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Magical Manifestations ~ New Moon in Pisces, March 6th, 2019

This powerful and magical New Moon in Pisces is on March 6th, 2019 at 12:03pm AST.

A reminder to those in Canada and The US we have the time change on March 10th, to daylight savings time, shortly after the New Moon.

Mercury Retrograde is from March 5th to the 28th, 2019 and this will help you to go deeper within, rearrange, reevaluate and renew your life and elevate your transforming consciousness.  Please read the post I have written on this.

The Spring Equinox, is on March 20th, 2019 at 6:58pm ADT, I will be writing a post on this for you.

There are a lot of shifts and miracles taking place on planet Earth now, through many people, situations and events.

The New Moon is a new beginning for you, and as I am writing this, on 333 ~ I am in total awe, of the manifestations, now. Even though Mercury Retrograde will have begun before this New Moon, we still will feel the newness in all experiences. The manifestations will flow through you as you reflect, as you enter deeper into the present moment and your eternal heart awareness, Divine Presence. This New Moon impact will be felt till the next New Moon on April 5th, 2019.

This New Moon is conjunct Neptune, and will add a dreamy, intuitive, magical aspect, to what at times, from Neptune, may be confusing. If you are empathetic this may increase during this New Moon, being aware of your energy deep within will help you to stay focused on your own energy and monitor it, as the observer.

Sun sextile Mars, adds the beneficial boost of energy, confidence and ability, to get through with ease, all situations that may arrive, through you.

Sun sextile Saturn, give you the stamina to stay focused, whether that is on reorganizing your life, or projects, or going deeper within and being more present.

Mars sextile Neptune, increases your awareness for the mystical and magical, worlds, with all the energy to manifest through feeling and focus, your deeper dreams, held within your heart.

Mars trine Saturn, gives strength and a powerful driving force, to get things done, cleared, organized and focused.

Saturn sextile Neptune, is the driving force and energy focus, allowing and opening the way for true dreams to come true, through you.

Soul mate, twin flame, encounters may be up for you. As well as the passionate awareness and drive, to elevate your awareness, bringing things into fruition.

Devotional service, acknowledged, expansion will be inevitable, through you.

Miracles continue.

So much is already taking place. Stay present, ride the waves, open your heart and watch the miracles flow through you.

In love always, I hold you, unfolding throughout eternity, the glory and light of manifestation through form.


Full Moon in Aries, October 5th, 2017 ~ INTENSITY

The Full Moon in Aries on October 5th, 2017 is at 3:40pm ADT. This will be a powerful Full Moon.

The way this plays out for you depends on your own specific chart (Blueprint) and the aspects you have to this Full Moon.

For some this Full Moon will be powerfully Elevating and others not so much, AGAIN ~ also the level of your consciousness. How you are choosing based on the energy impacts of the memories you have playing out. Or are not playing out. Your subconscious is at play here in a huge way.

Especially this Full Moon and all Full Moons. Bringing to Light that which is hidden In a very powerful way.

Some people blame the Full Moon etc. It is the impact of frequency to YOUR specific frequency and How you respond to it.

This Full Moon is still influencing energetically the playing out of the August 21st, Solar Eclipse. The New Moon on September 20th ~ and your intentions can NOW be adjusted with this Full Moon…as it is harvest time…

A huge impact may be felt from feelings as Mercury and Neptune will play a role in this Full Moon. Now this does not have to mean specifically with other people. This may play out as you dealing with huge emotional responses within you. Or communication with your Higher Self, playing a huge role. Again, YOUR specific Plan and Blueprint is what plays out.

Sun Opposite Moon ~ Highlighting the balance within you and bringing to Light the hidden within your subconscious. That is playing out anyway. Just bringing it to the Light for you to see. Point that finger at yourself even for external as YOUR filter of consciousness as Light frequency is the PERCEPTION you experience. That is your reality.

Moon Opposite Mercury ~ communication. Sun quincunx Neptune ~ depending on what your personal chart and Neptune hold for you. This could be HEAVEN or this could be experienced as confusion.

