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Evolved Consciousness ~ The Meeting of Twin Flames

LInannaSO you think you want to meet your twin flame. You want to live in paradise and bliss. Full Union.

If you have not met your twin flame and you want to live in bliss, the great news is you can do so within your own consciousness.

In fact, evolving and moving into greater harmony and union within, is exactly what prepares you for your ascension and merging with your counterpart.

The meetings of twin flames are planned before incarnating for those evolved existences, to be together, work together and play together.

How would anyone recognize their twin flame, if they were living in a state disharmony? Disharmony is non union. If one was to come in contact with the consciousness of their twin flame before being evolved in a union state of harmony, it would be like a regular relationship of the escalated drama of 3D.

Twin flames join and merge in full union and harmony. It is an elevated level of consciousness that recognizes this eternal union, and consciously merges with their ALREADY eternal union. The purpose is for this merging in a unified state, the mental body, emotional body and physical body here on Earth.

The heaven on Earth, the above matching the below.

This is why many beings either during ascension or before will be united when ready to merge fully with their twin soul counterpart, soul union.

The consciousness can represent itself to the form willing to take on this huge leap of consciousness awareness, to live as and be this unity and unified state of being as eternally so here now.

On Earth as the elevated Earth for those who have freed themselves from fear and memories held long ago, as the subconscious reactive states, that must be cleared to ascend consciously to the next levels.

For those of you living with this longing, know any idea of separation from this, is in fact the very barrier to this elevated level of union consciousness.

We are here to be the eternal on Earth. This is the highest calling and is the greatest challenge for those immersed in fear.

To focus on ascension and the merging in harmonious union, living as much as you can maintain your awareness of heart centered awareness in harmony, is the key. This facilitates the ease of the release of fear based energy charges that are often referred to as karma from past lives.

The work is yours and yours alone for your preparation for your next levels. Look to you, develop your harmonious temple within your awareness.

Let it be that of the eternal.

As above, so below.

The union is DIVINE.

With The Divine Council of Overseers, in love, activating you now.








Attention, Intention ~ Mastery and Ascension

L'AuraAre you paying attention?

Are you making intentions and paying attention to those intentions?

Are you hearing the quiet whispers of your eternal soul?

It is not the voice of the loud drama of the thinker ~ unaware.

Do you get caught up in a series of dramas every night when things are quiet and have you ASKED YOURSELF who in fact is that thinker? Who is that drama?

That goes on and on. Is it really you?

Do you stop it and recognize that is not you?

Or do you get overwhelmed with emotions?

Do you pay attention to WHO is IT that has those emotions?

What is this when you TRULY pay attention and OBSERVE? Are YOU noticing the real you?

To MASTER form one must be CONSCIOUSLY aware of who is the thinker, who is the doer, who is the one that observes.

Then CONNECT with the You that is eternal, the ONE who can pay attention and be able to tell the difference!!

Have you walked through Earth allowing this to be your way of being?

Are you on your way to Mastery?

To truly knowing what you are?

To recognizing what actions and reactions are part of the old programming and consciously then stepping out of it?

Are you conscious of your eternal Presence?

Are you living in pure being and mastery of form?

Pay attention to the ascension process of differentiating between old beliefs and ways of being and that of the Presence of the eternal you.

As you observe consciously ~ you permeate the eternal presence to be the ONE that flows through you as you in every moment consciously!

The true exists through your heart.

It is the new way and the only portal to mastery in your ASCENSION process.

We are Activating you through The eternal flow of the Divine Council of Overseers, all now.

Your heart, your ascension, your eternal Divine Presence.

In love, L’Aura







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Full Moon in Pisces, September 13/14th, 2019 ~ Rebirth

cropped-LAuraWhat is “Now” asks the mind? the heart responds, if you can hear me ~  it is the “what is” without the obscurity of attachment or resistance. It is the purity of Being, the fulfillment of Being ~ that always knows itself as that. 

Death and Rebirth, rising into your Ascended Being.

Transcending duality of consciousness. This is on the table for those as a frequency, who have passed through the fiery transformation, into a NEW Being. Transfigured, transformed, reborn.

This Full Moon on September 13th/14th ~ on September 14th at 1:32 am ADT and for some of you will be on Friday September 13th ~ is one of REBIRTH. 

All Full Moons reveal the inherent discrepancies of the conscious mind with the subconscious mind. That is ~ with what you desire and the alignment in frequency with that, to ~ what you are actually vibrating as.

This vibration includes, your hidden karmic memories, your thought forms, your emotions. What is it you are actually vibrating as? Which level of being?

The highest purest frequencies in alignment with your true purpose and hearts desires are ~ through the harmony of LIVING in your Heart awareness.

This is what being present is and when you actualize your awareness of the ETERNAL true you. The one that has incarnated over and over ~ FOR THIS. For your ascension and unification. Descending and then Ascending.

