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New Moon February 23rd, 2020 ~ MONUMENTAL Opportunities

jan7th2020On Sunday February 23rd, 2020 at 11:32 am AST we have the New Moon in Pisces. This is AS all New Moons are ~ a POWERFUL NEW BEGINNING. 

These monumental shifts take place within your consciousness and then IMPACT FORM.

That is; the mental, emotional. physical and spiritual bodies respond and interact through the levels of awareness you are experiencing yourself As in the moment. Then your unique and specific changes take place ~ THROUGH You. As the result of the inner interaction and shifts.

The GREATEST shifts take place as you continue to deepen your experience as living through your Heart. This is the ultimate PORTAL to all Portals and the only ONE true PURE way of Being. Being a master of form. Being an Ascended Master. Being the eternal love you are in the here and NOW.

This New Moon is sextile Mars and, potentially boosts your confidence, vitality and initiative for being true to you. For being self -assertive. For Being true to your Soul. Your level of passion may increase through all that you are BEING and this passion when experienced may increase, exponentially.

Sun sextile Uranus may potentially bring surprises. ALL of this and your unique frequency and Blueprint are designed to be impacted uniquely. For some this may cause a huge impact, for others, not so much. Flashes of awareness, finally seeing things through new eyes, may potentially be what is in store for all those that are ready.

Mars trine Uranus potentially may increase your ability to take those steps to make changes within. To finally get what it is that is taking place as you step into new levels. And for some this energetically charged energy, may impact the desire for greater fun, love and passion.

There is a minor Grand Trine, which increases the positive potentials as listed above. As well as increased potentials on all levels of being. Success, love, partnership and in those areas that seemed closed off ~ to open for you, once again. Flood gates of potential OPPORTUNITIES.

Of course all of this is subject to YOU the frequency that you transmit and radiate as you.

Are you very aware? Have you mastered your thoughts and emotions?

Are you ready to advance as YOU the ONE that is free from fear and self limiting beliefs and restrictions? Or is the fear to great to yet face all that turmoil, held buried deep within?

Fortune, love, joy and bliss are always on the table to be accessed now.

The KEY is the heart, the accessing of now, the freedom from all fear. And the miracles of miracles, becomes the YOU that has risen to this state of GLORY. Being ALL THAT and More.

Blessing you NOW in no time, for this the unfolding and experience of time.

In love and the embodiment of ALL THAT IS ~ transmitting now, with The Divine Council of Overseers. In love.




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Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

LAuraDec28thSacred Love, Sacred Union, Sacred Beloved Valentine’s Day.

Joined as ONE.

IN all moments through the Heart
we awaken to the eternal love that exists through our Divine Presence.

In this is the Glory of ALL Glory IS experienced.

To live here as that ONE united with the Beloved on all levels of being, here and NOW while in form.

These are the Masters of form, who are held in the sacredness of this the unfolding of all that IS.

In this the eternal love and eternal anointing, we bless you now.






A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!! 

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meEverything in YOUR REALITY is responding to your FREQUENCY.

You RADIATE your frequency as if you are your own cell phone, to your own cell tower, which is your blueprint, back and forth, IN ALL MOMENTS. 

Not through your commands and desires, MORE SO YOUR real vibrating NOW FREQUENCY.

SO THERE IS no bypassing reality.

Reality; that is your frequency, is the sum of your conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions.

The chair is the chair for you and your reality. Your body is part of your frequency reality.

Your Perceptions are your reality and they shift too ~ when the INNER you ( sum total of all that is consciously and subconsciously GOING ON WITHIN YOU)  SHIFTS and changes.

When the inner you REALLY changes your mindset and thoughts change also. Which comes first?

The deeper levels clear old patterns that are blocking you from your true awareness of all that is POSSIBLE for you. Which seems as though are worlds away from your current reality.

They are worlds away, the great news is there is NO DISTANCE or time to their access as aligning to your NEW REALITY is a shift that takes place in a moment. IN A NOW moment.

Everything around you is as much a part of the plan as the body that you see. Your arms, your legs. YOUR shoes, your eyes. All part of the reality that you are creating now.

Always love everything that you have created.
Even if you do not LIKE IT.

Love is acceptance and gentle and is the present PRESENCE that always is present within your heart.

IT is that glowing LIGHT, that warm feeling. That part of you that is limitless, which does not make sense to the mind.

Live through this STATE OF NOW ~ so as to know and align with your DIVINE SELF.

IT is ALL the love that you ever desired! IT is more than you can imagine.

IN this the ETERNAL glowing LIGHT and Sacred holy LOVE, we anoint you and bless you now! We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present NOW ~ NOW in the GLORY and PRESENCE of ALL THAT is ~ NOW!

Love, Valentines Day and Dreams Fulfilled


Celebration of Love, Celebration of Being. Being in love. Living the Life of your Dreams. Deep in the Heart of every Being is the living Dream, of Love, that is your Destiny.

Ruined plans, sudden changes, relationships ending, all of this, also is part of being in planet Earth. Yet, these things that appear gone ‘awry” is truly your Soul leading you, to that original Dream. That original Dream, is part of your Blueprint, is part of your Incarnation plan.

It may appear as a Destination. Yet, on the way, through the journey, you receive, sometimes even more so, during the difficult times, the transformation, the growth within your consciousness, that helps you to see and Know and be ready for, the Living the Life of your Dreams.

When we think we want something, and it does not occur, it simply is, was a stepping stone, in awareness, to that Dream Come True.

The Living reality of Being in your Divine Presence, as your Divine Presence Being.

You may wonder, why I am bringing in your Divinity, in a life on Earth that is the life of Your Dreams. Because, the power behind what occurs, is your Divine Soul, your Blueprint, your incarnation plan.

As you may have noticed, trying to make things happen, although may occur on one level, really does not guarantee, or bring you the happiness, the joy, the life of your Dreams, no matter how much you have attempted to manifest or imagine it.

After all, is your Will completely in control? Or is it really, the steering wheel, that once it is going in the Aligned Direction, miracles do occur, guiding you all the way home to the life of your Dreams, the life your Soul Planned for You, when you aligned with it.

Now, in no time all exists now. So there are myriads of “what you think of as you”  in parallel worlds, experiencing all these potentials now. That means, there is a you, already living, the Life of your Dreams.

That is why you can feel it, sense it, almost taste it. Because it is real. It exists, Now.

Stepping into the reality, where you are aligned with this perfect life of Love, your Lover, your Dream world, arrives as your conscious experience, through its activation within your Heart, life and Being.

By continuing to Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust your Soul. And stay present in all moments, you align with your Heart, with the Life of Your Dreams.

Allow this Valentines day to be a new Beginning for you.

Align with the Greater Aspect of You, the part of you, that really is in charge. Aligned with the you here,  that uses are your will, to steer towards. The Heart is the Compass, your Will the Steering. Your Life of your Dreams, your Soul Imprint within your Consciousness, that says, YES, welcome Home. You are aligned, you are in Love with Life. You Live the Life of your Greatest Dreams.

Happy Valentines, all you Lovers, You Beings of Light here on Planet Earth, And So it is, eternal Love, eternal Love, and the Magic of your Soul Blueprint!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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