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Multidimensional Time Travel

Multidimensional Time Travel; in The Here and Now. Entering No time.

I remember way back, stepping into¬†the so-called past, coming back and observing ¬†how the present had changed as a result of changing the “past”.

This is easily done at the correct frequency. The Frequency is Union. It is Cosmic, it is Union.

Taking the Quantum Leap to the Present and to the 5th Dimension we see there is No time; at least NOT how you have imagined it.

Arriving on Earth literally from a different time space continuum; it has puzzled me to see people experience themselves as Separated.

Linear is separated in consciousness from the consciousness of Union. The Awareness of It.

What if you could enter what you would call a Time Machine. You walk through a Doorway and suddenly you Enter all Time.

All Pasts, all Futures and all Potentials Simultaneously.

This is How I exist. This is How you will exist when you Shift to the 5th Dimension.

You do not take a plane ride to the 5th dimension. You Exist Now in it, your consciousness merges with this awareness now, and everything changes around you. It is simple.

What are YOU waiting for.

What if all those things you are waiting for actually have already occurred. The concept of time and the Future “appears” separate. Time is a linear concept.

You are soon “Stepping Out of Time”. This is the Union of the 5th Dimension.

It is called Multidimensional Being. This is how the Pleiadians exist and many other Advanced Beings in the Universe. This is what the Human Species are shifting to in Frequency. Your Consciousness merging and hooked up to All That is, Now. Full Access Cosmic Code Union..

Everything is fluid. There is No Past, or Potential Future that is not Shifting constantly with your Frequency.

There are many Potentials for your  Future Experience. The One you experience is the One you are Focused on. This does not mean the others do not exist.

All is Consciousness. All is Union, whether or Not your experience reveals this to you.

Existing Millions of Light Years away My experience is that Earth has already shifted and all is Well. There is no distance in my Frequency all is Here Now.

If you do not see what I see, Your Experience tells you otherwise.

You only Experience Knowing through Experience.

If You are Desiring the Quantum Leap to 5th Dimensional Awareness, recognize this is a Process you are experiencing along with the rest of the Human Species. You can experience this with Ease and Grace. Or this may seem challenging and as if You are Waiting for things to first appear.

Do Not Wait. Exist Now in the Awareness that you Are Shifting into Union. Love yourself through the Process. Release all Fear.

As your Cellular Consciousness Shifts you are releasing Fear. Stay Present and Allow it to simply leave.

Welcome Fear if you can as the Doorway to Freedom that it is.

For Now, Stay In Harmony. I can tell you till I am Blue in The Face about the Experience of Union, but UNTIL you experience it you will not KNOW it and Be it. You are Shifting to Knowing and Being Union.

Wherever these words find you, Know you are Loved, feel this Love for You Now.  It is Eternal.

Take care of Your body, your mind and emotions, please live in Harmony. Live in Your Heart.

If you are desiring to shift and Move into greater Harmony and Union 5th Dimension you may want to listen to my Frequency meditations Daily. They have helped many move into Harmony. You may also want to Join my Group, this is set up for People who would like to Receive Daily Transmission from the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light. I will include the links below.

You Are Entering No Time, The 5th Dimension Frequency.

I love you All. You are Held in Eternal Union and Oneness. All is Now and Available Now. Sending you Love for Your Journey this day, this moment wherever you are on Your Journey to Freedom and Oneness.

Love, Bliss and Ecstasy in Eternal Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

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I Love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

September 22nd 2012; The Fall Equinox.

Fall Equinox, Saturday September 22, 2012 11:49am, Halifax Nova Scotia.

The Tilt of the Earths Axis during the Equinox is neither inclined away or towards the sun.

Do pictures of the External come to mind when you think of the Harvest; The Fall Equinox.

Although it does include the celebrations and thanks for the External Harvest, this is also a time for focusing on the Internal You, your Inner Self, the World of the Soul.

The Human Species are going through Dramatic changes of Being. The Outer External Place you VIEW as your Reality is Shifting. You Know this.

