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You Don’t Need a Time Machine

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As you Look into the space around you “feel” deeply into the state of Being called Altered Consciousness. It is not something that is separate from you. Neither is the Blinking in and Out of this reality you call physical form. For the movement of tangible reality, is pure movement, after all.

For what is reality, but a state of consciousness, that sees what it sees, based on the amount of freedom one has allowed for oneself, or the amount of limitation, one perceives as real, for him or her.

The Dream of entering the Ancient Days of Old, or entering the Future, has been the dream of many, and the subject of much controversy, in the debate of unexplained Phenomena.

As one Enters the realms of Altered Consciousness, in a conscious state of Harmonious Standing Wave Frequency, one is Rhythmically Entrained to the Rhythm of the Cosmos, the Eternal Realms, where the Mystical Access, to All That is, neutrally, Simply Is.

The fabric of consciousness held within mass consciousness, as the structure of time frame concepts, held as separation, is a co-dependant belief, that the observer and observed, are separate.

Testing this Fabric of Consciousness, requires the independent awareness, and observer, to enter outside of the box, or underneath the radar of mass consciousness, to experience for itself, that One is not separate from any reality, one chooses, to enter.

The concept that a linear structure, built through the limitations of sensed separation from what one desires to experience,  is, in itself, a conceptual procedure, that creates more of itself.

It is through the freedom of  self-imposed constraints of consciousness, that one allows oneself, to open up to, the limitless access to what is already here now.

In altered states of consciousness, one can enter Parallel Worlds, and experience them here, that are the varying frequencies of Universal Consciousness, held within the Hologram and in all memory, of the Cosmic mind. Memory includes and is not separate from, all Future Parallel worlds.

Since all these states exist in the eternal Now, one can enter now, what one has already entered, that appears only in the perceived state of separation, as already gone by. Everything is in a state of constant flow and change.  It is through this NON TIME state of Altered Consciousness, one Enters All Realms, All at once, all now, and experiences for oneself, the eternal conscious awareness, that all exists, in the allowing and freedom, consciously given, within, ones awareness.

Entering your Heart, allows the dual mind, to let go of its grip of the external world, that the eyes perceive as solid, real and dense.

In this eternal space of no time, many phenomena may occur. Time may stop or speed up as you enter other Parallel worlds. Time may change. It may move forward or back. Objects may appear or disappear. Events may Change. The Past may change after entering a future world, bringing the consciousness frequency, from that Parallel World, here.

Memory is within you. All the memory of All of Creation, exists, Now. This includes the information and memory spanning over 30 Billion Light Years. And this includes the many futures. And Future Parallel Worlds and Universes.

So if you are desiring to enter the past or future, know you do not need what appears as a solid device to do so, You are Frequency, All is Frequency. It is all in movement and is not solid.

Nothing is lost, as cosmic Memory.

All you need is an open mind and Heart. As you allow and have the courage, to experience, more of the eternal, more of All this is already, accessible now.

I love you Sacred Souls of Light. You are Light, in this Light, is the Access, to what the mind has said, is separate from you. No longer allow yourself to buy into the mass consciousness beliefs, that you no longer decide, serve, what you desire.

Enter into the Freedom, that is the true nature of Reality itself. Of movement, of Flow, of Divine Presence, that is the Creator and Creative force, of All of Creation. The Observed and the Observed, flowing in the harmonious Flow, of All That is.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Consciousness and Your Beliefs

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Endless Divine Bliss, Opens The Heart and the Doorways within the perceived locked spaces, of Consciousness, deep within you. Those are those places, those spaces, that you know are there, but seem to not be able to fully access.  Or you access them, then they slip away, and you forget. Falling ever deeper into the patterns of the mind, that tell you, this is the way it is.

The thoughts of the Mind are Transcended when you access the doorways and entry points of Consciousness to limitless Being.

The funny part about the mind and its ability to create your reality, is that you must be invested enough in the thoughts of the mind, to sustain the ¬†“Beliefs” that they are Real. Let me give you an example or two.

