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meEverything in YOUR REALITY is responding to your FREQUENCY.

You RADIATE your frequency as if you are your own cell phone, to your own cell tower, which is your blueprint, back and forth, IN ALL MOMENTS. 

Not through your commands and desires, MORE SO YOUR real vibrating NOW FREQUENCY.

SO THERE IS no bypassing reality.

Reality; that is your frequency, is the sum of your conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions.

The chair is the chair for you and your reality. Your body is part of your frequency reality.

Your Perceptions are your reality and they shift too ~ when the INNER you ( sum total of all that is consciously and subconsciously GOING ON WITHIN YOU)  SHIFTS and changes.

When the inner you REALLY changes your mindset and thoughts change also. Which comes first?

The deeper levels clear old patterns that are blocking you from your true awareness of all that is POSSIBLE for you. Which seems as though are worlds away from your current reality.

They are worlds away, the great news is there is NO DISTANCE or time to their access as aligning to your NEW REALITY is a shift that takes place in a moment. IN A NOW moment.

Everything around you is as much a part of the plan as the body that you see. Your arms, your legs. YOUR shoes, your eyes. All part of the reality that you are creating now.

Always love everything that you have created.
Even if you do not LIKE IT.

Love is acceptance and gentle and is the present PRESENCE that always is present within your heart.

IT is that glowing LIGHT, that warm feeling. That part of you that is limitless, which does not make sense to the mind.

Live through this STATE OF NOW ~ so as to know and align with your DIVINE SELF.

IT is ALL the love that you ever desired! IT is more than you can imagine.

IN this the ETERNAL glowing LIGHT and Sacred holy LOVE, we anoint you and bless you now! We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present NOW ~ NOW in the GLORY and PRESENCE of ALL THAT is ~ NOW!

You are the CAUSE~3D or 5D and Harmony



There are NO external Demons, they are within you.
Your addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, money, gambling, power and food,
And the inherent abuse of the external is just the reflection of your relationship with yourself. That is the limited Belief upheld in 3D Consciousness. That the external is the Cause.

YET in Separation 3D Consciousness submerged in the lower frequency domains of FEAR one may believe and then have the Fear based experience and illusion of Demons. Beliefs are YOUR FILTER as is your Frequency and your Fear, etc.

This DOES not exist in 5th Dimensional Consciousness AT ALL. 
It is only a belief of 3D through Fear. 

The same Level of Frequency of CONSCIOUSNESS does change Consciousness.

That is, 3D Consciousness cannot be applied to 3D Consciousness to change it.

Better to let go of those 3D beliefs, that NO LONGER SERVE your entrance into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and be FREE from Fear completely.

IN HARMONY and UNION ~ That is All There Is.

In 5th Dimensional Consciousness One lives and KNOWS the Inner Consciousness is the Cause of Reality that shows up externally.

In Harmony, what you relate to, is in Harmony with you.

In Harmony there are no co dependencies (validation of non awareness) and there are no victims.

Harmony is the Consciousness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness and you enter It Within, you Harmonize within yourself.

It is not grasped by control of the external. When you blame the external you blame yourself.

For it is your relationship with yourself That is your filter of consciousness, that you experience your Reality through.

It is You, wake up and see that it is YOU. The INNER you how you are BEING that is the Cause. Be Conscious of BEING the CAUSE of your Reality, and live within the INNER world of You within Your Heart. That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Again as ALWAYS, Continue to apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Unconditional Love and Acceptance to all of your Experiences. And a REMINDER again as to why:

The Same Level of Frequency Consciousness does NOT raise Frequency of Consciousness.

So when you say, oh yes but I don’t understand this or that, my response is:
Why do YOU continue to APPLY your 3D Consciousness to attempt to figure out how to change it? Or to even understand it?

THAT consciousness (and means of attempting to figure it out and change it) is what keeps you in 3D.

AGAIN ~ APPLY 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Now.

I Accept I have Fear.

I Accept I Believe in Demons.

I Accept I can Now live free from those beliefs that NO LONGER serve me.

And I can Live every moment in the Present Moment.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is the Dimension of Love and Union.

No Fear Resides there, and since ALL is within me, no Fear resides in me.

And So it is. All Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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