Sun square Pluto and Moon Square Pluto ~ wow well how do you handle your Pluto? I love Pluto and have a major aspect of Pluto with my Sun….I thrive on this…Others ~ well not so much. Death and rebirth. Nothing is out to get you ~ ALL shows up to REVEAL to you, your consciousness.

Venus conjunct Mars ~ WOHOOO ~ well love story and hot sexual bliss ~ maybe ~ or maybe not. Depends on YOU. Your Blueprint.

Venus square Saturn, Mars Square Saturn. This may add stress to relationships ~ YET it does not have to. May be perfect for you, depending on your subconscious and your Life Plan for this incarnation.

Venus trine Pluto ~ Mars trine Pluto ~ wow look out! Intense PASSION ~ a new LOVE relationship. Passion on all levels. Your impact will be unique to YOU.  Again it is all Light Frequency as consciousness.

Jupiter opposite Uranus. Success, Love, sudden windfalls. Or not, or the opposite, if greed and jealousy are still playing out within you as a fear based energetic response to what arises within you. We can observe a response play out, we do NOT have to be attached, concerned to any of it. WE may be the ONE who is observing through the Heart.

Intense success and Love relationship being fulfilled. Or neurotic fantasies playing out despair and jealousy once again. DO not be hard on yourself whatever plays out. This is not about judgment.

The Process to Being the One who observes through the Heart ~ is Being your Higher Self in Form. There is no judgment at that level.

Be KIND to yourself. How else would you LOVE yourself? Look at how you respond to the things that arise within you. With judgement? Well look again…It is arising TO BE LOVED.

This will be intense.

When you have full compassion through all that arises. You have awakened your Higher Self in your form. Your Presence.

YOUR DIVINE Presence then shifts everything through you and around you. As the observation that is DIVINE LOVE ~ does that. It cannot help but shift everything.

And so it is ~ Destiny my friends…Is here. This is about your Ascension. Your transformation to your consciously being in form a Master of Form.
Your Mastery. Your Divine Ascended Being, being here. Consciously.

Be the ONE that is the Love within your Heart. Be your Divine Presence. And observe in amazement the magical mystical, life beyond your wildest dreams..unfold before your eyes.

In love and Divine Grace, always.

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Let me worship at your feet, My Beloved

L'AuraLet me worship at your feet, my Beloved One.

Let me adorn you with my love, and anoint you with my ecstasy and feed you with my passion.

Let us play in the Ancient Garden of our dreams, where the chalice of our love is laid bare on the altars of long ago, that whisper in the winds of our love that always was and always will be.

Let us drink of our Union, till our intoxication spills out forevermore, into the Ocean depths of our awareness becomes our ancient rituals of old, never to be forgotten.

Holy is the breath of our One Breath, that breathes our immortal bodies, into now.

Dissolved ecstatically into the depths of you my Beloved, I kneel and Honour all that you are.

My God, my Beloved One, my All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Love, Valentines Day and Dreams Fulfilled


Celebration of Love, Celebration of Being. Being in love. Living the Life of your Dreams. Deep in the Heart of every Being is the living Dream, of Love, that is your Destiny.

Ruined plans, sudden changes, relationships ending, all of this, also is part of being in planet Earth. Yet, these things that appear gone ‘awry” is truly your Soul leading you, to that original Dream. That original Dream, is part of your Blueprint, is part of your Incarnation plan.

It may appear as a Destination. Yet, on the way, through the journey, you receive, sometimes even more so, during the difficult times, the transformation, the growth within your consciousness, that helps you to see and Know and be ready for, the Living the Life of your Dreams.

When we think we want something, and it does not occur, it simply is, was a stepping stone, in awareness, to that Dream Come True.

The Living reality of Being in your Divine Presence, as your Divine Presence Being.

You may wonder, why I am bringing in your Divinity, in a life on Earth that is the life of Your Dreams. Because, the power behind what occurs, is your Divine Soul, your Blueprint, your incarnation plan.

