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Becoming Less Dense On Earth

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How is your Ability to stay Focused on one thing? Can you stay focused on  One Object? On your Heart? Do you lose your focus quickly and not even notice you have placed your Attention elsewhere? Have you noticed and measured how long you can “actually” stay focused on One object?

The Density of the Earth Plane is not necessarily where you may desire to place your attention, that is, if your Intention is to complete that which you began through your incarnation Process, into form, on planet Earth. The Mastering of Duality, if you will, is Freedom from limitation.

Becoming less Dense, as I often like to say, is the process of waking up, to the true Limitless Nature of yourself, that you always have access to. This Limitless you, is experienced as having no boundaries or limitations.

In the denseness of Earth, one experiences what APPEARS as Solid Objects.
Your Desire to walk through a wall, as an example, may be somewhat inhibited by the frequency of the Wall and your body. When both the wall and your body feel solid to you, you are in Union in the frequency of density. The Denseness of the Earth plane, is simply a vibratory Frequency.

However, if you Shift into Higher Frequencies, so that wall and you are vibrating to  the  frequency of conscious Light Vibration, and you both become one in that Vibration, you may then, walk through the wall.

If I were to raise my Frequency, a little higher, even now, and you were in the room with me, I would appear as vanished to you, YET I would still be there in the room with you,  you just would not see me. I would be vibrating at the higher frequencies that would appear to you as I was not there, (in a Higher Light Vibration) while you stayed vibrating to the frequency of the denseness of Earth, that appears as solid. 

Adjusting your Frequency to the Higher Coherent Frequencies of Light, FREES you from the Limitation of the Density appearance of Earth. Why Not Become less dense? Can you stay focused on the aspect of YOU that is free from limitation? Can you stay focused on your Heart?

The Vibratory Frequency of the Heart is a POWERFUL energy force, that Harmonizes all of your Bodies. This harmonization creates a “Coherent” Vibratory Frequency, which you send out, as the standing wave that you are, in all moments.


What Frequency are you sending out? Are you aware that you are always sending out, that WHICH YOU ARE?

In this Coherent Frequency, you have access to, the limitless you, that is always present and available to you. This is the state of Harmony, Peace and Love.  In Coherency there is non-interference.

In a Non Coherent Frequency, Disharmony is experienced, and the denseness of Earth, of your Body is experienced, as is, interference.

Placing your Attention and Focus on your Heart and on the Light that you are, is your Ability to use your free will, Consciously. Are you conscious of How you are using your Free Will? Are you creating greater Harmony in your Life? Are you experiencing More of the Limitless You? Or always feeling stuck in a place of disharmony and limitation?

Your answers to my question, will be the reflection of your FOCUS.

Back to the beginning of this Post, do you desire to become less dense? Are you focusing on your Heart and the Light that you are? Are you surrounding yourself, with those things that are reflective of your Intention, that are harmonious? That are Love filled, that support your focus of Being Limitless”

Or are you focused on the Density of the Earth Plane?

There are many names given to  the same thing, (names are only used on Earth, the meaning at the higher frequencies, needs no name) Ascension, Rebirth, New Creation, Completion. What do all those things actually symbolize to you? Your Freedom? Your Mastery?

Practise today, staying focused on your Heart. Living in Harmony. Notice how long you are able to stay focused and present n the pure state of Being that is a Coherent Frequency. This Frequency  is love, is Heart Based, and is Peaceful, and is FREEDOM. 

Practise if you like daily the Sea of Light Breathing, or listen daily to any or my Frequency Transmissions. They are a Coherent Frequency that will help you to Vibrate to the Frequency of Your Heart, to the Frequency of Eternal Love and to the frequency of PURE Limitless Being. Use your free will today, and stay focused.

I love your Dear Souls!!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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The Worlds of Energy and Light

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As You open up to the Myriad of Choices that are always within you,
Recognize that you are in Union WITH whatever YOU ARE experiencing.

In the Worlds of Energy and Light, your experiences are ALWAYS a Vibratory match, to what already exists, within you. Understand this through Your Heart and be conscious of your Creations, Dear Souls.

There simply is no right or wrong, simply what you are focusing Upon.

There are many parallel worlds, where you are vibrating in Union with and to the experiences there.
There are worlds where you are exist in Harmony and experience your Limitlessness and there are parallel worlds that you are experiencing limitation.

Your FOCUS becomes YOUR vibratory frequency, and through your free will, you choose WHAT you are in Union WITH.

Union with Your Soul and Your Heart, is Union with your Eternal Self, Your Immortal Body of Light, which is Ecstasy and Eternal Bliss.

Union with EXTERNAL Problems, and people outside of you (appearances) creates the frequency that is in Union with Problems, Disharmony and limitation, which you are also experiencing in Parallel worlds.

The Questions is, THEN isn’t it, WHAT are you in UNION with through your Focus and Vibration?

Your Intention and the Use of your WILL determine WHERE you place your FOCUS.
What are you FOCUSING ON? Dear Souls?
A World of bliss and Freedom?
Or a World of Problems?

Know that you create your Reality through WHATEVER Focus you CHOOSE to have, this is your Free Will, after all.

FOCUS on your Heart and True Desires, Dear Souls, if you Desire to Experience the Endless Bliss of All That You Are, and the Eternal Freedom and Mastery, through the VICTORY that is ALREADY Yours!

I love you Dear Souls!! I Am the Victory that is for You! And That has Always Been Yours! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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You are God ~ You are Your Soul


SO Many refer to a Separate God ~ A Being the Lives out There, a Being that is Separate from themselves. Feeling you are Separate from God, is the cause of suffering. Being Immersed in a sense of separateness is the Cause of All Suffering. Separateness instills Fear through an outward focus. The true Source of Being, your Mastery is within yourself.

You Are your Soul, you are God.

I have written about this many times. There is NO out there, and if you live by and through that belief in Separateness you May Desire to Look clearly at the Path you have “chosen” to be ON, through your Free Will.

Do you Desire Freedom from Suffering? Do you desire to be a Master of Form during this your incarnation?

The true AWAKENING within you, through your Heart is about UNION ~ do you KNOW THAT?

Union Lives within your Heart ~ Your Soul ~ It is “WHO” and “WHAT” You Are!!

Union = Freedom from Suffering
Freedom from suffering = Mastering Duality

“Mastering Duality” Involves the use of Your “Free Will”

Call the “You” that is Your Pure Being (that is the eternal YOU) whatever you desire to call that, God ~ Source ~ Your Soul ~ they are ONE and the Same thing!

If you are desiring to Shift through your Heart, to Live in the New Creation, Master Duality And be free form Suffering during this INCARNATION of YOURS, Stay Aware and Focused on “Your Heart Space” your Sacred Heart within You! Recognize that you are creating your Reality. Your Inner experience, creates your Outer experience (what takes place as the outer is the result of the inner)

It is all within YOU ~ Spend time in silence feeling Your Heart!

Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions (links are below) they ALIGN YOU with your Heart, they HARMONIZE all of your Bodies, mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual and they Align you with your Soul and your Soul Plan and Awaken within you all that your Soul had planned for you to awaken! Which is Your Highest Destiny during this your Incarnation.

Once again, the “Out there” is SIMPLY the reflection of “Your Within”

Victory has always been for YOU! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!





I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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