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Synchronicity and Frequency

Synchronicity and Frequency.  Would you like to experience greater Synchronicity? Greater Harmony?

Vibrating In Harmony moves you to Your Center. Living in Your Center; Your Heart, Allows what is and the Flow of Synchronicity into Your Life, and Activates your DNA in Harmony with the vibration of Union.

DNA Center

What does Synchronicity mean to you?

Does it represent the Higher Order of your Life Plan?

There are many levels to everything, and many different frequencies and levels of  Souls.

The Synchronicity will be representative of YOUR Frequency;  Your current Vibration.

There are levels of the frequency in the Synchronicity which represent Where you are in relation to Your Blueprint. Your Highest Frequency of Union, 5th Dimension.

When I see people I see their Blueprint. I see their Vibration and how close or how far away they are to the Vibration their Soul Desires in this incarnation. What are you vibrating with? Look within.

Is Synchronicity showing you More of the same?  Or are they Revealing Greater and Higher Frequencies;  Your Union your Highest Destiny?

Synchronicity may seem to be  a series of events that  show the same meaning and verify your thoughts, your experiences, and your current desires.

They may also show endings and beginnings that were planned before your incarnation by Your Soul in Your Soul Plan, as agreements and contracts.


Synchronicity; Your Mirror.

They also Show YOU  clearly; what YOU are vibrating to and with. They mirror Your vibration. Source showing You what you are Predominantly vibrating.

If you are thinking about books and going through a phase of learning,  books may show up as Synchronicity.

If you Live in Harmony with Your Twin Flame;  Synchronicity may draw Your Twin to You during your current  Life on Earth.

Dreams may also give Synchronicity. Remember they are Revealing your Frequency, Your Vibration, What is.. with You in the Now. They act as a powerful Mirror.

Queen of Light

Harmony. It always comes down to Frequency.

If you are Living in separation and fear Synchronicity will show you this.

If you Are vibrating in Harmony Frequency, all YOUR Soul Desires will come to You and be revealed to You through synchronicity.

Union. Divine Sacred Love. Twin Soul Love. Abundance. Miracles. Enlightenment. All these are frequencies of the Soul.

They are Frequencies that resonate with Source Frequency, with Union.

Do You Desire Source Frequency in Your Existence Now? Harmony, Love, Twin Soul Love, Abundance and Enlightenment?  If So, begin to Vibrate in Harmony. There are no techniques that will gift you of Your Divine Inheritance. It simply is Frequency.

It is all Frequency; Your Frequency, your Mirror.

For Your Highest Destiny, vibrate NOW, begin Now, with Harmony.

Harmony LInks  Your Heart to Your Soul, and your Life Plan. Abundance, Twin Soul Love, Enlightenment ARE the Frequencies of Union. Harmony with Union, Now.

Listen to My Meditations. They will Shift Your Frequency.

Allow the Frequency of Union, Harmony and Source to Permeate your Cellular Consciousness. My Meditations will Shift your Cellular Consciousness to Source Frequency, to Divine Union. Your Life will Shift to the Shift your Soul Desires, 5th Dimension Union. Love, Bliss, Divine Union Now.

You then Become the Union You Desire and all is Yours through Source Frequency.

Begin Now.

Be Harmony, Love and Union.

To Listen to my Meditations, and to order the Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation and Healing Sessions Please Visit my Website Now:


In Source Frequency of Perfect Divine Union, in Love, Harmony, Bliss and Ecstasy,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.


Saturating Cells In Union Frequency

Union Frequency. Saturating Your Cells and DNA in Union Frequency. Are you doing this?

Paramount to the Universal Shift is the complete change in YOUR Cellular Consciousness, your DNA.

Even if all of YOUR 12 Strands are not up and fully running if YOU Become the Change you Desire, you will Shift in Frequency to Union.

How and why has this not happened yet for YOU. I will explain this, but first realize, if you are on the fence, you may Not be ready to fully BEGIN your SHIFT to Union; to Source, 5th Dimension, (4th to some).

