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Full Moon, Grand Trine, August 26th, 2018 ~ Auspicious Manifestation

This Powerful AUSPICIOUS Full Moon in Pisces, Grand Trine and Minor Grand Trine is a POWERFUL Expansive, Elevated ~ Manifestation Activation for you. This is on Sunday August 26th at 8:56am ADT.

Prepare Saturday by being conscious of your previous New Moon intentions (August 11th, Solar Eclipse and New Moon) that now will emotionally be adjusted for their manifestation. NOW is always…the moment of manifestation.

Stay clear and OPEN your heart as you receive as you are ready, for GREATER wealth, love and abundance of health. Of course all of this is activated according to your current frequency and life plan. That is, your Blueprint and past life memories.

Your thoughts, emotions and intentions ~ Unfold as the radiating frequency OF YOU. Now.

The Natural Rhythms of The Ancients are part of you ~  now.

The Natural Rhythms of the Cycles, the Grand Cycle, you are a UNIQUE part of..

Nature ~ Unfolds in its Majestic Glory, as the Ancient Rituals play out through the voice and breath.

FLOW in Unison with your consciousness. Your Life Plan. Your DNA ~ Now.

Feel this and BREATHE consciously all moments…as a ritual of love to you.

Love Being ~ conscious of the sacredness of all moments of the seasons, the day…the ages…the Now. Each Breath.

Each life a sacred ritual of BEING.

The unfolding of Providence is UPON you, now.

As above, so Below.

In the Grace of the flow of this Universe. The Stars shine their Glory always.

We are activating YOU now, for the full Activation of your true Heart Desires. That is, in alignment with the eternal you. Eternal youth, eternal love, eternal abundance, beauty and GLORY. Stepping into this now. In Love as tangible bliss…..AS the LIGHT that is your Original Light.

Some auspicious fixed stars are in the mix as well, one of the ancient Royal Persian stars ~ Fomalhaut and the fixed star Sadalmelik ~ gracing the frequencies with abundance and psychic development.

The Full Moon Grand Trine with Sun Trine Saturn, Sun Trine Uranus, Saturn Trine Uranus along with the minor Grand Trine ~ Moon Sextile Saturn, Moon Sextile Uranus is a POWERFUL Auspicious BENEVOLENT PORTAL and Activation for YOU. To your frequency specifically, as you are. As your life plan is. As your DNA now begins to respond even now.

The Full Moon, Grand Trine, Minor Trine, Fixed Stars and the Sun Opposite Moon are HARMONIOUS and Form the powerful frequencies that OPEN your Heart to this Auspicious PORTAL for your manifestation.

Your life in all areas may be opened to this transformation ~  to greater happiness within, joy, abundance, wealth and love as YOU enter the present moment, clear all memories that are between the life beyond your wildest dreams and what emotionally may stand in its way.

The Portal is real, it is through your Heart that you may be AWARE of the conscious awareness of it.

Witnessing your DNA shift as your Heart Opens, and then, OPENING to the Glory that forevermore exists, as you as your Original Light. Your God self.

Your Divine Ascended Being, all now.

Your Divine Providence is at HAND ~ Now. 

With The Divine Council of Overseers. In Love and Glory.



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The Highest of Highest Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Looking deeply at the beliefs that were held in Mass Consciousness of fears, addictions and phobias of intimacy, of sacred sexual union, of commitment. WE see a completely different world in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

One, when viewed through the eyes of the Higher Self, we see our Equal. We feel the comfort of Source, loving us, as we love ourselves.

There is NO level to be reached with this. As the Level of Love continues to expand as we expand in our consciousness.

In our uniqueness we have our own way of Being. The differences in frequency between a couple, serve as a magnet drawing them together, over and over. Because in true deep union, alchemy produces a New Being, out of the once perceived, separate two beings.

This is the wholeness I am referring to.

At the Soul level, we are always whole Beings.

On Earth, with the masculine and feminine poles of frequencies, held in the forms, we are still whole. The Union with the masculine and feminine within, and held with ones Twin Flame (counterpart) creates the deeper awareness of alchemy and wholeness on all dimensions of consciousness.

Deep intimacy with our polar opposite is a profound alchemy, that includes deep passionate sacred sex, making love. On levels of consciousness which includes the form, marrying our Hearts and Matter as ONE. Because they are, we are.

Uniting with ones perfect counterpart, takes place through Divine Timing. When both are ready to RECEIVE this gift of greater multidimensional awareness and wholeness on all levels of being.

