Full Moon/SuperMoon ~ September 8th, 2014 in Pisces

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Full Moon/Supermoon ~ Harvest Moon,  September 8th, 2014 in Pisces 16 Degrees, at 10:38pm ADT!

This Full Moon in Pisces, Conjunct Chiron,
remember, consciousness lives, like a night Heron.

Every moment can be Play, and, why, Not?
better than living in, emotional, Distraught.

So take yourself Lightly, and see what Arises,
be prepared too, so that, there are no, Surprises.

For this Full Moon in Pisces, pulls out all Stops,
immersed in the Water, your emotions, Nonstop.

Embrace your Heart Deeply, and you will See,
that Destiny arrives, and you will be Free.

Your Bodies can live, In Harmony, and Congruence,
as you Live through your Heart, which is your Soul’s Influence.

As you listen to this message, and Live as Divinity,
The New World Approaches, through your Heart Affinity.

All things are Eternal, even if it does not appear so,
let go of appearances, the Above within you then, merges with the Below.


Well here we go, a powerful “Howling” at the Moon time again! This Full Moon in Pisces one will be emotional!

Remember, every Full Moon is about CULMINATION and COMPLETION! What did you Start last New Moon? Are you keeping notes? are you Organized? Are you Focusing? What are you focusing on?

Now when you focus within your Heart and You have been Living Coherently, then you will be able to observe All that comes up with great ease. And simply anything that needs completing, completes, itself.   If you live in Disharmony this too will be a time of Great clearing and completing, just be aware the Power of your Focus, to BE Present in your Heart, is the Use of your own Free Will.

Here is the Link to my post on Crystals for those of you who would like to Program your Crystals, clear them or Make Crystal Water, using the powerful Influence of the Moon.


Here is the Link to Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions, that will Help you Move your Awareness and Focus to Being Centered within your Heart, and living a Harmonious  Coherent, Life, way of Being.


Now this Full Moon in Pisces will be conjunct Chiron.

ANYTHING left to be Felt and Experienced to be Healed may arise during this Full Moon. Being in your HEART and in HARMONY allows all to arise and be Completed, within you, through your Heart!

Be prepared, be FOCUSED, have your Focusing tools and Toys around you. Make everything, PLAY. That may include, your Journal, Candles, Crystals, Audio Frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Incense, etc.

Keep Moving, flowing, don’t get BOGGED down by this powerful Watery Influence, let it flow. FLOW with the CURRENT of Harmony!!!

When your Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Mental Bodies are CONGRUENT, you FLOW WITH the Rhythms and Cycles of Life, of the MOMENT, of the MOON and Your SOUL Plan.

There is No thing that is insurmountable. You Arrived here through your incarnation, to complete some things. To Master Duality. DO everything you can to stay focused and live in Harmony through your Heart which allows the natural process of Completion, to be one of EASE for You!

Here is the Full Moon Invocation.


Here is the Written Version for you to Use.



Take care of yourself this Pisces Full Moon, your Body, your Emotions and stay Aware through Your Heart, of ALL that Arises. Then it will flow through you, and You through it, and All Will be, in the Beauty of that Flow!

Your Soul Flows in Harmony and is All That is. As you Master Duality, you flow as Your Soul, Your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. And as You embody your Mastery, All will be New for You! And You will fully Know yourself, As All That is!

I love you Dear Souls!!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. You rock!!! Thank you for your beautiful insight. This was in perfect alignment with where my focus has been this week, breathing deeper and deeper into my heart space with deep gratitude and full acceptance. You just validated and made it seem a lot simpler to do for me. Thank you. -love and light- Tammy

  2. Marvelous, beautiful and divine post, ❤ I ❤ Love ❤ YOU ❤ LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ always ❤ ❤ ❤
    Now days buy two very nice quartz, violet and other dark green, I think it is jade; for these two special quartz as would be its activation? Thank you so much dear Pistis Sophia Angel

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