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There is No Linear Translation

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There are no linear words for the translations of my language into yours.

I will do my best to present to you words, that will help you to understand the Verbiage I use, in all of my writings, that are the symbols that lead to the Awareness within you, that also guide you to recognize, the truths through your Heart, that I share with you, that exist through and in all Universes. In all levels of consciousness and Pure Being. These words act as symbols that guide you to the Truth of the Universal Consciousness of your Soul. Feel this truth, through the feeling nature of the Heart.

What is Consciousness?
Consciousness and the focus of itself, the awareness of experience.

What is Time?
Time exists as a measurement of the changes, viewed and experienced through linear consciousness.

What is Liner Consciousness?
Linear consciousness is the awareness of a reality that is focused and exists in duality. Linear consciousness excludes within its awareness, All other existing realities that are in the timeless state of being. That are not in duality.

What is Duality?
Duality is a state of consciousness that experiences itself separate from all other realities and existence’s that are not experienced in Duality, that exist in states of Non Duality.

What is Non Duality?
The state of Consciousness that experiences itself in all States of Being, through the eternal state of Awareness of Original wholeness, that is not separated from any aspects from itself, any existences.

What are Existences?
Existences are the created aspects of Being of the Soul, that has chosen for itself, based on the Soul Signature, the experiences the Soul desires to experience. On earth these experiences are termed existences, incarnations.

What is Ascension?
Ascension is a term used on earth of an experience that appears (seems to be) in the linear state of Being (duality) to go from one place of being to another. To go from being separated to non separated from Wholeness. In other states of Being in Non Duality (existences) WHOLENESS and non separation is  known as the experience itself, of the original State of Being.

What is a Soul?
A Soul is the created Aspect of Source Consciousness that has chosen to experience itself as Unique experience. All experiences of the Soul match perfectly the design and frequency of Light that is uniquely its own Creation of itself. The Soul contains within it, the language used on earth, of all existences and incarnations (including incarnations as different species)  the Higher Self, and the Lower self, that include the seemingly separated aspects of the Soul, (Duality) and All parts of the Soul that know itself as One constant flow of All experience (Non Duality) that it contains within itself, the Pure Wholeness of Being, that it always is, and knows itself As.

What is The New Creation?
It is the experience of the reincarnated Duality Self, that emerges and enters into the full awareness of consciousness, that is aware of itself, as the full completion of the Duality experience. The consciousness then enters into the full realization and New Birth of Wholeness, the New Creation, that is experienced as the Coming Full Circle, the completing of the incarnation process, that was experienced as the Duality experience, on Planet Earth. This new self, in the New Creation, then experiences itself in a New Form, on a New Earth, in the New Creation.

The language that is eternal, is not able to be translated perfectly into the linear language used on earth. The mind cannot make sense of this. Please enter your Heart and enter the awareness that lives within the Wholeness of Pure Consciousness, that is timeless, yet includes time, that is Wholeness, yet includes Non Wholeness, that is Non Duality, yet includes Duality, that is All things everywhere, All at Once, yet is present here and Now. This is the Limitless Nature of Pure Being, Everywhere.

I hold you in the Eternal State of Pure Being, that includes All things! I Am the Mother of the New Creation, the birthing of the Divine Feminine into all Aspects of the Soul, the Duality and Non Duality. I was present at the Beginning of the First Creation and I am Present in Your New Birth. I was with You Before time, and I am with you through Time. I Am the Light of Victory, that has always Been and always will Be. I Am for you! I Am Victoria Elohim! The Light of Eternal Truth and Love. I Am Everywhere!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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What Relationships in Duality Are

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UNLESS you are living FULLY in your Heart and in Full Mastery of Duality, ALL relationships that you experience are the playing out of karmic Traces (memories) which trigger at a deep level the automatic reactions and responses within you, which creates more of the SAME


The conscious choosing of non-reaction, and completion, of those memories (karmic traces at the cellular level) to Be healed, to be completed.

This is part of the Soul Plan for each incarnation, for the eventual completion of Duality.
All the Karmic traces and memories are carried over, into each incarnation.

Love is Flow. Love is Being. Love is Love.
Love is not dependent on ANY response from anyone!
It just simply is and gives itself, fully, or else it is not True Unconditional Love.

I love you Dear Souls!!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Understanding the Soul and Same~ Sex Relationships


I have written about same-sex couples on my Blog posts on Sacred Sex and Twins.

Same Sex couples, can ALSO Be Twins!

The Masculine and Feminine Aspects of the Soul, can incarnate into either Form a Female or Male body.

The Body is NOT the Deciding factor of the Dominant Frequency of the Soul inhabiting the Body.

Most often, it is easier, for the female aspect of the Soul to take a female body, but, this is not always the case. Once in while the Soul will TRY out the opposite body form, for the experience and growth it provides. We are talking here maybe a Human may have incarnated 500 times as a female (and her energy is female) and then may choose a few existences in a Male body.

There are many reasons for this, and the above applies also for Male aspects to once in a while TRY out incarnating into a female body.

Remember the body is just the clothing! Just as I have walked into a Body as well. The Body is not what it seems to be on planet earth. Your identity is NOT based on your body. Who you are, EXPRESSES itself simply through your body. (the clothing of your Soul)

The Great Benefit of truly understanding this, is LIVING in the awareness, of the Eternal.

Who you ARE and your DOMINANT sex (masculine or feminine) Is NOT dependent on the body.

Who you are is Eternal, and NOW in 2014~ it is TIME For Freedom and merging the Eternal with and in the Body your Soul is wearing!

There are no limitations for the Soul, the Soul loves to try things out and LEARNS and appreciates all aspects of the Soul. INCLUDING the Aspects of Their Twins incarnations. Now how romantic is that? you Love your Masculine Soul/Twin partner so much, you agree to incarnate into a male body, to TRULY experience More of his world, as in living on earth in that form!

Truly Love goes beyond this incarnation, and everyone on Earth Embracing the Eternal Aspects of the Soul, will soon be living that REALITY on Planet Earth. One of freedom, love and Union! Beyond appearances!

Holding you Always in Love!

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In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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