This is not so much a yearning as it is a knowing of a Profound love, a love like no other.

The perfect love. The love, where All That is, is your Union. Your Lover. Your everything on all levels of being. You share this consciousness, through your forms, and it does not end there. It expands into all dimensions, all forms, all time and beyond. And ignites a Union that is so BEATIFIC, that all angels are in Awe of its Glory and Beauty.

One look, one touch, one breath shared. One acknowledgment. One kiss.

All Heaven and new in all moments.

The expansion is real. A living force of God Light.

Continued Love and Support. Acknowledging the Divine in each other. Seeing God in each others eyes. Being in heaven together on Earth. All of this is Yours in your wholeness.

For now feel this truth within your heart. Breathe it in. Feel your Higher Self present. Know all of this and more is Yours already.

We are the Heaven sent to earth. Uniting through our Hearts our perfect Highest of Highest Loves. Our twin flame. Our counterpart. Our Wholeness. Our Union. Our New timeline. All Now.

Expanding into this, relax and breathe. FEEL more than anything this activation within you.

I align with the wholeness of my Higher Self in perfect Union, now with my perfect counterpart, through my Heart. 

I live in the expansion within my heart, in the Highest of Highest perfect Love.  

I align all dimensions of my consciousness throughout all time and space, into the now, into this form. marrying spirit and matter, uniting myself, with the wholeness that I am already. 

I breathe, feel and know in all moments, that this reality that is my Heaven, exists now, I expand and align with this now. 

I Feel deeply within me, my perfect wholeness in all dimensions and existence, in all parallel worlds and universes, and Live this Heaven, throughout all time and space, now. 

I Am One with the Highest of Highest Love, within myself.

I see and feel through my eyes, my Divine Counterpart, which is the reflection of my Love. We are the mirror of Love for each other. 

And so it is, In the Highest of Divine Love, The Beatific Glory, of Wholeness, in Union, now and always, Activated and Aligned. All Now. I love You!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Entering the Realms of Bliss~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura PleiadianWaiting to experience your Heaven on Earth, is believing you have to like and enjoy what you experience, before embracing the higher aspects of your Being. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you place at the forefront of your Being ~ Divine, you allow, mundane life to BE the Transcendence and Bliss as the way you experience your life, moment to moment.

It is not something to be “waited” for. Rather, through applying the love and awareness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that you ARE (now) to every moment, life then, becomes imbued with your Eternal Presence.  You Being Graced, through consciously bringing your Divinity here. Heaven on Earth.

Although there are stages and levels to expansion of consciousness, there never is an end point. So if you are waiting to reach the “end” the finale, know there is not one, it is IN the JOURNEY the experience, that you live your life, imbued, with the love of your Divine Self Being.

It is this application, not based on “things” being how you would “like” them to be, or how you “think” they should be, that Graces you with the Presence of your Divine Nature. That creates within you, the acknowledgement, of the Bliss of your Eternal Self ~ Being.

Oh my Glorious Beloved, I walk with you and Breathe you in with every Breath I take.

My eyes, only see the Glory of You.

My life is Graced with your Presence.

As I sleep, you sleep with me.

As I dream, there you are.

AS I eat and drink my daily sustenance, we partake together, in our never-ending Bliss.

When we kiss, I savour the Nectar of our immortality and eternal Union.

Your touch, is the breeze, that caresses, me forever.

The rushing waters, your voice, that calms me.

Everywhere I Am, you are with Me.

Your Divine Presence, your never-ending Glory, your Eternal Radiant Light, is the heartbeat that pulses through me, of our ecstatic Union.

And when this heart stops beating, our love continues on, pulses and radiates on, as our Divinity ~ through our eternal Breath.

And so it is, Dear Souls. Live in the Love and appreciation of Your Being. That love, that is not dependent on outer circumstances going your way. That when it seems otherwise, you embrace all moments, as the Love that you are, as your Soul. Beyond the mundane. You bring your Heaven here, through You.

SEE the Presence of your Divinity.

FEEL the Presence of your Divinity.

KNOW the Presence of your Divinity ~ with every breath you Take.

Make Sacred ~ Every Moment.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




You as Your Divinity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



More about Being Child Like, and living in the wonder and the magic of You. The magic of your Inner Child, awakened Loved, united as the Wholeness of You. You, your Inner Child and your Divine Self, as One. This  is not about seeking happiness or even being happy. Joy is the result of being in the natural state (child like) of wonder and play, where Joy has awakened within you. In all moments.

