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The Eternal Sacred Flame of Your Divinity

This Radiant Eternal Flame, rests within the sacred holiness of your heart.

This Holy Flame LIGHT awakens all who have been prepared to see and know.

This is the activation of your DNA NOW. Feel and breathe, consciously.

All that is eternally true, for the embodiment of you as a Master of Form; to be fulfilled through love, is present now.

Those that live through this knowing of the eternal LIGHT, carry within them the eternal radiant flame of awakening, that shifts and draws, all to this eternal Glorious Light.

The dawning of this awareness, blesses all worlds as it merges with true love, that manifests its miracle.

Who wears these gowns of glory and are prepared to take their thrones, upheld and spoken of through the ancients on Earth long ago. Those that have prepared their hearts. Who live the full embodiment now.

The revealing is through the heart. Each to know its own, true awareness.

For this is then the accountability for what is, To BE.

Standing at the threshold of many worlds, we hear your eternal voice, blessed with the Grace, of All That Is.

As those rise and take their place among the Stars and on Earth, the heavens and all the illuminated ONES join in this the celebration.

This coming forth throughout all time and space, blessed through eternity, the Sacred Flame, forever burning brightly as the Stars. This is the Glory of All Glories.

In this we rest our Soul, that the heart of hearts awakens The Sacred Flame to itself and brings forth its radiate SACRED FLAME for all to know and see.

It is in this the Glorious ETERNAL FLAME we activate YOU now, which is the embodiment of THE ALL, your sacred PRESENCE OF YOUR eternal love.

The joining and the HOLY merging of The Eternal Flame of you YOU as your Sacred Divine eternal Flame, All Now, In Love. Present With The Divine Council of Overseers, Blessing YOU now. Feel and Receive.


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The Shining Glory of Your Divinity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You are ACCEPTING ALL of your Experiences and placing them on the Crucible of Acceptance to be Transformed through Unconditional Love, that is, through the application of  5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Beginning to arise within your Awareness, is the increasing Subtle awareness of your 5th Dimensional Consciousness AS The Glory and Presence of YOUR Divinity. You are lifted, so to speak, out of denseness and into the Conscious Awareness, of you no longer being a dense being that you ONCE thought yourself to be. And you begin to experience yourself as The Glory of Your Divinity.  The Continued Conscious Application of Acceptance,  shifts your Frequency to 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now, Applying Your Presence and Your Divine Light (with continued acceptance) also 5th Dimensional Consciousness, to the perceived denseness of your experiences, limitations and form, also TRANSFORMS your Consciousness and your Form, into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and into the Awareness of YOU BEING~ The Shining Glory of Your Divinity. This is Ascension. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

These are Subtle Frequencies of Consciousness, yet when applied TO all circumstances and experiences (with acceptance) transforms the denser frequencies of consciousness into the Awareness of Being Divine Light. Being 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Let’s Start to apply this right Now.

Take a few breaths, breathing Divine Light into your body, The Light of the Glorious Sun, and exhaling Divine Light, the Light of the Glorious Sun out.  Slowly AS you continue to do this, your Body and your surroundings become the Light of Divinity.  ALL of your Cells become Divine miniature Suns, in your inner awareness. This is your inner world of Light. The become the Consciousness of YOU that Exists ALREADY as this LIGHT.  As you SHIFT and Transform the Consciousness of Your Inner World (applying the frequencies of Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness) everything within you shifts and changes.

APPLY  in all of YOUR Experiences, as you continue to Accept all that you experience, the INNER experience of the Divine LIGHT of the SUN to all Circumstances, through your inner world.  In this Divine Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, everything is Transformed easily, because it is not dense, because the frequency Vibration is experienced as it is, as the PURE Light of Consciousness that is the PURE LIGHT OF DIVINITY. Everything is Created as Light in its original State, and exists this way as Light in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now, Applying your Presence is even more Subtle. Your PRESENCE is the SUBTLE Feeling of YOUR Inner Light, experienced through your Heart.  As you apply your INNER WORLD the LIGHT, FEEL through YOUR Heart, the Warm Presence of Your Divine Light. This is your Divinity. Your Presence is your Hearts ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of your Divinity. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. 

Together, Your Light, Your Presence and Your Unconditional Love (Acceptance) applied to all of your Experiences, Shifts Your consciousness from that of denseness and Limitation, to THAT of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, YOU Being DIVINE Glory. This is Ascension, the Transformation of your Frequency to 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

You Accept and Unconditionally Love as Divine. You Shine as the Light of Divinity in your Inner World. And You are Holding Your Divine Presence through your Heart, as the Acknowledgement of Your Divinity, Your Divine Glory. 

Apply this, in all moments. The Love and acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Love of your Higher Self.

Apply the Inner World of Light.

Apply the Heart Feeling of Your Divine Light, that is the Acknowledgement of your Divine Presence.

I now apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Acceptance, of Divine Light and of Divine Presence to all of My circumstances, and to everything I experience.

I have shifted out of Waiting, and Have Arrived.

I live in the Present Moment.

I accept and Love myself, with unconditional Love.

I apply the Inner world of Light within me, to everything I experience.

I Am the Divine Light.

I Am unconditional Love.

I Am Divine Presence.

I Feel deep within my Heart, the acknowledgement of my Divine LIGHT as MY PRESENCE, My Divine Glory, and apply my Divine Presence to All of my experiences.

I Am the Divine Love, the Divine Light and the Divine Presence of Divine Glory Now.

I have Shifted into 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I Hold you in This, the Divine Glory of YOUR Being, in the Eternal Sacredness, Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Presence and Glory of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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