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Full Moon in Gemini~November 25th 2015



The Full Moon is in Gemini on November 25th, 2015 at 6:44pm AST.

Culminating Manifestations and Realizations brought to the Light is what Full Moon energy is about. Energetic Peaks, brought to the Light within You, unfolds within you.

This Full Moon is a VERY powerful Full Moon ~ not a gentle Gemini Full Moon, to say the least.  Anyone with personal planets between 0 to 6 degrees of Mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces or Air ~ Gemini, Libra or Aquarius will feel this Full Moon Even more powerfully.  There is a triple conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Full Moon ruler ~ Mercury~ in Sagittarius which emphasizes Mutable energy.  Add to this, the first of three Saturn/Neptune Squares powerfully impacting the energy, and what we have is no ordinary Full Moon.

Change ~ Transformation ~ Bring it On.

Mental Expression, restlessness, thoughts rushing through the mind, these are normal for the Gemini Full Moon. Increased mental Activity, communications, verbalization through INTENSE discussions, are the Norm.

When we add the impact of  Sagittarius in Saturn, we want to be very MINDFUL and present of reacting old patterns of Limitation, that may lurk in the recesses of our Subconscious mind, being brought up, to BE LOVED. This is Not a punishing experience, rather, an accelerated momentum, that releases, old outdated paradigms, that no longer serve you.

Stay Present, Love what Arises. Know it is there to serve you, as you Expand in your Consciousness Awareness, to BEING the LOVE you Desire. Loving yourself into 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ there is no other way, but THROUGH ~ Love.

What appears as a Tumultuous Experience ~ is the Dissolving of the Old Paradigm within You.

Stay Present, Love what Arises, it is ALL You ~ Awakening you to More of the Eternal You, through the Intense Metamorphosis if Inner Alchemy. Bring on the Dissolving of the Old Paradigm within, and Enter ~ Heaven on Earth, Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Libra New Moon October 12th, 2015~ Sudden Changes

L'Aura October4th

The New Moon at 19 degrees Libra is on October 12th, 2015 at 9:05pm ADT, This New Moon Opposes Uranus in Aries 18 degrees.  Enter Boldly, enter the Present Moment.

Are you READY for a powerful NEW MOON with GREATER sudden impact than the powerful Blood Moon? This is the first New Moon after the POWERFUL Eclipse/Blood Moon.  A New Moon is a NEW beginning, and this ONE is POWERFUL. With the Sun in opposition with Uranus, the unexpected, may shake UP your World. Will you be Liberated from your suffering or liberated from your Freedom?  Either way what is in store for YOU, is always part of your Soul Plan, and when accepted as what is, you can relax into (as much as possible) accepting, what takes place is ALWAYS what is needed. You are, after all, being guided to your complete Liberation and Transformation.

You are the Path and on it, being led moment to moment to your Destiny. Even if you do not see this yet. NO matter what shows up or doesn’t show up, No matter what changes suddenly, be at peace with it, with life, with yourself, with the world, and with the Universe. How else can the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, be seen for what it is. When the blinders are off so to speak (through being in the present Moment) we CAN see that all that is transpiring is FOR our Benefit, even if the 3D mind, attempts to resist this truth. In the present moment, we enter the GRACE of Acceptance and Unconditional Love. First for ourselves, clearing up all those hidden subconscious drives based on fears, releasing us, from a dimension and world, that has completed itself, in our consciousness. 

This acceptance includes are relationships, with everything, first and foremost ourselves.  Accept and Love, this does not mean put up with abuse, as many co-dependents (not ready to let of their suffering) may strongly feel this New Moon and lash out. Sudden endings in relationships may result. As well as sudden New relationships beginning.  Either way, hold on to your awareness with the knowing that your Soul is guiding you to your Destiny. And what shows up, as in what is in store for you, so to speak, unfolds for your GREATER benefit and for your Liberation, when you are ready to receive it.