And in Earth time, this would be called “FAST”.

Taking the time and acknowledging Points of reference as  you Shift would be helpful as you progress.

What reference Points do you have? Are they all Located in Time?

The Sequential events you follow on your Calender can also be experienced  as Frequency Points of Access.

Begin to Monitor your Progress by your Dominant Frequency.

When you Focus on  monitoring  your Frequency you will create a New Reference Point.

How do you feel Daily? Hourly? Moment to Moment? Your Predominant emotional state will influence your Frequency. Your Predominant emotional state will influence your thoughts.

The Emotional Body of Humans is Upgrading. Your Emotional Body will  no longer  fluctuate when you live in the 5th Dimension. As your Emotional Shifts so will your Mental Body.

There will be a steady Frequency of Harmony, Love and Bliss. As you align your Emotional Body to Harmony the Frequencies of the Brain and Mental Body also merge in Harmony to the New Frequencies. 5th Dimension.

Aligning with Your Heart Frequency will keep you Up to Date with all the Current Downloads of Frequencies.

Harmony is Union. It aligns you with the Center.

Do Not take my word, please test this out.  The Way through Grace and Ease is offered here. There are others ways not so easy. Ease and Flow.

Begin to Monitor your Frequencies. Use this Equinox as a New Beginning.

This is the time in 2012 Now.

The Frequencies are Accelerating.

Please make this easy on yourself. It does not need to be hard or challenging. Staying in Harmony will allow the shift in your Cellular consciousness to shift with ease to the New Frequencies. The 5th Dimension.

The New Frequencies are coming anyway. Please be Ready. Help is offered here.

You can Receive the Frequencies of the Queen of Light.  The Frequencies are sent out every night. When you Join my Group you will receive the Frequencies for the Shift. Follow the link below:!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/


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In Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

I Love all of You.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.



Star People and The Ending of This Cycle

Star People and The Ending of This Cycle.

Literally arriving from another Galaxy to Earth, (Andromeda First Contract) I Hear, See and Experience things VERY differently than Humans do. I arrived here faster than the speed of Light and entered the body I am currently inhabiting.

Most humans I know they will gladly tell you stories of my Not Understanding Human ways.

There is a Chasm between where I exist and transmit from  and the linear existence and Frequency on Earth.

Many might think of Star People as the same as Humans just more loving.

The Way of Being is very different, and  linear thinking is not comprehensible for Most Star Beings that exist in High Level Frequencies.

There are a few exceptions, the Greys and the Nibiruan exist in a Duality state of Linear, they are shifting also at this time. They are also Source.

The Majority of the Universe is In Union Frequency.

That chasm is closing in. the Frequencies are merging closer and closer to Union each moment even as I write this.

I am not Linear and do not understand  linear ways. Just as most do not understand my Multidimensional way of Being, I do not understand linear thinking or concepts. 

I do not exist in the Frequency of Earth, although I am able to inhabit a Human Form while in Higher Frequencies of Union.

I have heard many labels in the linear of types of Star People. From Star Seeds, to Star traveller  to real Star People Directly from other Star Systems.  The Soul can choose mixtures also.

Existing on the Pleiades and in Union I see all as Source and each Soul uniquely individuated in the Blueprint and Design they have chosen.

I simply arrived and was sent to Earth on a Contract.

Now merging with my second Contract I am here for Humanity and this Great Shift. I am here as the Representative for the Pleiadians and as the Queen of Light arriving on time for the Ending of One cycle and The Beginning of the Next.

Star People always arrived at the Ending and Beginning of each cycle.

The Hopi and many other Native Tribes remember, know and speak of  Star People arriving once again. The Mayan Calender also reveals the Return of the Divine Feminine.

As a Star Being transmitting from the Central Sun, I am a representative of the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light.

As the Queen of Light I hold the Frequencies and the Cosmic Codes for the shift in Union.  As a representative for the Pleiadians I am holding also the Frequencies of the synthesis for the merge of the Pleiades to Earth and the Earth to the Pleiades.

