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Are You Still Here Or Have You Shifted Into a Parallel World?

cropped-LAuraAs you merge with higher aspects of your consciousness and fulfill the embodiment of WHAT IS TO BE through you. You access Parallel worlds and shift into them.

Sometimes this is very seamless, this depends on the level to which you jump/shift/embody. Other times you walk into a literal different world. This will be the experience for many that suddenly experience their Ascension.

Since consciousness is the REALITY you experience, when you change your frequency dramatically all at once, everything becomes literally all new. Even how you look becomes completely new.

The places to LOOK to see how much you are shifting is your consciousness. Are you in greater harmony? Are you in greater joy? Are you living through your heart?

This is not about judging yourself if you are not. It is to point out the reference point of the CAUSE of your shifts. It is not out there. It all happens suddenly when your consciousness shifts.

You have noticed everything changes in a moment. Often those are dramatic events. Still, choices made in a moment unaware of their importance, dramatically change things as they alter your reality. THE CAUSE of the choices is the consciousness that goes through you.

Are you depressed, angry, feel life is unfair, worried, stressed, then you experience a reality that validates THAT.

If you are living for a future, then you experience reality as never arriving.

Life and reality is a mirror of your consciousness and the varying levels you step in and out of.

You may access and get glimpses of being in a parallel world then come back to this one, in which you are hoping to access something else. Again the hoping is the consciousness of separation from WHAT IS NOW.

So when you become conscious of being the conscious flow that flows through you. Then everything is accessed as this flow is through your heart. It is harmonious it does not have attachments to anything and it lives through the eternal essence that YOU ARE at the highest levels.

So for now, as things continue to shift in YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS ~ be conscious more and more with what does flow through you.

The sum of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, ARE what you are being. So love that if you are in despair. Be the one that gives the compassion and love that the despair desires. That is the flow that becomes conscious and transforms all fears into greater light.

We The Divine Council of Overseers, see the programs of consciousness that are leaving and the levels to be accessed for YOU as you continue to shift into BEING the ONE that walks the Earth, that is the glory of the eternal Being that you are. It flows through you, through Earth and many levels, we just pass through.

Initiating you now into being this greater conscious  awareness through your heart. In love.




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The Path of Least Resistance ~ The Key of The Heart

cropped-LAuraWhat are the ramblings of mind, that go against the natural flow of being?  As if it is the ONE that needs to fix things. Repair the moment. Repair and rearrange now.

How clear this is to those who rest in their Heart. As it is the Heart through which the Ascended Masters And Cosmic God Self  (eternal true self)  function through.

The heart is always present, always in harmony with the natural flow of order and the eternal blueprint ~ design.

It is the rock through which, we move and have our being. The space in which all is accessed, all is known, that aligns eternity and its light, allowing the mind and its chatter, the emotional body and the physical  body, to merge with it.

That is the only true power.

All else is the feeding of the 3D programming, that perpetuates its need to manipulate NOW, into the continuous pattern of  its own resistance to now.

Wherefore are you looking to?

What else is there ~ of which non resistance to now, rests its eternal awareness, allowing itself, to be swallowed up into the eternal. now.

Know of which the Divine power of the heart speaks to you now. As I reverberate the eternal call, over and over, welcoming you to your only true home. The eternal space, that you respond to. Therefore are present now.

In this eternal love, we anoint you.


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The Subconscious becoming Conscious ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Universal Light Frequencies of Heaven, is a dimensional Awareness of consciousness that is eternal. It is not a holding place, it is a DIMENSION of consciousness.

The Universal Library of consciousness is a vast multidimensional program of consciousness which includes all memories throughout all dimensions. It is a vast cosmic consciousness computer.

Live streaming of this Universal Library of consciousness through all the levels, is like looking into a holographic mirror that streams the Light of consciousness throughout all timelines and all dimensions. It is never-ending.

High Initiates on the path that entered into this Universal Library of Consciousness, were free from attachments to the lower vibrational frequencies of the form.

This freedom from attachments is a transcendent state of consciousness through which the clearing of memories of good and evil, are experienced as the ultimate Union with the God Self.

This state of uniting HEAVEN  within (consciousness streaming through the form) transforms the form, into the purified Glorified Heavenly Body of Light.

It is this very state of consciousness (streaming) that is your Ascension.

The Higher Dimensional ~ Higher Self (God Self) You, then becomes the YOU (alchemy) that you identify WITH, that Knows itself as what is Live Streaming as Heaven Consciousness through your Form. 

On this path, the many symbols of consciousness behind the mirror, is the substance of matter as consciousness that is constant communication with you.

The clearing of the subconscious which then becomes the conscious, is a deep program of purification, that is an intense path.

The BEING Heaven as what is YOU consciously, through your purification, opens the keys to full access of the Universal Library. You working CONSCIOUSLY in harmony with your Soul Plan. Your Blueprint of consciousness.

This is your Ascension. Your Transcendence. Your enlightenment.

You actively experiencing the DIVINE Cosmic communication system, through the symbols of matter, throughout all dimensions, as the You observing it all.

You as Glorified Light. You as the Higher Dimensional GOD you. You as your Higher Self. Your Angelic Self.

As the subconscious inner computer of your consciousness is NOW cleared, the Union with the hidden aspects of You in the Higher Frequency Dimensions, becomes the Higher Self You, the Ascended you in your New Form. Your Body of Light.

Breathe, RELAX, FEEL and receive this activation now. 

My Divine Self that has always existed, NOW becomes the consciousness that flows through me. This transforms all matter and all experiences everywhere. (Feel this in your Body)

I Fully Access the Universal Library of Consciousness as and through MYSELF only knowing itself as my Eternal Divine God Self. (Breathe and Feel)

I live and Breathe as ONE with my Higher Self, which NOW breathes through my form. This Transforms my form into my Glorified Body of Light. (Feel)

I Am NOW filled with the Glory and Light of my Divinity. (Relax and Feel)

I consciously Breathe this as my way of being, in ALL Moments, NOW. (Feel)

I Am in Heaven and this Heaven NOW flows through me. Home is ME, as I AM. (Feel)

I Live in the Bliss of my Divine Higher Self. My Angelic Self. Transcended, Ascending, and LIVING as the Eternal Divine Light, that I Am ~ NOW.  (Feel) 

And so it is! Divine Beings of Light! In this Cosmic Divine Flow of the Divine Cosmic Computer of Light and Consciousness, Here I Am. All That is! Now! I Love you!

subconscious conscious




Eternal Love and Bliss!

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