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The Twenty Twenties ~ Beginning with 2020 January 1st or MJD

cropped-LAuraA new decade. A new Beginning just following the beloved December 26th new solar eclipse cycle! Lasting 6 months.

For many the 2020’s  will begin on January 1st, 2020, following the current Gregorian Calendar first in use in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII as a modification of the Julian calendar.

However some astronomers and even historians, will celebrate the twenty twenties following the modified Julian date; which was introduced in 1957 by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.  According to the MJD the twenty twenties will begin on  January 21, 2021.

Either way in no time, as it is all NOW, just as the moment of a new moon is always in the same moment throughout the world, we celebrate now.

The experience as you flow through things, is always with the flow of the natural seasons. The natural rhythms of the Sun and Moon.

Just as the scare of Y2K was unfounded, so too are all the fears held based on a time framed calendar. The does not look to NOW.

So here we are, what will happen you say? I am not big into predictions, as things that play out are from playing out based on time. They are frequencies, that activate the levels of consciousness viewing themselves. As in a mirror.

A small shift in frequency changes everything you see in that mirror. And that mirror is the world. Your reality. Your level. YOU!!

Huge shifts in frequencies on all levels will no doubt have an enormous impact on world at large as to ~ WHAT appears to be taking place, through it.

For NOW, AS that is all there is ~ NOW; focus on you. You and the mirror. You and the cause of what you see in the mirror. Turn that finger and point it to YOU.

That is your barometer and gauge of what is to come as EXPERIENCED THROUGH YOU.

Great leaps in consciousness will take place. Huge events, yes indeed may take place.

Still the bottom line through all of it is? YOU ~ how you are BEING. Not so much what you are doing.

So in this we activate you and there will be many more signposts and posts coming your way. For Now, be thankful now.

You are alive, you are here, you are reading this and all is perfect now. AS it ALWAYS IS!! IN LOVE!




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