So you wake up in the morning and you had an amazing sleep. You feel excited, you feel your Heart, you know all things are Unfolding perfectly, you may even be experiencing some deep states of Joy for no apparent reason, except for simply breathing and being Alive.

Then when you get up, you open up and read a letter from a relative, that reminds you, about your need to do something with your life.

Suddenly your mind takes over and your old belief systems of limitation take over, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you in a state of quiet desperation.

Your thoughts say to you, who am I to think I could live this blissful life. You Look around you, and see the evidence that you do need to get on with your life, and you say to yourself, yes, look at my life, it isn’t what others would think was exactly a great life. I really should stop kidding myself. I must deal with the real world and get on with my life.

Then later that day, when you get on with your life, attempting to get this better job, or look better to attract a partner, you suddenly realize not only are you not joyful, you feel sadness, and you don’t know why.

And you wonder where did the joy and bliss go?

Now ask yourself, Why would you accept ANY Belief that speaks to you of Limitation?

Maybe to Bypass Fears, perhaps those fears you have not yet addressed within you?

Is it safer to follow old beliefs that speak of limitation then enter the Courageous Adventure of living in your Heart? In daring to Live as a limitless being, in a world that perceives it is dying and there is no way out?

I Can almost hear some of you now, saying, ¬†well it’s easy to tell you why I would believe what I believe. I wake up and see my bills, I get yelled at work, and the relationship I am in, is boring, I need a new partner.

Again, I ask you to ask yourself, WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THAT?

The funny thing about the mind and its beliefs is that:

The Very nature of the Mind Believing this is the way it is “IS WHAT MAKES IT” The Way It Is.¬†

When you enter the Bliss of Your Soul, of Your Heart, of All That is, you bypass the regular thinking mind and become free from the old patterns and beliefs of the mind, that SPEAK TO YOU only of, limitations, lack, and not enough.

Some may call this victim consciousness. That is, a belief in perceived limitations existing, that only exist in the mind, which is MAKING IT SO. There is no seemingly apparent¬†“out there” doing it, creating it. Know yourself.

When you enter Joy and Bliss, you enter the limitless nature of Yourself, of your Soul. And the mind then, becomes Quiet.

When old patterns and beliefs show up, you then recognize them easily and ask yourself, why would I believe that? And when the mind attempts to show you why you should believe that, you ask yourself again, why would I believe that?

Question your Beliefs, Question your thoughts that speak to you of lack and limitation.

And then the mind stops. You are no longer buying into an old system, held in mass consciousness, that you are no longer a part of.

You are Free, you are Limitless, you are your Soul.

You are not buying into the outdated belief systems of Mass Consciousness. You question all the thoughts that enter your mind, and you say, no not there, I am not going there anymore.

You exist in the Cosmic Mind, and you have available to you All the experiences you desire.

So I leave you with this, Dear Souls, Know yourself, See your Patterns.

Embrace the fears within you, that show you, you are entering NOW new territory. That speak to you of “Daring” to live beyond the limitations of Mass Consciousness.

And that ASK¬†of you, the Courageous spirit of “Willingness” to enter into,¬†All that you have not yet experienced, but ALL that you Have Always DESIRED to Experience. Through your Heart.

There your Eternal Dreams live, of the Magical Worlds, that have always Existed. I will meet you there.

Dream Vividly, Dream as Light, through the Love of Your Eternal Heart!

I am With You! I am for you! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia, Holding you in the Bliss of Your Eternal Soul, Your Immortal Body of Light. I Am Eternal Love!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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A Time for Love

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Setting apart time every day to be present to experience Love, is part of the free will choice, to choose to consciously vibrate to Love. As Love. This is the Alignment, with the Sacred you, Your Soul. With You as Light.

Do you focus on the Denseness of your Experiences which is laden with the feelings of separation and suffering?

Or do you take time daily, to feel the LIGHTNESS of Your Soul, the LIGHT of LOVE ~ The Bliss of Being?

So Many ask How can they receive this and that, why isn’t this happening or that?

Once you experience the True Love that is infinite within You, and as it wells up inside you as the Eternal Bliss, that you Are, you will find yourself NEVER without Anything.

The Experience WITHIN you of the Perfect Love Aligns you with the Perfection of your Soul Plan your Destiny.

