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Sacred Sex and Relationship


So you are with that special Someone…how can you tell if your Relationship is Perfect Union, or in duality? and in the Lust of sex….and what would be the difference?

Of course there is no right or wrong.

Passion is  enduring Love through feelings of the Heart.

Trust and deep connection enhances this between the two in true relationship.

If one chooses a relationship to feel safe…that soothes the ego mind, there is potentially MORE to experience.

True relationship includes trust,  friendship, caring and the passionate Love…that slowly releases itself…in truth and honesty.

So your sex life is it sacred?

Are you caught  up in fantasy alone. By fantasy I mean, repetitive drives, that once are satisfied…end in that moment.

True love and passion continues on and on….

Allowing the passion in your heart to build, even if alone, and staying focused on the FEELINGS in your heart, while being present, is a great way to start.

Tantric Sex, which I call Sacred Sex, It is moving into Union.

If you are in UNION with Yourself and your Partner is in Union with him or herself, together you can move to great spiritual Heights during Sacred Sex.

Now I am NOT saying you must have Sacred Sex to move to great Spiritual Heights. I am saying that certainly is a Path and a Divine Sacred Way.

During Sacred Sex, the orgasm is not the Main focus…

Staying in the beginning, allowing the passion to build, through eye contact, slow loving touch….time together..and then FEELING DEEPLY TOGETHER…is where you want to place your attention if you desire to experience SACRED Sex and Beyond.

By Beyond I mean Multidimensional Sex. This is Sacred Sex moving into all realms.

Literally a vortex opens in the Moment of the sacred Union…and all experiences through and beyond time and space are possible.

Past lives together with your partner may unfold in that altered state of Sacred Sex, since there are no barriers of TIME in TRUE UNION.

So look closely at your relationships, what you TRULY desire within your depths and bring this to your present moment focus.

Now if you are not in a relationship, you can still do this Now.

If you are in a relationship where you no longer feel closeness, look to you, and feel the closeness within you, you to you, start there.

I am experiencing some exciting times of Great Love in my life and allowing all to unfold.

Stay grounded and focused!!


The Passion lives on forever, form to form,

heart to heart.

This kind of passion, never dies.

Through the eyes, an enduring trance,

hypnotic and true,

imbued through you.

Take your partner as you,

and all divinity, embrace,

the sacred bodies, as Source,

you will find.

The Union you desire, it truly never ends,

and through your heart, there is an altar,

Let’s meet there.

More on Sacred Sex and Relationship soon!

In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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