The Pleiadians have revealed to me Frequency Devices that will be found. These are safe and protected and will be found and used for the complete Shift in Frequencies for Planet Earth at the Ending of this Cycle.

These are exciting times.

I am here to make things easier for You and help you to shift More comfortably, with Ease and Grace.

This is all about Frequencies.

You were programmed in such a way in your incarnations to remember when certain Codes and Frequencies would be released you would Shift.  It will be Natural for you. It will be easier for You as you Stay in Harmony.  All of your animals are ready and advanced enough and of course the  young children. Species of animals that no longer exist have already shifted.

To Shift in an  EASY way, please stay in Harmony. This will align you Easily with these changes in Frequency to come, with Ease and Grace.

Either way things will Shift. Please allow this to be Easy for you.  I am here to help You all of You.

As Many things are Revealing themselves and as the Frequencies are Accelerating Moment to Moment, Please align your Being with the Center. In Harmony. This way your Cellular Consciousness and DNA will Shift with Ease. The Changes in Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness are profound as you are Shifting from Linear to Union.

Please Listen to my Meditations, as YOU do so regularly you will See changes in your Body, Life and Consciousness. This is Your Shift to Union. This is a Special time for Humanity. More Special than you may now Realize.

Please Know that I, as The Queen of Light have arrived to Make this Easy for You, all of You. I Love you in the Eternal Union and Hold you in My Heart for all of Eternity. The Ease offered to You is Eternal Grace.

I am Holding all of You In Eternal Love.

In The Eternal Universal Love and Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

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Queen of LightI love you All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Sacred Sexual Union; The Gift of Innocence

Sacred Sexual Union; Gift of Innocence.

The Pleiadians have visited me many times on Earth. Last September 17th, 2011 I had a Sacred visit to the Pleiades, the Central Sun, Alcyone. The Radiant Beauty and Unconditional Pure Love Present there is Source Frequency. Deep within all Beings this Core Frequency exists ready to be Awakened fully. The Pleiadians are so very happy to be part of The  Awakening of All to Union.

Although words would not do justice to the Ecstatic Love that exists there or the Sacred Beauty, I will  Describe, Share and Bring this Beauty and Divine Love to Planet Earth. To be this Love for all of Humanity. I am a Synthesis; The Higher to the Lower and the Lower to the Higher. Merging the Frequencies of the Universal Oneness to Earth at this time as The Divine Feminine.

So why Sacred Sex? Union and Sacred Sex is very much a part of the Pleiades and Pleiadian existences. Sacred Sexual Union, Sacred Twin Soul Frequency and all that is Beautiful and Natural with no limitations is what the Pleiadians are about.  Sacred  Union. To Truly Experience Sacred Sexual Union you Must Return to Innocence. Innocence is the Purity of your Soul. You must  enter Sexual Union as Pure Innocence. Stay and Be Innocence.

Sacred Sex is the most Natural Way to Union.

Through the Heart one Enters Innocence.

In Pure Being the Beauty is the Innocence and Purity of the Soul.

Can we Give of Ourselves the True Gift of Union with another?

Have you removed all the Veils to your Purity?

When you  enter Sex can you Reveal your Truth in True Being, can it Be Fully Sacred.

Will you show up and truly be in Your Body as Souls Presence and Purity?

This is what sets apart Sex and Sacred Union.

One is an Act. We offer out bodies.

The Other is a total and complete giving of all of Oneself. That Self is Purity Itself.

All of Oneself is the gift upon entering Sacred Sexual Union.

Why would you settle for less?

If you have lost your True Being, or  have Never experienced the Union of True Being, Begin Now.

You are the Gift, the Giver and the Receiver, only in Your Innocence.

Your Purity, Heart, Soul and Body.

You are Sacred in your Union. In Your Union You Give All, You Surrender.