The reason this is SO, is LOVE contains within it, EVERYTHING that is the Fulfillment of YOUR HEART and SOUL.

Does this sound too simple?

I can Hear so many of You Now, well if there was Peace on Earth and If this changed or that, maybe if I saw Signs of changes, like the financial situation changing, I would then trust and focus on my Heart within me.

Well Dear Souls, do you truly desire to change your experience on Earth?

Do you know many of you exist in different realities?

Some live in a world of Abundance and it is not based on the amount in their bank account. Those Souls, filled with Love and Happiness, Joy and Ecstasy, always have enough and are grateful for everything they experience. They FEEL the Abundance within them and KNOW this endless Source of Abundance is the LOVE within them.

Some live in Poverty consciousness even if they have their bank accounts are overflowing. Always SEEKING security, they can never get ENOUGH. Inside their experience is Lack, Emptiness and Loneliness.

Why is this?

How you experience yourself within, will always reflect to you “YOUR EXPERIENCE”

Ask yourself if YOU experience Joy and Love within you?

If you do not, why NOT?

Are you feeling empty within and LOOKING out there to SATISFY something within YOU that can only be FULFILLED from within YOU?

Do not look out there.

Instead BEGIN a Daily Practise of spending time FEELING LOVE within YOU. If you do not KNOW that experience of Love and Bliss, LISTEN daily to any of my Frequency Transmissions, Activation and Invocations, they WILL open your HEART Wide, the Greatness of Your Soul, to YOUR Destiny.

Once you LIVE in this LOVE Daily and your conscious awareness (therefore cells and DNA) vibrate to this eternal SACRED Love, all that is YOURS will come to YOU. All that You Love will be Yours. All that your Soul desires as the PASSION of your SOUL will come to You.

You will know yourself as the Fulfillment of your Life Plan, as the Embodiment of the Eternal Sacred Love that you have ALWAYS existed As. The Love of All that is. The Love of your Sacred Soul, Your Light, your Freedom from all suffering.

Take time for Love, for You, for embracing the Sacred Divinity of You, in All that you do. It begins by setting time aside for this.  A Time for Love. Enter this often and the next thing you Know, Love is all you will experience.

You will shine with the Light of Eternity and Be Graced by the Bliss of the Eternal Fulfillment of Your Soul, now, here on Earth. Then you enter into your NEW reality.

The Bliss filled existence you Long for. Being held in the arms of Divinity in every moment. Seeing breathing miracles, everywhere you go, every moment.

It is All within You, A Time for Love.

I love you Sacred Souls of Divine Eternal Light! I am With you Holding you eternally in My Heart. In the Love of All That is! In Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia! I Am with You!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Happy Thanksgiving

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Blessed Thanksgiving, this Day in the Now,
Ecstasy and bliss, in this rhyme and Vow.

To be Forever Thankful, for All that you Are,
living in your Heart, a Holy Star.

Opening wide, to receive and be Blessed,
living as though life, is a sacred Treasure Chest.

In Wonder and Awe, surrendered through Grace,
expanding your Light, through time and Space.

In Tears of Joy, and Great humbleness Too,
you are Blessed, in all moments, in All that you Do.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



I love you Dear Souls!



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Portal of Pure Consciousness

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Are you Free from Preconceived ideas of How things should be?

Have you let go of the ~ When?

Do you truly live in the timeless flow of the present Moment? Or are you planning and waiting for some future event to occur?

The age-old words of ~ “Let Go” are words of comfort to a world that lives in endless strife caused by “thoughts” run amuck.

Worlds of Wonder and Magic live in the Glorious Bliss of the Silenced Mind, as the Eternal Flow of Eternity and Nothingness merge into the Great Void.

Listen silently to the Sound of Your Own Heart Beating, even now. What do you hear? The Natural Rhythm of Creation, untouched by Thought. So too you, can simply FLOW through life, effortlessly, as your thoughts move silently across the image screen of your awareness and You Become fully Aware of the Pureness of Being.

Connotations associated with many beliefs in the Modern World, and words and thoughts, are the Thought Forms of a “History” that no longer exists.