As you may have noticed, trying to make things happen, although may occur on one level, really does not guarantee, or bring you the happiness, the joy, the life of your Dreams, no matter how much you have attempted to manifest or imagine it.

After all, is your Will completely in control? Or is it really, the steering wheel, that once it is going in the Aligned Direction, miracles do occur, guiding you all the way home to the life of your Dreams, the life your Soul Planned for You, when you aligned with it.

Now, in no time all exists now. So there are myriads of “what you think of as you”  in parallel worlds, experiencing all these potentials now. That means, there is a you, already living, the Life of your Dreams.

That is why you can feel it, sense it, almost taste it. Because it is real. It exists, Now.

Stepping into the reality, where you are aligned with this perfect life of Love, your Lover, your Dream world, arrives as your conscious experience, through its activation within your Heart, life and Being.

By continuing to Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust your Soul. And stay present in all moments, you align with your Heart, with the Life of Your Dreams.

Allow this Valentines day to be a new Beginning for you.

Align with the Greater Aspect of You, the part of you, that really is in charge. Aligned with the you here,  that uses are your will, to steer towards. The Heart is the Compass, your Will the Steering. Your Life of your Dreams, your Soul Imprint within your Consciousness, that says, YES, welcome Home. You are aligned, you are in Love with Life. You Live the Life of your Greatest Dreams.

Happy Valentines, all you Lovers, You Beings of Light here on Planet Earth, And So it is, eternal Love, eternal Love, and the Magic of your Soul Blueprint!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Your Perfect Partner, Twin Flames ~5th Dimensional Consciousness

There are many misconceptions about what Twin Flames are, and what they are not. The use of language on Earth is not the experience of something. Language simply points to an experience, that, at the higher levels of existence, of Being, the use of words used to describe something, do not even exist. Words are human concepts, ideas of something, attempting to describe an experience, that cannot be described.  While reading, attempt to FEEL the Light, the Activation of Light, the feeling nature of this, beyond any ideas of what the words, may mean to you. Take a few slow deep breaths and relax.

You as your Soul, exists as perfect original Wholeness. In the realm of the Soul, no concept of separation exist. Your Soul is not separate from anything. When the Soul filters down, so to speak, as and through incarnations of consciousness in form, polarity is experienced.

On Earth the Masculine and Feminine energies (again just words pointing to something) appearing in form, are simply that. Aspects of consciousness, holding the wholeness of the original Light, while experiencing polarity, in what appears, as separate forms, the masculine and feminine, on Earth. At the higher levels of existence (The Soul) there is no masculine and feminine. There is only Wholeness.

To incarnate on Earth, and any other polarity experience, the masculine and feminine consciousness, represented in form, is held as a frequency. The Feminine form and the masculine form. The Soul takes on aspects of this consciousness, in order to incarnate in polarity worlds.

The Soul then, takes on these polarity aspects, agreeing to take part, in what appears as separated aspects. As an example, a masculine aspect of consciousness, will incarnate in the male form and may also, occasionally incarnate into a feminine form in order to grow in understanding of the Earth experience of that form incarnated into.

There is this Longing ~ the Longing of Deep Union.

The longing, is the desire for return to wholeness, while in form.

The return to the original Wholeness, as the Soul. Where, separation, polarity, does not exist. 

The Soul whole, filters down, incarnates, in polarity, only to desire to return and KNOW the original wholeness, while in form.

Now back to the original Perfect Partner, Twin Flame, experience. As the Perfect Wholeness of You as your Soul, you experience the fullness of the UNION within You. The Masculine and Feminine within You. This Union within you, that does not know itself as separate, then draws to It (as a frequency) the other aspect of the Soul (the other you) and the home on Earth, the Heaven on Earth, is experienced together.

Experiencing separation consciousness (3D) this longing is felt deeply, and any partner that they want to SEEK this Union with, may be “thought”of as a Twin Flame. Yet in the STATE of Separation consciousness, How does one recognize wholeness THROUGH the SEEKING of it. One does not attain a new frequency of consciousness through the application of the same consciousness.

