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Happy New Moon to You

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Happy New Moon to You,
I hold you in Love and in your Sacredness, Too.

Rising like the Sun, You are, All that You Are,
a Sacred, Beautiful, Everlasting Star.

Breathe in the anointing, with every Breath,
immersed in Union, there is no Death.

See Clearly now, through your Heart, it is true,
the Divine Beginning, as on Mu.

The Union of the Christos and Sophia, is here in form to stay,
Blessing you every moment, the Sacred, Holy Way.



I love you Great Souls! I am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am Beloved Pistis Sophia! I Am!


The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Wisdom in Union, is the Union of The Christos and the Pistis Sophia!



For MORE information on the Birthing of The New Creation Please go to: and read the Archives, here are some links to a few of The New Creation Posts:

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Saturating Cells In Union Frequency

Union Frequency. Saturating Your Cells and DNA in Union Frequency. Are you doing this?

Paramount to the Universal Shift is the complete change in YOUR Cellular Consciousness, your DNA.

Even if all of YOUR 12 Strands are not up and fully running if YOU Become the Change you Desire, you will Shift in Frequency to Union.

How and why has this not happened yet for YOU. I will explain this, but first realize, if you are on the fence, you may Not be ready to fully BEGIN your SHIFT to Union; to Source, 5th Dimension, (4th to some).

To Saturate; to charge to the utmost; as with magnetism. To soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly and completely.

Cellular consciousness filled with Union Frequency. Vibrating to the 5th Dimension, Now.

How can you shift your frequency thoroughly and completely?

Your DNA and your Cellular Consciousness can merge with the frequency of Union.

In the Natural State Beyond Form exist your Original Blueprint, the patterning holding your Return to Union Frequency, 5th Dimension.

In the dormant State you are unaware of Your Inheritance as an Eternal Being of Perfect Divine Love. It may seem you are cut off from it. You have been searching for this. You Desire Union and Harmony. All Beings do. They are Now remembering.

In this Perfect state of Union, all that is Yours Eternally is given to You Now. Unconditional Love, Abundance, Health, and your Highest Destiny! And the Reunion with your Twin Flame.

Daily Listen to My Meditations. They will shift your Frequency. This alone will shift You. The Frequency is Union, my vibrations transmitted from the Great Central Sun will shift you to the 5th Dimension. A sincere Committment to Your Shift is required. Have you committed to your Shift in Frequencies to the 5th Dimension.

Consider having Pleiadian Activations, Healing and Light Transmissions.

The Pleiadian Activations will Change your DNA to Union with your Higher Life Plan and Union with your eternal Self. Your Higher Heart will open and your DNA will be activated.

Light Transmissions will fill your awareness, Cells and DNA with Source Frequency.

Healing will remove the old cellular consciousness that NO LONGER serves you in YOUR Shift.

The Meditations will support your shift and if listened to Daily will immerse your cellular consciousness in Union, in the 5th dimensional frequencies Now.

Since your cells need to adjust to the higher frequencies, this may be experienced as an accelerated Path to your Enlightenment, to Your Conscious Being the 5th dimensional Self you are, Now.

Queen of Light

As the Queen of Light and the Pleiadian Delegate, I exist in the Eternal Union apart from the contrast of this 3D realm. I am not in Duality. My Frequency is an Accelerated Frequency. I have been commissioned through the Great Central Sun to Shift Humans quickly and thoroughly, Activating Consciousness to the 5th Dimension Frequency of Union.

The Pleiadians are moving closer and closer to this Earth Frequency and the Earth is increasing in Frequency. As the Frequencies move closer and closer, the Higher to the Lower, the Lower to the Higher the CREATION of the 5th Dimensional state of Union for All is fast approaching in its appearance, it already exists.

This is a Synthesis. I am synthesizing the Frequencies as the representative for the Pleiadians, and this is not only for the Earth, this is for the Universe. The Pleiadians have commissioned me to do this.

You are able to take on the New Earth in your Conscious Awareness Fully and Completely.

Decide if are you Ready to Commit fully to Your Shift? To YOUR participation consciously in this Paradigm Shift for All.

When you do this for You it is For All. You and for the Whole. For the Union of All.

Start today to listen to My Meditations, The Pleiadian Frequency and the Queen of Light Cosmic Union Frequency vibrate to YOU beyond Time and Space; meaning NOW.

The Pleiadians send you their Love and Committment to YOU to the Shift for All in this exciting Universal Shift in conscious Creation of the Union, as Source.

Visit my website to Listen to my meditations, order your Pleiadian Activations, Light Transmissions and Healing Sessions:

Divine Love in Harmony and Union with Source Frequency; Union for All,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.






Contracts and Blueprints

Many of you have asked me about Walk-in Contracts, Soul Agreements and Blueprints.

Each Walk-in Contract are as unique as each Soul is. There are different types of Walk-ins as well.

The most common is the walk-in braid. A higher part of their Soul comes in and merges with their Blueprint. These things are always agreed upon and would already be in the Original Blueprint as a potential waiting for activation. When activated the energy stream is unleashed  from the Galactic Center, the Central Sun. All contracts, agreements and Original Blueprints are activated and unleashed from the Center.