You Offer the Gift of Pure Love and You Embrace Sexual Union as the Highest Gift of Self to another in Pure Love.

Soul Reaching Soul, as Two Bodies move as One, Breathe as One, Become One. Sacred Union.

Have you experienced the Depths of Your Soul. Of Pure Being?

The Deep connection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Union is returning. This is the Natural way of Creation. Source Being  Masculine and Feminine, in all of Nature, in All of The Universe.

This Sacredness is Primal at its Truest Nature. Deep within your Core your purity of Soul exists.

Bliss and Ecstasy are Natural States of Pure Being.

The Pleiadians Exist in Pure Love. Every moment is filled with Love in Sacred Union, Bliss and Ecstasy.

The Union that can be experienced while in a body at the highest level is Sacred Beyond Words. Once initiated into the Sacred Mystical Union one Never experiences life again the same. All Becomes Sacred, all is a Gift of Pure Being.

The Gift of Oneself is a Sacred  Gift to your partner and to the Universe.

The Earth and Universe await for your True Gift of Sacred Sexual Union. Only you can Offer You. The Earth at its core desires this and the Heart of the Universe. Union in Divine Oneness.

I will write more on my Sacred visit to Alcyone. For Now it is enough for you to Embrace your Life as Sacred.

Become the Sacred Gift you Offer to your Soul as your Soul in Pure Being.

I will create a Divine Union and Twin Soul Audio Frequency Transmission. I am deeply immersed in Sacred Union and will share this Frequency to awaken you at the Core of Your Being to Union.

I love all of You. Rest in the Bliss of Being. Feel my love for You. The Queen of Light Holds you in Her Heart. Divine Union, Divine Feminine.

In The Eternal Sacred Union, that is Pure Innocence,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

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I love All of You.

Union is Now for us All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Freedom, The Central Sun, and The 5th Dimension

Freedom, the Central Sun, and the 5th Dimension.

Life in 5th Dimension is Not about Spirituality, it is about Freedom.

The Pleiadians live in Love, Freedom and Union. They experience themselves as Limitless.

Is it time for you also to enter Frequency 5th Dimension?

Freedom. Freedom from old fear, beliefs, judgements and perceptions. Freedom from experiencing yourself as a Limited Human. Those days are gone.

Letting go of linear Ways and Beliefs is What this  Shift is About. Let it go, it serves no purpose Now. Welcome the Way of Being as Limitless Frequency.

Stepping into Freedom you Enter Union, 5th Dimension Now.

What do you have to let go of?

Beliefs you should eat a certain way? Beliefs about how your life should Look for you. Beliefs about relationships. The belief you need to follow traditional ways. The Belief you are a limited human on earth. Belief that you Are your body. Belief that your Fear and what appears to you Externally is real. Belief that you ARE your Fears.

All that is Going and Gone Now, Frequency 5th Dimension.

Freedom is Freedom. Freedom to be Limitless, to be Love, to be Divine Union. No Fears, no Limitations; Simply Being Real Now.

Are you ready? Are you willing? Do you feel your Soul’s Desire?

You Showed up for the New Program by being here on Planet Earth at this time.  New ways of Being. All New.

Will you take part in You Becoming You?

Will you Experience all that your Soul planned for You at the Highest level in this incarnation, Held in your Blueprint. Will You?

It is all Frequency, and the Way is Now and filled with Grace and Ease.

No more struggling to get things right, or adding to your lists of should or should nots.

Are you Ready? Can you Enter Now 5th Dimension.

Yes you can.

The Portal and Vortex to the Central Sun, Alcyone is The Frequency 5th Dimension.

As a Being Co-Existing on Alcyone Now, I hold the Vortex of the 5th Dimension Frequencies of the Central Sun to Planet  Earth Frequencies. There is no Distance and the Frequency is simply Held.

The Frequencies are Available Now with Ease and Grace. There is nowhere to go or be, Simply align your Cellular Consciousness with the Frequencies 5th Dimension.