This Full Moon in Pisces in all its glory, initiates all those that are ready into MORE of the embodiment of their TRUE Being.

With the Full Moon sextile Pluto, there will be a beneficial and positive facilitating of the rebirth process.

With the Full Moon and Neptune in the Constellation Pheonix, we have great assistance, with this transformation ~ rebirthing, alchemical process.

Sun Opposite the Moon, opens up the subconscious and activates the karmic memories in the cellular consciousness and blueprint, to be activated, to be cleared through the heart, when ready.

Jupiter square Neptune may awaken dormant fears, doubts and deception. The T square with Mars, brings rebellious outbreaks, scandals, fear.

With Pluto sextile the Full Moon, the subconscious becomes the sifted through substance, laid bare through the fiery gates of alchemy with intense emotional concoctions added to the mix ~  that lead to your rebirth and awakening.

Mars opposite Neptune, fear mixed with doubt, may be the platter of the day for many.

Mars square Jupiter, leads to powerful risk taking, which may work In your favour, or may not, depending on your subconscious/conscious/heart frequency levels.

The Full Moon conjunct Neptune and the Full Moon square Jupiter may awaken fears and doubts that also may lead you to greater self awareness and transformation. The Full Moon opposite Mars will bring robust energy that may be used for your transformation and rebirth, as you are ready.

Those resistant to change, and laden with subconscious fears, yet to be opened, may find this a shaking up experience, of that which they knew not, was within them.

What is NOW ~ going through you is what is being served to YOU VIA your Blueprint/ life plan, now.  This NOW experience is exactly what IS facilitating your rebirth.

Trusting what is going through you NOW ~ is what is meant to be, that allows you to enter new levels of being ~ IS what will allow you to shift through levels of frequency with harmony and ease, through your heart.

Let go of all that keeps you from facing the fears, held in the darkness of the dormant, hidden self. Leading to the Light that is the Heaven on Earth, you came here to be ~ to Ascend.

Enter now the emotional waters of distillation.  These waters purify you as you enter all the gateways and portals, that lead you to your rebirth. 

We are with you, it is now, it is through the Heart and here we ARE.




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Timelines and Portals ~ Levels of Consciousness

cropped-LAuraTHE Use of the Gregorian calendar on Earth, is not the accurate calendar based on the seasons, the moon cycles, the alignment with the stars. This is what a calendar was. It followed the natural cycles on Earth. A measurement of the flow of the celestial bodies and their alignment.

As an example, the true birthday, so called every year, is meant to depict the return to the Sun and its alignment with the stars, close to the same position in the sky. This movement is not based on or represented by the current calendar in use.

So when we say dates….as markers, they are not necessarily the true makers of that energy or its shift, or alignment.

When we look at what a calendar is at the truest level, it is about the cycles, the Sun and Moon, the position of the celestial bodies. The ENERGY alignment of all of this, and the seasons. NOT what a number says….or a date on the Gregorian calendar. Or a time on a clock.

What the measurement Is ~ is a frequency ~ of energy, connected to the energetic movement and flow of positions and alignments, Sun, Earth Moon, equinoxes.

These are energy events and are not based on the clock or a calendar. 

PORTALS are energetic reference points of consciousness ~ that are available to YOU and open up to you when you are ready for your next level. For your next initiations.  They have nothing to do with a clock ticking or a Gregorian calendar. 

DIMENSIONS are levels of awareness consciousness. They have nothing to do with distance, clock time, or a calendar. 

Parallel worlds, ARE all NOW.  They are not connected to clocks or calendars, or distance. 

Timeline shifts, are parallel world shifts of CONSCIOUSNESS experience. Where you step into a new reality through a parallel world. THEY are not based on a clock, a travel distance or a calendar.

All Portals, Dimensions, Parallel worlds and shifts in consciousness have nothing to do with a clock, a calendar, or a distance. 

They HAVE to do with levels of awareness. The higher levels of awareness, INVOLVE you living consciously THROUGH your HEART, as being an ETERNAL Being. Here now.

It is the mystical marriage of the merging of the small YOU (functioning in the obsolete program of 3D) with the eternal YOU.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual BODIES merge with the Higher Cosmic Self YOU. The Eternal You.

This aligns you with the eternal flow of your consciousness and all aspects of your Being. ALL parallel worlds, all dimensions, all existences. That KNOW NOT time, distance, or a calendar. All Now.

Enter NOW your Heart. It is the portal through which you are initiated and access all the dimensions and levels. 

Through your heart NOW exists. Through your heart ~ love exists, purely, truly and eternally, always. 

Through your HEART ~ in the present moment, ALL Miracles exist, here and now. 



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Mercury Retrograde HAMMERS Home ~ Be Present NOW

L'AURAMercury Retrograde Hammers HOME ~ slow down, stop and BE STILL

BE Present NOW. 