One would not even be able to recognize the “other” same Soul Being (twin flame) while one existed in the perceived separation of  consciousness.

Wholeness within ~ Creates wholeness in experience. Creates the vibratory frequency signalling out throughout the Cosmos, this union. When seeking ends, Union begins, within.

Beyond these words, is a vibratory frequency, that you as your Soul recognizes. What you knew before beginning your incarnation process. You as your Soul. Feel deeply, the longing, know this is for you, the RETURN to the SOUL You, as your Original Wholeness. AS you resonate and vibrate to this Wholeness, all that is the WHOLENESS of YOU, that which is Yours, “YOU” becomes your Experience.

Knowing this inherent wholeness within you, as the way you enter deeply into the Beloved, the perfect relationship you desire, is the readiness and the Love that you are existing “As” and therefore capable of giving and receiving.

You give, receive and ARE, AS  you are ready.

Your Blueprint and original design (as the way this is happening through you) which you EXIST inside OF as consciousness, has placed within you, all the Light Codes to be activated as Frequency within you, for your readiness (return to wholeness) as You move through, your Design. Your Plan. Take a few slow deep breaths, receive, enter your Heart. Feeling, the Eternal Light, the Eternal Love, The Eternal Wholeness, that You ARE.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Resting in my Heart Space ~ Now and Always



Beloved Love, Eternal Grace,
resting in my Heart Space.

Magic, Bliss, Eternity,
my Love, endless, Ecstatically.

Heavens Blessings, are Present Now,
Beatific Glory, Benevolent Vow.

Overflowing, Unconditional Love,
merging union, Below and Above.

Filled with Peace and Harmony,
embracing, encompassing, Destiny.

What is, is Now, as All That is,
Child like, Being, and So it is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Merged as One


Sacred bliss and ecstasy, my Beloved, in your Arms,
living, breathing, dying, eternally, we are One.

Twin Flames in Love, Consort, Counterpart,
all Are simply Words.

What it is you Are, is My Eternal Breath,
My Being and my One and Only ~Forever Love.

The Other ~ Me, My Mirror,
Masculine and Feminine ~ merged as One.

Playing in the game of Duality,
reuniting, merging, remembering, and it is Done.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Being Present as the Light of Your Soul


When you are aligned with Timelessness~ you are in the Present Moment.

The Present Moment is Timeless yet includes the appearance of time. When you are focused on the Future or are connected to thought patterns and reactions from past patterning,  you are aligned with linear time, and you are not Present in the Now.

This STATE of Pure BEING ~ allows as the Observer, freedom from ALL ATTACHMENT.

When you are Multidimensional as in “Being” Multidimensional you have entered Timelessness. A Multidimensional Being is Present Everywhere and Has Access to all things Present Now ~ which is ETERNITY ITSELF.

Many enter Moments of Multidimensionality, yet if this is done with drugs, or trance states, this does not ensure those moments are Divinely Guided by your Soul. The Subconscious and its Patterns of Fear, if one is not free from Fear, become the type of trip so to speak, one experiences, through drug induced expanded consciousness.

When I taught Yoga and Meditation for many years, the first thing many desired to experience, was to attain, to reach, desired states of Consciousness. I would observe however, no one was even there, No one was present. I wondered where they were, where their consciousness was. Some were in the past, dreaming of a past love, some were still at the grocery store they had left earlier, some were focused on the dinner they would later have, no one WAS THERE, no one Was Present.

I GUIDED them to Observe, to move their awareness away from the past and the future, or the list of things to do. And Guided them HOW to become aware of their Thoughts and Gain Mastery over their thoughts. And Then from Their the Emotional Body.

To Be PRESENT ( and I will include my Be Present Now ~ Frequency Transmission) One Must become the Observer. To Become the Observer, the Mind cannot be ruling the show, and be all over the place, attending to time, and reacting through wishes and fears of the past and future.

