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New Moon February 23rd, 2020 ~ MONUMENTAL Opportunities

jan7th2020On Sunday February 23rd, 2020 at 11:32 am AST we have the New Moon in Pisces. This is AS all New Moons are ~ a POWERFUL NEW BEGINNING. 

These monumental shifts take place within your consciousness and then IMPACT FORM.

That is; the mental, emotional. physical and spiritual bodies respond and interact through the levels of awareness you are experiencing yourself As in the moment. Then your unique and specific changes take place ~ THROUGH You. As the result of the inner interaction and shifts.

The GREATEST shifts take place as you continue to deepen your experience as living through your Heart. This is the ultimate PORTAL to all Portals and the only ONE true PURE way of Being. Being a master of form. Being an Ascended Master. Being the eternal love you are in the here and NOW.

This New Moon is sextile Mars and, potentially boosts your confidence, vitality and initiative for being true to you. For being self -assertive. For Being true to your Soul. Your level of passion may increase through all that you are BEING and this passion when experienced may increase, exponentially.

Sun sextile Uranus may potentially bring surprises. ALL of this and your unique frequency and Blueprint are designed to be impacted uniquely. For some this may cause a huge impact, for others, not so much. Flashes of awareness, finally seeing things through new eyes, may potentially be what is in store for all those that are ready.

Mars trine Uranus potentially may increase your ability to take those steps to make changes within. To finally get what it is that is taking place as you step into new levels. And for some this energetically charged energy, may impact the desire for greater fun, love and passion.

There is a minor Grand Trine, which increases the positive potentials as listed above. As well as increased potentials on all levels of being. Success, love, partnership and in those areas that seemed closed off ~ to open for you, once again. Flood gates of potential OPPORTUNITIES.

Of course all of this is subject to YOU the frequency that you transmit and radiate as you.

Are you very aware? Have you mastered your thoughts and emotions?

Are you ready to advance as YOU the ONE that is free from fear and self limiting beliefs and restrictions? Or is the fear to great to yet face all that turmoil, held buried deep within?

Fortune, love, joy and bliss are always on the table to be accessed now.

The KEY is the heart, the accessing of now, the freedom from all fear. And the miracles of miracles, becomes the YOU that has risen to this state of GLORY. Being ALL THAT and More.

Blessing you NOW in no time, for this the unfolding and experience of time.

In love and the embodiment of ALL THAT IS ~ transmitting now, with The Divine Council of Overseers. In love.




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Timeline Shifts ~ Entering A Parallel World

Your Reality ~ Your consciousness ~ Your Light.

Entering now an awareness that allows all to shift, in ways beyond your imagination. Receive this activation now.

The Pleiadian are present. The Elohim are present. The Divine Council of Overseers are present. It is all united, in this the sacred plan of Divinity. All Now.

As you enter Higher Dimensional awareness and visit timelines and parallel worlds, YOU shift your frequency here. In your form. Your DNA awakens as the transmitters of frequencies that they are.

You in parallel words are transmitting to you here.

You shift here and shift there.

You are connected.

When you consciously enter these parallel worlds, you feel and know your Light here as the traversing of no time, throughout all dimensions, in the present moment.

Your center, the Presence of YOU made manifest as it is.

Centered in your Heart you enter the present moment, accessing all versions of YOU, that co-exist now throughout the Universe.

Take a few moments and center yourself. Enter the awareness of your Light through your Heart space. Breathe slowly.

Penetrating through all that appears not as this center.

This space is you throughout the Universe.

Uplifting your frequency to the eternal truth of You.

I enter my Heart space now, fully and deeply.

I feel the vibrations and shifts of my DNA as they align with the core center of me, throughout all time and space, anchored in eternity, now.

My Light as a Brilliant Sun, awakens all aspects of my being, that knows itself only as a unified whole, through my heart.

I embrace my Divine Ascended Being, and release all fear and doubt throughout all timelines in all bodies and in my energy field, so that my awareness, becomes the wholeness that I Am, now.

I feel deeply my Light shine deep within my cells.

I vibrate as my Divinity, Now.

I allow my awareness to shift timelines so that my expansion of consciousness is revealed as the shifting of matter.

I recognize in this, no limitation, is my True Being.

I enter my Divine Ascension fully embracing the 5th dimension, as the Eternal Loving Being that I Am.

I feel the Sacred Flame of my Divinity pulsate within me and around me.

I Am in the Presence of my Divinity ~ I feel and know this in every breath that I take.

Each breath links me to my eternal awareness, all timelines and all versions of myself, throughout the Universe and Beyond.

I Embody my Heart Center as the transmission Light throughout all timelines that I Radiate Now.

I shift timelines with ease and grace.

I Am blessed.

My Presence Blesses all.

I Am whole and Unified.

I stand in Glory as all shifts around me.

I Am the embodiment of the Limitless Light that I am Now.

I receive my Presence. My Ascension. My Glory Now.

So It is and So I am. Now. Grateful and in Love. Always and forever, now. I Receive. Thank You. We are with YOU and so it is, now.



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