Full Moon in Taurus ~ November 6th, 2014

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And here we are again, the culmination that builds and leads to the Full Moon. The Full Moon in Taurus, 14 Degrees, 6:23pm AST.

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In the Light of this Taurus, Full Moon,
your Heart will Open and Bloom.

As you Ponder and Play,
in the dark of night, and the Light of Day.

Your Eternal Fulfillment, in the present, Now,
deep within you, embrace, through Sacred Vow.

That you are Here, for the deep Union,
your Heart and Soul longing, and Communion.

In All That you Are, and forever will Be,
immerse yourself in Eternal Love, your Destiny.

Have you ever stared deeply into the Moon? The Tranquil and Hypnotic energies of the Full Moon, this Full Moon in Taurus, will shed some light upon your awareness, if you will allow yourself to be in Harmony, relax your mind, and Receive.

Create some Sacred Space and Honour the Cycles of the Moon this Full Moon as you embrace the Light that shines its awareness deeply upon, your Subconscious Mind. The Mysteries of the Moon and its connection to the Ocean and the Goddess, have been experienced, through Ritual, since Ancient Times.

Set up this evening some Sacred Space, Listen to my Full Moon Invocation, and Look deeply into yourself. Focus deeply into your Heart. And Breathe Deeply the Light of the Moon, into your Heart. Into your Life, Into your Awareness, consciously.

This Full Moon in Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio, is Venus Complete. There is a Flow, in all aspects of your relating, that you may enter this Full Moon, as you rest in the eternal Light of Your Soul.

As you Rest fully in All That you are, (this Full Moon) which is all that you have, in the deep peace and fulfillment and recognition that everything is perfect as it is, you enter the Present moment. You enter Flow. You enter the awareness of Your Eternal Soul.

This deep Fulfillment is the Gratitude that is always present for you, in the Present Moment. The Bliss, in, All is at it is, and Your focus upon it, awakens the Glory of yourΒ Divinity, in the now.

So this Full Moon, embrace through Sacred Ritual, embrace the Love and the Perfection of the Now, the Present Moment, everything being Perfect. Entering Fully within your Sacred Heart, and letting go of all attachments to outer appearances. Then you will free yourself, as you rise out of the Ocean of Emotions, and enter fully, the Light of All That You Are.

This is Eternity Now, fulfillment Now. Deep Union Now. Embrace this within you, tonight this Full Moon, and let the Magic of you and the Moon, through your awareness, help you to rise, in the Eternal Glory and Light, that you eternally, Are.

For those of you with the Moon in Taurus or Ascendent in Taurus near 14 degrees in your Natal Chart, you will deeply feel the Beauty of this Full Moon, and the rising up within you, of All that you have Desired to experience.

As you tune into the energies within you, through your Heart, you too will open up the floodgates, of Fulfillment, within you, in your life.

I love you Dear Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Lovely, beautiful, sacred and divine message, thank you dear Victoria Elohim, ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ ❀ Eternal Love ❀ ❀ ❀
    I feel a deep ecstasy today, last night I did a meditation," Initiation into light" and I felt inside the merkaba, it was great bliss

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