Mastering Your Shift

So many ask me How will I ascend? Is there enough time? There is no set time for the Earth to shift in Frequency to the Next level. The Mayan Calender and the approximate end time is really just that an approximation. Instead of focusing on external events; what is happening Out There, Shift your Awareness to Mastering your Own Shift in Frequency.

This is an internal process of accessing YOUR ETERNAL AWARENESS. If you are beginning today and your life feels like it is a mess and you are not sure where to begin; Begin to feel good every day. If you have gone through sadness and grief recently listen to my Heart Frequency Meditation. If you feel numb to your Own Vibrations and Frequencies also listen to My Chakra Meditation. If you Need Healing listen to my Healing Meditation. To Feel Pure Love listen to My Love Meditation.

The awareness of your Feelings, Sensations and Vibrations will begin to increase. STAY PRESENT THERE. Do not continue to Look outside yourself to see if things have improved. Stay Present and Focused on your Own Vibrations and Frequencies. You will begin to be aware of YOUR HEART.

Staying Centered in Your Heart will continue to increase your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of your ETERNAL Self. You are entering into Eternity.

Do you have to wait till everyone else has shifted? No.

Can you Shift in Frequency soon? Yes. Now you can, Now.

Is it important to Focus on your Own Awareness? Yes.

Can you be shifted by default? Yes. (100th Monkey Affect)

Can you do this? Yes.

Begin today to Feel your Frequencies. Listening to any of my meditations WILL increase your FREQUENCIES and YOUR awareness of them.

This will keep you Present and Aware. This will advance to Heart awareness. Start today if you have not started. Or start fresh. Love yourself and do the things for yourself that will INCREASE your Frequencies and Awareness.

If you need specific help visit my website to order your Activation, Light Transmissions or Healing Sessions. Read my Testimonials.

You can visit my Resources Page to also access the Meditations.

You are Love and Held in Eternity.

Heart Frequency Meditation link :

Chakra Meditation :

Love Frequency Meditation :

Healing Meditation :

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To access the Resources Page or to read the testimonials or to Order your Activation, Healing or Light Transmission Sessions go to my website :

Love and Diamond Light Frequencies to You Now. You are Loved and Held in Eternity.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  2. Very detailed and well explained information Laura
    ! Thank You !

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