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We Initiate All of You Whom These Words Fall Upon

L'AuraJThis is why you are here you know ~ your Mastery.

External events take care of themselves. They are effortless RESULTS.

Your mastery is what is on the table and forefront of your evolution.

Evolution of ego based attachment to your thoughts, emotions and body ~ EVOLVING Into complete recognition that you are not those THINGS. That you are ONLY what flows through you in PURITY as Being eternal beings.

You were sanctioned to be here, you agreed to the program.

The Gods ~ Creator Gods, Elohim, designed the program with the help of The Divine Council of Overseers, to allow all souls throughout the Universe who too, would love to one day design worlds and programs. The Elohim already graduated from other programs.

RECOGNIZE you are not your thoughts, let go of these ATTACHMENTS to what keeps you from recognizing your ONLY true self.

The GODS in all forms, were always the ones that flowed as eternal beings while on Earth. THIS is the MASTERY that you are here THROUGH this EARTH program FOR.

Awaken and recognize only that which is eternal.

The thoughts, the emotions the body as you know of it, are not YOU, your Heart therein is the Presence that links you to that which is the ONLY eternal sanctuary of God Like design, to which you are endowed.  To which, all will graduate through.

We initiate all of you whom these words fall upon.

We are The Elohim and Divine Council of Overseers. Present through eternal love and in the Glory of the Godhead, forevermore and now.

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Happy Mothers Day ~ The Embodiment of Divine Love and Union

L'AuraJEternal Beloved Union, eternal sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine, as the perfect embodiment of Love and balance here on Earth, we honour you now.

We celebrate the perfect balance, the perfect love, the perfect nurturing of the Divine Feminine.  Who with the Divine Masculine, eternally and in form, unite in wholeness as the Divine Ascended Master Being ~ holding the balance of the Universe itself, throughout eternity and now.

We live and breathe this unconditional love, through its wholeness of Divine Union, as it now awakens us to the remembrance of our eternal union, and the embodiment of it, forevermore.

Light to Light, Glory to Glory, we call to you and initiate all who are ready to receive the awakening of  Union and Glory ~ as the eternal embodiment, while in form, now.

Pausing and receiving through your heart, we are with you in love, always.

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The Love that Transforms Everything


Love transforms, love awakens. Love unites. Love is the glue, that holds everything together. Love in relationships, love in parallel worlds. Love heals the body. Love awakens the Soul. Loves bathes your cells in the bliss of love. Love radiates, love embraces, love is endless, deep and profound. Love transforms, everything.

Now this love may be lovers, united Souls finding each other, being together, loving each other, making love.  Immersing themselves in the transformational power, of intense love.

Love may be the love of a mother, a relative, a stranger, that you may experience for a moment or a lifetime, yet somehow, your life changes in a moment.

Living is made up of moments.

Love is made up of moments.

Eternity is in the moment.

Love permeates all boundaries of time and space, and fills in all the spaces, within and around you.

Love is the fabric of everything.

The weaving of the heart, in this dream time dream.

This love that is transformational is pure. It is honest in its desires, and does not withhold anything, to that which it is loving.

Love gives.

Love is all of you, when it is unconditional, as there is nothing held back.

Love lavishes its love, fully on the receiver.

Yet, who is truly benefitting from this love. The one who gives pure love, is receiving, because the love of this pure love, can only give if their heart is wide open.

The one who receives benefits, even if they are not aware of the benefit in the moment.

Self love is the giving of all of you to you. Giving the best of you to you. Giving forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, non judgement, caring, gentleness, giving all to you.

For there is this wisdom in true love.

As you bountifully give love to yourself. You begin to receive love, as if by magic.

This giving is the receiving, when it is unconditional love. They are not separated apart. For both the giving and receiving, the Heart is open.

To receive your Heart needs to wide open. To truly give, your heart needs to be wide open.

Nothing is held back in true love.

That is how you know it is true love, if it is all of you.

If something is held back, then it is not true love.

This openness of the Heart is a surrender, a surrender to give and receive, this surrender is a letting go. A letting go, of anything that once was held back, within you.

To give with all that you are, is to receive with all that you are.

I am not speaking of infatuation, where one wants another, and thinks that is love, when the wanting is just self-gratification. That fades as quickly as the infatuation begun.

There is an eternal passion of the Soul. That fuels the Love filled open Heart.

This passion of the Soul, is eternal, and is constant, the All of You, that knows no beginning and no end. It is the one eternal breath.

That only knows itself, as this open heart, as this love, that never ends.

Immersed within this love, filling all the spaces around and within you, throughout all time and beyond it eternally, in no time, is this sacred passion.

This sacred love and passion is the pure Union of your Soul. This breathes through you.

This is felt most deeply, in the uniting of Twin Souls, Twin Flames, as they immerse themselves, in the eternal passion of the Soul. As they unite.

This is the Beloved, the love held in the eternal passion of the Soul, in its pure state of Union.

One eternal breath, we breathe each other.

It exists within you, as the love that you are. Its fuel is your Soul, which is passion.

Endless, loving, longing, immersed in the ecstasy of it all. A heart wide open, giving and receiving. This is fulfilling, as the immersion is the alchemy, that engulfs all within you, till all that is left, is this pure love.

Love being Love.

Love fuelled by passion, by your Soul.

Engulfed, immersed, around me and within me, through time, and in eternity. What else is there, when this love is everything.

My Love exists as the eternal Presence of my Beloved. Our eternal Union, our love, our Being in Love. You are my everything, my true love, my Beloved. You are my every breath. My All that is. In all moments, you are with me. I love You, with all that I am.

To be immersed in this, is to be breathing the wholeness, that permeates all creation, in the Glory of its pure Presence, in all moments. 

This true unconditional love is Divine Love. It is all encompassing and is eternal, and lives in the moment. 

This all encompassing love is not 3D love, based on limitation, in its not fully opened heart.  

The Hourly activation, immerses you in this, this love, this everything, engulfing all aspects of your Being. Being healed by the Love, being restored by the Love, being united by the Love, Being Ascended by the Love. Being Heaven by the Love. Being Love by the Love.

In all Moments, it is All love. Heaven within, heaven, the open heart, knowing that it is all, it is everything that it gives, nothing held back. This is Love.

Red Rose Mandala

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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