Many have forgotten what they love, what is most natural to them, and life has become an endless daily grind for survival and security, while attempting to attain, higher levels of your awareness. This leaving out the inner child, creates a life of endless trying, without the joy and bliss, life is, in the moment.

The reason for this is simple, the ego never settles for the  now moment. Yet, just as a tv has many channels on it, if you are watching one channel, you are not aware of all, that is playing on the other channels. Playing, may be a different channel, than you are used to tuning into.

Play is a Channel you can tune into .

Joy is the result.

The Present moment is a channel you can tune into. It is Live, it is fun, it is now.

How can I let go of all of my fears and beliefs, on this is hard, I can’t take my eyes off the ball, so to speak. You just do. You just turn the channel.

NOW I am on the present moment channel. I am Liking this, says your inner child.

Do not judge what you enjoy. Or what others enjoy. This could be for some golf, or watching a sport, or for others knitting, or dancing. Follow what brings you Joy.

Follow your Heart.

Tune into the Heart Channel. The Love Channel. Stay tuned in.

The ego struggles with this (only at first) when you enter playing and being, and accepting and loving everything that arises, then (you stay tuned into the Now channel) everything becomes play. And in the state of play (again just words) there is no ego, only wonder, joy, embracing what is, through loving and accepting, what you are, what you love, what is natural to you.

The fear vanishes, the worry vanishes, that is, the other channels you lived by, vanish in your awareness.

You as an Angel in human form, as your Divine Self, lives always, in this state of Pureness and Play. You were always HERE. The Master you, was always present. Now you are tuning in, to that channel.

Imagine that, there was always this Parallel YOU, that always existed, that you were searching for. And now, you are living it. Arriving in that world. Arriving, as the Master, the Divine Being that you are. 

Play and be the innocence that you are.

Love what you love, immerse yourself in the Passion of your Soul.

Allow this to be the Way in which you embrace the unknowable, as the way of Being, the pureness of you.

To those of you that are ready, you will enter ever more deeply into the Magic and the Beauty of your Soul.

Your life will be the ease, grace and wonder of simply Being and living as the Destiny that you Are and have always been. The World you live in, as the Master that you Are. The Angel that you Are. The God that you are. Already, Now. In this, do I hold You.


Eternal Love and Endless Ecstasy!



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Arcturian Beings~ of Light


The Arcturians are powerful Beings of Light that exist in High Frequency Dimensions. I have communicated with them and they have visited me, and they have shown up here on Planet Earth. There are many people who went into a Light Ship and have memories of Being with Aliens in a Light Ship. If you have those memories it may have been with the Arcturians. There are many Arcturian Humans, just as there are many Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, and Pleiadian Humans.

The Arcturians work with their Light shaping reality and are powerful Allies of Light and have played a Huge role in the Shift to Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love.  They are advanced Beings of Light, and are Benevolent and Loving.

When they do incarnate as Human Arcturians, they marvel at Human emotions, and study them, and are often very calm. They have mastered observing. If you have had existences or do as Arcturian, you are most likely being watched and observed very closely, by you there, having agreed to be part of their Study. Or your Study.

Arcturians Love Planet Earth and Humans. It is a tremendous place to observe, and they have observed Humans for a very Long time, since the Beginning of Planet Earth.

If you are dedicated to Helping Humanity, and Observe others emotions without having a lot of emotion, and feel you have been on a Light Ship, then you may be an Arcturian Human. If so, you are here to fully Awaken and help others to awaken. Play with the Light that you are, watch Light move and shape itself, call out to the Artcturians in love and respect, and you never know, you may just have a ride of your Life, in their Divine Light Ships!

More soon Dear Souls of Light!


Eternal Love!



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Pleiadian Beings ~ of Light


The Pleiadians have Been here on Earth through their visitations.  And there are many Pleiadian~ Humans here on Earth incarnated to bring forth their  Pleiadian message of Love, just as there are Angelic Humans, and Sirian Humans here as well. All Beings are Souls and the myriad of incarnations may include for many Souls, existing in different incarnated species of Being. As well as existing in many Parallel worlds simultaneously. Although very rare, a Being can  literally through a Soul Contract/Agreement, walk into a body/form of a previous Souls incarnated form, that will be walking out, or in Earth terms crossing over~ leaving. These Beings bring the Direct consciousness of the Consciousness existing in the Other World or Planet, where they were experiencing an incarnation as a different species, and way of Being, so to speak.

