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The New Form of Human Species


Entering your Lightbody awareness, your Immortal Body of Light, is the sacred accessing, through your Heart, of your eternal True Being, All That is.
The Great Joy in this, is the experience of the personal Knowing of your Eternal Presence. This Unification is the direct experience, of the Fulfillment of your Soul Purpose, your Divine Union.

Your Divine Union, is the Total and Complete immersion, within your Heart Space, of you as Light, as Your Lightbody, as your Immortal Body of Light. This is the Fusion, of your consciousness, on all levels of Being, as Light.

Embracing NOW, All That you Are AS Light, opens the Doors of communication, through your Heart, with the Light of Your Soul, With your Lightbody, with your Immortal Body of Light.

Everything is composed of Light, and as you access the true nature, of All That is, through your Heart, the Presence of Your Light, becomes the awareness of All That You Are.

The Sea of Light Breathing will help your conscious awareness, to immerse itself and your FOCUS, on you as Light, as will all the High Vibrational Heart Focused Β Frequency Transmissions, Activations and Initiations.

The Golden Light of consciousness, connects your awareness to All experiences of You Everywhere. Rest deeply through your Heart, in the embracing of Your Soul. Of Yourself as Light.

As the New Form of Human Species is Birthed into the New Awareness of itself, in the New Creation, the awareness of this Light, of the beneficent Light of Source, becomes the awareness of the Lightbody itself. You as this Lightbody, your eternal Limitless Being, is and becomes the Union of All That you Are.

The New Form isΒ Vibrantly Alive, with the Joy and Ecstasy, of All That is, which is the Love and Flow of your Eternal Presence, in your New Form and conscious Awareness.

The New Creation and the New Form of Human Species, will be the Full and Complete Experience of the Eternal Lightbody, the Immortal Body of Light, experiencing the Love, that is the Harmony of Your Soul.

Enter deeply into this awareness NOW, as you embrace, through your Heart, yourself as Light. Know that deep within your Heart, is the full knowing of this, evolution, of you as the Human Species, through the Union of Your Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

I hold you in Your Light, Your eternal Lightbody, Your Immortal Body of Light, as this the New Template For Humanity, emerges, deep within, as the New Creation!Β 

You are Light, you are Sacred Divine Presence, and through this do You know, Your Completion, your Birthing into the New Form. I love you and Hold you in the Love that is the Presence of All That is. Before time and through It, completing All that was Started, before Creation, itself. I Am with You! I Am Victoria Elohim! Pistis Sophia, the Angel of Divine Feminine Light. I am For You, Feel me in Your Heart. With You, as Light!

Pearly Gates Landscape


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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