And all those hidden aspects, and fears, and thoughts, let them be brought out into the Light to be LOVED. Keeping them hidden, only adds to the power of the FEAR that is the fuel that keeps them active within your subconscious mind. Yes this may be uncomfortable, for you are entering boldly new Territory within your Consciousness, and letting go of an old Paradigm, that will soon lose its validity, in Upholding your Liberation in the Now moment.

A Transformation, a Liberation, and an entering into Greater Heights of Unconditional Love, which dissolves, all that is NOT unconditional Love, and catapults you into the Transcendence of ALL that was FEAR and SUFFERING, and of all that was NOT in the PRESENT Moment, and LIFTS you up, as if on Wings, entering into the Eternal Glory and Destiny, of your Soul.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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New Moon/SuperMoon in Aquarius ~February 18th, 2015


Wow wow! The second New Moon in  Aquarius! Newness ~ at 29 Degrees on February 18th, 2015 at 7:49pm AST

Experience Breakthrough experiences of the Most Profound kind! That are  New!

Here is a link to crystal information if you would like to prepare your crystals or make crystal water:

The Super Moon energy creates a HEIGHTENING of Energy ~A Super Moon takes place when the Moon is closest to the Earth and is in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth at the time of the New Moon. The Energy of the New Moon then, becomes super Potent for the New Beginning for the CHANGE.

This is the third of the Seasonal Black Moons that is, the third of four New Moons in a current season, December Solstice to March Equinox.

New Moons are ALWAYS new Beginnings, and this One really is profound!

The COMING together of what is Imminent ~ The Mixing of Two Worlds, The Desires of Your Heart Being Fulfilled! This is it ~ That New Beginning!

An Absolute Turning Point is upon us ~which builds and continues on through the March 20th 2015 Vernal Equinox.

Your Magical Dreams come True ~ Now it is up to you to TUNE into the finer Cosmic Vibrations of Your Soul and enter deeply into your Heart! Enter into Light, enter into FULL AWARENESS.

This magic in the air is at Aquarius at the 29th degree, the turning point, the entranceway into another world of awareness, and all that exists Now. The Mystical Realm of the Hidden and the unknown ~ the SPACE you desire to enter for CHANGE.

This is magic at its purest intent ~ To radically change something from way of being to another!

This Aquarius New Moon, 29 Degrees,
will you set sail, and be self realized and Free?

For it is up to you, to create your, Reality,
to exist moment to moment ~and truly See.

This thing you call living, is not what it seems,
Open your Heart, and live fully ~the highest Dream.

For what Pure Dreams are made of, are Heaven on Earth,
enter the moment and enter your New birth.

And what you will find is, that it WAS always was Here,
the moment you move beyond, limitation and Fear.

Be Present Dear Soul within your heart, this is where your Truest most Pure Dream of Heaven exists!  I love you and Hold you in the Sacred Eternal Light of Your Soul! Happy New Moon!





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Mercury Direct in Aquarius ~ February 11th, 2015


February 11th, 2015 ~ Mercury Goes Direct in the “Same Sign” and “Element” (Air)
it was in when it went retrograde ~ “Aquarius”
(The last time this occurred was in 2008)

As the end to the seemingly Perpetual ~ Ground Hogs Day Effect (repeat) 
of Mercury in Retrograde ends.

Unique, Innovative and Brilliant ideas and solutions will now come forward easily.
And decisions you have waited to make, will now be made with “Crystal Clarity” as the positive influence of Mercury in Aquarius, as well as the Sun in Aquarius, is now experienced.

Happy Mercury Direct in Aquarius!



Sharing the Bliss!




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Full Moon in Leo ~ February 3rd 2015


What better way to top of an already Powerful energy influence (Mercury Retrograde) than with this Royal ~ Exuberant ~ Full Moon in Leo on February 3rd 2015 at 7:09pm AST!

So many of us, have really been experiencing the powerful effects of this Mercury Retrograde! Have you noticed it yet? Remember to slow down, Breathe and move more deeply INWARD.

This Powerful Full Moon, will be anything but, Unnoticeable!

