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Finding a Relationship ~ How does it actually work?


If you are like many on Earth, you are hoping for that perfect one. The One who  is your Beloved, your Twin, your One true Love. Or maybe you are in a relationship and would like to improve it.

How does it all come about?

What about practical issues?


Taking the steps to attract your Beloved, what are they?

How about the dating sites?

To start off here, being alone for some is not a lot of fun. Great satisfaction and DEEP meaning may be experienced through the perfect union and loving relationship. At the same time, those of you who have been through marriages (legal union) know all too well, you can wake up one day and realize the nightmare experience you are living with beside you.

Why is that?

What are relationships about?

Ok, first things first.

How do you feel about yourself? That is right, TRULY deep down how do you feel about yourself?

How you feel about yourself is the foundation for whatever relationship you START.  Or are in.

If you feel not so great, DO not expect a relationship to fix that. Let’s be honest also. If you feel mediocre about yourself you will attract a mediocre relationship at best. ONE that will expose the flaws you feel within yourself. Those flaws, are the ego, attempting to receive love.

When you have loved all those seemingly non lovable parts of yourself, you have no flaws. Only AUTHENTICITY. The loved parts that you embraced within yourself, become the CORNERSTONE for an Authentic relationship.

Ready to See the writing on the wall? Look in the mirror.

This IS NOT about perfection or APPEARANCES. This is about how are you DEEP within yourself. Insecure? Love yourself. Not sure about yourself, LOVE THAT. Attempting to hide those addictions, habits? Love those!

Loving yourself lays the foundation for loving authentically. Do not kid yourself, Face the truth.

Quit the cover up game, you to you. Love yourself then you are capable of true love.

Those dating sites are a reflection of life. How many are functioning at the appearance level. Authentic level. There is no need for concern, if you are Authentic you will ATTRACT Authenticity to you, If you love yourself you will draw true love to you.

What if it feels like you have waited forever? Continue on, loving yourself.

The process of waiting might be developing your “NO” reflex. The Ability to not be swayed by others. And by what they say.

TRUST your feelings. Deep down you know if someone is attempting to influence you to do something you really do not want to do. Many have been there before, Done that, so to speak.

Your inner guidance is your feeling. When you KNOW something you KNOW.

What about those people who said they KNOW, yet are experiencing nightmare relationships. That is what they needed. Both parties in the relationship are PLAYING out what is deep within themselves. They were not ready for that perfect love relationship.

What if you are wondering? YOU will KNOW.

What if every man or woman seems not suitable but is after you? You must be practising your No reflex. Standing up for yourself, what you feel of you.

Desperation is from the feeling of unworthiness. It covers up what is waiting to be loved within yourself.

LOVE yourself if you desire a deep intimate relationship. Take care of your body as part of loving yourself.

There are great results on dating sites and not great results, it is all a reflection of what is. What is needed.

What about the Twin Flame thing? Well, the Twin Flame thing is a natural UNION that already exists. When you are READY through LOVING yourself you will draw that relationship to YOU. As it exists at the LEVEL of your Higher Self, already.

You are a frequency which you are constantly TRANSMITTING.

Transmitting a frequency that is NOT the embodiment of your Higher Self, is transmitting and signalling your CURRENT frequency match.

Which is always shifting.

The MORE you embody the Light of your Higher Self, the greater the attraction for your TRUE Twin FLAME.

This is not an ego relationship.

This is a true love relationship.

When you truly Love yourself YOU also feel the love of your Divine Twin Flame, present within your heart.

It is an eternal presence, always living within your Heart.

Which by the way, is just another you. SAME Soul.

Do not get caught up on the ego aspect of spirituality. It is the heart that matters and the true Union. Or whatever it is you are truly ready for, based on your vibration. You cannot draw something to you that you are not vibrating to.

It still comes down to the SAME THING.

What is!

What you are vibrating to and with.

What you are ready for or NOT ready for.

More soon on relationships. For now, LOVE YOURSELF. I love You and holding you in your transformation. Through Love.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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What Relationships in Duality Are

july2014jpg 3

UNLESS you are living FULLY in your Heart and in Full Mastery of Duality, ALL relationships that you experience are the playing out of karmic Traces (memories) which trigger at a deep level the automatic reactions and responses within you, which creates more of the SAME


The conscious choosing of non-reaction, and completion, of those memories (karmic traces at the cellular level) to Be healed, to be completed.

This is part of the Soul Plan for each incarnation, for the eventual completion of Duality.
All the Karmic traces and memories are carried over, into each incarnation.

