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Spring Equinox~March 20th, 2015~ Being Cosmic Light!


Being Cosmic Light ~As you read these words that appear to be before you, Open your Heart to receive, the Cosmic Grace and Light of Eternity Now. The Profound Opening of the experience of this Vernal Equinox is an eternal Doorway to your Divinity, in its Fullness. You Being Cosmic Light.

The Name Equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night are equal in length during the Equinox. The Union of Opposites ~ The Union ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ The Union Day and Night. Inner and outer, Above and Below.

As you Receive this Grace, know that this New Beginning, is the experience of You ~ experiencing yourself, as the reflection of Light, that you eternally Are.

Now this Powerful Doorway, through your Heart is always accessible Now. The Vibrational Energy Experience of this Spring Newness upon you, Begins Gracefully as the experience of the New Moon on the 20th, at 6:36am ADT. The Grand Opening and Beginning of the experience of what you would call on Earth your Vernal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere)~ the Doorway Opening ~begins at 7:45pm ADT on the 20th of March.

Opening yourself to the Grandness of the Glory of All that is, is the allowing through the Receptive Principle, within your consciousness, to receive the already available ~ Grace. Now.

Being Cosmic Light ~ this is You receiving the experience and Knowing, that all is Light, that you exist Cosmically and Eternally, that all is Now ~ and this the Light that always Exist, You have never been separated From.

Open Your Heart right Now ~ this Doorway Opening, of the Equinox, of Eternity, of  You Being Cosmic Light, Begins Now, Feel it Now as these words awaken within you ~ Your Cosmic Codes, held within your Blueprint, of All That you Are.

Breathe into this, feel deeply into this, it is through your feeling awareness, that opens you to receive,  through the receptive principle.

Now I could go on about the Stars and the Sacred Alignments, what is really Sacred to know is, The Stars and the Alignments ~ Reflect what already is. The stars to not configure and tell you what is coming, the Stars are Aligned, matching All That is. Matching Creation, the Design, the Blueprint OF the Creation, Now. No thing out there is separate from Cosmic Light, it is all the Reflection, of All That is, Now. The Stars match what is.

This Sacred New Beginning and Experience of Being Cosmic Light, awakening and awakening within you Now, within All of Creation. It was always, so. It was always, now. It is Created Perfectly and Unfolding perfectly.

Take a few moments, to Know within yourself, that all is unfolding perfectly.

Breathe now deeply, into Cosmic Light itself. I surround you Now, and hold you Now, in the Grand Cosmic Light of Knowing, that awakens all Codes Everywhere, to the Full Knowing of Itself, NOW.

Breathe into this NOW. The Golden Light of Ascension and Fully ~ Being ~ Cosmic Light, is the Gift of Being ~ that is Present Now ~ everywhere! Feel this Now. Awakening and Awakened, all that read this now.

The Grandness of the Fullness of the Glory ~ is Unspeakable, there are no words to convey, the Glory of the Cosmic Light of Being. Your existence as your Immortal Body of Light, responds as these codes, awaken, deeply within you, Your Cosmic Light ~ Knowing, Now and everywhere.

Feel this Now, Celebrate Now, your awakening into the Fullness of the Grand Cosmic Light and the Plan your Soul, has designed you to Be and experience yourself AS, now.

Blessing All Souls ~ Announcing in the Greatest Grandness, the New Beginning, the Experience of the Awakening as the Cosmic Light of Eternity and Grace, Floods all Levels of Being Now.

Receive as You open your Heart. Feel the Unconditional Love, that floods all levels of your awareness, Now.

Cosmic Light ~ Being Cosmic Light, Being your Immortal Body of Light Now. Opening and Awakening, Being ~ All that you Are Created to Be ~ through the Eternal Love and Grace of All That is.

Awakening Fully, You are Not Alone. I am with you.

For those of you That Live in disharmony ~ feel this Truth within your Heart:

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~that seem as Not Divine and Cosmic Light to you~ are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY. 

