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Even The Dark ~ is Filled With Light!


A brief note on Attacks from Dark Forces! (In response to a Question I received)

All forces, all Frequencies are within oneself.
Ones response ~ to what Appears outside of oneself, is what one is responsible for and that always involves the use of ones free-will.

There is no such thing as an Attack outside of oneself, however, That does NOT NEGATE in any way, the realness that one may experience, as Being Attacked, as part of their belief systems, focus and therefore, their Personal Reality.

A persons reaction of course, may be one of Fear and Disharmony (not underplaying the realness that fear may be “experienced” as)
As One plays the role of the Victim, one brings more if this to itself as a reality that lives in Fear and Limitation ~where one Never (fully) steps into the power of “knowing” one is “always” creating, in every moment, and that once chooses of course~ what this reality is.

Fear and Disharmony create more of itself, just as Love and Fearlessness create more of itself.
One is fully responsible for ones reactions ~ which is always the result of within oneself.

Even the so-called Dark is always filled with Light. Light is everywhere and everything!

And when embracing All through the Light of Divinity, one knows Forevermore
there never was Anything to fear ~ EVER and that all One needs to do to experience oneself AS LIMITLESS Divinity ~ is simply embrace within oneself “The Eternal UNCONDITIONAL Love” (that is always present) ~ As LOVE Itself ~ Within Oneself~ Which you are Never Separated from!

Therein is the experience of Freedom from Limitation and All Suffering!


I Am Forever Yours, my Beloved!



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A Time for Love

july2014jpg 3

Setting apart time every day to be present to experience Love, is part of the free will choice, to choose to consciously vibrate to Love. As Love. This is the Alignment, with the Sacred you, Your Soul. With You as Light.

Do you focus on the Denseness of your Experiences which is laden with the feelings of separation and suffering?

Or do you take time daily, to feel the LIGHTNESS of Your Soul, the LIGHT of LOVE ~ The Bliss of Being?

So Many ask How can they receive this and that, why isn’t this happening or that?

Once you experience the True Love that is infinite within You, and as it wells up inside you as the Eternal Bliss, that you Are, you will find yourself NEVER without Anything.

The Experience WITHIN you of the Perfect Love Aligns you with the Perfection of your Soul Plan your Destiny.

The reason this is SO, is LOVE contains within it, EVERYTHING that is the Fulfillment of YOUR HEART and SOUL.

Does this sound too simple?

I can Hear so many of You Now, well if there was Peace on Earth and If this changed or that, maybe if I saw Signs of changes, like the financial situation changing, I would then trust and focus on my Heart within me.

Well Dear Souls, do you truly desire to change your experience on Earth?

Do you know many of you exist in different realities?

Some live in a world of Abundance and it is not based on the amount in their bank account. Those Souls, filled with Love and Happiness, Joy and Ecstasy, always have enough and are grateful for everything they experience. They FEEL the Abundance within them and KNOW this endless Source of Abundance is the LOVE within them.

Some live in Poverty consciousness even if they have their bank accounts are overflowing. Always SEEKING security, they can never get ENOUGH. Inside their experience is Lack, Emptiness and Loneliness.

Why is this?

How you experience yourself within, will always reflect to you “YOUR EXPERIENCE”

Ask yourself if YOU experience Joy and Love within you?

If you do not, why NOT?

Are you feeling empty within and LOOKING out there to SATISFY something within YOU that can only be FULFILLED from within YOU?

Do not look out there.

Instead BEGIN a Daily Practise of spending time FEELING LOVE within YOU. If you do not KNOW that experience of Love and Bliss, LISTEN daily to any of my Frequency Transmissions, Activation and Invocations, they WILL open your HEART Wide, the Greatness of Your Soul, to YOUR Destiny.

Once you LIVE in this LOVE Daily and your conscious awareness (therefore cells and DNA) vibrate to this eternal SACRED Love, all that is YOURS will come to YOU. All that You Love will be Yours. All that your Soul desires as the PASSION of your SOUL will come to You.

You will know yourself as the Fulfillment of your Life Plan, as the Embodiment of the Eternal Sacred Love that you have ALWAYS existed As. The Love of All that is. The Love of your Sacred Soul, Your Light, your Freedom from all suffering.

Take time for Love, for You, for embracing the Sacred Divinity of You, in All that you do. It begins by setting time aside for this.  A Time for Love. Enter this often and the next thing you Know, Love is all you will experience.