To Saturate; to charge to the utmost; as with magnetism. To soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly and completely.

Cellular consciousness filled with Union Frequency. Vibrating to the 5th Dimension, Now.

How can you shift your frequency thoroughly and completely?

Your DNA and your Cellular Consciousness can merge with the frequency of Union.

In the Natural State Beyond Form exist your Original Blueprint, the patterning holding your Return to Union Frequency, 5th Dimension.

In the dormant State you are unaware of Your Inheritance as an Eternal Being of Perfect Divine Love. It may seem you are cut off from it. You have been searching for this. You Desire Union and Harmony. All Beings do. They are Now remembering.

In this Perfect state of Union, all that is Yours Eternally is given to You Now. Unconditional Love, Abundance, Health, and your Highest Destiny! And the Reunion with your Twin Flame.

Daily Listen to My Meditations. They will shift your Frequency. This alone will shift You. The Frequency is Union, my vibrations transmitted from the Great Central Sun will shift you to the 5th Dimension. A sincere Committment to Your Shift is required. Have you committed to your Shift in Frequencies to the 5th Dimension.

Consider having Pleiadian Activations, Healing and Light Transmissions.

The Pleiadian Activations will Change your DNA to Union with your Higher Life Plan and Union with your eternal Self. Your Higher Heart will open and your DNA will be activated.

Light Transmissions will fill your awareness, Cells and DNA with Source Frequency.

Healing will remove the old cellular consciousness that NO LONGER serves you in YOUR Shift.

The Meditations will support your shift and if listened to Daily will immerse your cellular consciousness in Union, in the 5th dimensional frequencies Now.

Since your cells need to adjust to the higher frequencies, this may be experienced as an accelerated Path to your Enlightenment, to Your Conscious Being the 5th dimensional Self you are, Now.

Queen of Light

As the Queen of Light and the Pleiadian Delegate, I exist in the Eternal Union apart from the contrast of this 3D realm. I am not in Duality. My Frequency is an Accelerated Frequency. I have been commissioned through the Great Central Sun to Shift Humans quickly and thoroughly, Activating Consciousness to the 5th Dimension Frequency of Union.

The Pleiadians are moving closer and closer to this Earth Frequency and the Earth is increasing in Frequency. As the Frequencies move closer and closer, the Higher to the Lower, the Lower to the Higher the CREATION of the 5th Dimensional state of Union for All is fast approaching in its appearance, it already exists.

This is a Synthesis. I am synthesizing the Frequencies as the representative for the Pleiadians, and this is not only for the Earth, this is for the Universe. The Pleiadians have commissioned me to do this.

You are able to take on the New Earth in your Conscious Awareness Fully and Completely.

Decide if are you Ready to Commit fully to Your Shift? To YOUR participation consciously in this Paradigm Shift for All.

When you do this for You it is For All. You and for the Whole. For the Union of All.

Start today to listen to My Meditations, The Pleiadian Frequency and the Queen of Light Cosmic Union Frequency vibrate to YOU beyond Time and Space; meaning NOW.

The Pleiadians send you their Love and Committment to YOU to the Shift for All in this exciting Universal Shift in conscious Creation of the Union, as Source.

Visit my website to Listen to my meditations, order your Pleiadian Activations, Light Transmissions and Healing Sessions:

Divine Love in Harmony and Union with Source Frequency; Union for All,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.






Entering Bliss Consciousness

Entering Bliss Consciousness (For You)

Someone just asked me how do you move from years of Sadness to a state of Bliss.

Start by realizing YOU are not the sadness. Spend time in Silence or meditation connecting to the REAL YOU that is Bliss at the Highest Level.

Commit to a daily time of silence. If you wish to move your Frequency Higher faster Listen to my chakra meditation, Heart Frequency Meditation and Healing Beyond Time and Bliss meditation.

The frequencies of these meditations will shift your FREQUENCY.

Visit my website to listen to them on the Resources page. Email me to be added to my Newsletter group.

Here are some links to the meditation:

Heart Frequency :

Chakra :


Love in Bliss and Union to you All.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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