, everywhere.

These forces are Divinely orchestrated from the Higher Dimensions of consciousness.

The levels and the dimensions are direct experiences that represent the levels.

Initiating the changes within, has been the focus of all Mystery Schools everywhere.

Harnessing the use of these powers has been the focus of magic.

The Causal nature of these forces relate and activate differently, according to the levels of consciousness one is existing in.

The mutation of cellular consciousness, through the direct impact of emotions, thoughts, and intentions and the vibrations they carry within the fluid nature of matter within your form. Is the bedrock and breeding ground that create the metamorphosis and shifts into your next level.

The cause of your current level of thoughts, emotions and intentions are directly correlated to the dimension, to which you currently exist in.

Shifting frequencies to the higher dimensions takes place through resonance with the higher dimensions.

Since the next level is beyond our current level of awareness, what grants us access to this resonance that opens the door for our DNA to be  impacted for this shift to take place.

The initiating codes of Light ~ acting like seeds that awaken your DNA, are inherent within your Blueprint now. Your Blueprint carries all your activated and dormant seeds of consciousness as LIGHT information, that once fully activate, awaken and link up your awareness into all the Dimensions.

The Light codes are frequencies that when activated ~ act like doorways, to Portals that link you to the initiations through resonance with the dimensions being initiated into.

The fluid nature within your body and your DNA respond to this resonance.

Being in the state of Harmony aligns you with the ease of metamorphosis as a natural way of being. All things shift and change.

The Blueprint design for the Earth incarnation and ascension experience, carries all the information to be suddenly impacted ~ awakened and initiated into, the ascension and dimensional shift.

Your DNA and is now shifting in resonance with the New Earth. With your Ascension.

The Blue Avians, The Elohim and The Divine Council of Overseers, seeded the activation resonance and the initiation codes into this entire blueprint plan. To be on Earth, you function through this Blueprint system.

When fully activated you will awaken in a new world.

This New Earth world is a higher Dimensional Earth experience.

You are being activated into the resonance of this new world now.

You are now entering higher levels of initiation.

Your body is changing.

Your thoughts, emotions and intentions are now in the initiation phase for your transportation of consciousness to this higher dimensional New Earth.

And now a new day, a new life, a new way, a new level.

Activating you now through the doorways to the resonance portals, seeded by the Divine Council of Overseers.

Activating All Blueprints Everywhere, as on MU ~ so now here.

As Above, So Below. And so it is, all NOW.

Higher dimensions

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Entering The NO TIME of Our Eternal God Self ~ Now

Being ONE with the Beloved, consciously.

Being Our Divine Ascended Being NOW.

Being Our Original Light now.

Being in Love with the Eternal.

Being ONE with NO Time. 

Being ONE with our Eternal Divine Presence. 

Being aware consciously that we have never been separated from our LIMITLESS Divine Presence and Original LIGHT~  Now.

This is the limitless eternal MAGIC of Our Divine God Self. ALL form responds to this ~ our eternal Presence.

Breathe and consciously let go of time and all of its concepts.

Even NOW ~ breathe and relax and enter NOW.

Entering the SACRED NO time Presence we NOW connect and enter the Eternal Portal of Our Divine Light.

We ARE linked, we ARE In Union.

Our hearts are Entrained with the magnificence and GLORY of Our Eternal Divine Self.

Feel this now.

Consciously let go of any thoughts or concepts of time.

When YOU can, do not look at time. Take your watch off for a few days if you can, are you needing to look at time?

When we are in Divine Union with our Eternal Divine Presence, we do not notice TIME. It looses its meaning and it is not felt or experienced.

We then access our Eternal Divine Beauty, Youth, Glory and our unconditional Love.

WE are then filled with joy NOW.

WE are then filled with Love now.

We are then free from the aspects of aging, now.

AS we link with our eternal PRESENCE we live as our eternal Being here. That knows not of time. That knows not of an ending and a beginning.

That is the Dimensional awareness of Being Ascended.

That is the Limitless Presence of OUR Original Light.

Enter the eternal Portal now, of no time. Through your breath unite consciously MORE AND MORE with NO Time. That is with the Eternal You. This is where our eternal Beings exist, in that space, through the heart of no time.

