Shifting Timelines ~ Changing Your Frequency


L'Aura ~ in love, always xoIt is an amazing experience when you shift into a different timeline. Although this may seem far out there, it really is about very deep within you. There are literal, tangible results with this.

Can you imagine going for a walk, and literally see everything physically change in front of you. You continue walking even if you do not recognize this new timeline. This place on earth, that, minutes ago, was not like this.

So If you are ready to live life as if in a virtual reality world, then you are ready to shift timelines. Shifting timelines involves frequency. Changing your frequency ATTUNES you to the parallel world version of you existing in that frequency. Which means, it shifts the physical aspect world. Which is all holographic.

This involves expanding your awareness to include the awareness that all probable realities EXIST NOW. Because they do. That simultaneously now, as if through holographic layering, there are many you’s coexisting and experiencing different Earth realities.

The different you’s coexisting in different timelines (parallel worlds) exist through varying frequency dimensions. Which are the ALREADY frequency versions of you.

Some things in one parallel world may be very similar with some changes. Some other parallel world experience may be the more advanced you, etc. Whatever you can imagine, exists. Now.

When you focus on any experience, you are focusing in on a frequency aspect of you, that exists already. Get to know this. Memorize this in your consciousness. It exists. Now. Because it does. You are tapping in and out, so to speak, of different versions, different TIMELINES, different frequencies of You. Different Parallel world dimensions.

When you are comfortable with this, that you can imagine it existing. Focus on the You that is already VERY different. That is, if you want to tap into a very different parallel world, to the one you are existing in now.

NOW, when we resonate with ANYTHING, we are in Harmony with it. Harmony is UNION. From that perspective, if one is in anger (as an example) they are in harmony with anger. Resonating with anger. So the dimensional world they live in (consciously) is one of anger. Angry people, etc. If and when the person is in harmony with Love (resonating with) then they live in a world (dimension) of Love.

If the YOU that you would like to tap into is ENLIGHTENED, then focus on being enlightened.  If you want to tap into a life of freedom, then you focus on the YOU that lives in freedom.

This takes discipline. As the current outer world focus, is backwards to how this works.

Most people look out there at their lives, and attempt to change it externally. That may work temporarily, but in the long run things keep coming back and repeating over and over. Have you noticed?

When we CHANGE who we are inside. Which then changes our frequency and what we are in harmony with. Voila! That is the true key to the lasting changes, that allow us to LAND in a new TIMELINE.

With the focus on our inner world and worlds, the playground of frequency, becomes OURSELVES ~ that emerges from any parallel world and timeline. There are no limitations in this. 

Meaning, the battle has never been out there, trying to attempt to manipulate matter externally. The battle has been with our own inner selves.  Living in a state of awareness, which is a blind battle, of a hidden enemy out there, that does not exist.

Discipline, to live in a state of awareness of THE YOU in a parallel world, that already exists. Takes focus, and the ability to harmonize, with WHAT YOU DESIRE.

If you say yes I want this and that. Yet ACTUALLY are in harmony with doubt and lack and victim consciousness. Well, do I need to say more.

TAKE this deep into your Heart and Soul. The truth of this. That what you focus on, is what you attune to.

Whether you focus consciously or unconsciously. It is so. Consciously focusing through mastered discipline, is much more valuable than having life slip by, unaware.

To wake up and attune to what you truly KNOWS exists already, consciously, is mastery. All you need to do is focus and attune and be in harmony with, whatever you are focusing on.

So begin with viewing yourself and how you have attempted to change things externally. Then, look deeper within yourself, look at how much you have changed within. Or not changed. Observe any changes in your life as a result. In other words, study yourself.

You may experience HUGE timeline shifts, or smaller timeline shifts, when you do this.  One thing is for sure. When you change your frequency and attune to another frequency, YOU LITERALLY change timelines. Test this out. Truly change within yourself. Your thoughts, your emotions, attune to what it is you vision yourself to experience. Be in harmony with it. Remove doubt, fear and beliefs that stop you.

This may seem like a daunting task if you are laden with sadness and despair. How to pick yourself up? Begin with true gratitude. Gratitude will lift you up out of the spaces of what appear as a dark hopeless world.

Gratitude, Joy, Love! Wow! Living in a world where you love yourself and everyone loves You! Harmonize with that! Yes a huge undertaking of transformation.

Some of you are on the VERGE of Huge Parallel world Shifts! I feel it and can see it!

