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Manifesting is NOT about a FUTURE

L'AuraI recently wrote two posts about manifesting. Manifesting through your heart and your state of being while manifesting.

Manifesting with the idea of TIME, is a state of separation consciousness.

STEPPING out of time COMPLETELY is only where the magic begins and that is ALWAYS in the present moment. 

Divine power and love, is only through the eternal Cosmic God Self. Which exists NOW, and is present now, to those that have allowed their smaller self, to step out of its way, and get over itself and ideas of control, attachment and power.

Getting out of your way ~ and allowing only the DIVINE to be what you ARE in all moments, is Ascension, is Enlightenment and is being the Cosmic God Self ~ child like being, which is your ORIGINAL LIGHT.

One day if only…I hope for…… CREATES just that one day a far away, never to arrive manifestation.

IT IS your STATE of consciousness that CREATES YOUR REALITY. Underline that one million times, in your awareness, please.

Now I am sending this off, to those who can hear and see, in love, L’Aura


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Manifesting~ Awareness of Being


This will BE ~ Simple and short ~ many are missing the boat so to speak, on what reality is, what manifestation is, and what KNOWING oneself is, therefore, what being Authentic is.

An example ~ someone says ~ I need another job because this is stressful ~ so the person attempts to find another job, and low and behold same thing occurs. Or they just keep saying it and the job becomes more stressful.

TRUTH ~ even SAYING those words, “I need another job because this is stressful”~ CREATES the stressful Job.

TRUTH ~ You do not attempt to manifest ~ YOU ARE MANIFESTING IN ALL MOMENTS.

The Question is  Will you actually SEE how you are BEING through your words, thoughts and emotions in EVERY SINGLE moment? Will you OWN up to your Creations?

Will you be aware of your thoughts? Your words? Your Emotions?

The person in the stressful Job is in the stressful Job because THEY ARE BEING STRESSED. Any other so-called job will be the same.

WHEN the same person, masters their thoughts, words and emotions, and REALIZES once and for all, they are creating constantly through every thought, word and emotion, and they change this to HARMONY ~ then all in the so-called outer world surroundings HAVE TO MATCH how they are Being within themselves.

Sorry folks but there is NO OUTER ~ you are creating your Reality from within YOU.

That is why attempting to create that way~ never changes the experience within. That is how someone can appear to have everything yet they are miserable within themselves. They have not CHANGED their thoughts, their emotions, their words. In other words HOW they are relating to themselves.

The ONLY way to Ascend is to Be AWARE ~ of YOU ~ YOU to YOU!! If you don’t KNOW that you don’t know anything.

FIRST and FOREMOST KNOW yourself!! Truly~ every thought, every word, every emotion, every BREATH. It is ONLY through BEING Aware that you Consciously ARE Creating in All Moments the Purity of Being, the Harmony, the Love, the Pureness of your Soul.

Then you are talking ~ then you are Authentic! and if you are not Authentic, You are NOT BEING REAL.

Real knows REAL.

Love Knows Love.

Creation Knows Creation.

Harmony Knows Harmony.

Be REAL ~ You to YOU and you will awaken within yourself ALL THAT YOU HAVE desired to be, to Know, to experience.

I am forever Holding you in Love! And Eternal PURE BEING.



Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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