In Love and Glory, with the Divine Council of Overseers. In JOY and Love, United and entrained, with all that is ~ the Eternal. Now.


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Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28th, 2018 ~ Auspicious Changes

Continuing to impact frequency, is the Auspicious June 13th, 2018 New Moon. This Full Moon, June 28th, 2018 at 1:58 am ADT~  although with some potential challenges, works in your favour, YOUR Transformation.

Each person responds to these frequencies, uniquely, based on their own current frequency, Blueprint and Life Plan.

During the Full Moon the Sun is Opposite the Moon, which helps bring to Light, any opposing energies within us (not yet in harmony as memories)  to HELP us create the balance and harmony within, to manifest, that which we started on the previous New Moon.

YOUR transformation shows UP through your continued conscious awareness ~ of the eternal aspect of YOU ~ that which is Light.

With the Moon Conjunct Saturn ~ with Saturn Retrograde ~ we have the potential for memories to surface from past lives as energetic charges, to do with drama related to relationships. All relationships, including and most importantly, YOU TO YOU.

As you stay PRESENT with the eternal aspect of YOU ~ Your Divine self, you become ELEVATED to that which you are. Any challenges and reactive states DISSOLVE as one comes through as the ONE observing this eternally.

With the Moon Trine Uranus, is a doorway to the EXCITEMENT of change and the awareness that ALL is exciting ALWAYS…that is the PURE MOMENT of the ETERNAL.

Accessing this door which is forever present as your child like nature, is through the awareness of your Heart ~ in the Stillness of the everlasting eternal PRESENCE.

Stay present AS THAT.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the auspicious New MOON energies from June 13, 2017 continue to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018.

Auspicious Abundance, Miracles, as YOU become the ONE THAT IS the eternal LIGHT ~ Consciously. In all moments ~ as YOU Already are.

The Frequency ~ the ALIGNMENT.

In GLORY and LOVE with the transmitting Energies of The Divine Council of Overseers, here NOW. In love.



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The New Divine Humanity ~ Soul Family


As you read this, you will know in your heart (as a resonance) if you are part of this Soul Family. Many of the Seraphim incarnated on Earth during this time, to be the first wave of Ascension. To master Being Hu ~ Man in a form and to bring forth the Light of Divinity, within. This Light is the original Light and part of each Souls Star Matrix. The origin of the Birth of the Soul.

Mastering self-love, in a world that deems that selfish, is a process of stepping out of the box, not on solid ground, but on the deep knowing, that there exists, something more.  That something else that exists within, is the deep knowing of your Soul Plan, which is your spark of Light, your Divinity, that has been always guiding you along. Whether knowingly or unknowingly.

So much has changed.

Placing the focus on yourself and you own inner growth and development of compassion and self-love within, is your path to your mastery. Letting go of all the external modes of acceptance and validation. Opening up to owning and being responsible for all that you experience. Within.

This Soul Family is already united in unconditional love.

This was a large group of Beings, many Eons ago, that agreed through their soul blueprint, to come and be the change. To be the Ones, who would acknowledge their Divinity. That through their self-love and acceptance, would be the example and guide for others. Simply through, walking their talk. Being.

Many are part of this Soul Family that will never read these words. Many that are receiving the Hourly Activation (Divine Ascended Being) are not even aware of it. Their hearts are already one with this, through their Blueprint.

Know that you do not need to know how to figure out how to receive the Hourly Activation, simply intend and it is done.

The uniting of Atlantis and Mu (masculine and feminine) is symbolic of your uniting within, through self-love, compassion and acceptance, of the wholeness of  the original Light. Of your Divine Presence.

This is the wholeness being birthed once again, of the original Soul Light ~ Union. This is the Mastery in Form. It begins with you, loving yourself.

The head and heart are one already.

They have experienced opposite roles at times, through the polarity of this world. Through the left or right hemispheres of the brain.

Since this was already One, intend to enter your Original Wholeness. Intend to receive all the downloads of Light Frequency that awaken you to your Wholeness. Your Original Light.