For Now. Focus. Allow discipline focus be part of your self-love practise. Have Gratitude. If you have followed my writing and are receiving my activations, you KNOW already to practise 5th Dimensional Consciousness through Loving your self. Your ego. The Painful you. The resistant You. The ONE that needs the love! This will expand your awareness into ALL possibilities exist Now.

Then you will focus clearly, ONLY on the beautiful Great Divine Aspects of Desire. Which do exist now. And Voila! There you have it. The transformation you desired! And so it is! All Now! More soon!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Wow!!! Fullness of Gratitude & Love Sacred QOL 🙂 Yes, I actualize disciplined focus on living, experiencing, attuning, visioning, & harmonizing with my Divine desires. Where I live in all the miraculous aspects, virtues, & Grace of Divine Perfect Union with my Soul while in form ~ perfect health, abundance on all levels, beauty, youthfulness, Joy exalt, peace, Freedom, limitlessness, timelessness, gratitude always, full open sacred heart space, the magical Eternal moment in each now moment, ecstasy, balance, flow, twin flame love union, “where the miraculous is common place” ~ where I am fully merged with my pure Light ~ all is Light ~ enlightenment & mastery of my form 🙂 my subconscious clear ~ merged with my conscious awareness of my true nature, bliss overflowing, always loving myself fully & being loved, dormant gifts & talents alive, fully & completely knowing, living, & being consciously my Divine Eternal Source Self. Wow ~ what a Heavenly Blessing 🙂 Thank YOU Beloved QOL ~ Gratitude & Love Beyond 🙂 I am now, always, & 4ever focused, attuned, & in harmony with all these desires ~ living my Heaven on Earth Now 🙂 I Love & Cherish YOU Deeply 🙂 All of my Love 🙂 HUGE THANK YOU 🙂

  2. I love this! Thank you so much 🙏🏻💗✨

  3. If there are parallel realities can we jump to a reality where we have a different past? I really want to alter two past events which changed me. I wish I could go back in time. I presume the answer is no but said I’d ask.

  4. How beautiful.. Thank you!💕💕💕

  5. I dreamed with my car. Again. My main dream now.
    I had a expired licence, technical approval for the car to be in motion.
    I had no gas to go.
    I was driven my car forgotten it was broken, only when I remembered this, the car started to fail.
    This is also in real life since a time is broken…but I didnt try to use the car broken in non dream state 😁
    is amazing how 2 realities mixture.
    …Thing is, that in the dream, when I remembered it was broken…the car started to fail, not before.
    So technically, The car is not broken, never.
    Is my focus and discipline the point. The imaginated obstacles are already removed. All is totally uncovered.
    Thank you.
    Because I readed your blogs when I felt I was …how can I say, with car issues to drive..And some how, even if I dint understood right away, all make sense NOW.
    I love you💜

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    Thank you so much L’Aura❤️
    Beyond beautiful Beyond words❤️
    I Love you❤️❤️ Grateful for your being❤️

  7. Miracles Beloved Angel!

  8. All possibilities exist now simultaneously. It is all holographic via your Soul Blueprint. Light body. Nothing dies. 💜💜💜💜

  9. Thank you for this insight and clarity I just gained. Thank you (bows head)

  10. So what happens to our old selves when we shift into new timelines? Do we die in our old timeline? Or is it just our consciousness that shifts, and our old timelines continues on? Very interesting reading, thank you xx

  11. Kadirah Abdel

    Dearest L’Aura,
    This is beautiful on SO many levels! Never before have your words resonated so much with my soul💜. I did the envisioning my ideal timeline exercise and it was truly powerful, brought tears to my eyes (happy tears, of course!). Thank you thank you thank you! You are an amazing being and I love you for all that you do for humanity. 🌷💝🌺
    Love, Kadirah Abdel

  12. anoTher Kewl one yes indeed!!!!! 🙂

  13. 💛 💛 💛 💛

  14. Profound miracles!!

  15. Svargo Schuller

    Your Eyes changed a lot L’Aura. It tells me everything

  16. Thank you so much for this!! I remember you writing about this a while ago. It is a huge gift to read this now. I love you, L’Aura!! ❤️

  17. Yes l’aura!!
    Thankyou divine being. I am on the verge of a massive parallel world shift! I can feel it too.

    Discipline! Focus! Your writing is a guiding force and divine reflection of rememberance!!

    Sliding all over the shop. So many emotions taking place through me!! The lower self is in utter turmoil!

    Life is wonderful! I breath, connect through my soul star, and to our earth. I am loved!
    I appreciate you so much! Thankyou for all you love, your devotion, your dedication, your words!

    Thankyou! Thankyou!thankyou!

    In gratitude

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. 💛💛💛thank you💛

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