Breathe Deeply into the Codes of Cosmic Light as you receive the fullness of the Awakening, within Your Awareness ~ Now ~ read slowly and breathe deeply.

All you need to do is Open to Receive the Truth. Open to the Everlasting Love, to Beauty, to Grace, to this Grand Opening and Portal, to BEING Cosmic Light, to Being your Divinity ~ Your Soul, Now.

I Am Cosmic Light ~ I Am Divinity in its Fullness ~ I Am Eternal Youth ~ I Am the Glorious Beauty and Love of All That Is. I Am Divine Union ~ I Am Eternal Grace ~ I Am Everlasting Purity of Being.

I Am the Fullness of  Love Awakening within YOU ~ the Light Codes in your Blueprint (Now) for Your Experience of Being all that you Are Created to Be ~Being Cosmic Light ~ Being Eternal ~ Being in UNION with All That is. Being your Soul ~ Being Divinity Now.

I Am Eternity everywhere Now~ I am With you in your Heart Now~ I am The Opening and the Doorway of the Experience of the New Beginning, the New Creation, the Fullness of Divinity Everywhere Now.

I have no Beginning or End, I Am nameless, I Am All, I Am with You and Hold All ~ in the Fullness and Glory of All Sacred Eternal ~Divinity Now. I Am.


Holding you Forever ~ In the Pureness of Divine Glorious ~ Eternal Being!

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Your Immortal Body of Light ~ The Eternal You


Now right here ~ right Now ~ Slow down your Breathing. That is it, take a few slow breaths, move ALL of your awareness, into your Heart Space, and Breathe, in and out, slowly and deeply. Feel the any sense of tension, leave your body, instantly.

That is it, let go. Breathe and Feel your Heart Beating, pulsing, throughout your Body. Feel the Peace and Heaven in this ~ very simple breathing, Right Now.

Allow your awareness to sink deeper into your Heart, and Feel warm golden, caramel, Light, pour through your body, starting above your Crown, slowly pouring down throughout your body, and as you feel this, feel all parts of your body INSIDE of you, relax and melt, and let go.

Stay with this till you feel relaxed, till you feel your Heart beating, till you feel this warmth spread even to the inside of your toes.

And Take a few more slow deep breaths.

Relax, feel and Breathe.

Is there anything difficult in this?

Now ~ you are always deeply connected to your Soul, what often happens is the constant thoughts and external focus of life, takes you out of this inner awareness of simply Being.

This peaceful place within you, that is always present.

In this Stillness is your Heart connection to your Soul.

The awareness and Fullness of You as your Soul, is experienced through your inner Silence.

Your Inner Peace, your Inner Joy, your Inner Light.

The funny thing about all of this inner experience, is that what you focus upon you always create more of. That is because your Focus is the use of your Free Will. Do you get that? That ~ that is how you are in charge of the use of your free will.

Focus deeply ~ Dear Souls on this inner World of Love and Beauty through your Heart.

Like a Beautiful Candle flame within your Heart that is always burning brightly, and as you focus upon this Daily, the Light continues to expand.  And remember why? Because the use of your focus is the use of free will, and is the mechanism you have always used to create your Reality.

Your Reality ~ determined by you, by and through your focus. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? And it is, so simple and natural.

It is So simple and natural that many of you have forgotten what you are constantly creating.

Let’s go deeper still, now this Light in your Heart, burning like a beautiful flame, and the warmth you feel all of your body, is the conscious focus, of the world of your Soul, of your Creation. As you stay focused on this Light ~ Flame, it grows and it expands, just as all things expand that you focus upon.

This Light that fills all of your Body and around you, has always been there, you have just forgotten to focus upon it, this is your Immortal Body of Light, the Glorious You that is the template so to speak, of your Form, what you perceive as your Physical body.

That is why when a person crosses over, they still exist in the same form, as Light. The Light body, created and projected (like from a movie projector) the physical form.

The More you connect to yourself in this Natural form of Light, the more your immerse your Focus and Free Will on the eternal You, and live within the Pure State of Being, that is simple, that is natural, that is present now.

