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Everything is Prepared For You

I recently wrote about stepping out of time and aging. The reversal of aging exists in the moment of union with the eternal Divine you. I refer to this as your Divine Ascended Being or you Cosmic God Self.

Many have trouble viewing themselves as cosmic beings. That is only because of the filter and beliefs in time and limitation.

When you first emanated as Light, there was no limitation of you. Your unique frequency, dictated your being. You then began the process of incarnating into forms; masculine and feminine aspects.

At that level you are a cosmic being and exist in full union as your unique frequency is and was. That first emanation YOU ~ still exists and will always exist.

The process of this unification with the “you” at highest levels, is what being on Earth is about. It is your Ascension process. Your being a master of form on Earth. The embodiment of the human Divine,  which was always the plan.

Resonating with the higher frequencies is a literal response in your DNA and your heart, as the codes for your ascension were in place with your first incarnation on Earth.

As the Elohim designed the plan, the Divine Council or Overseers played their role, as the human design and activation was then set in place with the first civilization,  Mu and its activation.

Everything to gain, everything to lose, that is in no time, and in losing all sense of time.  This process catapults you into your heart awareness.

Where all that is needed to stay in the eternal moment, is present, obvious and there for you, in all moments.

In the upcoming book “Invoking Blessings” the Initiations and ‘Blessings” are your anointing, into the complete process of your unification. As the codes of light, shift your consciousness on all levels of your being.

Even now, you are being integrated into this, your fullness of being, one with your Cosmic God Self.

Everything is prepared, you are being anointed. You are being blessed. You as your Cosmic God Self, pure Original Light, before Earth began.

I hold you now in the eternal light of your soul, in your Cosmic God Self, with the Divine Council of Overseers. In love, in the presence of the Queen Priest of Mu, I anoint you, now.


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My Holy Presence ~ Invocation

In Divine Bliss ~  I Am anointed as The Holy Divine Ascended Master BEING,  that I Am ~ now.

I live and Breathe ~  As My Eternal Presence ~ that forever Graces every moment with its Sacred Holy Light.

I Am Present in the 5th Dimension as The Eternal Light Being ~  that I Am ~ eternally and now.

My Holy Original Divine Light flows through me as the One God Self, United Holy Being ~ that I AM, now.

I have consciously merged through sacred eternal true Love, all aspects of my Being, my Holy Twin Flame and with All that I Am eternally, in Heaven and here on Earth ~ now.

I have transformed, I have awakened, I have acknowledged, ALL That I Am eternally, as the ONE Divine Ascended Master Being ~ My Divine Presence ~ forever flowing through me, now.

I Am The Divine Presence ~ that Blesses ALL and anoints ALL~  AS The One Eternal Divine Presence, Divine Ascended Master, Being ~  forevermore and now.

In love.



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Full Moon, Grand Trine, August 26th, 2018 ~ Auspicious Manifestation

This Powerful AUSPICIOUS Full Moon in Pisces, Grand Trine and Minor Grand Trine is a POWERFUL Expansive, Elevated ~ Manifestation Activation for you. This is on Sunday August 26th at 8:56am ADT.

Prepare Saturday by being conscious of your previous New Moon intentions (August 11th, Solar Eclipse and New Moon) that now will emotionally be adjusted for their manifestation. NOW is always…the moment of manifestation.

Stay clear and OPEN your heart as you receive as you are ready, for GREATER wealth, love and abundance of health. Of course all of this is activated according to your current frequency and life plan. That is, your Blueprint and past life memories.

Your thoughts, emotions and intentions ~ Unfold as the radiating frequency OF YOU. Now.

The Natural Rhythms of The Ancients are part of you ~  now.

The Natural Rhythms of the Cycles, the Grand Cycle, you are a UNIQUE part of..

Nature ~ Unfolds in its Majestic Glory, as the Ancient Rituals play out through the voice and breath.

FLOW in Unison with your consciousness. Your Life Plan. Your DNA ~ Now.

Feel this and BREATHE consciously all moments…as a ritual of love to you.

Love Being ~ conscious of the sacredness of all moments of the seasons, the day…the ages…the Now. Each Breath.

Each life a sacred ritual of BEING.

