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The Eternal Sacred Flame of Your Divinity

This Radiant Eternal Flame, rests within the sacred holiness of your heart.

This Holy Flame LIGHT awakens all who have been prepared to see and know.

This is the activation of your DNA NOW. Feel and breathe, consciously.

All that is eternally true, for the embodiment of you as a Master of Form; to be fulfilled through love, is present now.

Those that live through this knowing of the eternal LIGHT, carry within them the eternal radiant flame of awakening, that shifts and draws, all to this eternal Glorious Light.

The dawning of this awareness, blesses all worlds as it merges with true love, that manifests its miracle.

Who wears these gowns of glory and are prepared to take their thrones, upheld and spoken of through the ancients on Earth long ago. Those that have prepared their hearts. Who live the full embodiment now.

The revealing is through the heart. Each to know its own, true awareness.

For this is then the accountability for what is, To BE.

Standing at the threshold of many worlds, we hear your eternal voice, blessed with the Grace, of All That Is.

As those rise and take their place among the Stars and on Earth, the heavens and all the illuminated ONES join in this the celebration.

This coming forth throughout all time and space, blessed through eternity, the Sacred Flame, forever burning brightly as the Stars. This is the Glory of All Glories.

In this we rest our Soul, that the heart of hearts awakens The Sacred Flame to itself and brings forth its radiate SACRED FLAME for all to know and see.

It is in this the Glorious ETERNAL FLAME we activate YOU now, which is the embodiment of THE ALL, your sacred PRESENCE OF YOUR eternal love.

The joining and the HOLY merging of The Eternal Flame of you YOU as your Sacred Divine eternal Flame, All Now, In Love. Present With The Divine Council of Overseers, Blessing YOU now. Feel and Receive.


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Timelines and Portals ~ Levels of Consciousness

cropped-LAuraTHE Use of the Gregorian calendar on Earth, is not the accurate calendar based on the seasons, the moon cycles, the alignment with the stars. This is what a calendar was. It followed the natural cycles on Earth. A measurement of the flow of the celestial bodies and their alignment.

As an example, the true birthday, so called every year, is meant to depict the return to the Sun and its alignment with the stars, close to the same position in the sky. This movement is not based on or represented by the current calendar in use.

So when we say dates….as markers, they are not necessarily the true makers of that energy or its shift, or alignment.

When we look at what a calendar is at the truest level, it is about the cycles, the Sun and Moon, the position of the celestial bodies. The ENERGY alignment of all of this, and the seasons. NOT what a number says….or a date on the Gregorian calendar. Or a time on a clock.

What the measurement Is ~ is a frequency ~ of energy, connected to the energetic movement and flow of positions and alignments, Sun, Earth Moon, equinoxes.

These are energy events and are not based on the clock or a calendar. 

PORTALS are energetic reference points of consciousness ~ that are available to YOU and open up to you when you are ready for your next level. For your next initiations.  They have nothing to do with a clock ticking or a Gregorian calendar. 

DIMENSIONS are levels of awareness consciousness. They have nothing to do with distance, clock time, or a calendar. 

Parallel worlds, ARE all NOW.  They are not connected to clocks or calendars, or distance. 

Timeline shifts, are parallel world shifts of CONSCIOUSNESS experience. Where you step into a new reality through a parallel world. THEY are not based on a clock, a travel distance or a calendar.

All Portals, Dimensions, Parallel worlds and shifts in consciousness have nothing to do with a clock, a calendar, or a distance. 

They HAVE to do with levels of awareness. The higher levels of awareness, INVOLVE you living consciously THROUGH your HEART, as being an ETERNAL Being. Here now.

It is the mystical marriage of the merging of the small YOU (functioning in the obsolete program of 3D) with the eternal YOU.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual BODIES merge with the Higher Cosmic Self YOU. The Eternal You.

This aligns you with the eternal flow of your consciousness and all aspects of your Being. ALL parallel worlds, all dimensions, all existences. That KNOW NOT time, distance, or a calendar. All Now.

Enter NOW your Heart. It is the portal through which you are initiated and access all the dimensions and levels. 

Through your heart NOW exists. Through your heart ~ love exists, purely, truly and eternally, always. 

Through your HEART ~ in the present moment, ALL Miracles exist, here and now. 



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Loving your Body ~ Loving what is NOW ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

September 2 2016L'Aura

Loving what is unconditionally, is not a pause button, that we eventually Love when we “feel” good enough. That is the ego, that always lives in “conflict” where everything is never quite enough. Not quite enough. Where you desire something “other” that what is NOW.

Everything that you are shifting through, transforming through, include through the consciousness of the form.

The form exists as the holographic image,  in a different dimension than your Higher Divine Self.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is the application of unconditional love from another DIMENSION into THIS dimension. Into and through the form.

Identification with the form as BEING YOU is identifying with the limited ego self that thrives on conflict, and exists only in the waiting. Never now.

Identification with your Divine Self (letting go of forgetfulness) and living as though you are your Divine Self (which you are) and applying the unconditional love that your Divine self, only knows. Is what shifts your conscious awareness and your form into Being fully Ascended.

This is the Transcendence  of Limitation.

As you let go of your habits of complaints, judging, comparison, and VICTIM consciousness, you let go of the lower self being in control of who you think you are.

You then fully enter your HEART. Which only lives in the NOW.

This NOW is the only Dimension that your Ascension exists.

This Now is the only Dimension where you exist as your Higher Self.

To access this NOW you must APPLY 5th Dimensional Consciousness, unconditional LOVE to NOW. Consciously.

Now. No more victim, no more when….no more if only.


Are you going to go all the way with this? TRULY apply this LOVE.

To YOU. Face the parts you are not loving within yourself. Those are the areas your ego still has its hold on you.

LOVE yourself NOW.

Then you enter Eternity, now.

You enter your Heart Now.

You enter BEING Fully the experience of the Higher Dimensions merged with the consciousness of your Form.

You Enter the mystical Realms of Transcendence ~ set free from identification with being the ego.

Being Divinity EMBODIED in FORM.

All Now, ONLY Now. Enter this space of unconditional Love and then you will truly know your TRUE Divine Self.

Relax breathe and receive. (slow down)

I consciously Love my Divine Self, now.

I consciously love my form, now.

I consciously identify with my Divine Self, now.

I am grateful for my form, now.

I honour, Love, respect my being here, my vehicle (my form) in all ways, now.

I have let go of waiting till things are the way I want them to be, in order to LOVE myself, now.

I let go of the wants of the past and future, where my ego only exists (in conflict with now) I live through my DIVINE SELF that is ALWAYS present in the eternal NOW.

I love unconditionally Now.

And so it is! Loving what is NOW. No hiding in those areas of conflict any more. Being set free to truly KNOW yourself as the Divine Ascended Being that you are. The Alignment and Embodiment of YOUR Divinity. Now.  I love you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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