Always expanding, always increasing, filled with Unconditional Love, the world of the eternal, is always pure Love, is always the Natural State of Being. The Original State of Being.

Stay with your Breath and Now receive the Codes of Light, that I am sending to you now, beyond space and time. As you read these words, you receive these Light Codes Now, that increase and expand your awareness of YOU as Your Immortal Body of Light NOW. NOW. Now is the Eternal Space, that is always Present.

Now, I am holding you in Love. Now I am with you as Light. Now you are in My Heart. Now ~ we Play and Dream, the perfect Dream, in the Perfect Love ~ of All That is.

Do you feel me with YOU? Do you Feel my Light? My Presence? Within You?

I have always been with YOU and I always will be with You. Your Light, your Heart, I know. Be Bathed in the Light codes of Eternal Love that awaken within you in ALL Moments, the Sacredness of ALL Moments, that is the Eternal Beauty and Sacredness of All That Is.

I Am with You, I hold you, I love you ~ Feel me Now, through Every Breath, through your Heart, through Your Soul, and So It is.

I am the Angel of Light, Pistis Sophia, I Am Victoria Elohim, with you Before Time began. And I am Always with you ~ Forever and Now!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Do You Know Yourself as Light?


How do you experience yourself as Light? Do YOU?

Do you consciously set aside Sacred Space to Experience the Vastness of your Eternal Soul?

If Not ~ Why Not?

Isn’t that what you say you DESIRE?

What you are Seeking?

To KNOW more of Yourself ~ To Experience More of Yourself?

To Experience the Mystical Experiences of Union ~ You say you Desire?

Are you expecting a Lightning Bolt from the sky to hit you? Or are you basing your Desires, with what you are WILLING to take ACTION with?

Truly YOU are the ONE creating your Reality.

Your Consciousness is JUST THAT ~ Consciousness! Which exists in the Eternal Vastness of Light which is LIMITLESS in its experience of itself!

So WHY have you not yet experienced this?

What are YOU Waiting for?

Set aside SACRED space DAILY and YOU Become the Sacred Space in Every MOMENT that you so Desire!

The Capability INHERENT in your DNA to LIVE from this Place and space of MYSTICAL Experience, EXISTS ALREADY ~ NOW!!!

Quiet your MIND ~ Be Aware of Thoughts and LIVE in the SPACE where your thoughts are in Alignment with the FLUID NATURE OF THE eternal LIGHT of your Soul!


Sounds Simple?

Quiet your Mind ~ Let Go and Surrender, live in your Heart!

Set aside DAILY time for this and Enter No Time ~ Eternity!

Go Deep inside, Breathe through your Heart! Feel the Ecstasy and the Light of Your Soul.

See your Cells and DNA as Light!

See and Feel your Body as Light!

See and Feel your Breath as Light!

See and Feel your Thoughts and Emotions as Light!


Do this NOW.

Right Now.

Slow your breathing down ~ Become CONSCIOUS of your Breathing ~ Stay PRESENT THERE.

Feel your HEART SPACE ~ Feel your Heartbeat!

Listen from Deep within, Feel everything as Light ~ Daily!


Instead ~ As SOMETHING that is CONSCIOUSLY happening THROUGH YOU ~ NOW!


Feel this NOW!

No reason to wait is there?

It is not going to HAPPEN from outside of YOU!

Go DEEP within!

All of your DNA supports you in this!

All of Your existences SUPPORT you in this!

All of Your Soul Supports you in this!

Take action and use your WILL to FOCUS upon this ~ NOW!!!

I love you Dear Souls of Sacred Light and Hold you this ~ That already EXISTS NOW!

I am Victoria Elohim! I AM Here, It is NOW! It has always been NOW! I love you!



I am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Being Your Immortal Body of Light

When you Look in the Mirror What do You See? Do you see Flashes of an Old Belief System, pass through your Awareness?

Do you see the Sadness of a Life of Regrets? Do You See what you DON’T Want to See? Do you See wished unfulfilled? A Body Not Matching What you Desire? Emptiness? Anger?