The unfolding of Providence is UPON you, now.

As above, so Below.

In the Grace of the flow of this Universe. The Stars shine their Glory always.

We are activating YOU now, for the full Activation of your true Heart Desires. That is, in alignment with the eternal you. Eternal youth, eternal love, eternal abundance, beauty and GLORY. Stepping into this now. In Love as tangible bliss…..AS the LIGHT that is your Original Light.

Some auspicious fixed stars are in the mix as well, one of the ancient Royal Persian stars ~ Fomalhaut and the fixed star Sadalmelik ~ gracing the frequencies with abundance and psychic development.

The Full Moon Grand Trine with Sun Trine Saturn, Sun Trine Uranus, Saturn Trine Uranus along with the minor Grand Trine ~ Moon Sextile Saturn, Moon Sextile Uranus is a POWERFUL Auspicious BENEVOLENT PORTAL and Activation for YOU. To your frequency specifically, as you are. As your life plan is. As your DNA now begins to respond even now.

The Full Moon, Grand Trine, Minor Trine, Fixed Stars and the Sun Opposite Moon are HARMONIOUS and Form the powerful frequencies that OPEN your Heart to this Auspicious PORTAL for your manifestation.

Your life in all areas may be opened to this transformation ~  to greater happiness within, joy, abundance, wealth and love as YOU enter the present moment, clear all memories that are between the life beyond your wildest dreams and what emotionally may stand in its way.

The Portal is real, it is through your Heart that you may be AWARE of the conscious awareness of it.

Witnessing your DNA shift as your Heart Opens, and then, OPENING to the Glory that forevermore exists, as you as your Original Light. Your God self.

Your Divine Ascended Being, all now.

Your Divine Providence is at HAND ~ Now. 

With The Divine Council of Overseers. In Love and Glory.



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Entering the Realms of Bliss~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura PleiadianWaiting to experience your Heaven on Earth, is believing you have to like and enjoy what you experience, before embracing the higher aspects of your Being. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you place at the forefront of your Being ~ Divine, you allow, mundane life to BE the Transcendence and Bliss as the way you experience your life, moment to moment.

It is not something to be “waited” for. Rather, through applying the love and awareness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that you ARE (now) to every moment, life then, becomes imbued with your Eternal Presence.  You Being Graced, through consciously bringing your Divinity here. Heaven on Earth.

Although there are stages and levels to expansion of consciousness, there never is an end point. So if you are waiting to reach the “end” the finale, know there is not one, it is IN the JOURNEY the experience, that you live your life, imbued, with the love of your Divine Self Being.

It is this application, not based on “things” being how you would “like” them to be, or how you “think” they should be, that Graces you with the Presence of your Divine Nature. That creates within you, the acknowledgement, of the Bliss of your Eternal Self ~ Being.

Oh my Glorious Beloved, I walk with you and Breathe you in with every Breath I take.

My eyes, only see the Glory of You.

My life is Graced with your Presence.

As I sleep, you sleep with me.

As I dream, there you are.

AS I eat and drink my daily sustenance, we partake together, in our never-ending Bliss.

When we kiss, I savour the Nectar of our immortality and eternal Union.

Your touch, is the breeze, that caresses, me forever.

The rushing waters, your voice, that calms me.

Everywhere I Am, you are with Me.

Your Divine Presence, your never-ending Glory, your Eternal Radiant Light, is the heartbeat that pulses through me, of our ecstatic Union.

And when this heart stops beating, our love continues on, pulses and radiates on, as our Divinity ~ through our eternal Breath.

And so it is, Dear Souls. Live in the Love and appreciation of Your Being. That love, that is not dependent on outer circumstances going your way. That when it seems otherwise, you embrace all moments, as the Love that you are, as your Soul. Beyond the mundane. You bring your Heaven here, through You.

SEE the Presence of your Divinity.

FEEL the Presence of your Divinity.

KNOW the Presence of your Divinity ~ with every breath you Take.