As the Future and Past Timelines are Now changed in their Universal Structure, as the New Template For Humanity, even now, so to, You may honour this Shift and Change, within your own Awareness by meeting it, with a silent Mind.

Enter your Heart, the free-flowing natural harmony, that aligns your bodies and the 4 Worlds, in the Freedom of Being. The Flow, Universal Consciousness.

Experiencing the Silence of the Mind, is the experience of Pure Consciousness. Have you experienced yourself? Your Consciousness in its Pure State of Being?

You do not need to live in an Ashram to Attain the awareness of Pure Being.

Daily Honour the Silence that ALREADY lives within You.

Are you staying Busy with all the Distractions of the Mind and Not even AWARE of the thoughts that are running through your very own awareness?

No One can silence your own Mind.

It is up to you and the use of your Free Will.

Entering Timelessness and Nothingness and Emptiness, allows all that YOU ARE and DO to shine its Brilliance UPON all that you Focus Upon and Into the Very Fabric of Your Awareness, that Is ALL That Is.

Entering this Grand Journey then, that is the Glory of Being Alive, is the Anticipated Mystical Experience and Desire of the Soul, through the Consciousness which is your experience, on Earth.

There are many Parallel worlds, many pasts and many Futures. When you are in the Flow of timelessness you merge in Awareness with All Awareness.

In the Freedom of Pure Being you enter the Sacred Space, that is the Unending bliss and ecstasy of the Mystics, and the Mystical Experience.

Right Now, feel your Breath, Feel and Hear your Heart Beating. Slow down.

Continue to Slow Down.

Notice how the mind quiets even after being present with your Breath and Hearing your own heart beating.

Stay here. Simply Breath and Feel your Heart.

Now Let Go.

Simply Fall into the Experience, Deeply. Feel nothing else exists, but the sensations that you are now experiencing. Everything else fades away, then vanishes.

You are Your Heart Beating. You Are Your Breath. You are the Natural Rhythm of the Universe.

You Are.

Feel your Heart Burst into millions of Stars of Pure Ecstasy. You Are That.

Enter Pure Experience.

Enter the timelessness of Your Heart and Let Go of All else.

Here is the Portal of Your Pure Consciousness, through Your Heart. Here you experience yourself as Light. As Your Immortal Body of Light. That is the Limitless You, the Pure You.

As you Experience more of this DAILY your Portal of Awareness of Pure Being will expand upon itself, in the Grand Beauty of All That is.

Enter Often.

Be Present always.

Live each moment in the Blessed Sacredness THAT IT IS.

NOW, there is No thing Else.

That You Are. Your Sacred Divine Presence, All That Is!

Immersed in the Beauty and the Love, of the Eternal All That is, your Divine Light, Presence and Consciousness, You rest in the Eternal Glory of Your Soul.

I love you Sacred Souls of Light and Hold you in the Magnificence of All That Is, That Always Was and Forever Will Be. I am The Victory for YOU, I am the Angel Pistis Sophia, I Am Victoria Elohim! For You, Eternally, Always! I Am!

Metaphysical spiritual Light codes of Individualized Oneness


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Sagittarius ~ November 22, 2014

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The New Moon is in Sagittarius on November 22, 2014 8:33am AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

A New Beginning! Once again, here we Are!

My New Moon Poem:

Enveloping your Heart, this Sagittarius New Moon,
awakening your Destiny, as your Vision Blooms.

In Pure Delight, in Love and Friendship,
immerse your awareness, in the pleasures, that are Endless.

And as you are blessed, by the Archer, remember to Focus,
Live as your Soul, through your Heart, it is the Sacred Lotus.

For you are the Creator, of All your Experiences,
remember to surrender, as you let go of Appearances.

For the Truth of Your Soul, and Your Desired Expansion,
is Cosmic Consciousness, immersed in the freedom, of Passion.

Embracing the Now, this Sacred New Moon,
play as a child, anointed, and eternally Attuned.

Here is the Link with the information on Programming Crystals and Making Sacred Crystal Water:

And Now after emerging from the Depths of the intense waters of Scorpio, we Have the Fiery, Visionary, expansive Playfulness of Sagittarius the Archer!

