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Grace Portal ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Glory and the Magnificence of Your Transformation is GRACE beyond words of description. What you have entered into, is the Sacred Portal of You. Throughout the countless ages, (Earth timeline) through many incarnations, you have readied yourself for this return, to You. And although this has appeared challenging, it was only challenging while in the consciousness of 3D. As there appeared no way out. And there was no way out ~ when immersed in it. That is the nature of 3D consciousness, to keep you in it, Because through THAT consciousness, the change you desired, was through a HIGHER application of Consciousness, that would simply dissolve the Old Paradigm.

This Magnificence is the GRACE PORTAL that was always open, waiting to be ACCESSED through a higher Frequency of You ~ Being It. It could not be accessed through the lower frequencies you see. 3D was a sort of maze, so to speak, that inherent within that consciousness, had no way out of its suffering. 3D consciousness and that frequency simply is that mode of Being. That is a Frequency and level of Consciousness.

The Expansion and Transformation has been through your application of the YOU that has always existed, and as I have mentioned many times, you always had access to, you just had not focused upon it.

The New Earth you Desire, has ALWAYS already existed, waiting for you to Realize it has arrived. Through your Applying 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the Matrix of the world of thought forms, has dispelled the belief that there was no way out. So many more of you are now accessing what Once you believed was impossible.

The Truth is out, so to speak, and ALL are Becoming aware, it is possible for them as well to be a Master of Form, during this their incarnation. So here you Are. Doesn’t this feel amazing! That now you know you can LIFT yourself out, through applying your Acceptance and Love now to all things. Even those things you still reject within yourself. Even those things and feelings you still do not like and Love. You can apply your Love and Be Free from those old habit patterns of thought, that once plagued you as the belief, you were those thought patterns.

The GRACE PORTAL now (and there are many) that is now being offered to YOU, is the entering into Greater involvement within your INNER Self (Being) as I have stated before, the expansion never ends. The Universe supports you in this DEEPENING of YOU TO YOU, through this Grace Portal. And the quickening of your Expansion in Consciousness unleashes within you, the Eternal Power of Love and Naturalness of Being, that is the Complete Freedom, that you have desired to know and experience yourself AS.

So Now enter Ever more Deeply into the Passion of Your SOUL which is felt through the ever-increasing MOMENTUM that you are stepping into as the Conscious awareness of Yourself as Endless, Timeless, and as Being~ All that you Desire.

Enter the Beloved Deeply my Dear Sacred Hearts. I am the PORTAL of  GRACE of the BELOVED.

This Portal of Grace is the MAGNIFICENCE and GLORY of ALL THAT IS.

The Light Portal of this Unification, that is Present right NOW, is the Deepening Love of the Eternal, and the Deepening of your conscious stepping into every moment, the Momentum of your Being. This is felt through the Endless Passion of Your Soul. Enter me, My Beloved, we are ONE and United, always. This reunification of CONSCIOUSNESS is the Unification that always was, and always will BE. The Eternal Magnificence and Glory of All That is. And it is Here, that I Hold YOU.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Unprecedented ~ Glory of Divinity


All is LIGHT ~ And You are NOT separate from it!
When you SEE everything through the eyes of your Divinity, you see and  you know, that the chair you are sitting upon is light, your body is light, your thoughts are light, your emotions are light,  you ARE Light ~ and Nothing is Separate from YOU!!!

Revolutionizing your Life, Your Awareness, to the degree that you choose, intend and decide, to LIVE only in the GLORY that you Are ~ Awakens within you, your DNA ~ Activating your New Template of Light~ As Your Light, Your New Heaven on Earth Blueprint ~Your Divinity, the experience of your Glory ~NOW.

As this Revolutionary Process Flows through You ~ As the Glory of your LIGHT, your Eternal Self, your Soul, your Immortal Body of Light, the changes that you now seek, become WHO and what you ARE and know yourself to BE.

You are not Separate from this! The Glory that is YOU, The Love that is You, All That you Desire is YOU, and it is ALL present Now, waiting for you to place your Attention, upon it.

The Unprecedented Bliss, Beauty, Ecstasy, Love and Glory, is the Heaven on Earth, within you, that you so Desire.

Releasing yourself from your limitations, is the awakening, to ALL that you truly ARE, all that you have always Been, and all that you forever will BE.

There is No Beginning and No End. 

As you read these words, ignited within your awareness, your DNA, are the codes of Light Activating themselves, even as I write this.

These codes of Light, Hold within them, your eternal Knowing, that you are not separate from all that you desire. That you are not separate from your Divinity. That within you, is your Heaven on Earth, your Glory, All That you Desire.