Simply BE.

Let go of all else in the mind chatter of endless nonsense of thinking.

There is nothing that DICATES a when….ONLY A NOW, Beloved Souls.


This PRESENT only exists in the eternal Divine Presence though your Heart.

Live and BE there…in that space of eternal consciousness.

We activate YOU NOW, in love.


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The Path of Least Resistance ~ The Key of The Heart

cropped-LAuraWhat are the ramblings of mind, that go against the natural flow of being?  As if it is the ONE that needs to fix things. Repair the moment. Repair and rearrange now.

How clear this is to those who rest in their Heart. As it is the Heart through which the Ascended Masters And Cosmic God Self  (eternal true self)  function through.

The heart is always present, always in harmony with the natural flow of order and the eternal blueprint ~ design.

It is the rock through which, we move and have our being. The space in which all is accessed, all is known, that aligns eternity and its light, allowing the mind and its chatter, the emotional body and the physical  body, to merge with it.

That is the only true power.

All else is the feeding of the 3D programming, that perpetuates its need to manipulate NOW, into the continuous pattern of  its own resistance to now.

Wherefore are you looking to?

What else is there ~ of which non resistance to now, rests its eternal awareness, allowing itself, to be swallowed up into the eternal. now.

Know of which the Divine power of the heart speaks to you now. As I reverberate the eternal call, over and over, welcoming you to your only true home. The eternal space, that you respond to. Therefore are present now.

In this eternal love, we anoint you.


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Mercury Retrograde, July 7th till July 31 ~ Magical Awakenings & LOVE

L'AuraEverything is ENERGY.

Let us put aside all fear related beliefs about Mercury Retrograde and embrace the profound opportunities for expansion, manifestation and love that are available to you, through this.

Putting this simply, Mercury Retrograde ENHANCES, FAVOURS and INCREASES all INNER awareness and heart centred focus.

The often common fast paced world OUTLOOK and way of being ~ Mercury Retrograde, dislikes and will not favour.

SO ALIGN with what is most beneficial for you anyway. Your HEART.  In that SPACE of awareness is the ALCHEMY of transformation.

Instead of dreading this so called experience, embrace GOING deeper into NOW into your HEART. Then watch what unfolds.

The greater magic of you, the greater love, manifestation and miracles.

Embracing NOW ~ embracing the SHIFTS.

Welcoming all Parallel world shifts, with the eternal Beloved, forever NOW.  In love.


Feeling Heaven Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Deep within your Heart your Connection to feeling Heaven within you lives.

Bypassing thoughts on what Heaven is and entering the deep feeling of love within you, opens you to the power of  love. The pain longing to be loved within you then releases itself within this love. As it is the love, that it was always waiting for.

Try it now. Open as wide as you can to all feelings within your Heart. Breathe into your Heart. Feel your Heartbeat stay present there. Intend to open your heart wide, to the Love pouring to you now.

Feel Your Presence, waiting to love and heal all within you. Now.

Yes it may be cathartic and powerful. Yes you may feel pain. Yet the pain that comes up in the presence of this love, feels beautiful as it is released. It can go. It now may be transformed. It is safe now, to release it.

Open up more. Desire and intend for all pain to surface in the presence of this LOVE NOW. I am transmitting Love to you now, for this.

Breathe and feel. DEEPLY.

More deeply than you ever have before.

Intend this.

Welcome this, a release and an opening of your Heart.

As pain is released, your heart opens more.

It is only the tightness of holding on to pain that has kept your heart closed.

Feel, cry, and love.

All that you are. All that comes up.

Heaven, often referred to the afterlife, or between lives, is the place of frequency where freedom from the tightness of pain, hurt, regrets, is washed away as the form is let go. There is no pain, after crossing over. No sadness.

It is held in the cellular structure of consciousness.

It is released on earth while you are in your form, for you to experience HEAVEN here.

You do not have to wait to cross over to be free.

You can feel heaven now.

You can let go now.

It not only is safe, it is welcomed as the Highest experience of love, you to you.

Allow, let go, open up, receive. Breathe. Feel your Heart.

The Divine timing is now, I feel so many of you now as this activation is pouring through me, to YOU. For YOU. Yes You. This is for you Dear Angels. For your freedom, your Heaven now, while in form.

I hold you as all is released. This moment is special, sacred, as you are. The Eternal Light that desires to know love and full freedom in that love, while in form.

And all the Angels in Heaven rejoice in this. And those you know in Heaven are watching to. It is a frequency that you are. Minus the tightness, the holding on to.

The freedom that you know, when you let go of all that you have held on to. And you open, fully, to the Love that is present for you NOW.

You illumination. Your Ascension, Your Freedom. Your Love. All Now. Feeling you Now. Feel Your Heart! Feel my Love. Feel me with You.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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