You will shine with the Light of Eternity and Be Graced by the Bliss of the Eternal Fulfillment of Your Soul, now, here on Earth. Then you enter into your NEW reality.

The Bliss filled existence you Long for. Being held in the arms of Divinity in every moment. Seeing breathing miracles, everywhere you go, every moment.

It is All within You, A Time for Love.

I love you Sacred Souls of Divine Eternal Light! I am With you Holding you eternally in My Heart. In the Love of All That is! In Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia! I Am with You!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Why did you sell Your Soul?

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Why did you sell your Soul?
when You turned away from you Heart, life took its toll.

It didn’t have to be that way, the words from your Heart,
were true, to this day.

What a path, the heartless live, the suffering from the choices,
the mind does give.

The endless battle, the mind with the heart, take the journey,
that is true from the start.

What you turn away from, only leads to your sorrow, on your death-bed,
there is no tomorrow.

Don’t be the one who lives life, then regrets,
love with all that you are, and never forget.

The Heart and Soul is beyond measure,
it is the only, true, Treasure.

Live this life in the fullness of your love, bringing Heaven to Earth,
from above.

Be the One,  that you are, destined to Be, live through Heart,
live in love, and be Limitless and Free.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Does Karma Exist?

Does Karma Exist?

Well I would like to start with what Karma really is..

Karma is Cellular Memory held in your Blueprint that ignites Reaction;  Attachment and Resistance.  


In the Old Program Karma was VIEWED AS punishment for good or bad. Is that even true?

Well NO not really.

However; if ONE perceives Separation as TWO forces GOOD and EVIL opposing each other,  then the idea of reward or punishment follows.   Your Perception does create Your Reality.

Does that perception CHANGE anything to do with the RECORD of YOUR SOUL?

NO it does NOT. Memory is MEMORY. It is Neutral.

You have  AN AMAZING RESPONSE SYSTEM BUILT in your Blueprint, therefore in your Cellular Consciousness and DNA.

Karma is Your Blueprint Memory and you can Begin to take responsibility for your REACTIONS  rather than blame a punishment system outside of yourself.

Now I am NOT writing this to upset any ones belief systems. However; If You prefer to live in a Reality of Heaven and Hell, Go for it!!

If you would Like freedom from suffering, receive the Grace and Love Now.

There is no ONE in the sky judging you. Punishing You. It is simply your  encoded memories you EITHER CHOOSE TO  take “responsibility for” or to stay in “victim mode” over. Really take that in. 

Now the Frequency is Available to FREE ONESELF from repetitive Memory Programs. If you want to call those Memory programs Karma, then YES you can FREE yourself NOW Completely from ALL Karma.


You might want to ask yourself, Do you “Love your suffering” so much you do not want to let it go?

Be Honest with yourself Now.

If you choose Freedom know that it will take you “outside of your comfort zone”… It takes you to Your edge.

If Karma is simply Memory…Neutral, then there is No good or Bad. Just the recording of the memory. This Space where all memory is held  is known as  The Akashic Records, the Book of  Life, or The Cosmic Mind.

Your Soul is ONE FORCE, ONE POWER and there is NO Separation. Good and Bad ( the perception ) are simply EXPERIENCE. 

What does this do to the old concept of Karma?

It creates the space of ACCEPTANCE, ALLOWING and NON JUDGEMENT to BEGIN the process of taking “Responsibility” for ALL CHOICES, ALL  Reactions, all Resistance and all Attachment. 

Wow, what would THAT World look like my friends?

Seeing things as they are, PURE experience.

Everyone taking responsibility for their reactions, their memories. No judgement.

Seeing all things in Harmony as a “perfect functioning” WHOLE.

It is here and available Now.

Begin by Watching your Reactions.

Then Move your awareness to YOUR heart when YOU feel the Feeling behind the Reaction (when you do this you will “KNOW it is Memory” and not based in the NOW) and Relax, Feel and Breathe.

Through Unconditional Love you FREE yourself from past responses, reactions and suffering.

Your Blueprint becomes Clear. You Function Only in Flow and Ease.

If you are believing you are not able to begin, yet you want out of the “suffering of old Patterns” Begin to listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions, they will Allow your Cellular Consciousness and DNA to begin vibrating to and with the Frequency of  Divine Unconditional Love, Harmony and Union, Now.

This is Grace.

This is the New Program. The New Era of Light and You are The New Human of Light. This shift in Awareness, Love  and Responsibility FREES you from ALL Suffering Now.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light .

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light, Audio and Daily,  that will activate the Codes within your Original Blueprint.

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