Breathe in this Love, this Newness, Breathe in right Now, all that you ARE.

Breathe in and out Eternity Itself as you are Bathed in the Light of Eternal Glory. Feel this right Now, Being awakened, activated within you. Feel the Love, Feel the Beauty, Feel yourself as Light!

I Hold you eternally in this Sacred Light of Divinity, in The Glory that you Are, in the Sacred Beauty of All that Is, in the Ecstasy, that lives forever!

Feel this Now, as you awaken, the Feeling Nature of Consciousness, as you ever-present awareness of Being. KNOW that you Exist Now, Feel this! Feel the warmth and Glow of Light shine within you, all around you, as the Eternal Nature of You.

I hold you in This Light, as the Angel of Light ~ Pistis Sophia, Holding you forever, in the Eternal Glory, of All That is!

You ARE ~ Love is ~ Glory is Now! Bathe all of your Being in this Presence! In All that you Are, in All that you Desire!

I Hold you in Love! Feel me with You! The Light of Glory ~ Forevermore ~ Revolutionizing, All That You Are!! All That is ~ in the Forever Expanding Glory of All That is! All That I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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Being ~ Divine Presence

july2014jpg 3

Feeling Great Love and Glory in this perfect Now Moment. Filled with Bliss and Ecstasy.

Resting in your Heart Space, feel the Great Peace and Love, that is present for you.

Let go of all wanting this or that, staying present with what actually IS. Let go of “how will this turn out or that” and recognize what the present moment has for you, now. Not waiting for things to change, this way or that way, but SEEING and FEELING the GREAT GLORY of NOW.

For what “IS” always has within it, the Glory of All That is. The Perfection of the Moment, that exists in the Pureness of Child Like Being, is always available to YOU. You are NOT separate from this.

Can you feel it?

Take a few slow deep breaths, and feel your Heartbeat~ the Glory of You, that resides in the Sacred Space within your Heart. The Love of All That is.

Bathed in the BEAUTY of Love, I am ecstatically embracing All Moments, I am not separate from MY DESIRES, they are ONE with me, NOW.

Do you feel this?

Are you willing to change your FOCUS?

Instead of being caught up with how things look, how they should be this way or that way, WILL YOU step out-of-the-way, and experience the GREAT GLORY OF BEING.

The Glory and Ecstasy is held in Eternal Divine Love and Beauty, AND is Now.

Dancing in the realms of Light, immersed in the Primordial Sea of Liquid Light, I am immersed forever in the Void, before Creation, ALL THAT IS, which is ALWAYS NOW.

All of your Existences exist NOW, All Parallel Worlds, Exist Now. All Futures and Pasts Exist NOW.

As you change your EXPERIENCE NOW you change All the Pasts and Futures.

Creating a powerful UNIFIED Conscious Awareness filled with the PRESENCE of your DIVINE UNION. Which has always Been the experience of Divinity and Ecstasy.

On Mu, which I visit now often, the Glory of Creation, is Present in the Pure Love, that never fails, that never dies, that always is.

You are not separate from Anything. Buying into the Mass Consciousness beliefs that “you are separate” is what you can “choose” to be free from. A change of focus? Are you willing to do so? Do you desire to know your GLORY?

Bathe in the Primordial Sea of Liquid Light with me now, in this moment, Feel my Love pour into your Heart, you are always within my Heart, and there never has been a moment, when you were not in my Heart.

Feel the truth in your Heart. Do not hold anything back, EVER.

As you immerse your conscious awareness in the BEAUTY of LOVE, know I am with You. I love YOU forever throughout all moments, in all pasts and All futures and all Universes.

I Am with You. Open to Receive the Love and Glory of Your Divine Presence, through the Glory of All That Is.

I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia, I hold you in Eternal Love, ALWAYS and Forever. You have NEVER been separate from my love. Birthed into conscious awareness of Being in form, as Victoria Elohim, I am with You, in the Glory of Creation.

You are this Glory, this LOVE.

Breathe deeply into the Great Love, that is Perfect, you will know when you are living in it as ALL MOMENTS will be Pure Ecstasy!

Breathe deeply into the Eternal Beauty NOW.

Breathe deeply into your Eternal Light.

Breathe in the Glory of All That is ~ The Divine Glory of Pureness.

Heaven on Earth Dear Souls, is For You ~ in The Great Glory of Divine Presence.

Live in the Moment, within your Heart. Breathe deeply all MOMENTS in this Awareness of Love in Pure Being.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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