Make Sacred ~ Every Moment.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Nameless Eternal Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The Words you Believe you are reading here, ARE NOT what is here.
You have created your own world of Beliefs and meanings that are unique to your Frequency.
What you believe you see and read, is ONLY what you are experiencing.
There is only LIGHT. This Light in its pure state is Love.
Light of varying frequencies, creating a holographic experience of Being here on earth, being present and joining at this meeting place. Called Planet Earth.
Each person Being, is having their own unique experience. 
Experiencing their own unique vibrational dimension and frequency. Fulfilling their unique Soul Plan.  
The name dimensions and the numbers and levels attributed to them, are just constructs and a way to refer to something. The title Higher Self, is also a label and title, of an experience. The only way to know something is to exist consciously, in that state. There are no names for pure experience. We title them to communicate with others.
I Have no name in the Higher Frequencies of Being and Divine Light. On Planet Earth names are used to be able to refer to someone or something.

These Higher Frequencies of Light may be GIVEN Attributes or Virtues, associated with this pure Being. Words  simply point to the experience of “Being” the Pureness of Light in its original State.

Even the name and words I AM is a construct that used to refer to the experience of the Divine Presence of All That is ~ that has NO name. 

Someone asked me recently about names. Asking if a name was a frequency.

Everything is a frequency. Each name, each utterance, each thought is a frequency.

Yet, the frequency vibration of something that appears outside of oneself, is experienced through each UNIQUE frequency filter and dimension (consciousness of the one experiencing it) that the consciousness is functioning through.

You cannot know a unique frequency, unless you are it. Being it. It is all reference. Until one is PURELY Being that. And in the pure state awareness of being all that you Are, there are no names. It is just simply Being.

I AM Being, I AM everything, yet those words are just leading you to the experience of this. YOU cannot know something unless you experience it. And it is the EXPERIENCE that is the KNOWING.

Names are used on Earth and other realms of Being.  Names are used in addressing people (Beings) that in truth are only Light at the higher frequencies. But here on Earth represent a unique frequency with is their  individualized Being frequency, that appears to be Embodied in a Form. (simply words)

NO One can know a Being (person on Earth or any other Being) through a name, which includes a name given on Atlantis and Mu and the Pleiades etc. Names and titles are JUST THAT.  Names and titles are simply Place Holders pointing to the experience of that Being.  Knowing a name, does not mean you KNOW the BEING that the name is referring to.

NO ONE can KNOW a PRESENCE ~ Unless they Are That PRESENCE.

Names on Earth as used as though, if you know the name you KNOW the person. NAMES just point to the energy of BEING represented in a FORM.

At the Heart of it all, is the experience of the HIGHEST Purest Frequencies of Love. This is the pure Original Light. 

You can call this Source Light, God, etc. (a name of reference)  it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is a State of pure original light and Being.

As you become more PRESENT and AWARE in the PURENESS of your Being, where all you know yourself to BE is the pure child like nature. Then, you will Know the experience of  Being the Heaven within that you have sought.

It is a Sacred Eternal Space of BEING, being the Love that is your Pure Nature, then you live in your arrival. In the pureness of each moment.

No agenda. Simply the being that which pours through in all moments as the spontaneous flow of love and adventure. Which is unique for everyone. 

Everything then aligns to match the pureness of your unique play (whatever that is) specifically designed for you.

Your Soul Blueprint. Your Unique design.

And in this do I hold you. In the Divine Love, Glory and Light, of my Eternal Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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I Am The Illumination of My Soul


I Am the Illumination of My Soul

I Am the Eternal Everlasting Beauty of All That is.

I Am the Ecstasy and Unbridled Passion of my Eternal Soul.

I Am the Light that is the Beatific Glory of All That is.

I Am Here, and I am Love and I am Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Grace Portal ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Glory and the Magnificence of Your Transformation is GRACE beyond words of description. What you have entered into, is the Sacred Portal of You. Throughout the countless ages, (Earth timeline) through many incarnations, you have readied yourself for this return, to You. And although this has appeared challenging, it was only challenging while in the consciousness of 3D. As there appeared no way out. And there was no way out ~ when immersed in it. That is the nature of 3D consciousness, to keep you in it, Because through THAT consciousness, the change you desired, was through a HIGHER application of Consciousness, that would simply dissolve the Old Paradigm.