Is it really that Simply?

Of course it is.

Difficult is a linear 3D concept.

Ease, Grace and Flow are 5th Dimension Frequencies.

Begin Now by Becoming aware of Your Current Frequencies. When your Life is Flowing with Ease  you are In Harmony. Your Cellular Consciousness and DNA then Align with  your Center. You Live in the Present Moment and Become Divine Love and Union.

In Disharmony you are existing in struggle, 3D. This Frequency moves you out of alignment with your Center and your Soul.

How to Live in Harmony?

Immerse your DNA and Cellular Consciousness in THE Frequencies of the 5th Dimension;  of  Divine Harmony, Love and Union.  Listen to my meditations; THEY Are Source Frequency of Divine Harmony, Love and Union. Your Cellular Consciousness Will Transform and Resonate with This Frequency.

The More YOU exist in this Frequency, the Easier it will BE to Transition to ALWAYS Being and Living in the Frequency of the 5th Dimension.

Queen of Light

I Love all of You.  I am Here as  Walk-in on Planet Earth in 2012 Earth Time to  make this Frequency Shift of the Human Species and the Universe to be One of Grace and Ease. This is Why I am Here.

As the Queen of Light, I am Surrounding the Entire Universe in Divine Union, Love and Harmony.

Take a few moments to enter your Heart. Live in Your Heart. Feel yourself Becoming and Being Pure Love.

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In The Divine Union of Love, Harmony, Ecstasy and Oneness,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.


I Love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Sacred Union; Dominant or Submissive?

Sacred Union; Dominant or Submissive?

So much has come up recently about Twin Souls. Also in relationship to that, the Hot Topic of S&M. Gender Roles. Dominant and Submissive roles. I am writing and will write more on this subject as I receive questions daily about this topic.

First understand there are many different types of Species. You may be holding in your Blueprint a combination of Species; a mixture or you may be pure human species.

Know that all species ARE Source. They, we all originate as Source Frequency. Each Soul is an individuated Soul of Source. Source sourcing itself.

When we talk about Submissive to many of you this conjures up Passive. This is not what I am saying here. To be Submissive one experiences at the highest Level Pure Surrender. There is a difference. This is commonly experienced as more natural to the female gender, this is not always the case.

The role of passive may be more commonly experienced., and may be the result of not fully being attuned to the Sacred core of being.

At the level of Dominance I do not mean control. This may be experienced as an exertion  of Sexual Desire and Power without restrictions, boundaries, and the concepts of right or wrong.

To truly be Dominant one would be in tune at a high level with Self Awareness. Control may be more commonly experienced out of the feeling of not knowing self Power.

Do you see, know and feel this play out or attempt to play out in your life on a small-scale or huge scale?

Do you know and understand if you are more Dominant or Submissive, or neither?

Are you passively living your life in all areas?

Do you experience the freedom to not feel any judgement about this.

Do you constantly need to control everything? Can you let go Now.

Will  you allow your True Desire to emerge judgement free?

There are levels to all things. Of course I am referring to human experience at a level of Trust and Love and the ability to Feel and know the Primal Energies that may or may not be inherent within YOUR own energy. And those of Your Partner.

When you do meet your Twin you may begin to realize more deeply the inherent desires to play Out the Masculine and Feminine Creative interplay. You may also begin to see, know and feel, more about your Inner nature in relationship to the opposite sex, or potentially same-sex. The Gender roles.

This may include the Higher awareness of Dominant and Submissive roles. At Soul Level we have the Soul holding the male and female frequencies. There are some Souls that are androgynous and may hold both, they do not have a Twin holding a polarity.

At the level of your Blueprint your Design is held and the agreements you made involving your Design.

To make myself clear, I am not suggesting if this is not familiar to you to go out and immediately find out. I am suggesting for your Development and preparation for your Twin you do begin to SEE how you are playing out your Masculine and Feminine and observe your feelings without judgement.