As the First wave of Ascension Beings, Angels of Light in Form, you are this already. This is a Soul Family. This is The New Divine Humanity.

Allowing your Light to shine, which shifts reality on all levels of your Being. Including All Parallel Words and time frames. Allows the Glory of you as Light, to shine through all sense of darkness. And is the unconditional love, that has brought you here.

There is no idea of going home from this space. Home is to be here, that is the New Earth, The New Divine Humanity. Soul Family.

Heaven on Earth is the experience as you radiate your Original Whole Light. You are here, to bring Heaven here.

It was never about just surviving, and going home.

It was always about bringing the Divinity here. Allowing your Light to shine, your Original Soul Light.

Paradise Soul Family. The Garden of Eden, was always within, as the Original Birthing of your Soul Star Matrix.

The New Divine Humanity, as a Soul Family, reunites through your reuniting within once again.

Your Initiation.

With your Original Source Light. Your Soul Star Matrix.

Your Soul Blueprint.

This now, planned Eons ago.

The emerging Divinity, is the First Wave of Ascension.

The birthing. through a death and rebirth experience.

The leaving behind of all that has kept you separated through an outdated belief system.

The freedom of the self loved Hu ~Man as the Pure Light Source of Divinity, is you finding your way home, back to all, that you have always, originally been.

Bringing it here now, into Form. The New Divine Humanity. Soul Family. Tune in, tap in, call upon me, every hour. And so it is, all Now.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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Living as Your Original Divine Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



All That Is, (Source ~ God Light) is WHOLE.

Eternal Source Is Eternal Pure Love.

Consciousness knowing itself as Pure Divine Love.

God is Love.

In wholeness, All Exists.

This ~ All That is, is the Light emanating as Itself, from the Void. The emanations, consisting of varying frequencies of Light, are Soul, Light Frequencies. At the level of Light Frequency of All That is (Source originating Light) there are no names or words, for IT. The writing here, although it seems to appear as words, is a TRANSMISSION of LIGHT, activating any dormant codes within you, held in your Original Blueprint.

Your Blueprint again has no translation. Some may term this in mortal language as the Akashic Records. Again, words are not the experience  of something, they only attempt to translate an experience. Energetically, the Light, Activates, that is beyond an attempt, of the mind figuring out something.

For beings incarnated into the Planet Earth System, the signalling of frequency, is held in the consciousness through the DNA. DNA is a transmitter of frequency and Light. The water surrounding the DNA is the carrier of the information, transmitted to the consciousness of your DNA.

The crystalline structure of this Universe, Holds both the masculine and feminine as its “whole” design. The active masculine principle, is the active force of nature, that is, the “it” that emanates (appearing outwards) as creation.  The crystalline nature of water, holds the feminine aspect of nature, that activates (appearing within) the emanation. This, masculine and feminine, is found in wholeness, in Human Beings, in DNA (everything everywhere) as the principle, that is the Blueprint of information, that is Light, that is its, Original Light, frequency.

The Consciousness as the awareness held within the DNA (activated as you read this) is constantly being transmitted to, and sending out, as it is held in the Blueprint, the originating frequency design, that emanated out from the Void.  The water surrounding the DNA, and its crystalline energy, program, the DNA. Masculine emanation, design, feminine activation of the emanation. At these levels of awareness and design, being, the emanation is always WHOLE.  There are Blueprints of Everything, that are its frequencies. There are Earth Blueprints, Galactic Blueprints, Cosmic Blueprints, Omniverse Blueprints and more. All are within the WHOLE. Originating Blueprint.

What appears as a stepping down in frequency into dense realities of consciousness, represents all aspects of frequency, of that wholeness.

As All That is, truly is, All That is.  Call that what you will, God, Source, Originating Light. The Density of Matter, holding the polarity of ALL That is, is the Grand Experience of Being on Planet Earth. The Consciousness of the WHOLE ~ All That is, filtering down from its wholeness, is  the experience of its Unique Soul frequency. The You on Earth, are, inside your Original Blueprint.

The Predominant Masculine energies of Atlantis, and the Predominant Feminine energies of Mu are Joining now, as the return to Union, of All That is (Source, God) and is the coming together, so to speak, in Conscious awareness, of the Original Light and Wholeness of that wholeness.