In other Words ~ you MUST ARRIVE here in the FORM you are INHABITING which is your Vehicle During your Present Appearance on Planet Earth. 

Once You Arrive, you MUST stay OBSERVING, watching your thoughts and your emotions and develop MASTERY over what is going on within you, whether you are being tossed here and there in the past or future, as in reactive states and hoping or wishing for something NOT PRESENT NOW.

When you have Fully Arrived, you have FULLY AWAKENED. When fully awakened you no longer live in reactive states in old thought patterns, and in fears and wished of the so-called future, everything that is NOT NOW.

When you are fully awakened YOU HAVE BECOME the OBSERVER.

When you are Fully The Observer ~ You have Become the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions and YOU then become the CONSCIOUS Director of Your Consciousness therefore YOUR CREATION. That which you Create.

By CONSCIOUSLY letting go of deadlines, and time frames, and FOCUSING ON NOW ~ Focusing on Arriving, of Being present in your Form (your body) you get the feel of Ecstasy of Being Here. When you feel you are in your Body, then you can enter your Heart and stay present there.

Staying Present in your Heart is BEING PRESENT as the LIGHT Of you Eternal Soul.

Then you are Walking Breathing, Divinity in Form, Ever Present in Eternity and NOW ~ in All Moments.

BEGIN to enter the inside of your Body, Let go of what you just did, or your worries, you cannot be present with things on your mind, that are NOT what is actually taking place NOW.

Feel the Vibrations deep inside, and ALLOW your awareness of these vibrations to INCREASE in your awareness.

Feel your Heart Beating. Feel the Air move through your Nostrils. Feel your Belly rise and Fall like the Ocean Waves. Stay with this for many moments.

Stop, Slow Down, Breathe, and Observe and FEEL. Stay here ALWAYS!!

This is Being PRESENT.

This is Freedom From Attachment as the Observer, as the Light of Your Soul!

All of My Frequency Transmissions, Activations, Initiations, Light Language and Invocations MOVE your awareness into the PRESENT MOMENT. You begin to resonate with the Present Moment!

GIFT yourself this ~ BEING PRESENT.

It is a Gift ~ it is HEAVEN ~It is Eternal ~ it is NOW.

A Little Story of Being Present and then Entering Fear:

I was walking along with a friend. WE both were Being.
We seemed to be speaking the same language of the Present Moment. No matter what we saw, and no matter what arose, it was all perfect.

We talked of many things, poverty, suffering, drugs, violence, etc.
WE were just Being and saw the Purity of it all~ in the Flow. The Perfect Now Moment of Being.

That is how you know you are in the Present Moment! It is perfect!

Then the friend started to get angry, and thought of the Future, and allowed fear to enter, and Feared the Future.

The mind came up with many scenarios, what if someone reacted this certain way or that to future happenings, then this would be very bad. Feared judgements and projections, won out over the Present Moment.

The friend determined, this Fear MUST not be allowed to play out, so the friend listened to the fear, and the present moment became a memory, that no longer could exist with fear.

The Friend could not see they were in Anger, could not see Eternity, or the Present Moment anymore, and ONLY saw the threat of the future and the fear of it, which was just a projected what if…..and was blinded to the Present Moment. Fear took its mighty Hold.

So when you are Present, and you KNOW it is perfect, stay there, and when FEAR shows its mighty Power to you, do not back away from it, instead, SEE it for what it is a PROJECTION of the Future, and NOT the Perfect Present Moment.

This is how many step in and Out of the Present Moment. Stay Present ~ to NOW ~ Only, This is Heaven on Earth.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Are You Being the PATH?


Are you Consciously BEING the PATH to Freedom?

Don’t Be Fooled into “Thinking” it is something you FIND out there in the external World. The External World IS THE RESULT of every thought you think, everything you imagine, every intention you create and every feeling you FEEL.