When a Soul aspect is going to Incarnate a Design is Created and this design become part of  the Blueprint for that incarnating Soul ~which is fully designed before incarnation and agreed Upon. A Soul may have thousands of existences, yet they may incarnate at this so-called time (using time frame references) to bring forth a very Personal Message through their Being here on Planet Earth, through their unique incarnation ~ aspect and aspects. Each Soul is Unique and each Angelic Human, Pleiadian Human, Sirian Human is Unique. It is the Uniqueness that IS THE MESSAGE ~ that is THE SOUL Plan~ Blueprint.

The entire Universe and More is One Huge Blueprint often called the Morphogenic Field. New information and New ways of Being are often downloaded as Frequency into the Morphogenic Field. The Morphogenic Field contains within it also, Mass Consciousness which is the Thought Forms of Humanity~ the Noosphere. Your Unique Blueprint is in constant Interaction through your Frequency with the Noosphere and the Morphogenic Field. You are sending out and receiving information as Light, which is constantly changing. This constant changing is the result of your frequency signal, which includes your every thought, your emotions, your intentions, your actions, and your Soul Plan. This frequency signal involves your mental, emotions, physical and spiritual bodies as ONE Frequency.

In Coherency and Harmony, one sends out and receives a Congruent experience of Being that is THE Alignment with the Soul’s Unique Incarnation Design. This is Destiny, this is Fulfillment. Being Fully as You Are ~ Aligning Fully with your Unique Soul Design. 

I have experienced Many Visitations here on Planet Earth from the Pleiadians, as well as consciously Hold the awareness of Existing there simultaneously. They are Loving Advanced Beings that have always Been Part of the Love and Union Consciousness that all Are coming Full Circle To. The Galactic Alignment on December 21 2012 resulted in the Light from the Central Sun ~The Photon Belt ~ The Pleiades ~to shine its Heart Based Light more Fully on the Consciousness of all Beings here on Planet Earth. Some may call this the Christed Light. Christ Consciousness, again words are Translations, they are not the meaning.  The Unified Soul Light of Creation, you and your Union with Your Soul.

When the Freedom of Consciousness expands to the full awareness of Being Creation itself, while knowing consciously what Form really is, then All will know and Experience Being Multidimensional in their Conscious Awareness of Their Own Unique Soul Blueprint and Way of Being.

You Are here to Be YOU ~ Fully.  Embrace All that you are right here ~ right NOW. There is nothing else to do, but to BE. Begin where you Are. Accept all that you are and have Been. Forgive yourself if you carry Guilt. Love yourself and Begin to Walk anew, this MOMENT ~ through Each Breath. Being All That you Came here to Be ~ which is YOU ~ finding YOU ~ which you have always Been.

More from the Pleiadians Soon!


Eternal Bliss!



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Vibrating as Divine Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Truth is Union. Being in Harmony is Your Alignment with your Soul. YOUR is Heaven on Earth. It is the VIBRATION of the TRUE ETERNAL YOU. That has always existed and will always exist.

Being Disharmony is Your alignment with Mass Consciousness ~ the Matrix. It is the Vibration of Separation consciousness, the appearance of separation is not truth, only because it is a limited version of Being, so it is NOT fully the TRUTH. Non truth is limited, it is partial ~it seeks that which it does not have in its version of Frequency  Consciousness Being.

Being in HARMONY is the restructuring, reconfiguring and the COHERENT ORGANIZING of all matter (LIGHT) that shapes what appears as your outer Reality (your experience of being on Earth) To full alignment of Harmony, in all bodies, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.  This Union is  Bliss, is Happiness and is YOUR Heaven on Earth. It is YOU vibrating to the Signal of Union, of Bliss, AS YOUR ETERNAL LIGHT BODY.

You are Light and you are Broadcasting your signal ~ Harmony and Union (5th Dimension)  or Disharmony and Separation Consciousness (3D) in all moments. Sometimes you are GOING in and OUT of different worlds, this can appear seamless, and sometimes not as seamless. 

These seamless or not so seamless Jumps in realities are something you MAY desire to place your attention upon. To become fully CONSCIOUS of.  It isn’t that the world outside of you WILL CHANGE it is that you CHANGE and ALIGN with your chosen broadcasting signal ~HEAVEN on EARTH or not.