Be Prepared for some things to be Dramatically brought to your Attention, if deep within your consciousness, you have not yet fully embraced, all that you Are. All that is within You, and all that desires to be Known and seen CLEARLY by you, as all things arise.

The Full Moon in Leo will trine Uranus at 13 degrees Aries. The Fire will be Aglow within you!

As you focus more deeply within yourself, allow this fire to cleanse your awareness and consciousness, so that all that you know, as the Truth of You ~ comes Forward, in your conscious awareness, as the Light that you Are.  As the The Soul that you Are.  As The Divinity that you Are.

All those things that you “think” you are, will dissolve themselves, through your Eternal Presence, to the degree that you surrender, deeply to your Eternal Soul, through your Heart.

Why do you want to hold on to those things anyway?

Those old beliefs?

Those judgements?

Those fears?  That only serve to keep you small, in your awareness held in an outdated Reality ~ based on a concept of separation.

Are you Ready to CHANGE Limitation to Limitless Being?

Enter the PURE consciousness of TRUE Love, of Your Eternal Soul! The LIGHT that you are!

And you enter Heaven on Earth Dear Souls, that has always lived within You.

There is no one outside of you controlling your consciousness, YOU are the ONE in charge of your own awareness, be very truthful with yourself, about the fears that have only served to bind you.

And Free yourself of ALL limitations, as this powerful Fiery Full Moon in Leo ~ Trine Uranus in Aries, sets ABLAZE the Glory and the Eternal Love that has always lived within you as the Eternal Light of your Soul!

Oh Fiery Full Moon in Leo ~ Your Passion does Flow,
Uranus Trine in Aries ~ the Fire is Aglow!

Let go of those hidden, Beliefs,
the ones That have held you Back.

And see in the Light of your Soul,
your Truth, your Love, and stay on Track.

For what is the reason for Living?
If not to be Present Here?

And see clearly, what truly is before You,
and face all of those things Labeled ~ Fear.

For Consciousness, Knows its Freedom,
and Fearlessness, is a virtue to Have.

Set you awareness and intention, on Glory,
and never Look Back, on what you call~ the Past.

Embrace your Divinity through your Surrender,
and be All that you came here to Be, at long Last.

I love you Dear Souls! Live in Harmony! Be consciously Aware of all that you think, all that you Feel, all that You ARE! Surrender through your Heart, to the Love that has always been with You!

Use this powerful Energy influence of this Full Moon in Leo to set ablaze within you, ALL the change that you desire, to become, that you already are!

If You desire to increase your Awareness of Your Eternal Soul and Live in the Glory of Heaven on Earth, Please listen to my Audio Activations, Transmissions, Invocations and Initiations, they will allow all that you are now vibrating to and with, to resonate and vibrate CONSCIOUSLY to and with All That is! Your Divinity! Your Soul! Eternal Love! Heaven on Earth!

A Post on Crystals (for those that Desire to read it)

Happy Full Moon to you Sacred Souls! I Hold you in the Glory of Your Soul! In All That you Are!

Always and  Forevermore! I am with You!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon/SuperMoon in Aquarius January 20th, 2015


This New Moon/Super Moon is at 0 Degrees Aquarius, January 20th, 2015 is the First New Moon in 2015! At 9:14 am AST.

Change and Prepare!

This SuperMoon and New Moon in Aquarius is all about CHANGE. And with Mercury Retrograde the following day on the 21st, INNER Change (which is always the cause of any outer change) is the Powerful Energy Influence.

This inner Change, may be Revolutionary for You. The Question is, in the Busy schedule of the day-to-day existence for Many of You, Will you to enter deeply, into this inner Transformation?

The Energy of a SuperMoon impacts the energy of change also. A Super Moon takes place when the Moon is closest to the Earth and is in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth at the time of the New Moon. The Energy of the New Moon then, becomes super Potent for the New Beginning for the CHANGE.