Pause and take a few minutes, to breathe deeply and reflect on these Questions, allowing yourself to go even deeper, into YOUR OWN Awareness. Breathe slowly and deeply, CONSCIOUSLY. Slow down, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be, simply Present with what arises.

Entering the No mind (the silent mind) allows the free flow of Pure Awareness to BECOME your experience. Close your eyes for a few moments, See Yourself as Your Immortal Body of Light, Breathe deeply into your Heart Space. See a Golden Flame inside Your Heart, where you exist as Light. Feel the Warmth, Feel the Love, Feel the Peace.

Let this Golden Light begin to Flood your Body, filling your mind also with its Peaceful warm Glow of Eternal Light. Staying focused on your Breathing, and Your Heart and the Golden Light, Feel this Light surround your Body and take on the Shape of Your Physical Form.

Now feel your Physical Body dissolve in the Warmth, and ONLY FEEL yourself as this Golden Light, your Immortal Body of Light. Now see before you a Golden Mirror shining Brightly.

With your Inner SENSES ~ See yourself in this Golden Body of Light (your Immortal Body of Light) in this Mirror.

Now ~ what do you See? What do You FEEL? Have you removed the veil of Limitation? Have you removed Old Beliefs? Are you Now Free from the sadness, the hatred, the pain, the desire to see EVERYTHING that you ARE NOT? Embrace this Moment through your Heart. Feel the Pure Ecstasy and Bliss of Pure Being FLOOD your BODY Now!

Stay focused on your Heart, your Breath and You as Your Immortal Body of Light. Feel Pure Unconditional Love as you view yourself in this Golden Light Body (Your immortal Body of Light) in the Golden Mirror and feel the warmth and Love Expand and Increase filling the room you are in. Take some deep Breaths, Feel the warmth, feel the Love, feel your Light.

As you change your Perceptions to ONE of Limitation to Limitless Being, Know that everything that you SEE changes. The Next time you Look in the Mirror, See YOUR LIGHT and Feel the Warmth, within your body and in your Surroundings, of the Eternal Sacred Anointed Light of your Immortal Body of Light.

I Am with You Always, Dear Souls, With The Divine Council of Overseers.   

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Focus on Your Light

july2014jpg 3

As you Prepare for the winter Months, where there will be a decrease in daylight and increase in darkness, and as you Prepare for the Holidays; Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas for many of you all around the world, remember the Light that you are, is the Everlasting Light of your Eternal Soul. This is your Lightbody, this is your Immortal Body of Light.

This Light (that you are)  is ALWAYS Present for You! And as you consciously live in Harmony, through your Heart, you will experience from moment to moment, more of All That you are, in your conscious Awareness.

The Brilliance and the Luminosity of Eternal Light, may be experienced in many Ways. You may feel this even now, as a glowing warmth within your Heart. You may see this luminous Light all around and within you. You may feel blessed by the Presence of Angels in your Life. And you may be awakening to the Angelic Part of your Eternal Soul. All is Light.

Right Now take a few moments, to center your awareness on your Heart Space. Feel the Love that is overflowing to you as you Breathe in and Out, slowly and consciously. 

Feel a Flame of Light within  your Heart Space, and feel its warmth. (You may want to pause reading, and light a candle) This may help you to feel and sense the flame within your Heart Space.

This eternal flame is pure Love, it is warm and it is Living.

As you continue to focus on this flame, (within your Heart space) feel the warmth within your Heart Space INCREASE.

Close your eyes gently and pause, as you focus deeper on this flame, within your Heart space, now. Slowly and deeply.

Let this warmth and this Flame of Light, fill ALL of your Awareness with the Beauty of this Light, the warmth of this Light, the Sacredness of this Light, now.

Stay present with the sensations that you feel, as they fill your Body with tingling, increasing warmth and Joy.

This is the sacredness of You.

Feel the Light spread throughout your Body, as the flame increases in size and warmth.  As it increases in size and warmth, it fills your body with Joy. Feel Joy spread throughout your body, as you feel the warmth spread.