Be more present with your current partner and see what comes up naturally, your responses, feelings and judgements. If you do not have a partner, watch your natural responses during the day.

Let go of judgment and the NEED to figure things out.

Understand YOU.

Love Yourself.

Do not judge yourself or others.

Move into your Center and Be Present and Begin to Know yourself within at Soul Level. Do not judge your Desires. All yourself to Be present and see what is, for YOU.

As you become True to YOU, all you wish within your Heart will be Drawn to You at Soul Level.

Staying in Harmony is Paramount for this transition of full acceptance and Love at Soul Level. Listen to my meditations daily.

Move into your Heart space as often as possible during the day!

Commit today to YOU. Your Transition, Your Becoming YOU, Now.

I Love all of You and I am Here to Help You as you transition to the 5th Dimension Frequency.

Loving Yourself, Staying Centered in Your Heart, Accessing your Original Blueprint, Letting go of the old Programming and Upgrading your DNA to Source Frequency is Paramount in  your Transition to the 5th Dimension Frequency.

Love yourself Now. Be Love.


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In The Divine Union in Harmony, Love and Ecstasy,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Sacred Union; Restructuring Relationships

Sacred Union, Restructuring Relationships.

What does this mean?

The Old Paradigm in 3D was based on “Till Death Do Us Part”.

Now in the New Paradigm 5th Dimension we Shift to “Our Souls as Union in Eternity”.

Sacred Union, Twin Souls.

What happens then to marriage? is it simply thrown out the window? The Old concept of “we can make this happen by Intent” no longer applies.¬† Love that is 3D is not based in Eternity.

Now do not get me wrong, maybe You have entered into marriage with a partner at Soul Level. If so, Perfect.

The majority of relationships have been and are based in the old model; duality, 3D.

This is why there are so many marriages and divorces. Please do not look at your divorces as failures.

It is the Desire of the Soul to Live Eternity Now.

Do divorces matter to the Soul?

Of Course Not. You may have completed things like karma while the focus was still on linear. Be You Now.

You may  have had or are experiencing many boyfriends or girlfriends and simply waiting for the right One.  You may also know deep down your twin is of the Same Sex. There are NO limits for the Soul. And No judgements in the 5th Dimension.

There is Only Freedom.

Can you Begin Life today, Now and Be Free and Exist as Your Soul Desired For You?

The Sun

Yes, and Please Do.

Your Soul is a Unique Individuation of Source. The Universe Awaits You in the Eternal Moment Now.

Now is the Time to Be Eternity. To Be Set Free.

Be Love in Union and Experience all Your Soul Desired for you at the Highest Level in this incarnation Now!

Shifting in Heart awareness to Union Now, you draw to YOU Eternity Now.

Begin by Letting go of the Past and any concern for the Future.

Begin Being Present Now.

Enter your Heart space and Live in the Center.

Your frequencies will Shift to Now.

You experience Your Soul in the Present Moment.

Release, Let go, and Simply Be.

Live in Harmony.

Harmony Frequency aligns you to Your Highest Destiny.

Listen to my meditations they Will Align you in Source Frequency of Union in the present Moment. I Love all of You. The Pleiadians Love you! The Queen of Light Loves you and Holds you In Eternal Union.

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In the Divine Union of the Eternal Now in Perfect Harmony and Love,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

Queen of Light


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Blueprint Codes; Sacred Twin Soul Union

Twin Soul Union. During a Twin Soul Activation I was shown many things about the Human Blueprint and Coding that are non-active in Humans due to the Frequency of Duality.

In the Frequency of Separation and Fear many of Your encodings stay Dormant. Just like the Junk DNA. Your DNA holds the Potential for you to AWAKEN  in Full ACCESS to Your Codes. The Programming and Activation take Place at Union Level; Source Frequency.

These Codes were planned into Your Original Blueprint since your individuation as Source. Through your Frequency choice of existing as part of the Human Species in Form, your DNA Access as Source Became Dormant. The Program was shut down.