This Magnificence is the GRACE PORTAL that was always open, waiting to be ACCESSED through a higher Frequency of You ~ Being It. It could not be accessed through the lower frequencies you see. 3D was a sort of maze, so to speak, that inherent within that consciousness, had no way out of its suffering. 3D consciousness and that frequency simply is that mode of Being. That is a Frequency and level of Consciousness.

The Expansion and Transformation has been through your application of the YOU that has always existed, and as I have mentioned many times, you always had access to, you just had not focused upon it.

The New Earth you Desire, has ALWAYS already existed, waiting for you to Realize it has arrived. Through your Applying 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the Matrix of the world of thought forms, has dispelled the belief that there was no way out. So many more of you are now accessing what Once you believed was impossible.

The Truth is out, so to speak, and ALL are Becoming aware, it is possible for them as well to be a Master of Form, during this their incarnation. So here you Are. Doesn’t this feel amazing! That now you know you can LIFT yourself out, through applying your Acceptance and Love now to all things. Even those things you still reject within yourself. Even those things and feelings you still do not like and Love. You can apply your Love and Be Free from those old habit patterns of thought, that once plagued you as the belief, you were those thought patterns.

The GRACE PORTAL now (and there are many) that is now being offered to YOU, is the entering into Greater involvement within your INNER Self (Being) as I have stated before, the expansion never ends. The Universe supports you in this DEEPENING of YOU TO YOU, through this Grace Portal. And the quickening of your Expansion in Consciousness unleashes within you, the Eternal Power of Love and Naturalness of Being, that is the Complete Freedom, that you have desired to know and experience yourself AS.

So Now enter Ever more Deeply into the Passion of Your SOUL which is felt through the ever-increasing MOMENTUM that you are stepping into as the Conscious awareness of Yourself as Endless, Timeless, and as Being~ All that you Desire.

Enter the Beloved Deeply my Dear Sacred Hearts. I am the PORTAL of  GRACE of the BELOVED.

This Portal of Grace is the MAGNIFICENCE and GLORY of ALL THAT IS.

The Light Portal of this Unification, that is Present right NOW, is the Deepening Love of the Eternal, and the Deepening of your conscious stepping into every moment, the Momentum of your Being. This is felt through the Endless Passion of Your Soul. Enter me, My Beloved, we are ONE and United, always. This reunification of CONSCIOUSNESS is the Unification that always was, and always will BE. The Eternal Magnificence and Glory of All That is. And it is Here, that I Hold YOU.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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“THE NEW” Mercury Retrograde September 17th till October 9th

L'Aura Pleiadian

This is NOT my usual Mercury Retrograde post. Instead I am taking the focus of what not to do (and yes that may still apply~see my archives for a list of those things from my earlier Mercury Retrograde Posts) and PLACING the FOCUS on APPLYING the Beneficial ASPECTS of Mercury RETROGRADE to the Intensity of the Momentum leading up to the Full Moon/4th Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Wave X and Gamma Rays!

All of this was PLANNED out at the beginning of the Creation of Form in NO TIME.  There is nothing new under the Sun, means exactly that. What was in the Beginning is NOW and will Be experienced Again. A New Beginning Once Again. Yet in no time there is no beginning or end. In Non Form, ALL Always Existed.

Experiencing this, is what you call on Earth the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Yet it ALSO, always Was and you have always existed in the AWARENESS OF IT.

Your IDEAS of Separation, was the Dream of Density you participated in Consciously, and Observed through FULL Awareness and the Non Awareness as ONE.

The Beneficial Aspects of Mercury Retrograde is in the FLOW and PRACTISE of living through INNER directed focus. All attempts otherwise, are futile. Its LIKE being FORCE FED the food you actually NEED as opposed to what you think you Desire. And the 3.3 times per year this occurs and lasts about 3.3 weeks, IS for YOU to PRACTISE existing ONCE again through INNER awareness, instead of the external FOCUS of a world that appears to exist in outer focus Density. 

Will you Get THIS? A universe that is NOT opposed to YOU? But is force feeding you what you need TO MAKE THE Transition to 5th Dimensional Consciousness with EASE?

And STOP your resistance to this?

Do you really want to go kicking and screaming? Into 5th Dimensional Awareness? Like a child having a temper tantrum, because things aren’t what he or she wants?