Life becomes filled with EASE and Peace and becomes Very Simple when You Focus Deeply in the Present Moment! As You Observe and as you let go of seeking that (always out of reach) “something” that appears so elusive and so out of reach in the so-called future~ that your mind tells you~ you have to STRIVE for! 

When will you let go of your Old ways of Being? Of Striving and of NEVER Arriving!!

As you enter Deeply into BEING the “Observer” of what is “NOW” you experience Being! And You then SEE your Reality as the result of what you are Creating ~ THE CAUSE. Which is YOU. It has always been YOU. You are the CAUSE of all that You Create, that is your Reality ~ that is YOUR LIFE.

So Pay attention, LISTEN UP Dear Souls!

Now is the time ~ There is Nowhere to go, Simply BE ~ and let go of your striving and Seeking! Enter Freedom, Enter the Path of You, which has ALWAYS Been YOU. You are the PATH ~ that is the State of Being that is Present ~ that is Eternal ~ that is TRUTH.

Holding You in the Sacred Light of Eternity, of ALL THAT IS!! I Am!!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Are you Consciously “Being”


You have heard it all before ~ Are you Being rather than Doing? What does this really mean though? I Desire to be with you! What is it like to Fully ~ “BE” with someone~ consciously?

Are you “Being” with yourself? Are you “Being” Present?

These are wonderful things to Ponder in silence, you with you. What is this paramount awakening within the self knowingness of you ~ your self-realization, your “Being” that is so simple yet seems so elusive to so many.

How can something so natural as Being ~ become such a lost art so to speak, in a Sea of Virtual Creativity, called life on Earth. Yet this Sea of Creativity ~ Your Reality, is something that you ARE Creating in every moment. It is the result of your Being ~ whether this is a CONSCIOUS process for you or unconscious existence and reality.

If this is constantly taking place in all moments (creating in every moment) then how could one possibly NOT be aware of what is actually going on behind the scenes. The Creating of the Creation ~ the ever pervasive “causal” effect of Being on Earth as living breathing consciousness ~ asleep or awake.

If you breathe and blow into a balloon, you are aware you are taking the balloon and creating it to exist in a different form. You are creating change consciously as you breathe into the balloon and you feel it expand. Your focus is on your breathing and blowing into it and you know the result. Maybe the first time you blew into a balloon you did not know what the result would be, then to your amazement, you witnessed a change. Your breathing into the balloon is the cause of the change. Likewise ~ the thoughts that you think, the feelings that you feel ~ are the cause of constant change ~ Like a thermometer that is reading and adjusting itself TO the Temperature. It is the temperature that creates the change in the thermometer.

Your Being ~ is always taking place.

It is the paying attention to the conscious “cause” of every moment ~ (what is going on within you, your thoughts and feelings) that awakens consciously within you ~ the self realized awareness that knows itself as the Pure Being of Causal consciousness in a Sea of Virtual Reality. 

So pay attention Dear Souls to what is going on within you. Be the Aware Breath that is aware of its own cause and  creation, moment to Moment.

Embrace “Being” Fully awake in the ever pervasive substance, of a consciousness reality you call Life and living.

Be present with your self, be Present with your True Love, consciously WAKE UP to your Creations. The You that is the CAUSE ~ of ALL you experience in your Reality. You witnessing you, just as a thermometer gauges the temperature. And adjust your every thought and your feelings ~ to ALL YOU Truly Desire.

Then your Being lives as Full Awareness of itself, in All Moments. Allowing the Dream of Life to be the awakened Dream ~ the Cause and the Dreamer One. The result is simply the result, the Cause is the “Being” I am speaking of. It is Pure, it is True and it is Creation itself.

I Hold you in this Ever Present Virtual Sea of Consciousness, that is the Bathing in the Presence of All That is. Love and Ecstasy Holds all of this together, as the Awakened Consciousness of Creation itself, resting in its Beauty, in its Glory, as Pure Being.

Practise “Being” consciously as you witness and Observe all that is the Cause AS you are Being, in All Moments.

I am the Eternal Love of All That is!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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