Now this is not the usual New Moon, the Impact of Mercury being retrograde is very powerful for many of you, which takes place the day after the New Moon. WHEN you are in alignment and in FLOW there is NO resistance to what is. So as you maneuver and feel this powerful energy influence of the SuperMoon and New Moon in Aquarius, your energy focus to BE in FLOW and in the path of No resistance, is INWARD. Direct your energies and focus and Intention to move more deeply within you. To let go of Outward projected living.

I will Include the links here to my Mercury Retrograde Post and my Crystal Post:

When you live and experience everything within yourself, and focus on the change within yourself, you not only begin to Know yourself more, you also make that connection, that is deeply fulfilling on many levels, with the eternal you. Your Soul. Spending time daily in silence, and stillness, in the Quietness of Your Heart Space, opens the doorway, to the Divine You, the Eternal You, in your Consciousness and Experience.

The outer external world that you see through your eyes is not solid, it seems that way because of the frequency here on Planet Earth. Everything within you, manifests in the so-called external solid world, as you see it and perceive it. The only thing is, most are not AWARE of what is going on within themselves. So when something takes place that appears external, one may not KNOW why is this happening, why is that happening, why isn’t this happening. And they are not looking AT the “Why” the Reason, the Creation of those things and experiences which IS ALWAYS going on within oneself.

Look at yourself talk, Look at your emotions, Look at your Harmony and Disharmony. And Do all you can, that will enable you to slow down, integrate, understand, Love and Know, within yourself.

If you are not in Harmony, move into Harmony as you Love yourself, be Loving to yourself, be gentle with yourself AND BE AWARE if YOU TRULY are doing those things, through the self monitoring of Your Beliefs, your Thoughts, your Emotions and Actions.

If you are not in Harmony and You do not know where to begin, and experiences seem overwhelming PLEASE listen to my Audio Invocations, Initiations, Activations and Frequency Transmissions ( The Link is Below) They will align your conscious awareness with YOUR HEART, with Your Soul, with Your Immortal Body of Light, in Unconditional Love, Bliss and Ecstasy. This Alignment, Opens your Heart Wide, to Receive the Eternal Truth, of All that you are. This is Harmony, this is Love,  this is All That is.

This is a Powerful Time, Open Wide your Heart to Receive more Love, even Now. Slow down and Breathe and set the intention if it feels right to you, to move ever so deeply, into the Transformation of You, into Light, Into Love, into your Eternal Sacred Destiny, that is always Now.

I Love you Dear Souls! I am holding you in this Transformation, in the Eternal Love, Bliss and Ecstasy, of All That is!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Mercury Retrograde~January 21st ~February 11th 2015


And here we are AGAIN ~ Dear Souls! Soon Mercury Retrograde once again. And instead of Fearing and dreading this time period, prepare and allow your focus to be within you, through your Heart, in love!

This happens three times a year, rarely 4 times. There are a few things you need to be aware of before it begins!! The Next Mercury Retrograde Begins January 21st and Ends February 11th, 2015!

Mercury Rules Communication, Electronics, Travel and Contracts. During Mercury Retrograde is not the time to Start a “New” relationship, move, sign contracts, have things repaired, buy new Electronics or repair them. It is not the best time to start anything New.

Now with all the things “not to do” during Mercury Retrograde ~ being aware of certain things “will help” make your experience of  Mercury Retrograde a beautiful time of flow in your Life. And yes, that “is” possible.

MERCURY RETROGRADE will soon Begin on January 21st 2015 and Ends February 11th, 2015 ~ so Prepare! Decide what needs preparing, what you need to buy, etc. and get those things completed before January 21st, if possible.

PRIOR to January 21st (if Possible) HAVE all repairs completed!!!
Do Not start anything NEW During the Mercury Retrograde!!

During this Passing through of this GREAT Integration (Now and during Mercury Retrograde) remember, it is ALL within you, it is ALL Within Your Heart!! Surrender your Logical Tendencies, and MOVE deeper within YOUR HEART, now and during MERCURY RETROGRADE.

The reason Mercury Retrograde APPEARS challenging is the FLOW related to communications (what Mercury Governs) is NOT outer DIRECTED. LET go of SEEKING something OUT THERE and Recognize ALL truly is WITHIN YOU.