Love is Flow. Love is Being. Love is Love.
Love is not dependent on ANY response from anyone!
It just simply is and gives itself, fully, or else it is not True Unconditional Love.

I love you Dear Souls!!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Understanding the Soul and Same~ Sex Relationships


I have written about same-sex couples on my Blog posts on Sacred Sex and Twins.

Same Sex couples, can ALSO Be Twins!

The Masculine and Feminine Aspects of the Soul, can incarnate into either Form a Female or Male body.

The Body is NOT the Deciding factor of the Dominant Frequency of the Soul inhabiting the Body.

Most often, it is easier, for the female aspect of the Soul to take a female body, but, this is not always the case. Once in while the Soul will TRY out the opposite body form, for the experience and growth it provides. We are talking here maybe a Human may have incarnated 500 times as a female (and her energy is female) and then may choose a few existences in a Male body.

There are many reasons for this, and the above applies also for Male aspects to once in a while TRY out incarnating into a female body.

Remember the body is just the clothing! Just as I have walked into a Body as well. The Body is not what it seems to be on planet earth. Your identity is NOT based on your body. Who you are, EXPRESSES itself simply through your body. (the clothing of your Soul)

The Great Benefit of truly understanding this, is LIVING in the awareness, of the Eternal.

Who you ARE and your DOMINANT sex (masculine or feminine) Is NOT dependent on the body.

Who you are is Eternal, and NOW in 2014~ it is TIME For Freedom and merging the Eternal with and in the Body your Soul is wearing!

There are no limitations for the Soul, the Soul loves to try things out and LEARNS and appreciates all aspects of the Soul. INCLUDING the Aspects of Their Twins incarnations. Now how romantic is that? you Love your Masculine Soul/Twin partner so much, you agree to incarnate into a male body, to TRULY experience More of his world, as in living on earth in that form!

Truly Love goes beyond this incarnation, and everyone on Earth Embracing the Eternal Aspects of the Soul, will soon be living that REALITY on Planet Earth. One of freedom, love and Union! Beyond appearances!

Holding you Always in Love!

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In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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Sacred Sex and Relationship


So you are with that special Someone…how can you tell if your Relationship is Perfect Union, or in duality? and in the Lust of sex….and what would be the difference?

Of course there is no right or wrong.

Passion is  enduring Love through feelings of the Heart.

Trust and deep connection enhances this between the two in true relationship.

If one chooses a relationship to feel safe…that soothes the ego mind, there is potentially MORE to experience.

True relationship includes trust,  friendship, caring and the passionate Love…that slowly releases itself…in truth and honesty.

So your sex life is it sacred?

Are you caught  up in fantasy alone. By fantasy I mean, repetitive drives, that once are satisfied…end in that moment.

True love and passion continues on and on….

Allowing the passion in your heart to build, even if alone, and staying focused on the FEELINGS in your heart, while being present, is a great way to start.

Tantric Sex, which I call Sacred Sex, It is moving into Union.

If you are in UNION with Yourself and your Partner is in Union with him or herself, together you can move to great spiritual Heights during Sacred Sex.

Now I am NOT saying you must have Sacred Sex to move to great Spiritual Heights. I am saying that certainly is a Path and a Divine Sacred Way.

During Sacred Sex, the orgasm is not the Main focus…

Staying in the beginning, allowing the passion to build, through eye contact, slow loving touch….time together..and then FEELING DEEPLY TOGETHER…is where you want to place your attention if you desire to experience SACRED Sex and Beyond.

By Beyond I mean Multidimensional Sex. This is Sacred Sex moving into all realms.

Literally a vortex opens in the Moment of the sacred Union…and all experiences through and beyond time and space are possible.

Past lives together with your partner may unfold in that altered state of Sacred Sex, since there are no barriers of TIME in TRUE UNION.

So look closely at your relationships, what you TRULY desire within your depths and bring this to your present moment focus.

Now if you are not in a relationship, you can still do this Now.

If you are in a relationship where you no longer feel closeness, look to you, and feel the closeness within you, you to you, start there.

I am experiencing some exciting times of Great Love in my life and allowing all to unfold.

Stay grounded and focused!!


The Passion lives on forever, form to form,

heart to heart.

This kind of passion, never dies.

Through the eyes, an enduring trance,

hypnotic and true,

imbued through you.

Take your partner as you,

and all divinity, embrace,

the sacred bodies, as Source,

you will find.

The Union you desire, it truly never ends,

and through your heart, there is an altar,

Let’s meet there.

More on Sacred Sex and Relationship soon!

In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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