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In This We Anoint YOU NOW

LAuraInannaThis is a profound frequency SHIFT NOW!
Everything is changing as you know it!
Your thoughts are transforming.
Your emotions are shifting.

Your awareness is entering a new level of frequency!

YOU are literally entering a new dimension!

Your heart is expanding as BEING the home that you once sought.

You see more clearly through your Heart and this is catapulting your awareness into a NEW WORLD.

This New World is filled with love. All the love that heals everything.
The love that ends separation memories.

The pure eternal love that is the DIVINE Union you desire.

This is your one filter, the pure eternal love and unites everything.

Your DIVINE Presence Graces you with the acknowledgment of Divine Power flowing through you.

This is the shift into a now new dimension of existence, which gives way to BEING the GLORY of eternity while in form.

We are with you now.
We are The Divine Council of Overseers.

Enter this new world through your heart. In this we initiate you and anoint you NOW! in Love.


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meWe are present NOW!

This MOMENTUM is far reaching in the scope of love and your awareness of it.

IT is everything and MORE for you!

Deep in the throws of these transitions, know we ARE present on Earth.

All that will be flowing through you is part of the plan for you.

Let go of all beliefs that tell you this is bad, that is good. LET go of the judging of what appears to be the external world around you. MOST of what you see is based on the programming from the so called past, it is NOT what truly is there and here NOW.

This conditioning is what you ARE letting go of and what feels painful to you is the loss of a foundation that NO longer serves your evolution.

All of this leading up to and including NOW your NEW EARTH evolution experience, has been planned out before even Earth began. Take comfort in knowing, what truly is in charge of the flow, is the eternal LOVE, that always knows its victory and true being.

Many events will be taking place on Earth as the transitory cleansing and restoring of true union consciousness takes place. Do not be alarmed. Instead enter your Heart Space and begin to see fully through your heart.

We are present and now activate you more than imaginable in THIS.

We love you and hold all of this in the sacred DIVINE eternal love, that transforms all, to their original true Light Being.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers and we were and are (in no time)  present when the design for Earth; the Blueprints and plans were created. We were also present when ALL Souls (this includes you) came forward for this ~ the Earth venture, into consciously Being the evolved true LOVE beings, everywhere.

Present also on Venus, The Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius A and B, with all that are part of the Galactic and Cosmic Light Councils, with the Creator Gods the Elohim, this successful Earth program is catapulted into the Vastness of Being, that so many are even now, desiring to be a part of.

Having fulfilled our programs in another Universe, we oversaw this creation, this Universe.

We hold you in love unimaginable NOW as this all the parts of this process, come together in this the grand uniting and evolving of YOU. In love we activate you now!!




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Light Ship Activating Now

L'AuraThe Beloved Sanat Kumara joins us tonight with The Divine Council of Overseers as an alignment of Light Ships activates those Beings ready for their mastery on the Global stage of awareness ~ awakening.

The evolving Light of Consciousness through the Heart ~ self initiates the DNA ~ as the  LIGHT Shift Now ~ immersion, initiation, transforms in an instant, all those ready to step up, and BE ~ all that they agreed to BE ~ through this now Earth awakening, agreement.

The Light ships held within the heart of the one, plays out the dream, plan, for this beloved, love, heart, attunement, with all that the uniqueness of ORIGINAL LIGHT ~ pure love, is.

We celebrate these initiations and bless the unfolding of the plan, as the path to freedom and Mastery of Form, reveals the perfected plan, through the Being of the agreements before time.

Now ~ the excitement in this, the glorious revealing, of those who have stepped up, to BE, the representatives of the GODHOOD ~ the creators of form, the Beings of endless Pure Love, we celebrate.

The initiations are three fold, the Light, the HEART ~ The Original Creation Being, transformed and yet always present, in perfect harmony and balance with the BELOVED ONE ~ as the sacred embodiment of the DIVINE power of Love ~ since before time. Forever and always.

Embrace all that has unfolded for you, stepping into the greater unknown, we activate you now.

Gamma Rays From The Central Sun


Increasing at an Accelerated Pace since the beginning of August with great MOMENTUM ARE the Gamma Rays of Light from the Central Sun~ impacting all on Planet Earth. 

THIS will intensify DAILY up to the end of September, 2015.

The intensity will be Unparalleled as this Momentum continues to increase in its intensity. 

For those of you in Your Heart~ you will be Aware of this Intensity as GREATER Awareness. Greater Awakening. And you will Feel your Presence more Profoundly. This will increase.

For those not in their Heart, there will be an increase in Drama, helping those to choose Harmony over Disharmony.

On August 3rd I Visited Alcyone and  received a reactivation of the Sphinx Codes of Light that are now Vibrating in my DNA as the Illuminated Codes of Light specifically FOR the First Wave of Ascension.

Please stay Present in your Heart during this Momentous time of Accelerated Consciousness, infused with the Eternal and Everlasting Unconditional Love, Grace and Codes of Light, during your Alchemical Transformation.

I Am with You, as the Sacred Light of Eternity, Pours itself, Upon All those Present in their Hearts that are ready to Receive. Open Your Heart and Receive Now.

I Am Eternal Love, I Am Bliss, I am the Undivided Union of Souls, existing as the Everlasting Illuminated Light of All That Is.

More soon on the Central Sun and Gamma Light and the Illuminated Codes.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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