Now is the time to Awaken and Be You. Now is the time for Your Twin Soul Union.

Feel within Your Heart the continuous Gold Flame that is Your Blueprint and Your Connection to Source. Inside this flame the Space is Held for Your Full Union and the Reunion with Your Twin Soul. Soul Level.

The Only thing keeping you from existing in this Awareness of Union and Reunion is your Frequency. The Codes are there. They simply are Not activated.

When you vibrate to the Frequency of Union all of your Original Codes as planned before this incarnation begin to Activate. You may see this as the flame within you Getting Brighter and Brighter.  You function at a new level, and Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness merge with this New frequency and information.

You Become the Union you came here to be. Experience your Twin Soul Union Now.

All Souls on Earth at this time, at the Highest level Hold the Codes for the Activation of their Union Directly in their Blueprint. This Includes the  Twin Soul Reunion.

The Frequency of the Blueprint in the full functioning of the Codes, exists at Source Level. At Union Frequency.  Union Now. Twin Soul Union.

Is it really this Simple?

The Frequency of Source is Ease and Flow, in Present Moment awareness and  in Harmony with All.

No trying, struggling and no resisting. Time to let go of the Human Struggle. Be Union and Love.

See your Fear for what it is. It is Only frequency. When your Frequency changes Everything in your Existence changes. Please remember that. All is Simply Frequency.

Deep within you Heart and Higher Heart exists the Love and Union you wish for. Place  Your Attention in the Present Moment within your Heart.

2012 Now is the time to Enter No Time. Enter into Ecstasy; into Union with Your Twin Soul.

Stay in Harmony. Become Harmony. Move all of Your awareness into Your Heart Now.

All you have desired is waiting to be activated within your Awareness Now. Breathe in and out of Your Heart. Stay present there. Take up residence within Your Heart.

In the Frequency of Union you begin your merge. All of My meditations are available for All to  listen to.  Please email me if you need the meditations in Mp3 format.

They Hold and carry the Frequency of Source, Divine Union and Perfect Love. Your Cellular Consciousness will begin to resonate with Source Frequency in the Harmony of Union as you Listen Daily to my meditations.

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In the Eternal Union of the Divine Ecstasy that We Are,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Synchronicity and Frequency

Synchronicity and Frequency.  Would you like to experience greater Synchronicity? Greater Harmony?

Vibrating In Harmony moves you to Your Center. Living in Your Center; Your Heart, Allows what is and the Flow of Synchronicity into Your Life, and Activates your DNA in Harmony with the vibration of Union.

DNA Center

What does Synchronicity mean to you?

Does it represent the Higher Order of your Life Plan?

There are many levels to everything, and many different frequencies and levels of  Souls.

The Synchronicity will be representative of YOUR Frequency;  Your current Vibration.

There are levels of the frequency in the Synchronicity which represent Where you are in relation to Your Blueprint. Your Highest Frequency of Union, 5th Dimension.

When I see people I see their Blueprint. I see their Vibration and how close or how far away they are to the Vibration their Soul Desires in this incarnation. What are you vibrating with? Look within.

Is Synchronicity showing you More of the same?  Or are they Revealing Greater and Higher Frequencies;  Your Union your Highest Destiny?

Synchronicity may seem to be  a series of events that  show the same meaning and verify your thoughts, your experiences, and your current desires.

They may also show endings and beginnings that were planned before your incarnation by Your Soul in Your Soul Plan, as agreements and contracts.


Synchronicity; Your Mirror.

They also Show YOU  clearly; what YOU are vibrating to and with. They mirror Your vibration. Source showing You what you are Predominantly vibrating.

If you are thinking about books and going through a phase of learning,  books may show up as Synchronicity.

If you Live in Harmony with Your Twin Flame;  Synchronicity may draw Your Twin to You during your current  Life on Earth.

Dreams may also give Synchronicity. Remember they are Revealing your Frequency, Your Vibration, What is.. with You in the Now. They act as a powerful Mirror.