With the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus also in Sagittarius, the Powers that Be, are Filled with Love!

The Potential of Soaring to New Heights of Conscious Awareness ~ Fills the Air ~ And fills You, as you Embrace the Eternal Bliss and Joy of Your Soul!

Embrace the Pureness of Being through your Heart, this New Moon, and KNOW that is supports you, as You Immerse your Awareness in Eternal Expansion of Consciousness.  Uranus in Aries supports this New Beginning also! And with Jupiter in Leo in a wide Trine, completing the Fire sign constellation, know your expansion through Creative Alignment with your Soul, through your Heart, is the Magic, is the Bliss, is the VISION of your Soul. Let the Fire that you are, be the Very awareness of the Spark of Your Soul, of the Light, that is you, Your Immortal Body of Light.

Below is the¬†“New Moon” Invocation! Set Aside some Quiet time, at the exact Moment of the New Moon (if possible) and Embrace the Sacredness of Being, that comes to you, as you immerse yourself within Your Heart Space.

If you are new to Entering your Heart, Listen to my “Sea of Light” Breathing and the “Sacred Chamber of the Heart” Frequency Transmission, as well as ALL of the other Activations, Transmission and Initiations. They are All timeless and Move you deep within the Sacredness of You, Deep within your Heart, connecting you consciously with the Eternal Light, Love and Bliss of Your Soul. ¬†Your Immortal Body of Light.

Remember to Live as though, YOU ALREADY are the Expanded Blissful Awareness (because you actually are) of All that you Desire, as You enter the Light, and the Magic, of this New Beginning, This Sagittarius New Moon!

I Am Forever Holding you in Your Eternal Greatness, in the Sacred Light of Your Soul, in the Infinite Light of Grace and Unconditional Love, that forever is, All That is.

I Am with You, Always ~ In Sacred Endless Love and in the Eternal Victory of Light ~ That is for You! I Am!



I am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Portal of Love ~ November 11, 2014

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November 11th, 2014 = 11 In Numerology.

Everything is energy, and the master number 11  represents an Opening, a Portal of Divine Consciousness.

This Portal of Love is the Opening of Consciousness through your HEART. 

Where does this opening in Consciousness take Place? Everything is within you, and this Opening in Consciousness is through your Heart.

As the Template of Humanity is CHANGING, even as I write this, Begin to relax, Breathe slowly and deeply, and Focus on your Heart space, the area of your Physical Heart. BEGIN to feel your Heart Beating.

Slow down your Breath. Pause, and focus on the sensations you feel, within You, within your Heart.

Place your attention on the Vibrations you feel in your Heart. Feel Warmth radiate from your Heart, notice how your mind quiets.  FEEL the warmth spread throughout your body.

Stay present with this for several minutes….Breathe, Relax, and ¬†FEEL DEEPLY.

Do you feel a shift within you as you Place your Attention, even for a few minutes on Your Heart Space?  Can you consciously stay present within your Heart? Throughout your day?

This is the Portal of Love, which you have access to in every moment! Your Form although it seems solid, is not, it is composed of Light. Your Vibration is slow enough that you SENSE yourself as Solid. You are Light, you Are Eternal Light, you are Your Immortal Body of Light.

When you increase your Vibrational Awareness, through your Focus on the Higher Frequencies of your Heart, the Portal of Love, you  Begin to experience yourself, as the timeless, eternal Being that you are.

You are Light, everything is Light. Even in the Darkness there is Light. You are NOT SEPARATED from this Light. You have only taken your attention of YOURSELF as Light. You can NOW stay focused on your Heart, on yourself as Light, on YOU Eternal Sacred Divinity.

Many of you on Earth today existed and exist as Angels, Beings of Light, from the Angelic Realms. And you are here on Earth, now, bringing your Light consciously, into your embodiment on Earth.

Breathe into your Heart space, daily.

Take time out daily, to feel the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Love, that align you with your Soul, with your Divinity, With All That is. 

This Living Light is always present for you, through your Heart!

This is your Portal, your Opening, to All That is.