YOUR Harmony, Your Ascension, YOUR completion, IS ALL ABOUT the HARMONY within YOU through your HEART FOCUSED AWARENESS OF YOURSELF, your consciousness.

Most people who live on Planet Earth, live by outer appearances. And it is that “Outward” approach that makes Mercury Retrograde, for many, a hectic time, that feels unbearable to get through. Now if you approach LIFE in a Rushed way, and live by outward appearances, and you desire to reduce the impact you may experience during Mercury Retrograde, that may be perceived as “stress” have Daily Quiet time and slow down. SLOW down all of your communication, or it will be deeply influenced, and may result in miscommunication.

If you Need to sign contracts and start new things, MOVE slowly, move from and through Your Heart.

If you can avoid buying new electronics, having your car repaired, Please do that!! Obviously an emergency is VERY different, ALWAYS do what needs to be done.

This information is to help you MOVE through more fluidly, through a time, where moving slowly and Fluidly, is the vibrational Match to the flow of energy! Follow only the suggestions that are Suitable for you and your lifestyle.

To gain the greatest Benefit from Mercury Retrograde, move your conscious awareness deep within your Heart. The Energy of Mercury Retrograde is to help you to move more deeply within. Always going WITH the Flow (of the energy flow) is of great Benefit, and is the Path of Least Resistance. Simply Allow, complete what you started before Mercury Retrograde. Organize, Clean, Sort through, Slow down and Rest.

Prior to THIS  Mercury Retrograde ~ January 21st, 2015 ~ Prepare. 

And MOST importantly, to get the most of Mercury Retrograde, make a conscious commitment to yourself, to slow down during it, mark it on your calendar. And Remember to Take that extra time during Mercury Retrograde to communicate clearly with others and yourself! Have Compassion and Self Love, for yourself, which creates your experience of Love. Let go of all Resistance to what is, in your life, instead embrace, love and allow.

Allow, Surrender and Flow.

As you Move into greater Surrender, Self Love, Compassion and Allowing, The Joy and Bliss of the Moment, is always your experience.

If you are not in a state of Harmony and desire to do so, Please listen to my Audio Transmissions, Activations and Initiations. They will allow your energy Vibration to begin to Vibrate in a state of Pure Love, Bliss, Joy, Harmony, in the True Glory of your Eternal Soul!

I love you Dear Souls! I Am with You!


Holding you in the Sacredness of Your Eternal Light!

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Full Moon in Cancer ~January 4/5th, 2015


july2014jpg 3

This Powerful Full Moon in 14 degrees Cancer is at 12:54 am AST (Atlantic Standard Time) January 5th, 2015. This is a Grand Cross Full Moon, with all the Planets in the Cardinal Signs, opposing or squaring Each other. Sirius a Fixed Star, is Conjunct this Full Moon. The Full Moon is also Opposite Pluto, the Planet of Transformation.

Each Full Moon is a time of completion, remember to Look at what you set in motion since the New Moon.

This is a Powerful Energy Influence, that will reflect to you, what is going on within you. Do not resist what you feel, rather, FEEL Deeply, Experience Deeply, Breathe Deeply, Love Deeply.

This powerful Grand Cross ~ Full Moon,
with Feelings and Cancer, that Nurture and Bloom.

All that is Within you, if you will feel and See,
this Divine, Grand, Opportunity.

With Pluto Opposing, and Sirius Conjunct,
embracing all within you, is what this is About.

For all is A reflection, of the Within,
always waiting your Soul, for you to enter,
and Begin.

To love yourself, you are Divine,
Like the Sacred Stars, you are the Perfect Design.

For only You, can embrace, all That you Are,
Let this full Moon Light shine its awareness,
on your Divine ~ Soul Star.

Spend some time in silence, feeling your Presence, feeling your Eternal Soul and get to Know yourself.

As you move through this powerful Full Moon, your ability to be aware and experience deeply what you FEEL, will allow you to move deeply into your Transformation.