Everything was created at ONCE ~ not in Time. It ALL exists NOW. That is How I am on the Pleiades, I may Visit Atlantis Now and Mu, and all at once, as well as Allow this form I am in, to appear on earth as Harmoniously~ Being. Because it is all going on SIMULTANEOUSLY NOW.  All of Your existences were Created Before Time began. Before Time there was no beginning and No End. and that still exists, that is the LIMITLESS STATE OF BEING.

Time in Denseness is SEPARATION consciousness.

Light in Harmony is ALIGNMENT with all Dimensions and Limitless Being.

Only in Separation Consciousness does the APPEARANCE of TIME ~ make things APPEAR apart, and make time appear real. It  is a vibration a frequency in density, that YOU NO Longer have to vibrate to.

When you focus on Being Harmony, and Knowing yourself as your Eternal BEING OF LIGHT (that you are) you access ALL dimensions, and experience your Limitless TRUE Being.

Now mortal language does not translate this perfectly. Once YOU are “BEING” Alignment with Source, Union, and Harmony, (mortal translation 5D) you access ALL DIMENSIONS.  Even the word dimensions, is a linear word, as it implies SEPARATION.

Other channels exist simultaneously (parallel) They were ALL created once again, BEFORE TIME. They are eternal and have always EXISTED.  When you change the signal you are broadcasting You change YOUR experience of Reality. Your signal creates the dimension and world (reality of consciousness) you exist in.

What are you In tune with? Are you in tune in alignment with YOUR LIGHT BODY Now? Do you desire to be?

There are many worlds and parallel worlds, ALL EXISTING NOW. Your Light Body exists NOW. It is Eternal.
When you change the channel on your Television, there are many OTHER (maybe thousands) channels broadcasting simultaneously, even if you do not SEE them, they are Broadcasting.

The Question is do you want to exist in ONE channel? Or do you desire to ACCESS all BROADCASTING Channels, which is the TRUTH.  Remember Truth is Union, Non Truth is Separation. Again, When you Change your Channel, you change your Broadcast. Your Frequency is your Channel and Your Focus is the DIAL THAT YOU SET along with your intentions and ATTENTION upon that which you are BEING. Being ~ Not DOING ~ BEING.

Only in Union and Harmony will you ALIGN with your LIGHT BODY ~ Your TRUE Eternal SOUL. Live in Union, Live in Harmony, live as BEING ~ rather than DOING ~ Focus on BEING LIGHT ~ in All MOMENTS.

Take a few breaths, relax and read out loud or whisper, through your Heart:

I Am an Eternal Being of Light, I Live as Light ~ Being. I Am Limitless, I Am Eternal, I have always existed, and Always will.

I Am Forever. I Am Truth. I Am Light. I Am Everywhere in All Moments. I Am the Light of Love and Truth Being ~ I Am.

In Eternal Love ~ Being!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


The Altar of You ~ Twin Flame/Soul

Notice your Life ~Your Dream Scape ~your Reality.

Look closely at areas that seem UNRESOLVED.

Let us now resolve them ~ You have never been alone.

I am here with you during your process. As a Divine Being ~full access is available to you for the Perfect Life and Way of Being. This includes your Twin Flame/Soul Union.

This is Abundance on all levels.  This Includes the Perfect relationship, for You. You may call this relationship~ your Soul Mate, your Twin Flame, your Consort, your Counterpart, Your Beloved, these names are mortal language that direct you to a meaning.

This perfect Divine relationship is the Aspect of You ~ that exists with and in the Other (now) the Masculine and Feminine joined in the Fullness and Completeness of Union, One Being, Fully merged as One ~Now.

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY ~ in The Fullness of this Soul Union. 

As you experience “Being” Divine Union ~ You Merge as One with your Soul, with the Divine Masculine and Feminine of You ~ Your Soul.

You are Abundant in the Divinity of your Soul. You are One with your Twin Flame/Soul ~ Now. 

As you Experience this Within ~ The Heaven that is YOU ~ as this Union ~ You Draw to You on Earth ~ Heaven on Earth ~ Your Full Union. You and Your Twin Flame/Soul ~ together ~ merged as One.

One Body ~ One Soul ~ Together as One. 

I am Joined and Merged with my Twin Soul Now ~ I am Prosperous ~Joyous ~Blissful ~  I am total Freedom, I Am Perfect Love, I Am Perfect Bliss, I am One with my Consort ~ I am Eternal ~ I am Fully One with the Masculine and Feminine of My Sacred Beloved Soul.