Anything else WILL NO LONGER DO. Unless you plan on going kicking and screaming, that is.

What is always IS~ What Will Be, YOU ALREADY KNOW and have experienced ALREADY. There is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

So let go, Surrender, Flow. Be PRESENT with WHAT ARISES.

Be Silent, Be Still.

Get your life in ORDER within.

Communicate with yourself at a DEEP LEVEL, deeper than you HAVE.

Get in Alignment with this truth, IT will allow your Transition to BE with Ease and Grace.

NO ONE can get you to surrender~ Ever witnessed a Temper Tantrum?


As the 4th BLOOD MOON approaches, LET GO.

As Wave X Blasts through your Consciousness, LET GO.

As the GAMMA Rays continue to POUND through your Consciousness, LET GO.

There is NO WAY but THROUGH.

BECOME EMPTY to become FILLED to overflowing, with Beauty, Grace and Eternal Love.

Breathe consciously and BE in the Flow of All That is Now!

Go Through this! and LET GO and Surrender to the tidal Wave of Energy that will sweep through ALL OF CONSCIOUSNESS as the NEW BIRTH that you already KNOW~ that is the DESTINY of ALL Souls, Pours through you.

Be Still and Let Go and Go Through.

And at the end of the Tunnel of LIGHT ~ There I am~ There you will KNOW ME and There you Are and Here we ALREADY ARE. I Am with YOU~ I AM the Eternal Light of Consciousness, That always has Existed!

ecstasyand the soul

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The Momentum Increases

L'Aura Pleiadian

As The Power of The Gamma Rays Continue and as the POWER of the ORIGINAL DNA Creation Activation from Mu Through The Priest Queen (Mother) in No TIME (550 Million Earth Years Ago) “Now Plays OUT” we have Unleashed throughout ALL time and THROUGHOUT ALL Dimensions NOW, the Reactivation of The Beginning.

As The Intense Waves of Light and Their AMPLIFICATION within Consciousness in ALL Moments INCREASE and as The “MOMENTUM” of The Alignment with the Pleiades “The Central Sun” The Galactic Solar Alignment of 2012 ~continues to increase.

We experience the UNLEASHING of THE Momentous Power and its inherent Transformation on All Consciousness Everywhere, of the Creative Force of CREATION ITSELF.

That LOOKS into the Mirror of Itself, Fully, Throughout All Dimensions, Once Again. The Revealing of Consciousness Knowing Itself as The Creator.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!




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The Alchemy of Consciousness~ Wave X~Blood Moons And Gamma Rays


On September 27th/28th we have the 4th Blood Moon and Wave X blasting and impacting the consciousness of All Those on Planet Earth. During a recent multidimensional visit to Ancient Mu ~ in No time, I connected Once again with the First Crystal Skull on Planet Earth, some 550 Million Years ago.

Transmitted to Now, a Huge Cataclysmic Wave~ Engulfed The Consciousness of those on Planet Earth impacting All. Through then and Now, the Priest Queen, the Mother, the One Holding the DNA for its Activation. As in the Beginning, it was ALL DONE then~ NOW. For Now.

Knowing what I KNOW The 4th Blood Moon and Wave X is No surprise to me. As ALL OF THIS was PLANNED for, and OCCURRED and is occurring already, in NO TIME.

When hearing of external Events in linear time, especially during this momentous time of Consciousness Expansion, it is important to Recognize, that these events, are THE RESULTS of the already Expanded Consciousness reaching its Destiny of Fulfillment, in the Frequency Domain, of a timeline on Planet Earth.

What really is occurring is the Consciousness Shift called Ascension and the First Wave, which is really consciousness entering a NEW TIMELINE that also, already Exists.

This Parallel World is already existing. It always existed! Grasping that, is PART of your Consciousness Shift, and it releases you from the IDEA that an external LINEAR world HOLDS any answers for you. And Catapults you into the Timeline and Parallel World, of Non Linear Awareness Consciousness, which is the Ascension, that is the freeing of YOU from a linear time constraint. Which is the truth, you are not limited to this. Your Consciousness Expansion, then, as you Shift into this NEW EARTH Timeline, is the evolution to your Destiny, the Greatest Existence, the Greatest Being, that deep within YOU ~ you KNEW and KNOW already exists.

