DNA and Cosmic Codes

We are Approaching the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. Your DNA is Activating with the Profound shift in the Planetary Grid and the Cosmic Codes of Enlightenment throughout the Universe. The Queen of Light Holds the Universe in the Cosmic Codes of Love and Union.

When you reincarnated to this Earth Plane you were sent forth with all encoding in your DNA. In Your Life Plan there are encodings that activate and wake up as you continue on Your Journey. Many of you are finding yourself on Your Life Path and are on the fast track to enlightenment.

The Factors influencing your DNA are many.  Your thoughts, emotions and  your choices all influence your DNA and the awakening or non awakening to your Original Plan Blueprint. You are an encoded Program of Consciousness feeling your way to YOUR next level of expanded Consciousness.

The awakening of your Original Blueprint DNA and Your Union with  the Cosmic Codes  is the reason you are here. There are many levels to this and all Blueprints are a unique individuation of Source Frequency. You are a DNA encoded Blueprint awakening to Experience Your own awareness of Yourself.

The Frequency of Harmony  and Love aligns you with Union of your Own Awakening. Harmony is experienced through present moment awareness.  Life events are triggered to take place based on how far or how close you are to your Orignal Plan and Blueprint.

Activating the consciousness of the persons DNA and Blueprint awakens The consciousness to the next level. There may be a series of events that wish to be played out in the Life Design. All the external happenings show up  to move The  consciousness to get access to the next level. You are a DNA encoded consciousness expanding and awakening to your next level.

Holding you and the Universe in Love in the Cosmic Codes,

Queen of Light


laura@pleiadiandelegate.com  to book your Activation.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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