This Full Moon, as it shines its Full Moon Light, into the hidden aspects of your Subconscious Mind, will activate, within you, what is drawing your attention. This may reflect areas, that are calling within you to be looked at more deeply, as a result of the intentions, that you have set in motion. Be really clear with yourself, what you have intended, and see clearly, what is arising within you.

Do you have wounds within yourself that desire your Love and Attention? Have you neglected being Nurturing to yourself?

Love yourself. Honour Yourself, and step into Harmony, through your Heart, which will allow you to Love yourself more fully, through your own Nurturing of yourself, you to you.

Use this Momentous time, to Love yourself, and enter Fully into all that your Heart truly Desires. Your Union, Your Love, your Fulfillment. Fulfilling within you, Why you are Here.

I have included below the Full Moon Invocation. Here is the Link to Program your crystals, and to create crystal water:

Be ready for Transformation. As you enter through this with an Open Heart, you will See the Beauty and Love of Your Eternal Soul. Only in resistance to Your Experience, do you experience suffering.

I love you Dear Souls, and I am With you, through this Momentous Journey, called Life and Living! Have a Sacred Full moon!


Happy Sacred Full Moon In Cancer!



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Full Moon in Gemini ~ December 6th, 2014

july2014jpg 3

Are you Ready to be Activated?

This Full Moon on December 6th in Gemini at 8:27 am AST, will open the Gateway within you, to the Profound Magnetic Attraction, of that which you are Vibrating to.

To Program your Crystals and to Make Crystal Water this Gemini Full Moon:

What are you Vibrating to? Are you Filled with Gratitude?

Are you in the Flow of Your Heart?

Are you ready for the floodgates of Your True Heart Desires to be YOUR Experience?

Are you READY for Stepping into Your New Life?

My Gemini Full Moon Poem:

This Gemini Full Moon, as Magic and Love,
Sparks and Blooms.

Are you Ready to Be Activated,
Celebrated, Surprised and Elevated?

For what is in store for You,
is the Reflection of All That You Are, and Do.

And in this Magical Time of Gratitude and Celebration,
be ready for Sudden Surprises and Deep Communication.

With All That is, and Eternally, is So,
Heavenly Imbued, with an Ancient Fiery Glow.

As the Air, Activates, Sparkles and Shines.
feel the Reflection of your Inner Light, so Pure and Divine.

As you Enter Fully, Your Heart Desires,
feel the Ecstatic Flow, as Gemini mixes with Fire.

And as the Sudden Changes, become your Reality,
celebrate your Divinity, in Gratitude, with Exuberant Vitality.

It may feel Like, suddenly, the Accelerator Button of Life’s Grand and Glorious Experiences, arrive at your very doorstep. Activating, Surprising you and Opening You wide, to the Glory of Being simply Alive.

This Full Moon in the Lively sign of Gemini is a Time of Celebration ~ Of Opening “WIDE” to your Heart and to the receiving of many spectacular events (that are your reflection) as you FLOW as the Glorious life Stream that you are, Eternally.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have moved into an intense 90 degree Square, representing the 6th of 7 Squares since June 2012 till March 2015. This is REFLECTIVE of the Mass Consciousness Shift and reflective of the Full Activation of the New Template for Humanity.

As we sail on into the Winter Solstice, a few Heralding surprises may just be the experiences that will liberate you from the patterns of Your Past and Catapult you into the True Destiny of Your Heart.

Feel the excitement in the Air, as Air (Moon in Gemini) and Fire (Sun in Sagittarius) Mix and Flow this Gemini Full Moon.

Flow in Gratitude as you Celebrate the Changes that are Yours Now. 

Celebrate the New way YOU experience yourself, as You open MORE Fully this Full Moon to the Magic of Being Alive, to Your Heart and to Your Souls True Desire. Your Destiny.

Feel the Love that Sparkles in the Air, this Gemini Full Moon, as you explode with Joyous deep excitement and Anticipation, for “All that Truly is” as you experience the Glory of your own Eternal Divine Reflection.

Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love and Celebrate All this is Here for You Now, as You Are Blessed, as the Blessing of Life itself, experiencing itself, in its Full Wholeness and Divine Glory.

Set Aside Sacred time and Space during the Full Moon, listen to the Full Moon invocation, as you Invoke, All the Glory that is, to be the Presence of All that YOU Experience.

Feel the Bubbling up of  Miracles within you, that are the Reflection of Life and Living, as you Celebrate this Gemini Full Moon, in the Awareness and the Glory of All That is.

I love you Dear Souls! I Am with You! I Am the Victory that is for YOU. I Am Victoria Elohim! Pistis Sophia. Holding you, forevermore in My Eternal Heart.




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Virgo ~ August 25th, 2014

july2014jpg 3

New Moon in Virgo 3 Degrees, on August 25th, 2014, 11:13am ADT. Creating your Reality, Focusing Within your Heart!

To start off Here is the link to my Crystal Post, which will help you to program your Crystals, and to make Crystal Water, if that is something you would like to do!

I have also included in this post, the “New Moon Invocation” on YouTube!  Please take the time, to set apart some quiet time during this New Moon, and move deeply into the Sacredness of Nature, Rhythms, and recognize the Importance of Sacred Rituals and the Honouring of the Divine within you.

Here is the Link to the New Moon Poem:

This Virgo New Moon is a Powerful New Beginning, which will help you to Clarify your Intentions, and Sharpen your Focus. There is a Yod formation, during the New Moon, which is a very powerful energy influence, more about that later, for now, more about the Virgo sign itself, which is ruled by Mercury.

Virgo is a mutable Feminine Sign, the sign of the Goddess. Her awareness within, prepares us for the Harvest.

Ask yourself, before this New Moon, What needs to be refined within your awareness? What is it you have neglected you can improve on? Are you grounded and clear on your Path and your Destiny, through your Heart? How deeply connected to the Earth are you, and how do you show this through Your daily patterns and habits, that include Harmony within and with all of Nature and its cycles and Rhythms?  Feel into areas of Refinement, Improvement, and increase your Inner awareness and focus through your Heart. What are you producing in your Life, through your heart? through your thoughts? Awaken! and Move more deeply into your Heart!

You may desire to also ask yourself, Are you Mastering Duality or battling out old programs through your thoughts and emotions  that are in Disharmony?  If so, this is an Auspicious time to recommit, to dedicate your awareness, your Light, to your Heart awareness within you.  This is a cosmic restart, Take the opportunity, to reflect within your Heart, be aware and increase your focus and awareness to what already is, within you.

Move evermore deeply, Dear Souls, into your Mastery!! Your Completion, preparing the way for The Harvest, Your Rebirth!

The Planets involved in the Yod, are Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio, all at 17 degrees. This Yod configuration is also known as the Fate of God, or Finger of God. The Sun and Moon will be in Virgo 3 Degrees, opposing Neptune in Pisces. Those of you with your Sun or Moon in Virgo at 0 to 6 degrees, will feel this powerfully.

So what does all of this actually mean to you? You give meaning to whatever arises within you. So once again, what does this mean to you? “Will” you use your free will, and receive the Fresh Start this New Moon and Yod Formation, provides for you?

ALIGN yourself with the Stars Dear Souls, with the Vast overflowing, awareness within you, that ALL is WITHIN. And then your completion will be complete. Recognize it is You, that has created. Surrender, Allow, and flow into the constant flow of the Divine, within your Heart Space.

As you create your Reality, please recognize, it is you that chooses, either, a world that needs to be fixed, a world that is neutral, or a New World filled with Glorious Love and Bliss. Choose through Your Heart Dear Souls and Align yourself with your Soul and the Natural flow of the Stars. This New Moon, allow it to be within you, the impetus, to Align and Surrender completely, with that you have not yet known, but is the Pure Bliss and Love of your Soul!

I love you and Hold you in the Endless Love and Bliss of Your Soul, Now and forevermore!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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