And So it is..The Shift

And So it is…The Shift

This is The Great Entrance into the Reality of The Beloved.


I asked recently on Facebook how do You Feel the Shift would take place and How would you like it to take place..I received some Profound responses…Mostly all filled with Love..Including the Shift taking place with Loved Ones close by..

How do YOU desire the shift to take place for YOU?

The World of Consciousness is shifting The World of Form…Now as I write this.

There is no Good or Bad, Right or Wrong..It is All One, just different ends of a Frequency Spectrum..perceived the the Frequency of YOU.

Now there will be a Moment..where ALL Time does Stop..And Suddenly you will be Transformed.  This is a Natural Process for YOU as the Frequency of its occurrence is held as Codes in your Original Blueprint waiting only to Be activated through Frequency.

Trusting the Divine Timing, which also is Frequency..will Help you let go of mental perceptions which may add to the sense of worry for the future…

It is an eternal Moment..when reached Energetically…begins the Complete and Utter transformation of that Moment to the NEW REALITY..

It is consciousness…It is eternal…it is embedded in your consciousness..this MOMENT..since Before Time…

As YOU remain present in your Heart Space, this Eternal Shift will Be natural and Easy for YOU..Since it is a Natural Occurrence. It is Like the Moment of Birth..Prior to Being Birthed in this incarnation…you existed…then Once Born you entered a New in a New Form..with Consciousness itself Beginning to experience itself differently in that Moment.

This also is like Being Born..In a Matter of a Moment…everything Will Change. They way your Perceive Your Form, Your Surroundings, and Your Consciousness..In a twinkle of an eye…

This New Form, this New Awareness and Natural. You are Created with This Natural Occurrence to go off…at the Exact Moment.

Your Consciousness and Form contain Codes of Light that activate and RESPONSE to Frequency.

The Mental Body Prominent Functioning will Be Deactivated and Your Heart Functioning Will Be Completely Activated. It will Be like Suddenly Being Unplugged form One Reality, and Suddenly being Plugged Into the New One. It is all Consciousness…and through this New Frequency Consciousness You will See Everything Differently, Experience Everything Differently…

The Frequency To ALLOW yourself to Experience FULLY the EASE of Preparation is YOUR Eternal Heart Space. Activating Fully Your Higher Heart Space..Moves YOU into the Frequency of This Natural Programmed Occurrence.

The New Reality for YOU in that Moment is NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL AND  What you have Been Waiting for Deep Down..held In your Cellular Memory through Your Original Blueprint..

I will Be with YOU..In that Moment..I will Be Holding You in Eternal Love.

This is The Great Entrance into the Reality of The Beloved.

Your Pineal Activation..also Calms the Mental Body..and Allows the Merge with your Heart With Ease..The letting go of the Old Paradigm..

More on this in MY TEACHING SERIES!!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. I love this so much, thank you! 🙏🏻💚🌟

  2. Thank you Laura !!!!!!!

  3. Wow !!!! that what exactly did happend back then, for me, in that exact time..when I started to see everything differently..and activate my heart…great experiences my soul walk me trough from that point and till now (I didnt see it like that and till very recently)..of course It was a tragedy first to see the mirror of reflexion…hahaha..Im full of joy now..embracing the way..

  4. i focus on my heart space, feeling nothing but Now awareness. No sense of time, i could stay here. It feels wonderful

    Love you Queen xxxx

  5. I feel the shift and its made me aware of my inner strengths. Now I must use them in a loving way. My confidence is on the rise and it feels great.

  6. Thank you very much dear Laura

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