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Solstice Activation of Divine Pure Light~5th Dimensional Consciousness


Celebrating in the Northern Hemisphere the Solstice ~ The Return of Light. December 22nd at 12:49 am AST.

The Solstice being the shortest day and Longest Night, marks the beginning of the return of Greater Sun Light. The Source of Energy, the Source of Sustenance. The Sun, representing the Great Central Sun, the Spiritual Sun, the Sun behind the Sun.

The Power of the Central Sun is the Life Giving Power of your Source ~ Light.

Your Divine Records, your Blueprint, in this Universe, that is.

The 2012 Solar Alignment with the Galactic Centre, represented your DIVINE Alignment, you ALIGNING with your Source ~ Light.

This Greater alignment and transmission of this Greater Pure Light, through the Pleiades, is representative of the Light that you ARE, before the Fall. The Fall representing your consciousness agreeing to be submerged in the 3D program of incarnation.

You are the Pure Eternal Light of your Source ~ Soul Light ~ and you have always been this Light. Through your Ascension (arising from the fall) you are coming to know this as your truth.

This Solstice Celebration of Light, I celebrate YOU and activate YOU through the Central Sun, the Light of your Source ~ Soul ~ Light ~ the return of You to your Original Pure un fallenย Light State of Consciousness ~ Being. The Ascended You. The Pure You.

Experiencing this through the application of your Self Love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that is unconditional acceptance, is the initiation, that has brought you to this moment NOW.

Enter the stillness and silence of Your Heart ~ Enter the Alignment ~ The Activation ~ with the Ascended Pure Light of your Soul Source ~ Consciousness. I will Be activating You, all that receive my Daily Transmission, during the Solstice Hour. Awaken fully to the Pure Light of your Eternal Soul ~ Being. As you enter the eternal moment, of the Solstice.


Eternal Love and Bliss!






Focus on Your Light

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As you Prepare for the winter Months, where there will be a decrease in daylight and increase in darkness, and as you Prepare for the Holidays; Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas for many of you all around the world, remember the Light that you are, is the Everlasting Light of your Eternal Soul. This is your Lightbody, this is your Immortal Body of Light.

This Light (that you are) ย is ALWAYS Present for You! And as you consciously live in Harmony, through your Heart, you will experience from moment to moment, more of All That you are, in your conscious Awareness.

The Brilliance and the Luminosity of Eternal Light, may be experienced in many Ways. You may feel this even now, as a glowing warmth within your Heart. You may see this luminous Light all around and within you. You may feel blessed by the Presence of Angels in your Life. And you may be awakening to the Angelic Part of your Eternal Soul. All is Light.

Right Now take a few moments, to center your awareness on your Heart Space. Feel the Love that is overflowing to you as you Breathe in and Out, slowly and consciously.ย 

Feel a Flame of Light within ย your Heart Space, and feel its warmth. (You may want to pause reading, and light a candle) This may help you to feel and sense the flame within your Heart Space.

This eternal flame is pure Love, it is warm and it is Living.

As you continue to focus on this flame, (within your Heart space) feel the warmth within your Heart Space INCREASE.

Close your eyes gently and pause, as you focus deeper on this flame, within your Heart space, now. Slowly and deeply.

Let this warmth and this Flame of Light, fill ALL of your Awareness with the Beauty of this Light, the warmth of this Light, the Sacredness of this Light, now.

Stay present with the sensations that you feel, as they fill your Body with tingling, increasing warmth and Joy.

This is the sacredness of You.

Feel the Light spread throughout your Body, as the flame increases in size and warmth. ย As it increases in size and warmth, it fills your body with Joy. Feel Joy spread throughout your body, as you feel the warmth spread.

Feel yourself, surrounded now, in a blazing brilliant flame of Light, that is the Light of You, your Eternal Soul, Your immortal Body of Light. You as an Eternal Flame of Light.ย 

Stay feeling this as long as you can, there is no thing more important than feeling the Sacredness of Your Light, Your Soul, your Divinity.

Now as the days get shorter, and your life gets busier, REMEMBER the Light that you are, and you consciously focusing upon it, is the honouring and sacredness, of inviting within yourself, more and more of All That You Are. Your Divinity, your Sacredness, your Eternal Soul.ย 

And as your Life and all moments, begin to be filled with ever-increasing Joy, Love and Bliss, remember, the Light is You.

You always take your Light with you everywhere you go, it is present when it is dark out, it is present when you are out shopping, when you sleep, it is with you always.

ALL YOU NEED to do to experience this more and more, is to consciously Focus Upon it, through your Heart.ย 

Then you will feel your Light more powerful every moment and increasing in its Luminosity, as you consciously HONOUR YOUR Lightย and All That You Are.

Practise this consciously, everywhere you go, wherever you are, whether it is daytime or night-time, if you are busy or resting, and soon, every moment, all that you will be aware of, is the Light that You Are.

I am Holding you in the Sacredness of Your Eternal Soul, your Light, All That you Are. ย This Love that I hold you in, is Eternal Love, Eternal Light and is the everlasting Illumination of Light, that is Luminous and Brilliant, eternal and beyond this World. I love you Sacred Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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