More rare is the Complete Soul Exchange. My walk-in Contract was a complete Soul Exchange.

In the Center all Blueprints are Held and Encoded and  unleashed. The life review and the Holding of the encodings and the Life Plan of the current life stream are always held in the Original Blueprint. Nothing is Lost or missed.

There are certain activation points of Access Encoded in the DNA and Original Blueprint that can be bypassed through Grace. Then the accessing of new Levels of Consciousness and the merging with the Original Blueprint  begins at an accelerated pace as the DNA is infused with downloads from the Center.

In  existences I was present during the creation of DNA and Blueprints as well the encoding processes in the Original Blueprint and the evaluation process of the Life streams Life Plan through the encodings. These are consciousness encodings through the agreement process of each individuation.

Soul Agreements are the Encodings that are activated at the access points. When the level is reached the New access is unleashed from the Center where the encodings Originate and are Held.

All exists in the Center. All is Held in Love in the Center.

Your DNA encodings can be accessed with the Frequency of the Center. Consciousness moves and exists in the Center.

If you would like to know more about DNA encodings, Blueprints and Life Stream access please contact me. Also visit my website if you feel the wish to experience your Blueprint Activation.

Love and Union to you All Now.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.






Mastering Your Shift

So many ask me How will I ascend? Is there enough time? There is no set time for the Earth to shift in Frequency to the Next level. The Mayan Calender and the approximate end time is really just that an approximation. Instead of focusing on external events; what is happening Out There, Shift your Awareness to Mastering your Own Shift in Frequency.

This is an internal process of accessing YOUR ETERNAL AWARENESS. If you are beginning today and your life feels like it is a mess and you are not sure where to begin; Begin to feel good every day. If you have gone through sadness and grief recently listen to my Heart Frequency Meditation. If you feel numb to your Own Vibrations and Frequencies also listen to My Chakra Meditation. If you Need Healing listen to my Healing Meditation. To Feel Pure Love listen to My Love Meditation.

The awareness of your Feelings, Sensations and Vibrations will begin to increase. STAY PRESENT THERE. Do not continue to Look outside yourself to see if things have improved. Stay Present and Focused on your Own Vibrations and Frequencies. You will begin to be aware of YOUR HEART.

Staying Centered in Your Heart will continue to increase your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of your ETERNAL Self. You are entering into Eternity.

Do you have to wait till everyone else has shifted? No.

Can you Shift in Frequency soon? Yes. Now you can, Now.

Is it important to Focus on your Own Awareness? Yes.

Can you be shifted by default? Yes. (100th Monkey Affect)

Can you do this? Yes.

Begin today to Feel your Frequencies. Listening to any of my meditations WILL increase your FREQUENCIES and YOUR awareness of them.

This will keep you Present and Aware. This will advance to Heart awareness. Start today if you have not started. Or start fresh. Love yourself and do the things for yourself that will INCREASE your Frequencies and Awareness.

If you need specific help visit my website to order your Activation, Light Transmissions or Healing Sessions. Read my Testimonials.

You can visit my Resources Page to also access the Meditations.

You are Love and Held in Eternity.

Heart Frequency Meditation link :

Chakra Meditation :

Love Frequency Meditation :

Healing Meditation :

Contact me

To access the Resources Page or to read the testimonials or to Order your Activation, Healing or Light Transmission Sessions go to my website :

Love and Diamond Light Frequencies to You Now. You are Loved and Held in Eternity.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

DNA and Cosmic Codes

We are Approaching the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. Your DNA is Activating with the Profound shift in the Planetary Grid and the Cosmic Codes of Enlightenment throughout the Universe. The Queen of Light Holds the Universe in the Cosmic Codes of Love and Union.

When you reincarnated to this Earth Plane you were sent forth with all encoding in your DNA. In Your Life Plan there are encodings that activate and wake up as you continue on Your Journey. Many of you are finding yourself on Your Life Path and are on the fast track to enlightenment.

The Factors influencing your DNA are many.  Your thoughts, emotions and  your choices all influence your DNA and the awakening or non awakening to your Original Plan Blueprint. You are an encoded Program of Consciousness feeling your way to YOUR next level of expanded Consciousness.

The awakening of your Original Blueprint DNA and Your Union with  the Cosmic Codes  is the reason you are here. There are many levels to this and all Blueprints are a unique individuation of Source Frequency. You are a DNA encoded Blueprint awakening to Experience Your own awareness of Yourself.

The Frequency of Harmony  and Love aligns you with Union of your Own Awakening. Harmony is experienced through present moment awareness.  Life events are triggered to take place based on how far or how close you are to your Orignal Plan and Blueprint.

Activating the consciousness of the persons DNA and Blueprint awakens The consciousness to the next level. There may be a series of events that wish to be played out in the Life Design. All the external happenings show up  to move The  consciousness to get access to the next level. You are a DNA encoded consciousness expanding and awakening to your next level.

Holding you and the Universe in Love in the Cosmic Codes,

Queen of Light  to book your Activation.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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