Feel yourself, surrounded now, in a blazing brilliant flame of Light, that is the Light of You, your Eternal Soul, Your immortal Body of Light. You as an Eternal Flame of Light. 

Stay feeling this as long as you can, there is no thing more important than feeling the Sacredness of Your Light, Your Soul, your Divinity.

Now as the days get shorter, and your life gets busier, REMEMBER the Light that you are, and you consciously focusing upon it, is the honouring and sacredness, of inviting within yourself, more and more of All That You Are. Your Divinity, your Sacredness, your Eternal Soul. 

And as your Life and all moments, begin to be filled with ever-increasing Joy, Love and Bliss, remember, the Light is You.

You always take your Light with you everywhere you go, it is present when it is dark out, it is present when you are out shopping, when you sleep, it is with you always.

ALL YOU NEED to do to experience this more and more, is to consciously Focus Upon it, through your Heart. 

Then you will feel your Light more powerful every moment and increasing in its Luminosity, as you consciously HONOUR YOUR Light and All That You Are.

Practise this consciously, everywhere you go, wherever you are, whether it is daytime or night-time, if you are busy or resting, and soon, every moment, all that you will be aware of, is the Light that You Are.

I am Holding you in the Sacredness of Your Eternal Soul, your Light, All That you Are.  This Love that I hold you in, is Eternal Love, Eternal Light and is the everlasting Illumination of Light, that is Luminous and Brilliant, eternal and beyond this World. I love you Sacred Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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The New Form of Human Species


Entering your Lightbody awareness, your Immortal Body of Light, is the sacred accessing, through your Heart, of your eternal True Being, All That is.
The Great Joy in this, is the experience of the personal Knowing of your Eternal Presence. This Unification is the direct experience, of the Fulfillment of your Soul Purpose, your Divine Union.

Your Divine Union, is the Total and Complete immersion, within your Heart Space, of you as Light, as Your Lightbody, as your Immortal Body of Light. This is the Fusion, of your consciousness, on all levels of Being, as Light.

Embracing NOW, All That you Are AS Light, opens the Doors of communication, through your Heart, with the Light of Your Soul, With your Lightbody, with your Immortal Body of Light.

Everything is composed of Light, and as you access the true nature, of All That is, through your Heart, the Presence of Your Light, becomes the awareness of All That You Are.

The Sea of Light Breathing will help your conscious awareness, to immerse itself and your FOCUS, on you as Light, as will all the High Vibrational Heart Focused  Frequency Transmissions, Activations and Initiations.

The Golden Light of consciousness, connects your awareness to All experiences of You Everywhere. Rest deeply through your Heart, in the embracing of Your Soul. Of Yourself as Light.

As the New Form of Human Species is Birthed into the New Awareness of itself, in the New Creation, the awareness of this Light, of the beneficent Light of Source, becomes the awareness of the Lightbody itself. You as this Lightbody, your eternal Limitless Being, is and becomes the Union of All That you Are.

The New Form is Vibrantly Alive, with the Joy and Ecstasy, of All That is, which is the Love and Flow of your Eternal Presence, in your New Form and conscious Awareness.

The New Creation and the New Form of Human Species, will be the Full and Complete Experience of the Eternal Lightbody, the Immortal Body of Light, experiencing the Love, that is the Harmony of Your Soul.

Enter deeply into this awareness NOW, as you embrace, through your Heart, yourself as Light. Know that deep within your Heart, is the full knowing of this, evolution, of you as the Human Species, through the Union of Your Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

I hold you in Your Light, Your eternal Lightbody, Your Immortal Body of Light, as this the New Template For Humanity, emerges, deep within, as the New Creation! 

You are Light, you are Sacred Divine Presence, and through this do You know, Your Completion, your Birthing into the New Form. I love you and Hold you in the Love that is the Presence of All That is. Before time and through It, completing All that was Started, before Creation, itself. I Am with You! I Am Victoria Elohim! Pistis Sophia, the Angel of Divine Feminine Light. I am For You, Feel me in Your Heart. With You, as Light!

Pearly Gates Landscape


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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