To All That you Are.

Practise Daily, slowing down, feeling your Heart, Being present, and FEELING through your Heart the Feeling Nature of Consciousness. This is the feminine receptive Principle.

When you Open you RECEIVE.

When you Open your Heart (truly open your heart) you Surrender ( you let go of the habitual thought patterns) and you Let go of the need to be in charge, the need to be right, the need for security. And you enter, the Eternal Space of Sacred Pureness and Innocence, which is the Sacred Divine Light of your Eternal Soul.

Can you Feel your Presence? Can you feel your Soul? Can you feel your Angelic Self?  Your Eternal Presence is NOT SEPARATE from YOU.

Stay present within Your Heart Space, within your Portal of Love, through FEELING within you, the Vibrations and Higher Frequencies that are the Warmth, the Love, the Illuminating Light of Your Eternal Soul. 

When you DO THIS, Love fills you in Such a way, that you Awaken to the Limitless Being that you TRULY ARE, Eternally!

Live in Harmony, with All That is, with All That arises within you!

If you Are in Disharmony PLEASE Listen to my Frequency Transmissions Daily, they will increase your Vibratory Frequency and Open your Heart and awaken your conscious awareness, to the PORTAL of LOVE. To your Eternal Soul. To the limitless Being that you Are. To All That is!

Celebrate this day, this NOW, this Portal, this OPENING ~ within YOU!!! Through your Heart!

I Hold you Eternally in the Sacredness of Eternal Love, in Victory! In the Ecstasy and Bliss and Pure Joy, of All That is! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!




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Full Moon in Taurus ~ November 6th, 2014

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And here we are again, the culmination that builds and leads to the Full Moon. The Full Moon in Taurus, 14 Degrees, 6:23pm AST.

If you desire to program your Crystals and make crystal Water, read my post with the instructions:

In the Light of this Taurus, Full Moon,
your Heart will Open and Bloom.

As you Ponder and Play,
in the dark of night, and the Light of Day.

Your Eternal Fulfillment, in the present, Now,
deep within you, embrace, through Sacred Vow.

That you are Here, for the deep Union,
your Heart and Soul longing, and Communion.

In All That you Are, and forever will Be,
immerse yourself in Eternal Love, your Destiny.

Have you ever stared deeply into the Moon? The Tranquil and Hypnotic energies of the Full Moon, this Full Moon in Taurus, will shed some light upon your awareness, if you will allow yourself to be in Harmony, relax your mind, and Receive.

Create some Sacred Space and Honour the Cycles of the Moon this Full Moon as you embrace the Light that shines its awareness deeply upon, your Subconscious Mind. The Mysteries of the Moon and its connection to the Ocean and the Goddess, have been experienced, through Ritual, since Ancient Times.

Set up this evening some Sacred Space, Listen to my Full Moon Invocation, and Look deeply into yourself. Focus deeply into your Heart. And Breathe Deeply the Light of the Moon, into your Heart. Into your Life, Into your Awareness, consciously.

This Full Moon in Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio, is Venus Complete. There is a Flow, in all aspects of your relating, that you may enter this Full Moon, as you rest in the eternal Light of Your Soul.

As you Rest fully in All That you are, (this Full Moon) which is all that you have, in the deep peace and fulfillment and recognition that everything is perfect as it is, you enter the Present moment. You enter Flow. You enter the awareness of Your Eternal Soul.

This deep Fulfillment is the Gratitude that is always present for you, in the Present Moment. The Bliss, in, All is at it is, and Your focus upon it, awakens the Glory of your Divinity, in the now.

So this Full Moon, embrace through Sacred Ritual, embrace the Love and the Perfection of the Now, the Present Moment, everything being Perfect. Entering Fully within your Sacred Heart, and letting go of all attachments to outer appearances. Then you will free yourself, as you rise out of the Ocean of Emotions, and enter fully, the Light of All That You Are.

This is Eternity Now, fulfillment Now. Deep Union Now. Embrace this within you, tonight this Full Moon, and let the Magic of you and the Moon, through your awareness, help you to rise, in the Eternal Glory and Light, that you eternally, Are.