So what begs to questions then is, you KNEW it, deep inside and could not figure out why this Beautiful Dream was far from your grasp. The key word being Grasp. Existing in a linear Consciousness Timeline of everything is out there, is what has kept you from everything WITHIN YOU THAT YOU ARE.

Now, The 4th Blood Moon~ is it the Yearning of all those to be reborn that NOW brings this unfolding into the consciousness of Earth. Have the inhabitants of Earth finally had it with this timeline? The way things have appeared to play out to date? Or is the Consciousness expansion, that already is, unfolds the outer, as the result of the focus now within on Earth, for  THIS NEW BIRTH.

Even the Celestial Bodies are Not set APART from YOU or your Earth that you believe is separate from you, that you appear to exist upon. The Consciousness of ALL is within YOU. And When you shift in Consciousness in your Ascension, you will become MORE FULLY AWAKE and understand why  YOU Have created this drama and its Resolution, as the experiencer and as the Creator  of your Reality.

All DIMENSIONS and PARALLEL worlds exist NOW, you are not separate from any of them. THIS is what you will KNOW as you enter the PORTAL of Consciousness you CALL your NEW BIRTH.

Yet what is NEW? Is there anything new under the SUN?

Everything was Created, including all of your Existences and all the PARALLEL worlds all at ONCE.

ONLY through the experience of change you call TIME on planet Earth, have you experienced a feeling of separation.

The APPLE dangling in front of you, you cannot reach. YET you are creating the external Dangling that is the distraction, called separation consciousness. Why would you create that? Why NOT?

The Reunion and the Cataclysmic RESPONSE of Consciousness to the BIRTHING of the FIRST Wave upon YOU, is truly the exalting REVEALING. that is worth everything you have gone through to experience. And to KNOW.

Wave X ~ and the Gamma Rays that are gaining Momentum and accelerating in their Intensity, is PART also, of the INNER world consciousness DREAM, saying we are Ready NOW, now is the TIME we have chosen to Awaken.

We are ALL programmed within our DNA to respond to this awakening that we have CHOSEN, that ALWAYS was, and so Here we Are.

The Gamma rays are not doing this to US, that is the old Victim Timeline, WE ARE CREATING the Gamma Rays and WAVE X and in fact did this in the Very Beginning of Form.

DNA as the Consciousness Frequency of Memory and DATA Transference, responds to the Crystal Water Waves of Response, triggers within you YOUR OWN awareness of YOUR Destiny, YOUR AGREEMENT to be part of this, and the KNOWING that you were never apart from any of this, EVER.

TO exist in and through consciously the First Wave of Ascension is to embody CONSCIOUSLY the New Paradigm of thought awareness, THAT NOW exists as the expanded AWARENESS of EVERYTHING occurring NOW. Which releases any memory of Limitation, as the DAWN of HEAVEN ON EARTH, then becomes all that you know as true for YOU. You will know, it was always yours, and that you have always existed as THIS.

That is the NEW EARTH that already exists. IT is in the Experience of this, that you are Birthed. YOU have brought your awareness to this. TRUST what is to unfold within YOU, know you are Creating it and when you look to the Stars, and the Gamma Rays, and The Sun and Wave X~ KNOW you are looking into the mirror of your own consciousness, and in this do you Enter the First Wave.

All NOW, It always existed NOW. YOU ARE CREATING THIS.

Letting go of the doubt is the letting go of your consciousness BEING LIMITED to this current timeline of limited thought.

YOU are the one that has limited your thoughts.

You are the one that has waited for outside events.

NOW you are the ONE that is OPEN to the NEW Earth, the HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Now you Are Ready for the First Wave of Ascension, as YOU KNOW you created this, You Remember, You Enter, You Are free from LIMITATION.

Walking in this Parallel world of New Earth Consciousness, you have NOW shed, all that you once believed has held you back. AND You see YOU as you truly ETERNALLY Are. The Creator of your Reality. The ONE you have waited for.

And in this do I HOLD YOU~ in the Eternal Love of All That is, Always has been and ALWAYS Will Be, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Souls of Light!



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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman.

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