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Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18th, 2019 ~ The Crucible Of You

L'AuraPleiadianOn Saturday May 18th,  there is a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio at 6:11 pm ADT.

Through the crucible of your transformation, although this sounds daunting, this is, for you to see. To see The YOU ~ the way that you have been and were, the way that you are eternally and all discrepancies and opposing memories as reactions, that oppose the fullness of your embodiment as a Divine Being of eternal Light.

This is what the Energy of this Full Moon, will bring about, all that which was hidden in your subconscious, to be cleared for your transformation.

Without judgement what passes through you, is for you to recognize is that the eternal you, or is that which stands between the aware consciousness of you, that you are eternally.

Are you noticing what is present NOW and when you get caught up in time, in plans, in what has to be for you? Will you recognize that which is eternal and that which is not?

The fiery crucible of transformation is the opening of the hidden subconscious, that carries with it the dark memories not yet brought to the light of awareness.

These are the feeding grounds, for more ego, more attachment and suffering.

As you let them go, and face these fears, you are elevated to greater heights of awareness and self love. Living only in the present moment, your AWARENESS of THAT, becomes the purity of all that is. You have arrived fully and the form, follows suit.

The Full Moon opposite Mercury, may lead the mind to get caught up in confusion and think IT IS IT ~ it is not.

The Full Moon sextile Pluto and Mercury trine Pluto will INCREASE the intensity of that which flows through you making it easier to SEE that which flows through you. And acknowledge, once and for all, what that IS. Is it YOU?

Passions, aggression, will be on the plate for many, that unaware, know not, that they are not that, but are the playing out of distorted memories from lifetimes ago, gone wild.

AWARENESS is the key to everything.

This moment is the true key to acknowledging WHAT YOU ARE.

Now is all there is and is the gateway through your heart to the eternal you that is ALWAYS present as your PRESENCE ~ yet unaware.

In love we do transmit this to YOU, as we are The Divine Orchestrators of the frequencies, through which you pass through. As conscious Divine Beings of Light, The Divine Council of Overseers, always present also, yet so many consciously unaware. WE awaken that which is hidden, to be brought to the Light of eternity. Now and always, in love.



Full Moon in Libra, March 20th, 2019 ~ A New World

This Powerful Full Moon in Libra, March 20th, 2019, at 10:42 pm ADT, is a Beneficent Full Moon that continues to unfold the blessings, manifestations and miracles, from the energetic  frequency shifts and outpouring of the March 6th, 2019  New Moon.

The shifts that have taken place during this past week are profound.

Emerging and emanating through  higher dimensions and parallel worlds, consciously, we find ourselves, completely different, living in a new World/

Miracles, abundance, opportunities, dramatic shifts in life stories, are concretely being realized, as we now walk as Beings, united with our Divine Light and Presence.

The Full Moon energies will play out till the New Moon on April 5th, 2019.

Full Moon energies always amplify the subconscious impact, of the intense light activating any subconscious  memories. Emotions and thoughts, continue to observe and love, as this playing out, intensifies and increases in its momentum, through you.

Opportunities of love and abundance, miracles, life changes, are well under way and are being impacted as possibilities, as the energies and frequencies of the Higher Realms, continue to orchestrate, the energy impacts.

This Full Moon in Libra is quincunx Uranus, bringing unlimited energetic opportunities as your shifts in consciousness, continue to transform you and your experience of the World.

Other notable aspects are, Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter and Mars trine Pluto, that will help activate the intensified shifts taking place through you.

Blessings in love relationships, including new ones, increased passion, blessings, abundance and shifts in consciousness, are the limitless aspects of you, being activated now, for you.

The focus now on Being the adjusted and integrated Higher God Self You aspect, finding yourself in a new timeline, existing in a new world and maneuvering through a state of being that is eternal.

You are able to exist through this, functioning in full awareness of being present, living in the now, being blessed in the now, only knowing yourself as the Divine Eternal Being that you are.

Glorified, loved, abundant, blessed, limitless, beatific, all now.

This is you, there are no limitations, through you,

We bless you now and are present with you as you continue to shift, incorporate and integrate, the new you in a New World. One that is abundant, magical. mystical and profoundly divine and eternal.

This is the magnification of Source God Light frequencies, adjusting your heart and the frequencies, awakening all of you, here and now, In love with the Divine Council of Overseers, eternally.



Full Moon in Aries October 15th/16th, 2016 ~ Riding the Intense Waves


The Full Moon is in Aries and it is a powerful one. October 16th, 2016 at 1:23am ADT. Sun conjunct Moon, with the Harvest of what began on the New Moon on September 30th, which was a gateway for Transformation. Please relax and receive the Activation, that is beyond time and space, yet present HERE NOW.

What has taken place in your life since the September 30th New Moon? Looking deeply within and loving the emotions within you, all the parts within you, that are not aligned with your Joy and Bliss, is the process of completion. Of purification of your subconscious memories.

The Harvest of all that is within you.

The transformational energies at play with this Full Moon are powerful conduits of inner transformation. These changes may feel positive or negative. What takes place, is PART of your Transformation.

If these changes appears negative, it is for its release, for the letting go and purifying of memory. That is for your inner freedom, for your Ascension.

The Full Moon will be conjunct Uranus. Sun opposite Uranus. Mars conjunct Pluto. Mercury square Pluto and Mercury square Mars. Mercury sextile Saturn. This Mercury square Mars and Pluto. This may surface anger, violence and aggression, to BE HEALED and purified within you.

That is to say, all distortions of energies of the Divine You. Are being purified allowing your DIVINE God Self, to shine through you, more clearly and in a cohesive, flowing way.

What does this mean?

Be ready for some deep inner work, deep inner transformation.

That may feel like you are being swept by waves beyond your control.

This letting go and riding the waves that do show up within you, is the medicine of Eternal Love, your Higher Self  YOU, that is so eager to shine its Light within you and in all the circumstances that make up your reality.

This is the journey that is you.

This is the journey of letting go and allowing all to be purified within your consciousness.

Grace is always available and you may feel this as the Peace that is within you.

Your Higher Self God Presence, that is the Glory of You no matter what is going on around you externally.

Riding these INTENSE waves, through your conscious willingness to be the LIGHT for YOU, is the process in which you step into your Ascension. As it is this purified state of being that exists ALREADY, for you to get access to Now.

A Full Moon Blessing as you ride these waves.

Breathe and Receive FULLY as the Heart of your Consciousness is awaiting your full concrete activation as the Fully Initiated YOU, lives as the ONLY ONE you Are.

I Am Whole and receive the Initiation into BEING the ONE that rides the waves as the Steady Eternal LIGHT That I AM NOW.

My chakras and LIGHT BODY Align with this Eternal Light, and I AM FILLED with this Beatific Light, NOW.

My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, HOLD this Presence with an intensity that EMITS this Light CONCRETELY as the Divine Being that I AM forever more.

I receive, I stay tuned in to my Divine Self, with the waves of ALL that is ready to rise to the surface in my consciousness NOW.

I Am the Love that purifies these memories as I RISE in my Ascension as the God Self That I AM forever NOW.

And so it is! I Am with YOU, in the Eternal Love and GRACE of All that is! NOW!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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