For those of you with the Moon in Taurus or Ascendent in Taurus near 14 degrees in your Natal Chart, you will deeply feel the Beauty of this Full Moon, and the rising up within you, of All that you have Desired to experience.

As you tune into the energies within you, through your Heart, you too will open up the floodgates, of Fulfillment, within you, in your life.

I love you Dear Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Wrapped in Union ~ Like a Seed

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In Blissful moments, now and through time,
the heart awakens, endless love, Divine.

Wrapped in union, like a seed,
undying passion, free from need.

Being nourished, the soul on fire,
deeply breathing, filled with desire.

In silence, the darkness of the tomb,
is warm and cozy, like a womb.

In Freedoms joy, as fear does leave,
the birthing cycle, in reprieve.

Enters the light, not from Earth,
creating anew, the, rebirth.

Joy Burst



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Focus on Your Light

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As you Prepare for the winter Months, where there will be a decrease in daylight and increase in darkness, and as you Prepare for the Holidays; Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas for many of you all around the world, remember the Light that you are, is the Everlasting Light of your Eternal Soul. This is your Lightbody, this is your Immortal Body of Light.

This Light (that you are)  is ALWAYS Present for You! And as you consciously live in Harmony, through your Heart, you will experience from moment to moment, more of All That you are, in your conscious Awareness.

The Brilliance and the Luminosity of Eternal Light, may be experienced in many Ways. You may feel this even now, as a glowing warmth within your Heart. You may see this luminous Light all around and within you. You may feel blessed by the Presence of Angels in your Life. And you may be awakening to the Angelic Part of your Eternal Soul. All is Light.

Right Now take a few moments, to center your awareness on your Heart Space. Feel the Love that is overflowing to you as you Breathe in and Out, slowly and consciously. 

Feel a Flame of Light within  your Heart Space, and feel its warmth. (You may want to pause reading, and light a candle) This may help you to feel and sense the flame within your Heart Space.

This eternal flame is pure Love, it is warm and it is Living.

As you continue to focus on this flame, (within your Heart space) feel the warmth within your Heart Space INCREASE.

Close your eyes gently and pause, as you focus deeper on this flame, within your Heart space, now. Slowly and deeply.

Let this warmth and this Flame of Light, fill ALL of your Awareness with the Beauty of this Light, the warmth of this Light, the Sacredness of this Light, now.

Stay present with the sensations that you feel, as they fill your Body with tingling, increasing warmth and Joy.

This is the sacredness of You.

Feel the Light spread throughout your Body, as the flame increases in size and warmth.  As it increases in size and warmth, it fills your body with Joy. Feel Joy spread throughout your body, as you feel the warmth spread.

Feel yourself, surrounded now, in a blazing brilliant flame of Light, that is the Light of You, your Eternal Soul, Your immortal Body of Light. You as an Eternal Flame of Light. 

Stay feeling this as long as you can, there is no thing more important than feeling the Sacredness of Your Light, Your Soul, your Divinity.

Now as the days get shorter, and your life gets busier, REMEMBER the Light that you are, and you consciously focusing upon it, is the honouring and sacredness, of inviting within yourself, more and more of All That You Are. Your Divinity, your Sacredness, your Eternal Soul. 

And as your Life and all moments, begin to be filled with ever-increasing Joy, Love and Bliss, remember, the Light is You.

You always take your Light with you everywhere you go, it is present when it is dark out, it is present when you are out shopping, when you sleep, it is with you always.

ALL YOU NEED to do to experience this more and more, is to consciously Focus Upon it, through your Heart. 

Then you will feel your Light more powerful every moment and increasing in its Luminosity, as you consciously HONOUR YOUR Light and All That You Are.

Practise this consciously, everywhere you go, wherever you are, whether it is daytime or night-time, if you are busy or resting, and soon, every moment, all that you will be aware of, is the Light that You Are.

I am Holding you in the Sacredness of Your Eternal Soul, your Light, All That you Are.  This Love that I hold you in, is Eternal Love, Eternal Light and is the everlasting Illumination of Light, that is Luminous and Brilliant, eternal and beyond this World. I love you Sacred Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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