Remembering your Originating wholeness, as emerging through the Void, into your Unique Being as Conscious ~ Existing.

This is the journey in awareness, back to your PURE Light.

You Being. This is Ascension. You are already Ascended, and exist, as this Wholeness. You are returning, consciously, to this wholeness, this Originating Light.

The culmination, leading to this conscious awareness, is the reset of consciousness, coming full circle, within, itself. The ideas of Being separate, from All That you Are, including your Origin, before your emanation (and seemingly separation) has been just that. A Brief Sojourn of consciousness experience, returning to the awareness of itself,  fully awake and conscious.

As the Cosmic Grand Unification of awareness consciousness experiences itself as the Ascended Being ~ the gifts of Being Unified, Glorify itself, and the magic of the New Beginning, (in all moments) knows itself, then, as the never separated self, from its Wholeness.

The Application (use of will) of self-love and compassion (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is the alchemy and initiation into your original Wholeness, that you Are, and always have been.

This is magical, this is the Ascended You, in your Wholeness, Originating Light.

This is the Glory of your Magnificence.

This is Transcendent, this is here, this is now.

This is BLISS.

In this Wholeness of BLISS as Originating Light, You are an Ascended Being.

This activation, awakens you consciously, to your Ascended Being, that You Are. You are held, within your Blueprint. You are Originating Light, in its Wholeness.

Breathe deeply into this, Now Moment, and Receive.

This is LOVE.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Your Original Blueprint and Memory

L'Aura Pleiadian

When you look at your so-called History through the lens of seemingly limited awareness, what you experience, is a memory, that feels as if this was an experience that has gone by.

When you access this same History (memory) through the lens of limitless awareness, through YOU as an Eternal Soul Light ~ Being, what you experience, is this is all taking place Now.

When seeing through the lens of You as the Cosmic Soul that you are eternally, that has designed the experiences, through the various incarnations, what you know is, the link of them all, is One.

No limitations, means exactly that.

Union with your Eternal Soul ~ Being, is also, that.

When you are in Union with your Eternal Self, your Unique Soul Self, (words only point to the experience) you know it all as One. You Know, now in the moment, you are not separate from any of it. From the Design. From your Blueprint. From all Existences. From before you existed in a form.

So we wind back the clock, so to speak, on your awareness. And what we have is the Eternal YOU. This takes you to the ORIGINAL Awareness of you as light.

You as Light ~ Emanating out through the Void ~ as this movement and creation of the Light that you Are, as the unique Frequency that you are, Experiencing itself.

There are not choices, as in shall I be this or that. At the level of Purity of your Light, you cannot BE that which you are Not. It is the you that never changes. The you that is the Soul ~ Light of You. The you that designed, all through which you are Transforming through.

All The Stars and their Alignment, are exactly how it your Soul designed it to play out, as the “unique interaction”  with the “unique frequency” of you.

There are no mistakes.

You cannot help, but be you. Even if the you, you think you are, you do not like. Or the you that you think you are, appears as if lost in limitation.

It is the unique process, designed, by you, at the cosmic level.

So back to what appears as memory, in the history of you. These things exist, the record of all that you are in the various parallel worlds, and incarnations, exist now.

What you think of as then, that has passed by, or what you hope to experience in a future that has not yet occurred, IS simply an “idea” of a “memory” or the hope of a future memory, that will occur, that you think, you are “apart” from.

As you live in the moment, and accept all that you experience through the love and acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (unconditional love) all that you have thought you were separate from, begins to vanish. Not that things vanish (although they can) your thoughts, ideas, old ways of thinking, begin to dissolve, and you SEE and KNOW it is all now. You become that which you once sought.

You Become the Knowing and Being of your Eternal Self, Soul ~ Light.

You become that which ALL passes through.

You Become and BE ~ all that you desire and More.

You Become ~ the Fullness of the Embodied YOU as Ascended, that you have ALWAYS Been.

You Become Conscious and Not separate, from all that you Are.

You Become Present.

You Ascend.

You Are.

You Are Being.

And This is All Now ~ through You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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