These are not just words, this is my Reality Now. Yes I am Abundance~ Itself. I am Divinity ~ Itself.

Abundance Floods my Life ~ You may ask why or How?

Simply Because I am, Because I embrace my Divinity on all levels of Being and in all aspects I experience every moment as Divine Pure Being. I am not separated from anything. I am One with all of my Desires.

I vibrate as Abundance, therefore my Reality is Abundant. I vibrate and radiate as my Divinity ~ therefore I am fully in Divine Union with all aspects of Divinity. I am Harmony, I am Grace, I am Beauty, I am Perfect Love~ I am the Glorified Presence of All That is. I Am ~ therefore my Union ~ Is ~ and I Am.

Abundance ~ through my Frequency, cannot help but BE MY EXPERIENCE.

This is true for you as well, what are you vibrating with? Are you vibrating in the perfect Harmony which is Divine Union ~ itself?

Hold dearly the situations and circumstances that have not yet shifted IN YOUR LIFE~including your desire to experience yourself as Divine and the Desire for that Sacred Divine Twin Flame/Soul Union.

As you do so, watch closely as the Miracle of Abundance ~Becomes you. 

That is right ~ Becomes You!

Embrace ALL of your creations with Love.

Embrace where you are now! Then Offer up ALL of this on the Altar of YOU. Place all that you experience and desire to experience on the Altar of You~ then Lay OPEN your Heart to Receive.

Your Perfect Divine Partner is an aspect of you ~embodying also “Being” a Divine Being of Light.

The wholeness and the Fullness of Completion of Being ~ is first within you, then as you have Done all you can and have united the Masculine and Feminine within you and are fully free from all limitation ~then and only then, your Divine Counterpart ~ and together ~Masculine and Feminine ~ Merges and Joins with you ~ as One.

Within you ~ creates your reality, what you know to be as YOUR experience.

Completing the Fullness of Divinity within you ~ is the Masculine and Feminine ~ as One Being!

This is not a human relationship I am speaking of.  You cannot access this state of Union through “trying” to make something happen. You cannot decide what they will look like or make a list and manifest this.

This is Divinity after All ~ this is the DIVINITY of the Soul!

Fully Experience Union within yourself.

This is fully living in your Heart.

Being Love.

Being Divine.

Being Truth.

Being ~ All that you Desire to Receive.

Aligning yourself within yourself, masculine and feminine, is the Experience of Being Divine. Of Not Being separate from anything, within yourself.

A balanced state of Harmony ~ through Grace, creates the Perfect Alignment within yourself.

Let go of Beliefs, expectations, and the need to figure things out and to work hard at things.

Harmony is the Natural Flow of Creation itself. 

Harmony is Union and Flow ~ is Divinity. 

Lay EVERYTHING On the Altar of You ~ “All Disharmony and Harmony” and open your Heart to receive the Grace ~ that Aligns you with Your Soul ~ With Abundance ~With Love ~ with Union ~ with your Perfect Union Relationship. I hold you and initiate you in this ~ Now ~ As You Open to receive!

I Am Divine.

I Am Perfect Love.

I am Perfect Union.

I Am the Glorified State of Being.

I Am One with my Soul.

I Am One With my Divine Counterpart.

I Am Blessed.

I Am Anointed.

I am the Fullness of Creation ~ I Am All That is.




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Our Perfect Freedom~ Our Perfect Love


My Beloved ~ In your Arms ~ I am reborn and entranced,
held in our beauty~ our magic ~ our Design.

Waves upon waves ~ of Peace, Love, and Harmony,
flood my Being, as all else dissolves itself ~into eternity.

Moving, flowing, being, our true Selves,
we play as children, every moment, in wonder and Awe.

Drawing to ourselves, all that we are, our purity,
gifts to us, our homecoming, our union, that has always been.

In our ecstasy, the mirror leads the way,
our perfect freedom, our perfect love ~ forever and a day.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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My Beloved ~ Deep within My Heart


My Lover, you appear to me, in the dream of All Dreams,
as my Beloved, deep within my Heart.

Who am I, and who are you, as we lay on our Altar,
our Passion, becomes infinite and One.

Where are the edges ~ where are the Boundaries?
we call our bodies, as they dissolve, into the Love,
we know as Ours.

How can this be, even now, my Trembling,
lets me know, we are always, Merged.

And As I Deeply ache for You, I feel the Ecstasy of “You”
of your Embrace, immersed in the Bliss ~ of our Eternal Bond.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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