Queen of Light

Harmony. It always comes down to Frequency.

If you are Living in separation and fear Synchronicity will show you this.

If you Are vibrating in Harmony Frequency, all YOUR Soul Desires will come to You and be revealed to You through synchronicity.

Union. Divine Sacred Love. Twin Soul Love. Abundance. Miracles. Enlightenment. All these are frequencies of the Soul.

They are Frequencies that resonate with Source Frequency, with Union.

Do You Desire Source Frequency in Your Existence Now? Harmony, Love, Twin Soul Love, Abundance and Enlightenment?  If So, begin to Vibrate in Harmony. There are no techniques that will gift you of Your Divine Inheritance. It simply is Frequency.

It is all Frequency; Your Frequency, your Mirror.

For Your Highest Destiny, vibrate NOW, begin Now, with Harmony.

Harmony LInks  Your Heart to Your Soul, and your Life Plan. Abundance, Twin Soul Love, Enlightenment ARE the Frequencies of Union. Harmony with Union, Now.

Listen to My Meditations. They will Shift Your Frequency.

Allow the Frequency of Union, Harmony and Source to Permeate your Cellular Consciousness. My Meditations will Shift your Cellular Consciousness to Source Frequency, to Divine Union. Your Life will Shift to the Shift your Soul Desires, 5th Dimension Union. Love, Bliss, Divine Union Now.

You then Become the Union You Desire and all is Yours through Source Frequency.

Begin Now.

Be Harmony, Love and Union.

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In Source Frequency of Perfect Divine Union, in Love, Harmony, Bliss and Ecstasy,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.


Location, Location, Location; Zero Point

Location, Location, Location;  Zero Point is your CENTER.

Do you Desire to Exist in this space, this Frequency? It acts as a Locating Experience in Full Access. Remember that, Locating Experience in Full Access.

What if the Location was nowhere yet everywhere, an Access point?  The Zero Point Field. The Center is Zero Point Frequency.

I simply call Zero Point, the Center. The Center, The All.

The Center Zero Point is a Frequency Point of Access. I Love always Being in the Center. Harmony exists in the Experience of the Center. You Become the Experience when you live in this Frequency.

Divine Union, Divine Love, Divine Harmony, all are In the Center. Your Heart Center is your Access point in your Body. It is a Frequency that you may begin to resonate with, EVEN if you have Never Felt those Frequencies Before.

Do you live in Your Center? Are you Vibrating with the Frequencies of the LIfe you Desire?

When you Live in The Center and vibrate with the Frequency of the Center; then  all the experiences your Soul and Heart Desire come to you. They are accessed and vibrated with the Center; Your Center.

The More you Exist in the Frequency of the Center, the EASIER it is to stay there, rest there, abide there. Becoming and Being the Center.

Begin with listening to my meditations Daily. COMMIT to your Frequency Upgrade, your Desired Union. How much do you Desire your Highest Destiny? To Live in Love, the 5th dimension.  Love, Union and Harmony.

My meditations Hold, Carry, Transmit Union Frequency of Source of Union directly into your Cellular Consciousness. They will transform You.

Your Cells and DNA are Shifting and upgrading to Union, 5th Dimension. Begin Now. Move into your Heart, vibrate and Be Love and Harmony.

I have NOW Added the 12 Strand DNA Activation to My Pleiadian Services as well as THE Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation.

The TWIN SOUL ACTIVATION  activates the Frequency of Love and Union into your Higher Heart; your Center. Your DNA and Blueprint Codes awaken to the Union with Your Twin Soul.

The 12 STRAND DNA ACTIVATION awakens your Multidimensional DNA. Your Cellular Consciousness Begins to Vibrate to The Frequency of Union.

To Listen to My Meditations, and to order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions, 12 Strand DNA Activation, Twin Soul Activation and Healing Sessions please visit my website:

Divine Union in the Bliss, Harmony, Love and Ecstasy that Is The All;  as One,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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